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Blizz actually has really low self esteem, 
despite what he might say or do.

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Background eevees are opened! ees-are-opened/

Comment down below with questions about the PC (Pokemon Storage System) or the SSEC world (In the PC, that is). Eevee Plex not included.
Edit: NOT QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CHARACTERS! Questions about the Digital world they live in.
Scruffyvee, November 16th, 2019, 5:53 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 17th, 2019, 2:11 am Reply

@Scruffyvee: Um, where is Sora at the moment? Is she with flame? Also, Who is Sky??? lol
@An Azumanga Fan!: Plot related questions cant be answered.
Guy it joe mama
@Scruffyvee: what is the deal with all the "phantom" eevees that come from Blizz's powers?
@Guest: Plot related questions cant be answered.
Which eevees and eeveelutions can see bolt's little guys? ( the red and blue people) we already know that the eevee that has a halo and wings can see them.

OR why can the angel eevee see them?
Hey Scruffy, how many Espeons are there? I don't need their names or anything ther've just been a few
@Guest: Just Dawn. Unless you mean in the series as a whole
Does Dawn know Harmony isn't her real mother?
@PuppyLover4: She knows~
@Scruffyvee: Wait, WHAT!?!? Did I miss something? Harmony isn’t Dawn’s mother!?!?
Are there other mass breeded Pokémon (like Eevee, Jigglypuff) at the moment?
Who’s joe
I think I figured out what wall he was talking too...
Are you gonna make Q/A for the ssec cast? It could be pretty fun
@the legend 27: the ssec cast has a Tumblr blog! thaaattt is on hiatus cause school

1. I just want to bring MegaLova over, dunno if that's ok... y'know, for Eevee Day, remember?

2. So... is the PC method in every game and PC box and whatnot? (the holes leading to other boxes)
1. Lova was actually scrapped a few months ago and the plot I made for her was repurposed into a new eevee character who is much more integrated into the plot. This sadly cant be reversed due to the ties the new character has ^^;

2. Can you elaborate?
what about the question in page #59 where is vays frill that goes upon thy neck?
@anonymous2006: Sadly, vay is not in this chapter, so that cant be answered
Where is Oliver ?

And did you get sword and shield yet?
Okay, how the heck does an eevee lay an egg that's almost as big as she is?

Do the eggs start out alot smaller, and then expand after they've been laid?

Are females just extremely stretchy in that way?

Or is it just incredibly painful and difficult?
@IryrasmoD: I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that question.
Yay! Q and A! What is the weather like in the PC? Does something control it? Are there seasons, or is it random? Or does the weather match that of the weather outside the PC?
Do ya'll cut your toenails with a chainsaw?
Am i not supposed to ask stupid questions or...
Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Kimba!! Kion:tyroy
Future mufassa:eh
Can it precipitate in the PC?
@Scruffyvee: XD 4th wall breaking at its finest
How easily can Pokemon move between boxes? Do they need special permission or can any 'mon go to any box whenever they want?
About status effects @Scruffyvee: Whats the process that goes into removing the status effects of new pokemon who enter the PC, and how does the PC react to a Pokerus breakout?
heh, heh, heh yussss i came bak from da airport aand is still early for da comic!!!!!
missing where is dusk????
Why Why does the trainer have SOOOO MAAAANNYYY EEVEES?

And how did dawn and the hounddour become a thing

One last thing what’s there story on how they evolved

more SoRa…?
Whereabouts in Unova is the trainer living? Also where does night live in the PC?
Also, do females produce milk? I mean they do lay eggs, not live birth. And I mean breasts wouldn't make sense if they had no purpose.
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Love your work keep up the great work
Hey Love your art keep up the great work

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