• When does Stupid Short Eevee Comic upload!?

Every Saturday (in Eastern Timezone), at random usually


  • Stupid Short Eevee comic is not Stupid, or short, or a comic about eevees! It’s about eeveelutions!

I find the title of the comic to be ironic UwU Can’t judge a book by it’s cover, after all


  • Why did you even name your comic ‘Stupid Short Eevee Comic’?

                In the summer in between middle and high school, I drew a comic involving the trainer and her pokemon’s adventures in the Sinnoh region in the back of a random book. I called them “Stupid Short Comics” Stupid Short Eevee Comic is a sequel to those original comics.


  • Will you ever upload “Stupid Short Comic?”

                At the moment, it is planned to start after the “Meanwhile” Series of comics has concluded


  • Who is Pinkeevee?

                Pink eevee (Or Mari/Pinkeevee222) is basically the "artist" of the comic. She is an adoptable I adopted from deviantart when I was 12, 13 ish? So no, I did not make her, and she is not my 'Pokesona' either. I made her the mascot of the comic because she is pink and an eevee,(and my name is Pinkeevee222) right before I uploaded the first comic. My pokesona, on the other hand, is a cute white and blue sylveon~.   

  • What Program(s) do you use to draw?

                I use Paint tool Sai (Not free) for Sketching, line art, coloring, some headers, and backgrounds.

                I use Clip Studio Paint (Not free) for effects

                I use Paint.net (Free) for text and transparency related things.

                And, I use MS Paint (Comes free with all Windows computers) for some of the headers.


  • Why did you start this comic?

                I was bored in School. Really, that's the reason I started making them.


  • When did you start this comic?

Freshman year, in highschool. 2012. Ahhh, the memories. SSEC Started uploading frequently on here and Deviantart on a weekly basis in the Winter of my Sophomore year, 2014


  • *Insert plot related question here*

                Ha ha ha, I'm not going to answer that (I give out a lot of plot information on a daily basis anyways).


  • Is Sky, Sora, and Miku the same charater?

                They have different personalities, goals, lives, and looks


  • Can I have my character appear in the comic?

                Lol, no. Don’t ask, I won’t put them in unless I think of something myself for them that sounds fun or cool. I do though, accept submissions for eevees that appear in the background. All you need to do to get one is answering the Background eevee questions on the homepage, and I’ll give you what to do next.


  • I can't draw! Can I still make a background eevee?

                HA HA HA Yea- No. Really. stop asking this.


  • What's the deal with "houses/brotherhoods?"

                In the eevee part of the pc, they are split up into 3 houses; Ice Drop, Light Fire, and Green Paw. I should really draw another comic about this, but each house is led by two eeveelution. The "Houses explained" comic tells more info, but, a lot of things are not said in it. For example, there are 3 floors to the main housing area (box 6) Ice drop gets the top floor, Light Fire gets the second, and Green Paw gets the first (which has a lot less room than the other two floors). Each brotherhood has one eevee representative, they get special privileges not available to the other eevees in the house. Eve is the representative of the Ice drop house. Dean is the representative of the Light Fire house. And John is the representative for the Green Paw house.


  • Why are all the girls in the Greenpaw house?

                Well, this was originally because Dawn was in the green paw house, so, the girl eevees would want to stay with another girl eevee. But, now, ever since Eve joined the Ice drop house, new girl eevees are scared of joining the other two houses because the rest of the girls treat Eve like an outcast. (And, if you create a girl background eevee, no, they will not be Eve's friend because the background eevee has lived with these girls, learned from them, and thus, thinks like them. It's psychology.) Dusk is not doing anything about this because Ice drop eevees pick on the boys from Green paw.


  • Why is Eve in the Ice drop house?

                She fell in love with Dusk, and Harmony told her that if she was in the green paw house, she can never have him. It was a hard decision, but, she choose to be in Ice drop in the end.


  • Are the characters related??
  • No! Most of the characters are NOT related! Only a few of the eevees in the PC are actually Harmony's kits. Out of the main cast, both Dawn and Eve are not Harmony's kits. The rest of the main cast are.


    • How is that possible?

    That will be explained at a later date

    • When is the next "Meanwhile" coming out?

                    "Meanwhile" comics come out at the end of each chapter. Chapter pages are usually 8-20 pages long, but might get longer as the story continues.

    • When is the next "Storybook" coming out?

    The storybook comics are rare occurrences, usually coming after chapters heavy dealing with story development. Somemon else than pink eevee draws these, and she has no knowledge of them being uploaded.

    • When is the next "Secret" coming out?

                    Secrets only come out when I have a certain number of fans, here is the number of fans I need for the next secret:


    [X] - 50 fans - Flareon

    [X] - 75 fans - Jolteon

    [X] - 100 fans - Vaporeon

    [X] - 200 fans - Leafeon

    [X] - 400 fans - Dawn (Espeon)

    [X] - 500 fans - Eve (and Oliver)

    [X] - 800 fans - Umbreon chapter?

    [X] - 1,000 fans - Glaceon Chapter

    [ ] - 2,500 fans - Sky

    [ ] - 3,000 fans - Flareon 2

    [ ] - 3,500 fans – Jolteon 2

    [ ] – 4,000 fans- Vaporeon 2

    [ ] – 4,500 fans- Leafeon part 2

    [ ] – 5,000 fans- Special chapter


    • How do I become a fan?

                    Hit that +fav button on the top of the screen! (If you have a Smackjeeves account)


    • What is Smackjeeves?

                    Smackjeeves is the website this webcomic is hosted on! It also has a LOT of other great comics, go check them out, if you have the chance.


    • Is Stupid Short Eevee Comic hosted on another site?

                    SSEC is also hosted on Deviantart and Tapastic

    Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/pinkeevee222/gallery/41140052/Stupid-Short-Eevee-comics

    Tapastic (Not up to date): https://tapas.io/series/Stupid-Short-Eevee-Comic


    • Do you have other social media?

    Lol, yeah!

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/scruffyeevee

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scruffyeevee

    • Can I ask the characters questions?

    Yes! SSEC has an ask blog!



    Have any more questions? Ask them! Please?