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February 20th, 2014, 5:40 am

The sky?

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Today is the 1 month anniversary of the comic! Yay! So, have an early update! Thanks for 30+ fans!
What will happen to glaceon? Why does vaporeon have no frills and who da heck is Sky! all these and more questions are NOT going to be answered in the next Stupid Short Eevee comic!
Pinkeevee222, February 20th, 2014, 5:50 am Reply
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I love this chapter! Vaporeon seems WAY more relaxed than Glaceon
SECOND COMMENT!!! i love this comic.
ummm..... so glaceon got out of the web?
(Read in Brittish tone) And here we see a wild Umbreon, resting in it's serene natural habitat. However, it seems its natural predator, Glaceonous Meanocus, is moving in on it's prey.
@Friend Safari Guide: lol
@Friend Safari Guide: I think an Australian accent works better.
@hippo986: say it in an 'David atombra' like voice. Because he's the best at doing animal documentation.y
@Cubone: do you mean documentary?
@Guest: Yes, With the help of flareon and his handy dandy blowtorch.
@Pinkeevee222: what do you mean by flareon and his blowtorch!
Flareon is the Blowtorch that got them Blizz down from that sticky icky spider web!
Unless he doesn't know fire spin and then he has to have a blowtorch.
But how will you get it into the P.C?
@Pinkeevee222: SPOILERS!
@Guest: poor umbreon
Why do the rings glow during the day?
@Friend Safari Guide: yep
@Guest: because sometimes in the day u can still see the moon
@warriorcats1000: ummmmmmm.....okay?
who da heck is sky
@Guest: *dont read this next part if u want no spoilers* sky is sora who u will read about a lot later and dusk is night and sky and night r twin brothers who changed their names shortly b4 u get sent 2 the lab so harmony who u will also read about later cant find them
Umbreon looks cute in first panel
Yes, such Kawaii
I was to lazy to put in my user name @bri'sshinEevee: He also looks real while the other two look like cartoons.
Who is Sky?
Sky: A twin of Dusk. I read the alt text XD
where is that thing that goes around a Vaporeon's neck???
@iiOreoMini: *dont read this if u don’t like spoilers* jay changed his name 2 vay when he decided that he wanted 2 b a vaporeon he wanted 2 b a vaporeon since he thought it would look normal since vaporeons hav no fur and he hardly had fur cuz of the halfmen syrum which allows him to a. turn into a human, b. speak and write the human language and c. walk on 2 feet he also gave nego who u will read about a lot later his human genes and he lost his fur since the halfmen syrum makes him lose fur so he can turn into a human and thats y he has no neck frills
its a bug with her
or him
Don't do it Blizz!!!
The title panel is a lie.
why where is the frill
@Pinkeevee222: on question is going to be answered later (what will happen to glace on?
Euy The sky?
got no idea y vay has no frills around the neck, dusk is gonna wake up and be really mad since blizz woke him up at 11:59 and not 12:00 since he only gets 2 hrs of sleep and chase blizz into the web and get himself caught in there as well, and sky is sora, a boy eevee that 4 some reason can turn into other eeveelutions and back. dusk knows him bc theyre twins. btw dusk is night, some 1 youll hear about later on
Dont wake him up blizz you are gonna die
@Pinkeevee222: Who is Sky?

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