Storybook 3


February 17th, 2018, 6:01 pm

Lem's pov

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Ok! So! Here is the background eevee list!
If you made a background eevee, and it is NOT on the list, TELL ME IMMEDIATELY So I can put them in.
The Best way to contact me is Discord, I am literally on it all day, and replies are instant. The worst way to contact me is Email, I have several emails in use, and check all of them at most once a month. Smackjeeves PM and DA note are ok ways to contact me, but, I don't reply to those as fast as Discord.
SSEC Discord:
Pinkeevee222, February 17th, 2018, 5:50 pm Reply
Advertisement, February 20th, 2018, 1:29 am Reply
CHARACTER PAGE UP! Lol, after a whole year, I have FINISHED THE CHARACTER BIOs!!! >:3
What can I say~ Except~ You're welcome!
Pinkeevee222, February 18th, 2018, 3:02 am Reply

First! This comic is amazing! Lot's of suspense, adventure, and humor mixed together. Truly my favorite comic ever
“Except Rick. She doesn’t care about Rick” XD
I kinda feel bad for Rick...
@Leafy: poor Rick lost his portal gun and has no Morty to call his own. Wait no wrong thing
@Shadow_Strikr: XD which Rick are we talking about here?
@Leafy: obviously Rick from the walking dead xD
@Shadow_Strikr: oh, obviously. XD
@Leafy: No, Rick is terrible. No one likes Rick
@If Harmony could comment:: lol rip rick Xc
@Leafy: well in one of the previous comics harmony said that she hates rick
Yay forth comment
@Dusk: 3rd
Psh, who cares about Rick
RIP Rick
Am I the only one who has a sudden urge to refer to Lem as Lemon?
:D the third of storybooks is here
Niko the cat Aw man It was all happy until it got really sad
Lmao poor Rick
Poor Rick, also, is the eevee Lem?
-sigh- Now its my job to figure out who HE is...

My guesses: Dusk (because he broke Harmony’s back, and he couldnt mate with her for a while (and still cant))

Aaand thats all.
@FranchelskaTheFennekin: # dusk no love harmony, harmony love dusk and # harmony heartbroken and rick doesn't care
eh. @RileyBlue34: No offense , but Hashtags don't have spaces , it's like #WhyAmIDoingThis
No offense, but, I thought this comic was supposed to be stupid.
@Salmons: It is stupid~ Not fully stupid though, more like half stupid

@cherryleafeon: They simply went into the Daycare. No one knows what happens in there~ Not even the Daycare workers~
@Pinkeevee222: I have seen inside the daycare, The images still haunt my dreams...
@Narhumo: XD disgusting
@cherryleafeon: Sounds like a skitty and wailord breeding, oh lord I need the trash can now. O_o
its totally like "no one cares about you rick OwO"
I know I don't comment too often here, but I still enjoy the comic!
@littlekirby61524: Thanks!! :D
Remind me who Rick is? (Sarcastic)
Oooo this is Lem I know it!
Or Darien

/I realized that Darien is my crushes name
By HE does he mean dusk?
Random Things No Eevee-ly's this week, folks

Rick looks like a Buneary

Is it Blizz the narrator, or Dusk the narrator???
@SkyBlueEevee: If you read the previous comics, Rick is a Buneary.

And this is Lem's point of view. It's kind of obvious.
@RKA: Forgot Alt text XD
@SkyBlueEevee: Oh, okay.
Back track @SkyBlueEevee: Dusk is the narrator, in an erlier comic I saw the whole notebook in dusk's room
What the heck did Rick do?
@AndreTheLugia: Rick did nothing.
That is why everyone hates him, lol
@Pinkeevee222: your comics make my day happy
@RileyBlue34: Really? Well, I am glad that they do!!! -^^-
See in real life
I am Rick
Poor Rick...
when you do charictar page? a lot of people ask that
@boomdoomg: This is weeeird. Most of the time, when I see someone asking for the character page, its mostly always you :T
@TalkingEevee: I know I really want the character page fixed
@Boomdoomg : It's fixed~
I like lem. Lem is cute
1 Reply = 1 hug 4 Rick
Yay I got 19 comment!!! :D
Nvm... I counted wrong lol
Rick doesn’t deserve hugs (apparently) :p
Hmmmmm. Lem seems so cute and cuddly on the surface, but maybe his mind is a little broken. He dismisses Rick, and then blames Dusk for Harmony turning on him.
Ok I like that theroy
I like how it says,”Except Rick. But she doesn’t care about Rick.” Lol. Rick is just in the little corner.
Oooh, those lightning effects are really nice. Did you draw that all in?
@ShadowIrorriM: I used a stock image, cause lightning is super hard to draw
@Pinkeevee222: # you awsome =)
@Pinkeevee222: Uh, Pinkeevee222? I am sorry if i'm intruding, But I'm starting to do digital art, and I was wondering if you could recommend a stylus?
@Narhumo: Wacom has the best drawing tablets in the market
Wait a minute Rick appears to be a Lopunny on the background , so maybe that's why Harmony doens't like him.Cuz nobody want a MALE Lopunny to look like a GIRL.Or something like that
Yay Nother chappie
by "HE" do they mean dusk. ;-;
Yay character page fixed 🤣🤣🤣
Pinkeevee222 you ROCK
question! what if you submitted a backround eevee?
@NegitiveZero: and does anybody know how to submit the design for it as well....
@NegitiveZero: Draw it, paste on template, fill in template, then submit it through Pinkeevee222's discord/smackjeeves/email
@SkyBlueEevee: thanks!
Aww rip rick lol I'm still thinking about those pancakes...
What can I say, except, thank you! Ah, i see why its Dusk now. When Dusk was at the lab, Lem had Harmony all to himself. But when he cane back, Harmony started swooning around Dusk again, and Lem got jelly, heh heh. And now Harmony confessed that she loved Dusk more than Lem
Dat Moana reference doe Mari XD
@Pinkeevee222: am I the only person who notices that you posted this at devils hour???
Finnaly I am finnaly up to date now!
woo hoo im not 2 far down the list
i still remember when everything was lighthearted and funny but now I need to figure this all out
wait wheres the header
@Guest: These are not regular comics. they are extras.
@Jacob the Meowstic Hello Jacob wanna be Friends? PLEASE?
@Stella the Sylveon ... *Left the House*
This reminds me of grape juice for some reason
Wait is she a pedophile? She's still one of my favorite characters tho
Back again with those hard to understand story's
pinkeevee222: ok totally not canon bbbbbbbuuuuuttttttttttttttttt in the character bios blizzes fav color is green so does that mean he's secretly in "cahoots" with her/love and dusk likes blue so it could either mean he's well that one thing and eve likes... pink well that's probably the most normal thing on this list but that means she could also like sora or miku (IF SHE KNEW THEM) and vay likes black (pls tell me if this racist I'm trying not to be RACIST) so does that mean he ADMIRES him don't think the wrong way though bolt likes red because flame is bolts friend flame likes light blue and he's the thing not that thing not from fantastic four you'd probably get the idea from him reading those magazines daisy is obvious I know who dawn is dating but purple she probably loves herself and miku fav color yellow maybe bolt? I don't know but I don't think she has a trainer but she does have that hat so yeah and also I was wondering are you going to make a character bio for nego le negotiation? and "do you kno da wae"- Ugandan knuckles
Just checked the characters, I laughed so hard when Miku’s bio said, “Info Updating...” and Vay’s perfect face. Everyone’s was normal, but not Miku’s which, made it funny.
why is Vay level 15, in the old bio it said he was level 26
@Professor_Sword: Oops. I keep on messing up. Blizz is level 7 and Vay is Level 26, I mixed up their levels with Dusk’s level ^^;
Question @Pinkeevee222: How do u post comics?
Hi I have a good idea for a character: Midnight, Shiny Umbreon, female, brave, serious, if you get to know her she’s funny, favorite song: Back in black. You don’t have to make her but I just really hope you do!
Heh Almost forgot: she’s level 99 and that’s why people avoid her. So she’s lonely and mysterious...
@Fox176th: Yup Level 99 I would totally avoid her XD
@Fox176th: lol if she has hyper beam then even arceus would avoid her
Lol Kind of like me... I’m the same person as the guest btw
>////< Cant wait until next one!
@Pinkeevee222: Hmmmmmm... Nice cliffhanger!
Pouli is there, but.. *cri* no appearances
who the heck is "he"?
@jeb997: Call it a hunch, but I believe "He" is Dusk.
I wonder, does Rick care about his eevee children?
@Subject_Crimson_Storm: He does, a lot. and he regrets not doing anything to help them.
Feeble Attempt At Getting Noticed Onii-chan!! Let's watch anime together sometime! It's a date!

...Except if calendars don't exist. Then it's a fruit.
Does anybody eles understand plot of stupid short eevee comics i mean i figured it out.
@BL4Z3: Really!!!??? Even I haven't figured it out yet!! Tell me! Tell me!! Please!!! I am so curious!!!
Omg i can't SLEEP i'm to scared. um...u...mmm... I just watch a very scary movie please help and i have schoool towmarow im ao scared. :(
pinkeevee tell me something on comic number 231 denny. is he able to go into peoples dreams.
@BL4Z3: Yee~

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