Bad hate?


October 17th, 2018, 9:48 pm

I like the ask blog
Ask SSEC, if you were wondering, lol

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Almost done with the chapter! WHOOP!!! >w< *Dance Party*
Pinkeevee222, October 17th, 2018, 9:53 pm Reply
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The closing of the chapter is near and also first?
@Aura9301: I Like Your Avatar
@Bruce: thank
Hey I'm third. Also I made a account
When the lies are bad but the truth is worse.

You know, I wonder, what would Dusk do if his level was matched to Dawns.

Also is yaoi a running gag or do you seriously watch that stuff?
he would have destroyed harmony.
Depends who it is
When you're finally early, but have nothing to comment .....
• • •
@Excalibeon: lol been there
dust looks like he needs to pee in the fourth panel lol
Dance party *does disco fever*
Hoi I’m back and as new as ever. Nice comic btw Pinkeevee 0v0
pillow... its has a better life than me
Is it strange that I sleep the exact same way?
no @:O: my brother sleeps with his head on the the pillow and his butt in the air
@Pinkeevee222: WOO DANCE PARTY!
@Moonshine: *dance dance*
Did he cry into his pillow?! Poor thing ;-;
No Don. Everyone hates Harmony, so it’s just natural that you hate her.
@Garnet107: I dont hate Harmony
@Dusk's Fan Girl:
@Dusk's Fan Girl: why should I hate Harmony?
@ShadowFang: uhh, have you been playing attention?
@Ruckus: yes, I know she's a jerk and that she sent them to the lab but I still don't hate her
Don x Lem is OTP
Well based on what hate is it.. Is it a small hate or a conflicting one.
Haha and then you do another chapter!
And another
And another



Aheehee it's a little sad.
how is it sad?
@Dusk's Fan Girl: because it never ends
And when it does people get mad

With all the fans over here, can you imagine the hate she's gonna get when it's finally over?
I'm dreading it and I don't even have all that much personally invested in the comic.
Other than I read it and it's really noice all around.
SOOOO SAD *stuff face in pillow and crys*
big whoop
@Pinkeevee222: I love SSEC! I have a discord, too. Email me back pz and ty!
It’s okay don we can hate and love someone
Dusk and the others should tell eevees about the lab, they need to go against harmony
But wont the eevees be scared and possibly scarred for life?
I'm just saying it might just add a lot more pressure to da vees
@(`°3°`): agreed 🤝
I'd say the saddest part of this is that Don and Dusk seem to have done(/have had to do) this before...
Yey Le Dance
Wait,when do you post?

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