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Welcome to Stupid Short Eevee Comic

Do you think that a pokemon has nothing to do while in the PC? Well, you're wrong. Join Eve, Glaceon, Umbreon and the 100+ more eevees in the box as they do really stupid stuff. ---- Meanwhile, Sylveon has apparently, just escaped from a lab and was rescued by a rescue team. --- Updates on Saturdays. --- Comics are divided in 2 catagories; black and white. White comics are regular, funny comics while the more uncommon black comics have a darker aspect to them. Except # 4 that one is black cause black looks cooler than white.


New chapter, New Background eevee questions!

To get a background eevee, please answer 3 out of the 4 questions correctly.

1. What is the name of Harmony's sister and brother?
2. Who in LKD likes Eve, and who in LKD is terrified of Oliver?
3. Troll is to Wimp as Stan is to ____.
4. Who is the best eeveelution? (choose wisely, I will not accept redos of this answer)
Pinkeevee222, March 25th, 2017, 9:58 am 25 comments

Background eevees

I have some great news!
Background eevee submissions are OPEN AGAIN!

To get a background eevee, please PM me saying that you want one, then I will give you the blank new template, along with the NEW AND IMPROVED rules. trust me, I will know if you did not read the rules.

To get a background eevee, you must contact me on Deviantart, Smackjeeves, or Tumblr, with the answers to these questions, then, I will give you an application.

you must answer these 3 questions correctly.
1. What is Vay's favorite color?
2. Who is Lem?
3. What is the name of Dawn's boyfriend?

You can not use the old template to make a new background eevee, you must use the new application. And, the to get it, you have to contact me.

Background eevees using the new application will be put into the comic more, because their personalities are more fleshed out than the background eevees with the old template/ no template.
For example, because of the new template, someone actually made a love triangle, using their eevee, their friend's eevee, and a previous background eevee! It's so cute! They are definitely appearing in the comic!

If you want to update your old background eevee with the new template, contact me.

If you are not satisfied with your artistic abilities, I can provide you with an application with a blank eevee base to use, that is MS paint friendly. BUT, If you use the base, I will be more harsh when judging to accept your eevee or not (and, yes, I can decline background eevees).

I can't wait to see your background eevee (if you make one, that is) :D
Thank you for reading!!!

Background eevee list:
Pinkeevee222, January 21st, 2017, 9:15 pm 38 comments

Character Design Contest! (Ended)

Hi! Pinkeevee222 here!

The Character design contest has ENDED! Thank you to those who submitted a character!

Okay, so, to get to the point, I'm going to host a contest, a character designing contest, that anyone (Including guests) can join (cause, the last contest was confusing). The only thing you do is draw a character, and, put a link to it on this news post or the newest comic at the time your posting. (You can also PM me with the link if you are not a guest).

Let me make this clear I do NOT want any information about your character, this includes their name. JUST THE DESIGN

The entries will be judged by me, and 3 other judges (Who are already chosen. They are not aloud to submit a design)


1. It can be ANY POKEMON except, shiny pokemon, Big legendary pokemon, or Sparklemon (Like Mari. Sparklemon are pokemon with strange fur colors, like blue pikachu and golden jigglypuff)

2.The design has to be drawn. This is a design contest, so, all descriptions of characters with no drawings in the comments section will be ignored. It also, has to be fully colored.

3. The character has to look like at least some effort was put into it, I mean, you can submit a lazy sketch of a pokemon, but, that really wont get the judges to pick your drawing. Especially the third judge. He will most likely pick only the masterpieces.

4. You can submit as many designs as you want! (Just make sure they follow rule 3)

5. Have fun with it! This is probably the last chance you'll get to submit pokemon who are not eevee to appear in the comic. I cant wait to see what you come up with! It's not about how good you can draw, it's more about how nice your design is.

The top 5-10 designs will be drawn, by me, in SSEC style (to avoid bias) and the winner will be determined by a public voting.

Contest ends May 31st, 2016

Voting starts June 1st
Voting ends July 4th (Cause, why not?)
Winner announced by July 14th (Cause, wobbuffet!)
Pinkeevee222, December 11th, 2015, 7:10 pm 147 comments

Background eevee submissions!

Background eevee submissions are CLOSED!

Let me repeat myself. They are CLOSED!

I am in the process of making Background eevee submissions easier than ever, Cause, some people don't READ THE RULES THAT TOOK ME 5 HOURS TO WRITE!

Thank you for understanding.

To submit your eevee, send me a private message (PM me!) with the information. Don't know how to PM me on smackjeevees? Look it up! That's how I found out!

To get your background eevee to be accepted, you have to follow some rules...

#1 You must have a smackjeeves account and be a fan of this comic to get a background eevee! Even though I know a lot of guests want one, You can't get one if you don't have an account, SORRY! Oh, and, for your background eevee to actually appear, you have to be a fan. If you stop being a fan for some reason, your background eevee will not appear, and be in red on the master eevee list. Unless I like them, like the background eevees Christian, Swiftrun, Nichel, Frost, Ali, and Sparkles.If I like them, they stay (and they might get added into more comics)~

#2 I will not answer background eevee comments on the comic pages This will be really hard for me to do, but, I am not accepting background eevee information through comic pages anymore, because, the last time I did, a lot of people commented and I wasn't able to deal with all of them... TT_TT

#3You MUST use official Natures and characteristics So, no "happy nature" "good at fighting" or anything like that you can find them
here --->
and here --->

#4 You must DRAW your background eevee What I mean by this is that if you want a background eevee, (one of your OCs (OCs= Original characters) or one of the eevees on the master eevee list(which I know no one will pay attention to)), You must draw them on this template Plus, unlike before, you only get one (unless I know you because you comment a lot, if so, you can get 2)

#5 If you cant draw, or, dont have the correct materials to draw your eevee, sorry, you can't have one, the reason why I want background eevees in the first place is because I don't want to design 100+ eevees, If you just give me their information, I would still have to design them. I know some people don't have computers and stuff, so, you can draw them traditionally and find a way to put the drawing on the template, but, I will not accept any more eevees that are not drawn

#6 Please, for my sake, no long backstories, special powers, or anything like that You eevee can have a job if you want, but, after that experience with that one background eevee creator trying to make his eevee change the almost undetectable plot, by dying and coming back to life and the trainer getting depressed and youtube dream videos... just please no.... TTATT

#7 Green Paw house eevee submissions are closed! This includes girl eevees! The green paw house is suppose to be the smallest house, so, I'm trying to keep it small. Plus, the boy:girl eevee ratio thingy is 87.5:12.5 There has to be more boy eevees than girl eevees because that is how it is in the game.

If your eevee is accepted, it will appear on here, along with your username! (Background eevees accepted prior to May 2015 don't have the usernames on the list)

Thank you for reading! I know this was a lot! I might add more when I remember to!

Luca- No complaining about not being able to get one!
Mari- (-_-)Luca don't say it like that. Anyways, I forgot to tell you that if your eevee doesn't appear for a long time, sorry! The comics are not really drawn to include them, and I get really lazy sometimes so.....
Pinkeevee222, May 7th, 2015, 6:56 pm 16 comments

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