The FAQ is a Work in Progress, and is subject to change

• When does Stupid Short Eevee Comic upload!?
Every Saturday (in Eastern Timezone), at random usually
• Stupid Short Eevee comic is not Stupid, or short, or a comic about eevees! It’s about eeveelutions!
I find the title of the comic to be ironic UwU Can’t judge a book by it’s cover, after all
• Why did you even name your comic ‘Stupid Short Eevee Comic’?
                In the summer in between middle and high school, I drew a comic involving the trainer and her pokemon’s adventures in the Sinnoh region in the back of a random book. I called it “Stupid Short Pokemon Comic” Stupid Short Eevee Comic is a sequel to those original comics.
• Will you ever upload “Stupid Short Pokemon Comic?”
                At the moment, it is planned to start after the “Meanwhile” Series of comics has concluded
• What Program(s) do you use to draw?
                I use Paint tool Sai (Not free) for Sketching, line art, coloring, some headers, and backgrounds.
                I use Clip Studio Paint (Not free) for effects
                I use Paint.net (Free) for text and transparency related things.
                And, I use MS Paint (Comes free with most Windows computers) for some of the headers.
• Why did you start this comic?
                I was bored in School. Really, that's the reason I started making them.
• When did you start this comic?
Freshman year, in highschool. 2012. Ahhh, the memories. SSEC Started uploading frequently on here and Deviantart on a weekly basis in the Winter of my Sophomore year, 2014
• *Insert plot related question here*
                Ha ha ha, I'm not going to answer that

• Is Sky, Sora, and Miku the same charater?
                They have different personalities, goals, lives, and looks
• Can I have my character appear in the comic?
                No. Don’t ask.

• Are the characters related??
No! Most of the characters are NOT related! Only very few of the eevees in the PC are actually Harmony's kits. Who is Harmony's kit and who is not Harmony's kit is mostly unknown. But, I can confirm that the 5 main character boys are Harmony's kits. Soooooo, no shipping them seriously please.
• How is that possible?
That will be explained at a later date in the comic itself.

• Why does every eevee call Harmony "mother" then?
Because she is supposed to be the mother figure. I say "supposed to" Because, as you can see from the comic, she is pretty horrible. At this point, they call her that because she is old, and the egg maker.

• Didn't you say Harmony is not the mother of all the kits? Then how is she the egg maker?
That will also be explained at a later date in the comic itself.

• What is the aging system?
Well, because there is nothing about pokemon ages shown in the mainline pokemon games, SSEC uses a mixture of dog age and how age works in the PMD verse to determine the ages of the characters. What does this mean? At 2 years of age, first stage pokemon are about Tween aged, at 6 they are basically young adults. Evolving a pokemon speeds up this process. Pokemon are born being able to produce eggs (Cause, that is what happens in the games).

• Why do you use that system instead of just aging them like humans?
Well. SSEC is based off of the main line Pokemon games. And, In these games… well… a lot of messed up stuff is done to them by the player, if you think about it. The aging system is more for my conscious than anything. Cause, being born an adult (unless they are baby pokemon) doesn't make sense.

• I saw the old bios, and they had ages on them!
After taking a good look at the characters and how they act vs their age, I scrapped those ages entirely, and those ages are no longer canon, because they make no sense. The years are still canon, but, the ages are not.

• Ok, So. What are the ages of the main characters?
Blizz- 5 years (teen)
Dusk- 6 years (young adult)
Eve- 2 years (tween)
Vay- 5 years (teen)
Bolt- 5 years (teen)
Flame- 5 years (teen)
Daisy- 3 years (teen)
Dawn- 4 years (teen)
Miku- ? (young adult)

• What are the sexualities of the characters?
I am not confirming or denying the sexualities of the characters. You can make assumptions based on how they act in the comic.

This FAQ is a Wip