Ball capsules


January 21st, 2014, 6:40 am

I don't think they should touch the ball

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I always liked ball capsules, and luckily, espeon is a contest fanatic. She is on their trainers main team so you will see her come and go randomly.
Also, they all do have names, its just that they usually call each other by their eeveelutions names, well besides espeon, cause she is use to calling pokemon by their names.
Pinkeevee222, January 21st, 2014, 7:20 am Reply
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@Ziliath: Well... Vaporeon is most likely hiding from Glaceon and Umbreon, and Slyveon has been missing since they were all eevees! yay!
Pinkeevee222, January 22nd, 2014, 3:41 pm Reply

hey, i like this comic, sooo wheres vaporeon and slyveon Hugh?
I think that's Dawn's Pokeball bat wouldn't she be inside it?
NOT A REPLY!! real title: Type weaknesses @Nightblade: Ok just to start this is NOT a reply to Nightblade its just so my comment wont be at the bottom. Ok here are the eeveelution weaknesses(also the symbol - means beats): jolteon - vaporeon - flareon - jolteon (with a special move flareon could beat jolteon) flareon - leafeon - vaporeon slyveon - umbreon - espeon glaceon - leafeon and idk if there's more
Glaceon is the Best!
@Blizzard: NO UMBREON IS THE BEST!!!!!!!
@warriorcats1000: YOU ARE RIGHT
I love you Umbreon you can even see in my guest name
@warriorcats1000: I like Dawn (the espeon) best.
@warriorcats1000: Umbreon is adorable too I really just like Ice types though
@Blizzard: ok
So funny This is so funny it makes sick people fell better

PS. Thanks
Yay yay lol @Pinkeevee222: story line!!!!!
Don't toltch it
Don't toltch it
@umbreonisbestevolution50: wait...shiny umbreon are psycic??!??!!!? Psycic powers yes!!!
Was does it mean dark type?does it mean... he has no clue. P.S.I know my types if your confused of what i'm saying
@bri'sshinEevee: Dark types are immune to psychic moves. It's alright, you're not dumb, just it's a pretty subtle immunity . I didn't know about it for a while.
Dubed I dubed all the comics in the first chapter, uploading now
@Pinkeevee222 how do u draw them I love the,art work
Stuff dat i like Hey, warriorcats1000, i lurv ya name. Warrior cats RULE bro!

Ma fave Pokémon is da Mew, baby!
I like Umbreon + Leafeon as ma fave EEVEELUTION!

Pokémon and WARRIORS rule!
(I suggest that you should play POKÉMON GO, AND READ WARRIORS(by Erin Hunter))!

She was using psychic!
Why? I wonder why eevee seemed so unimpressed with the loin king reference
Her name is Eve!
I was talking to The person that commented after me.'s Lexi444444
Does Dawn actually own that Pokemon in the anime by any chance?
Goo iintoo the liiight...
She trolled glaceon!? Nerve!!! >:D
@Blastguin: Actually i would date ash..... I WOULD
@Quickium the skarmory: I would too

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