Bad Mood


September 14th, 2019, 10:02 pm

Sage: I need your help.
Bolt: !!?? W-wait, I remember you! You are from- H-How did you get-.....
Sage: ...
Bolt: Your {redacted} .... Aren't you?
Sage: For quite a while, I am afraid.

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Advertisement, September 15th, 2019, 4:16 pm Reply
Scull is a cutie.
I lightened up his colors a bit, lol
That espeon in the header is... a very important character.

If you haven't, Click the "+Fav" button on the Menu. Remember Secret comics? They are only unlocked with Fans! I updated it a bit tho.

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LOL, I know I will never get 10,000 fans, but like, thats why I put Crisel there. I like that name~ Crisel~ =w= It rolls off the tounge nicely.

Also, to the one person who has been person rating all the new ssec comics 1 Star since the beginning of the chapter, I thank you for your continued readership, lol. Your tenacity is astonishing. I commend you for it! I just wanted you to know that senpai notices you, and I give you lots of hugs and UwUs

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Pinkeevee222, September 14th, 2019, 10:02 pm Reply
@Pinkeevee222: Oh dang, I just realized we are 100 fans away from getting Flareon's second secret
Pinkeevee222, September 14th, 2019, 11:01 pm Reply

Come on Dusk, take a Snickers!
@Oops: I don't get what the last panel means, but I do get he needs a Snickers
@Flareon1225: it means Dusk isn’t his usual goofy self when he’s hungry
@Flareon1225: It's the Snickers meme. Your not you when you're hungry.
If you say you'll never gonna get 10,000 fav I'll never gonna see that Crisel, and I want see, it for that I believe that you're gonna make it and not only for that, it's I want you to reach that goal, I know you can
I believe in you, you can get 10,000 fans one day!

Anyways, great comic page!
What kind of pokemon is Scull
@Guest: A very weird looking Houndoom
I have decided to adopt Scull. He is my son now, and no one can take him away from me.
WAIT... just a question he’s sweating poison right?
Page 266 explains that poison sweating
Wait, whos the lady houndoom?
@TheDarkShow: He is Dawn's Boyfriend, lol
@Pinkeevee222: Ahhhh, okeydokey. even so, i just ate some snickers and learned japanese. And seem to be play pokemon go during turtwig day
Honestly I hate all chocolate and peanut butter candies with a passion
Wait, so are all of Dusk’s bodily fluids poison? Or does he only sweat poison?
scull... i like that name
...Does he carry around Snickers just to say that?
And today's sponsors is Snickers if having a bad day here's a Snickers
Have a break, Dusk. Have a KitKat
@Pinkeevee222: hehehe i get it.. its from the old snickers commericials during the early 2010's
@RoninHunt0987:do you mean the company catchphrase.
@anonymous2006: x3 yes
At first my half asleep brain thought Dusk was saying ooo XD
@>< Spirit ><:
-What? You’re not you when you’re hungry

I just love Scull!
He is one of my favorite characters, after Vay, LKD and Dominic!
Wait a second is that the espeon from about a million pages ago!?
Wow time to actually make theory Sage is one the ghost things around Blizz along with a bunch of other herbs and spices. Also in the header, troll and wimp are hiding behind Bolt. They scared of Sage?
PLEASE please someone tell me how to become fan I searched for it everywhere from some months but I can't find it. Please.
By the way very good comic I like the designs
Oh Forget about it I've found it
I'm so STUPID, I feel SHORT, I love EEVEE and i read this COMICS every week
*Snicker* (Pun unintended) I find that funny actually. "you are not you when your hungry" Which is actually true.
panel 5: me when i see my friend eat a kit-kat in the middle without snapping it
panel 6: my friend
its bad mood
Looks for a minute... @The Magical Birb-Tato: I am just having it today. xD I apologize. (Although I should be apologizing to PinkEevee... ^^;)
DUSK Have a snickers and play roblox XD OR MINECRAFT OF ANIMAL JAM OR GACHA LIFE OR POKEMON Nintendo
Did you just turn this comic into a snickers ad?
@Legosamurai732: Yes >:3
Is the espeon sol from the tumblr post 1,000,000 posts ago
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry about the last message, please ignore that. ^^;
Now I want to know the sky comic. COME ON PEOPLZ, WE NEED U TO LIKE THE COMIC!!!
Kill me Im gonna get some Snickers.
Impereon85@ gives pinkeevee222 1000000000000000000000000000 fans to trade for eevee
Impereon85@ whoops sorry I didnt put trade for eevee
@Pinkeevee222: Hey, Pinkeevee, what do the Xs mean on your secret chart? Also, what page is the Dawn secret?
@Chamomile : those mean we got that secret!
@Pinkeevee222: HOLY COW. My comment got answered. This is the best day of my life.

Edit: Also, thank you.
Scull:dude you need..
Me: What?
Scull: A...SNICKERS!!!
Me: uuuuuhhhhh...
Scull: *Shoves a snickers in my face*
Me: NNNNNNUUUU *grabs a reeses* MWAHAHAHA
Scull: NNNNUUUUU * falls over*

Can I take Dusk from you? like forever since I like him @Pinkeevee222
I already love Skull. He's now my new favorite character
Dusk eats a Snickers and turns into Danny Divedo. (Scarftale Bryan is now disgusted with himself)

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