Levin Kevin and Devin


January 25th, 2014, 2:43 pm

Eevees poffin dealing, tisk tisk tisk

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-Boop- There are more eevees and pokemon in the box, it's just that these 3 eevees are the most troublesome... well, Devin is kind of different... but he is still a trouble maker
This comic might seem random at the moment, but it has major significance... whatever that word means.
Pinkeevee222, January 25th, 2014, 3:01 pm Reply
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when you say Devin is different do you mean he sees in 3d what with his red and blue eyes and all? :P
Is dat Devin's rude finger or wut, plus dat is pretty borin' comic!
@Nightblade: your lame.
@Leafeon237: Its a title, see what they do in next comics
@Guest: Wait I don't remember posting that
@Ziliath: Well, no, he doesn't see things in 3D (but that would be cool). The reason why he is different is because he doesn't like the things that they do.
Idk @Pinkeevee222: what are L,K,D, doing?
WAIT @Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomicslover: is leven holding his middle finger up?!???????????!?!?!?
brah Dude is a paw not finger
...It looks like Levin was flipping the bird in panel 1.
@meta-eggplant: your picture is awsome
@meta-eggplant: that's because he is.
Significant means important
Kevin-Levin. Sounds kinda like seven eleven
@Guest: 7-11 conformed!
@Wolfmist: í 7-11 confirm
@Guest: yup.
@Guest: Isnt Kevin Levin that guy from Ben 10?
Where's the bird
um Me nether
@umbreonisbestevolution50: you know that "flippin' the bird" is another way to say putting the middle finger up, right?
notumbreonisbestevolution50 @pinkeeveefan: NOPE! i dont know many idioms!
@blueumbreon: I LIKE your avatar blueumbreon. And it's just a coincidence that I am Pure Umbreon! We could be Umbreon buddies!
Just look at my avatar! I am happy with making new friends.
@Pure umbreon: a shiny mewbreon?
I don't get second panel
@bri'sshinEevee:They're dealing poffins with an ariados.
@RioBlitzle: ohhh... I get it okay okay... But what's a poffin
@bri'sshinEevee: It is like how in kalos how the pokemon food that ash tries to eat is PokePuffs but it is Sinnoh's pokemon food.
Dj Rainbow Levin is like I hate ual
Kevin Levin. Hmmm.... Where have I heard that before?...

I've got a good friend at school named Devin! And guess what? EEVEE is his favorite Pokemon!
WWHHAATT!?!!?! no way i like Lucario,Keldeo,Delphox,Umbreon cause hes cute,moltres,Riolu,Ralts,Jolteon and Fennekin.
@JJ THUNDER: Your comments are to long.
OMA is Levin holding up the MIDDLE PAW!!!
hey silversoth0506
WHY levin??!? OMA is levin holding his middle paw up why levin
Pinkeevee222 your drawings are cool btw
-A Question- I am a lot like them!
@Theeeveemaster: Dark fire water ice electric psychic fairy!?!? truth is
Eevee is everyone's favorite Pokémon! EEVEE! *jumps into a clearing full of eevees*
@Potatichu : Yungoos the president anybody?
@Pinkeevee222: I love u
@Pinkeevee222: MEGAMIND!!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: Would you kiss your mama with that mouth? Your sylveon i know it
@Pinkeevee222: Your granbull what happened to your fur!?!?! Is tat why your so angry all the time?
@Tailsthefox9 : Does anyone even love you? quiladeen
@Pinkeevee222:what?! thought might be interesting!!!!!!
How do you think so cute
Pink Eevee
Devin is cute
let me guess @Pinkeevee222: you regret nothing in the 2nd panel

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