Taking a Break


December 14th, 2018, 11:05 pm

See the white eevee? That is my pokesona
Yes. Not the pink eevee, her.

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Hello. This is an announcement to say that I am taking a break from drawing SSEC.
The comic will update again starting January 5th, 2019. If you want to draw a guest comic during this time to help me, it will really be appreciated. You can reach me on DeviantArt, Twitter, Tumblr, Amino, and Smack Jeeves. I will still try to update the comic on Webtoons so it can catch up to the comic here. And yes. I wish I can say this under better circumstances, but, ssec is now on Webtoons ^^
If you want to know why I am taking a break, more info is in this link.
Thank you for understanding.
Pinkeevee222, December 14th, 2018, 11:05 pm Reply
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okay, take all the time you need. you have worked hard. you deserve a rest.
@Sky207: sorry for leaving this on your comment but is there a way to make a permanent account? Again sorry for bothering
@This is so I can be seen: yes. you click Create Account. but you cant get to it from here. you can probably click on someones username and it will take you to the website and you'll see Create Account at the top right corner.
Take the time you need, you work hard and we will be here for you when you get back, best of luck and cant wait to see you back healthier and stronger
I hope you’re okay... take the break you need, okay? We can wait!
Everyone needs rest, take as long as you need.
Well, one thing I've learned is that good advice given in the wrong way can have the opposite effect.

Like someone shouting at you 'you idiot! You need to freakin eat healthier!'
good advice, it's good to eat healthy. But the way that person said it was in such a poor way, as to kind of discredit future, similar advice to you. Or it might be said in a way that unknowingly makes you feel invalidated or made fun of, and you might be less likely to take it.

I don't know how well this applies to you, or if I accidentally did what I just explained might happen.
But just a thought.

So if I was to give advice (which, in your current situation, might accidentally be exactly what I just described might happen, sorry if it is), it would probably be to think to yourself when someone gives you advice like that 'what if he/she said that in a much nicer and or less sarcastic way?'

Again, might accidentally be doing exactly what I was talking about, so again, sorry if it is.
@IryrasmoD: brain self distruct iminet
Ey, we understand. Take a break, and have a happy holidays!
JK, it's fine! I had a hard time catching up to my favorite comics anyways...
Oh, happy early holidays!

But have a meeey Christmas and a happy new year! Enjoy your break! ^.^
Get well Hope you get better soon
GWS Friend as i've alread6 said to you, take a break, enjoy it, come back refreshed and ready to continue. It's the holidays and i hope you enjoy it!
Woah, don't be sorry, you need this break. Your health always comes first. The comic Is great and I don't mind reading old pages again. Have a great break!
Take a break! Hello! Its my forst time commenting here! But im on your discord.. and im here to say... see you soon! I hope you enjoy your (christmas) break!! Take a good rest, you deserve it!
It's alright! Peoples sometimes need time to take a deep breath and rest. You take your time, and so do us!
It's alright! Peoples sometimes need time to take a deep breath and rest. You take your time, and so do us!
It's alright! Peoples sometimes need time to take a deep breath and rest. You take your time, and so do us!
Ok you deserve a break good job so far!
Me: Well, you definitely deserve a break. Your comics are so amazing, so you probably get exhausted a lot, and probably have things to do for the holidays.
Imma be honest: i like the white vee design more. Good choice.
Take a break! Take your time merry christmas and advanced new year! I’ll try to find other intrestring comic ( likelihood 10%)
@Cutiecreampuff: like what
@Guest eeveelution squd
Enjoy your break! I hope you have a good chrismas!
Take all the time you need, I hope you feel better you deserve this rest anyways
Enjoy your break!!!
Happy holidays and Happy New Years!
Don't worry about it. You can take off all the time you need!
Okie take your time
Take all the time you want and have a good Christmas! :3
Can I say on the behalf of all these random people who’ve known about your work here and although none of us know you we still hope things get better for you, Don’t worry about the comic, you come first! Take all the time you need and keep in contact with your true friends and family. Stay safe please please and just know that even if everything’s going to heck now, you can get through this!
If you want to stop making the comics entirely that’s ok
I think we all need a break from fantasy and take a moment to be with reality.
Take all the time you need,everyone needs a break.
enjoy your break, happy holidays
Having a friend that talks behind your back sucks... they don’t deserve to be friends with an awesome creative person like you.
It’s ok you can take a break
I Feel Bad It's Okay Tho :) Take A Break, You Deserve It.
I suffer with lots of mentel pain, depression, anxiety and sensory processing disorder and add. So I understand if you need a mental break.
It's ok, take any amount of time you need. Health comes first, always. The person that was mean to you was clearly a toxic person and I have zero respect for anyone who treats other people like that. Again, take all the time you need, try not to worry about anything else apart from you. You are your highest priotiry, nothing else. Enjoy christmas and best of luck to you.
Take as much time as you need on your break! You deserve one! My friend showed me SSEC and I fell in love! You've made so many great comics!
@Pinkeevee222: Take all the time you need. Keeping yourself healthy and your life on track is much more important than pleasing everybody. Hearing what has been happening makes me want to find you and hug and comfort you. Remember, you are amazing. You are Pinkeevee222 and you CAN get through this. Even if you need to take even more time off than expected, remember, I'm rooting for you!
Hey, that's fine. People are allowed to take breaks every now and then... just make sure you look after yourself and have yourself a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! ^^//

p.s) I'll make some guest comics for you to help!!! Oh! and, everyone will surely look forward to your return. :)
OMG NOOOOOOOOO I was wanting more I was waiting every day but I get a adorable eevee saying I haft to wait even more please pinkeevee22 I need more ……………… sorry that got out of hand but at least give me a shout out I’m wanting a drawing tablet and trying to make my own series of comics but as you can see I could not logon just please give me a shoutout and engerge me sorry ;-;
Take A Break~~ Oof, sorry, my Musical nerd instincts kicked in-
Anyway, you honestly deserve this break. Throughout the 4+ years you’ve worked on this, you’ve taken about 1 break, people need rest and mental heath breaks. And you need that too. Don’t worry about us fans, we won’t go anywhere in the month(?) you’re gone. I think I speak for the whole SSEC Fandom when I say ‘Hope you do get well soon, we all love you and your comics’.
Its okay take a rest but nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
You've been working hard since 2014. I think you can take a break. I hope you have a Merry Christmas or Hanukkah and a happy new year.
dont worry. most of us are patient and will be right there by your side. I read your blog and don't worry, things will get better, trust me. and don't worry about your friends, if they do leave you, it'll hurt, but you will make new ones in time. you probably won't read this since I'm garbage and I suck but don't worry. we are here for you. plus, look on the bright side, not that many people hate you. everyone at my school except for three people bully me and hate me, good luck with your friends and keep hope. im sorry I wasted your time. good luck out there. and we will wait for the comic, dont worry.
don't worry bout a thing, have a happy holidays and we'll be here when ya get back.
Take all the time off you need! We ain’t goin any where. ;3
Life can be jerk and people also Rest for as long as u need it’s the best thing to do when life breaks ur legs *internet hug*
Rest. That is important
We'll be here for you when you return
im okie with it
Take a break, you did upload twice a week in October, and you do deserve one.
The last comic was 2^(2*2^2) (=256)!
I love the math behind the comic, was that planned, or a coincidence?
Edit: AND this is page 314 :D
Don't worry, we can wait.
Bliz is best eevee Take a well deserved break!
It's gonna be ok Well hard to say this but I can relate on a personal level to the point where I thought I was gonna lose a close friend however confronting about it helped me in many way so I understand how you must be feeling and can see why this would make you feel the way you do right now, but just remember there will always be someone to care for you and be there when your down this break has been long overdue and you need the rest and relaxation to figure things out I'm sorry if any of this makes me seem like a smartypants or with the swear words you know what I mean, but yeah take as long as you need to just know we got your back and so do your friends who stay by your side.
See you later
Cheer up pink eevee. Remember, you have us, we are all friends of yours that will be there for you when needed

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