# 100! FTW!


August 1st, 2015, 10:10 am

Dusk doesn't like sleeping, so he does it as little as possible (about 25 minutes per day, and no, it isn't odd, because that's the amount of time dogs/cats sleep irl, fyi... lol... ok, I'll stop). If he does sleep, he'd probably sleep during the day. If you wake him up... bad things happen...

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Yay! 100 comics! I drew all the eeveelutions!
This comic is a sneak peek of stuff that is going to be addressed in later comics! Whoop!
(Note to all the perverts: Nothing R rated or above is going on in panel 4. Just sayin.)
Pinkeevee222, August 1st, 2015, 10:10 am Reply
Advertisement, November 12th, 2019, 7:01 am Reply
Here are some questions you should ask- -Why is flareon shivering?
-Why is flareon slightly transparent?
-Who the duck is that thing in Jolteon's window? (No, it is not an umbreon)
-What is in that box jolteon is next to?
-Why does Vay hide that eevee from everyone?
-What are those random items doing next to Vay?
-Why is there a heart in Dawn's panel?
-When will Dawn come back to the pc?
-Why is Daisy so kawaii?
-Why do both Glaceon and Vay have those square sheets with them?
-Who's my little ponyta toys are those?
- What the flip is on Eve's face!?
-Who is that sylveon and where is it at?
-Why is glaceon not that important in the slowly developing plot?
-Why am I listing all of these questions? am I cray cray?
- To answer that last one, No. I am only half cray cray, for your information.
Pinkeevee222, August 1st, 2015, 11:00 am Reply

*Troll face* I win! I got first comment, like I promised.
You may shower me in gifts now.
@AwesomeEevee360: Luca, stop. There isn't any point in getting first comment.
@Pinkeevee222: Very true. I hate it when someone just says "First comment" or even "Second comment" it's just a waste of comment space.
Those my little ponyta toys i think is rarity or rainbow dash( or twighlight sparkle ) i guess
@Pinkeevee222: Considering how popular this comic is...

...sadly there is. If you made this comic horrible on purpose, maybe people would stop it.

PS. I haven't actually read the comic yet. Went straight to the comments... hahaha inorite? Happy 100 tho.
Hey! Its miku!
@Pinkeevee222: I wonder what the unowns on Flame's poster say...
@Enderstar: DEMOCRACY, whatever that has to do relating to Flame.
@AwesomeEevee360: you look very shocked that you got first comment
@AwesomeEevee360: I wanted to be first because then it gives guests a better light I have been resetting since the last comic :( besides you knew when it came up
@Guest: yeah I think they are related XD
Bell: :3: you're back! <3 senpai <3
Nova: (shoves bell into a closet) hey :D
Lilanna: sorry about them. But I have a question for Mari. When will dawn appear in the comics again? She was one of my favs.
Bell: (pops out of the closet) my favorite is Luca :3: <3
@AwesomeEevee360: ugv!jhvmhcjgjcfkcmjcchmbhccmbv
@AwesomeEevee360: hi Luca!
@Graystripe&Eevee: All Hail KING Dust, king of the night! Bows,
@Graystripe&Eevee: and why is sora wearing a hat? or is that sora? sits in corner deep in thought
@Graystripe&Eevee:I think it's Miku
@Graystripe&Eevee: i don't think its Sora, i mean that Sylveon has her ribbons and Sora's ribbons were cut off, remember? also one more thing, that Sylveon doesn't have any bandages and im pretty sure Sora still has some bandages.
D'awww Nego is so cute sleeping with Vay! I also see and Umbreon peeking in bolt's window...
@MinecraftMinun: Also Blizz's question from comic 1 has finally being answered!!! We now know how Bolt sleeps with spikes on his butt!
@MinecraftMinun: This truly is the 100th comic.
Why is Flame shivering that much? Is he having a nightmare?
Happy Birthday to you! Err...100th comic...iDK This page is adorable. I love it ^^
Questions, huh? I'm just going have to answer them all!
-Why is flareon shivering? Because he's probably having a nightmare about not having his corn.
-Why is flareon slightly transparent? Uhh...
-Who the duck is that thing in Jolteon's window? (No, it is not an umbreon) Meowth, because of the amulet thing.
-What is in that box jolteon is next to? Flareon's corn, that's why he's having nightmares.
-Why does Vay hide that eevee from everyone? Because he's MAGICAL.
-What are those random items doing next to Vay? Sleeping, of course. It's nighttime.
-Why is there a heart in Dawn's panel? Dawn isn't doing any R rated stuff, so kissing, maybe?
-When will Dawn come back to the pc? Hard to tell, I'd say around 110-130.
-Why is Daisy so kawaii? Because Leafeons are adorable and I just always want to hug them.
-Why do both Glaceon and Vay have those square sheets with them? I'm guessing they had matching blankets as Eevees.
-Who's my little ponyta toys are those? Eve's, probably. Never seen any other character with dolls. Unless Glaceon isn't as mnanly as he seems...
- What the flip is on Eve's face!? Glaceon gave her a makeover!
-Who is that sylveon and where is it at? Miku, and not in the PC.
-Why is glaceon not that important in the slowly developing plot? Because we like Vay, Dusk, and Sora better than him.
-Why am I listing all of these questions? For me to answer.
-am I cray cray? Of course not, you make these beautiful comics, silly!
@Wolfmist:Maybe flareon's power is to turn invisible!
@Mali: \o/ Well, it kinda makes sense, because flames are kinda transparent.
@Wolfmist: maybe its a nightmare about something much darker...
@Wolfmist: Miku's in Lumoise city! Note the blue taxi.
@RioBlitzle: Ah, good eye.
Better than mine, because Lumoise City is the only place I am nowadays, hatching Eevees with special moves and abilities. That, or Mauville.
@RioBlitzle: who is miku because I'm so lost right now did I skip something important or was it something not mentioned in comics?
@Wolfmist: dawn is with scull doing R rated stuff. she's pregnant sssshhhhh dont tell
@Wolfmist: first off whats on eve's face is very simple its in a comic it explains it whats next to vay is hes cop things
Hey Mari the human looks very real and the spelling , well I never notice any incorrect spelling
@Pinkeevee222: I was wondering why flare's arm was transparent.
Good questions that we'll have to wait for the answers to.
MiSsIgNo I aM GoInG tO gEt YoU pInKeEvEe AnD lUcAs
my spleen " deadpools voice super high pitch"
its a refrence
Love the inclusion of the Democracy poster. Really ties the room together...?

(Just don't acknowledge the creepy eye and no-one gets hurt...)
@CyberNinetails: ye my eyes are the same calor are you caling me creepy
@eeveeleo: No... I like the colour. It must be nice to have such nice eye colour.
@CyberNinetails: ah thanks
It was an ONIXpected response to my comment
@eeveeleo: You have no idea how much that pun made my day.
@CyberNinetails: your welcome I'm just chansey-ed it
@eeveeleo: don't you love puns? Aren't they punderful?
@Sucking Chest Wound: i know they are sleendid
Congratulations! There are 100 Stupid Short Eevee Comics now! YAYYAYAYAYYAYAYA
Well, dusk is drunk off of grape juice again.
"What the flip is on Eve's face?"

I think she's blushing about something in her dream. Kappa
I see a houndoom's tail in Dawn's panel so it most likely be Scull. They're probably kissing....... And.. Eve sleeps with Blizz!?!? Also the things on Eve's face are glowing.... weird.
@Eternal-Echosoul: dawn and that dude r haven sex man u know won of the comics pinkeevee222 says dawns is getting pretnic in the furture I,I
Why is flareon shivering?
*Having a nightmare about either his job or the lab.

-Why is flareon slightly transparent?
*It's his special ability he obtained from the lab.

-Who the duck is that thing in Jolteon's
window? (No, it is not an umbreon)
*Looks like a Meowth to me.

-What is in that box jolteon is next to?
*One of the missing bells?

-Why does Vay hide that eevee from everyone?
*Because Nego shares the same ability of transforming into a human as he does - Nego's ability, at least, activates everytime it's night time.

-What are those random items doing next to Vay?
*Part of Vay's powers is that he has the ability to turn into a human. When he does, he works as a cop. This is his police badge and glasses right there.

-Why is there a heart in Dawn's panel?
*Her and Skull are further expanding upon their relationship through intellectual conversation.

-When will Dawn come back to the pc?
*After she defeats the Pokemon League

-Why is Daisy so kawaii?
*Because the cute ones are always the ones who turn out to be psychopathic killers.

-Why do both Glaceon and Vay have those square sheets with them?
*Super secret plans having to do with their house.

-Who's my little ponyta toys are those?
*Blizz. It's his guilty pleasure.

- What the flip is on Eve's face!?
*I have no idea. She never got sent to the lab, there's nothing abnormal about her parents besides maybe being a little crazy. Perhaps Blizz is causing those to appear?

-Who is that sylveon and where is it at?
*Miku. Beats me mate, perhaps a Pokemon Center?

-Why is glaceon not that important in the slowly developing plot?
*You don't like Glaceons, it's your least favourite evolution. Typism is a serious issue.

-Why am I listing all of these questions? am I cray cray?
*Yes, you are indeed crazy. I dont'even know what to believe anymore in this story.

- To answer that last one, yes. I am only completely cray cray, for your information.
*Fixed that for ya.
ppl pink eevee real name is tina
pinkeevee real name is Tina
@Guest, what do toi want us tu do with
Pinkyeevee real name ???
Correction *Pinkeevee
why does the slightly transparent flareon's poster say Democracy in unknown?
@EmojiDragon77: It has to do with a really old meme that existed back when the whole "Twitch plays Pokemon" spiel was going on.
Um, confetion and lols XD So, lolz first XD

two confections... One, I locked myself out of my iPad... And two... You know what, imam sign in to say this
LETS GO TO BIGGIE!!! mom:it's next week. me:oh!......KETS GO TO ANIMAL JAM!!!! ok I'm going to go dog sitting next week starting on Tuesday so,I can only read the comics not post cause the dog won't let meh.
But really taking care of a billionaire's dog is hard.He is tooo playfull! X3 :3 soooo I won't be commenting.also that missigno comment was really weird .0.
In dedication of a close family member. [redacted]
this is pokemonrules.... @pokemonrules!!!!: my closest family member's birthday is in a few weeks....... this is just sad because he died when I was like four.He went to the hospital then,just died. And so that's the second person I barely knew. The first was my moms dad. He died before I was born........ Rest.In.Peace
@pokemonrules!!!!: riposa in pace, ( translation, R.I.P) always carry the memories of loved ones, even if you didnt know them well. i lost my grandmother when i was like 2months old. :( so i know what its like, and its not easy but never grieve, thats not what they would have wanted. just be you and happy.
@MemoryCrushKing: yea thanks bud. we're better now though!
@pokemonrules!!!!: *claps* nice song.
Theory time!
Okay, so I'm guessing some of you remember when Pinkeevee said "Blizz is dumber than he looks, Dusk is smarter than he seems"?
Well, then...
Dusk is a spy, working for the agency. His dumb appearance is a cover, hence the "smarter than he seems" part.
Also, Blizz is a clone of Felix, kind of like a remote controlled toy. But eventually, Blizz will become his own person.
Anyway, Blizz is being controlled by Felix to try and take down secret agent Night/Dusk, first with his weakness: grape juice.
Whenever he drinks grape juice, speaks gibberish, like, when he said Blizz was the leprechaun who stole his booti, he meant that Blizz stole something of his, but the grape juice makes him speak gibberish and forget short-term memory events.
I'm probably wrong though. :P
@Wolfmist: I think you're on to something,or maybe not idk :P
@derpyman: Maybe, or maybe not. XP
@Wolfmist: I think you may be onto something... Wait
*head explodes*
Ali: Umm, I think a mod just exploded...
@Wolfmist: whos Felix
@eeveeleo: The evil glaceon that captured Daisy back a couple of comics ago in a meanwhile comic
@chimy19: thank you for the answer
@eeveeleo: You're welcome :)
Actually @chimy19: it was a secret comic
everyone in the team and eevee clan : SHUT UP UMBRE WERE TRYING TO SLEEP
umbre : NEVER
( lol dusk and umbre are like each other EPPP PLZ DONT TELL UMBRE I TOLD YOU THAT HE WILL BITE MY HEAD OFF )
@Pinkeevee222: its a moewth right cuz its long and dawns and the dude r havin sex ppl ok pinkeevee don't like that stuff ok so she just draw tains and that oh ok
Technically, this is comic number 116 according to the archive :)
@Pinkeevee222: what is dusk's true eye colour?
*flop* i-i-im here, just....very tierd....16 hours in a small car....*snores*
What? Why would panel 4 be R-rated? It's just hugz.....
Really want a whole picture of whats going on in panel 4.

I need sleep
I think I just saw Rarity and Rainbow Dash in the background... Or maybe it's just because I need new glasses...
@Pinkeevee222: meoth in jolteons window!
The unknown spelling on the first panel said DEMOCRACY
I know! The thing in the second panel is probably a meowth or persian! And probably is a friend of bolt because, in the ask, future bolt have a amulet like the thing they have the meowths/persians in the face...

...and daisy is kawaii beacuse she's a leafeon...

Oh Wait! The persians have a red point in its face... epic fail
whats up with flareon? he looks upset

Poor Dawn. She doesn't get to do R or above rated stuff in the comic
The Sylveon may be Sora or Miku. Reason for Sora: That is a SCARF. S-C-A-R-F. And remember, Sora's bow got cut off?

Reason for Miku: The eyes are BLUE, Sora's are PINK.

IDK where they are... *derpy derp*

Kitty Out! :3

*runs away*
Hehehe.... Panel 6.... I see ponies
Yay! Every Eeveelution! Oh,and what does FTW stand for? Yeah,I really don't know...
@Bow the Sylveon: FTW= for the win
oooooh i know what Dawn is doing (smoochy smoochy) hm hm hm!

EDIT: uhhh... wait! nevermind!
@JupiterJones: Pretty sure she was doin something much more than kissing... (shaking uncontrollably as terrifying flash backs of the time I googled “cute gardevoir comic” without safe search on... NEVER AGAIN...) O-O”
@Pinkeevee222: he he,
I have answers! Dawn is making out with skull
Vay is probably worried that people would bug him, asking who's his mom
Bolt is probably sleeping with corn
Glacé on and Vay are both in pairs
I'm stupid
Spoiler alert
Look at panel 2. There lies the answer to comic 1
@Pinkeevee222: its a meowth!
Dawn and her boyfriend are really having some fun there!
I'm so shiny Yep they are king of the night that is a good title 😘😚
Last night I stayed up all night, trying to fix my sleep schedule, 'ya know? Any way at ten I made a crown and waited till midnight, when I grabbed the crown and proclaimed,"I AM THE NIGHT KING!" My mom laughed so I cont that as a success. 👑
@Pinkeevee222: how do i get first comic...
I'm the real EvanatheEspeon @EvanatheEspeon: What are you DOING? why are you impersonating me? Srsly. Why? consider yourself lucky that i'm not yelling at you yet.
the answers are... magicmagicmagic.
@Pinkeevee222: To answer the what is in jolteon's window question, ISA MEOWTH! At least...I think it is.
@EvanatheEspeon: Actually, it might not necessarily be a meowth, it could just as well be Eifie the espeon because she wears a meowth amulet. Also, for everyone else, Flame's somewhat transparent because that's the power he gained from the lab, and the "things" on Eve's face appear to be the same symbols that appeared when she put on the necklace that she found in the Forest Box, and that's because that necklace was the necklace Oliver (eevee no. 1134) put on the egg (Eve) that Sora/Sky gave him to rescue from the lab, and that's why Oliver is Eve's bodyguard. I hope this clears things up ;)
Also, that sylveon is definitely Miku (if you check the ask blog, there is a picture of a sylveon that is identical and even has the same hat and scarf, and Pinkeevee said it was Miku), and she appears to be on a Lumi Cab going through Route 13 (the Lumoise Badlands)
@EvanatheEspeon: Never mind, it's actually probably the cute meowth that found Bolt after John said that he couldn't help him with his "2 little problems". Also, @Pinkeevee222: Sorry for posting too many comments -_-,
sylveon x lefeon SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!
i know why her checks are glowing its a sine from her mother and i know who its is but im not telling any of you but she was close to dusk and oliver but she can go into any eeveeloin dont ask me how thow
@flare: Actually. The cheek glowing thing is from her father, lol. Don't ask me how I know. I just do.
Damn. What are dawn and her bf dosing over there? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
HER FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
in my pokemon like fan comic the world is fill creatures called illusions, the dark illusions are evil, well some of them the royal dark family is good the prince is named Artemis, who looks like Dusk but with a scarf that moves when he wants it to move like the feelers of Sylveon.
Not all of them slept! It was only a few pokemon! XD jk
Dear sylveon here, well i killed eevee XD
@Komodygon the sunflora: curse eevee one more time **and ill skin you**
Comment section: 10% doesnt know how to spell sylveon
30% roleplaying
60% ranting about the last joke
i think thats pretty accurate
fuck you
fuck you
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guck you
@Crawdaunt: c-c-c-combo breaker also hail dusk also leafeon sleeping with eevees and eve broke the toy leafeon spleen also we will never sleep cause sleep is for the weak
@Pinkeevee222: After almost 2 years of doodling and drawing, Miku has finally came out! :D
Mmmmm~ It looks like Dawn is having a great time tonight~
@Pinkeevee222: I think not awesome eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: lol
@Pinkeevee222: I think it’s a meouth in jolts windo
the question I think dawn is with scull?
awwww Vay and Nego together looks so cute. (The fact that I'm a boy tho...)
@Pinkeevee222: i got 2 answers, the 2nd 1 im positive. in the box, maybe its the “corn” jolt got earlier from the absol. the sylveon is miku and she’s in kalos aka gen 6
oh! also from the other story with the lab and jay being a halfman etc., flareon was something that i forget, but he could turn invisible at any time cuz they gave him a serum. i think he was... i cant remember, but i think he was a steward or something like that
also, that car miku’s laying on is a lumiose city taxi
Lol I'm like Dusk I wake everyone up and I like night better than day. At night I stay on the roof and look at the stars
Me too Dusk. (Puts a paper crown on too) Me too...
@Pinkeevee222: Are we going to get any answers for any of the questions you asked?
Miku needs to get off the taxi or else the taxi driver is going to be yelling: GET OFF MY CAR YOU POCKET SIZED MONSTER!
@Pinkeevee222: I have to say there's something wrong with flame ..why is flames hand has the magazine title? (Well if you look closely)
@Pinkeevee222: eve. Pink necklace. Oliver. rainbow scarf
@Pinkeevee222: Dawn has a heart and is holding her boyfriends tail :I

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