rainbow farts


February 1st, 2014, 11:02 am

... I just had to do this...

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Dewey is an eevee that will appear later in the comic. Also, glaceon is in trouble. Something real bad happened...
Pinkeevee222, February 1st, 2014, 11:05 am Reply
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If you look in panel 2, why does Umbreon look like a cartoon and Leafeon almost look real? ^_^ ?
@Nightblade: agreed
@Nightblade: in the first panel.
I love how all the Eevees have different personalities!
This comic is hilarious! Definitely one of the best Pokemon Comics this week!

@HKim: Thanks!
One of the best eevee comics :D
Omg... This has to be the funniest comic ever
I just got to fave this
@SilverJettSix: THANKS!!!
@Pinkeevee222: Your welcome :D
Nyan umbreon
@warriorcats1000: Took the words right out of my mouth, dude.
I never knew that Dusk's arms could fart...
I really adore the style you draw all your eeveelutions in and I really love how they all have different personalities xD
@umbreonisbestevolution50: Dusk is evolving! Dusk turned into Nyan Dusk! 😆
@pinkeeveefan: NO! dusk is the new nyan cat and rainbow dash!(lol i sorta like mlp)
AKA why do you like mlp and why oh and btw the blue umbreon is a shiny umbreon ok ( you dont get it)
Boi @Santa lucario: The real question is, why are you replying to a nearly three year old comment?
dash Dusk should be half rainbow dash.lol
I Have Rainbow Farts Too!
@Marlows59: me too!
(Sticks and stones mey break my bones but words will never hurt me!)
Adventure Time!
(PS, Umbreon is my fav character. If I related to any character the most, it would be him. :3)
@Pinkeevee222: I thought umbreon was dusk? Why is he called onee-chan?
@Littleabsol : Onee-chan (Or was it onii-chan) means older brother in Japanese. Daisy and a few other eevees calls Dusk that because he told them to (There was a lot of begging and crying involved) This is also why Eve calls him Dusk-kun.
:l AKA R.I.P. and why does eve call him that........ TTTEEELLLLLL MMEEEE!?!?!?
@Pinkeevee222: It's 'onii-chan'. 'Onee-chan' means older sister.
REALLY, UMBREON!? He is acting like a guy w/ an IQ of zero!!! I actually made comics like these on paper called Dumb Wizard, but I stopped doing that after a while.
At first I was like
-_- really
But then I was like
XD he farts rainbows *cries of laughter*
LOL Ha ha ha making fun of umbreons.*looks at last panel* LOL.
you jerk. @Pinkeevee222: why do you torture your eeveelutions and headers?
@Guest: Grrrr


*Darth Vader Voice* I find your lack of apostrophes disturbing.
Leafeon is a very creative pokemon.
Nooooooo! Leafeon my fav character
@Pinkeevee222: i think the leafeon in the background is cute tho
Leafeon is so cuteeeee :3
He he he ha ha ha
This is my most favorite comic!
TRADER! Why would leafeon pick a flower (that kills it) you trader leafeon!
..............NANI!? NANI!? NANI!? NANI!?
Police leafy
@vaporeon: lol
umbreon:i feel a fart
gay man (hiding):i know
*umbreon used rainbow fart
gay man: *gasp* it beutiful

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