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March 1st, 2014, 9:55 am

Flareon knows no fire type moves

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let me explain Umbreon chased glaceon into the web and got stuck in it afterward. The end.
Pinkeevee222, March 1st, 2014, 10:17 am Reply
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i think Flareon is the blowtorch.
@Blizzard: let me explain vay got flame a blowtorch the end
@Blizzard: yea why can't flareon just use his head? Literally.
@ShinyJolte156: lItErAlLy because its fur...
What font did you use for "100% back to normal"? It looks like those old TV ads
Flareon used flamethrower glaceon fainted and umbreon is burnt
Cutest face ever ewe
Synchronize had no effect on Flareon
@Guest: The font I used was "Badger Fatboy Italic"
@Pinkeevee222: Can't tell if insult or honest answer
@Guest: It's 100% honest, I did not even think about the name when I got the font, I just noticed it when I was working on this page
Yes that flareon would lie
Eve will lie...
Bolt will lie...
Blizz will lie...
Dusk will lie...
Daisy will lie...
Dawn will lie...
Flame will lie...

Sora and Vay has secrets that must be lied to, to keep them safe...

The others, lie to their secrets for no good cause...
What do you mean by 100% back to normal?
How do they even get a blowtortch in the PC? Plus,wouldn't it make them both faint?
(Dusk and Blizz)
What's a blow torch
yeah its just a blow torch not a fire gun
@Pinkeevee222: 0
0. )
Glaceons face on panle three XD
LOL umbreon wouldn't help glaceon out of the web and now he's stuck. The irony.
Glaceon face in the last panel is me very annoyed
@Anonyvee : when I have to much sugar... I make the face Umbreon made in panel three.
When ever I see Dusk saying "hi Flareon". I always think he's gonna say "hi Fwareon"
the fu*k is umbion happy
@Pinkeevee222: that's what he gets (umbreon)
Blizz is going to be in trouble
Now...Blizz's life is dead...
Qhwqy Flareon knows no fire type moves
random this is what haapens when you wake that specific umbreon up before 12:00 AM.
RANDOM that moment when you anger someone who sleeps until noon: [dragon ball Z reference incoming] umbreon: "BLIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" blizz: "OH SNAP IT IS BROLY IN POKEMON FORM! I GOTTA RUN!!!!!" [it is hard to type on a 3DS]
Well at least the guests look better then the ES comics.

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