March 8th, 2014, 8:21 am

Oliver is #3 on my Top 5 favorite eevees list. Eve is #5

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LOL This is how I am going to be introducing eevees now. Also, I might update again tomorrow. MIGHT. Anyways, Let's all watch the top spin! It's the only way we won't die from boredom.
If you gave me a background eevee character, you won't see them until comic #23 or so (Cause that is how many comics that have been made).
Oh yeah! I almost forgot! This is the type of background you get when my tablet is not working
Pinkeevee222, March 8th, 2014, 8:33 am Reply
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Hi @Blizzard: is Oliver male or female and if male why is he looking at another males butt creepy
@Coltonvap: he is gay I belive
@Blizzard: I love umbreon kisses just kidding
@Blizzard: how the heck is oliver a dude i read this whole comic 3 times
Wow xD
I will never be the same again~
Well that sure was a thing.

Edit: Is Umbreon spinning that top because he's not sure he's awake? xD
Oliver is staring into umbreons black void.

background eevee character hugh? how much detail ya want? i got a legit shiny umbreon named umbras (Calm)(Male)
@Ziliath: are you sure about that becuase... lets say that dusk has his tail up and oliver is looking strat at his arse...so......yea
@Ziliath: Only eevees, no shinys or eeveelutions. Information on the "news" (home) page
@Luigi_96: Nope! He and glaceon are just really bored.
If Oliver is a male, and Umbreon is a male, then..........
@Guest: yep. Oliver is gay. (If that's what you're wondering.)
@pinkeeveefan, @guest soOo0oo... is there a problem with that?
*Dramatically gasps*
Do you support gay rights???
If not... You'll be sorry.
*Tilts head and grins a grim grin*
@Cubone: I hate gay rights.
@Wonder poke: you... Will... Be... Sorry...
Let my PSych0paThy diStr0y your life!!!
@Cubone: eeeeeek! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! So do not kill me! I'm too pretty to die!
@Wonder poke & @Cubone: I have a feeling that you are the same person. But, whatever.
@Pinkeevee222: The same? As in, like twins! Because we are twins. So is that what you mean?
@Cubone: I meant exactly what I said.
@Pinkeevee222: ok then! Have a nice day!
@Wonder poke: These these text balloons are getting pretty close to the edge, also, did you plan these comments out?
@LavaBidoof: I don't know if it is planed or not, but it is very disturbing to me, and it has taken up comment space. Mew
@Pinkeevee222... I hear you. Mew
I liek saying gay (inly for roasting people though)
@Wonder poke: really:s
@Fairytale2.8: yeah.
GAY omg Oliver your nasty looking at Umbreon-KUN or Dusk butt
Oh... well... @Master of aora: You are really not going to like the next "Dusk sensei" comic... sorry in advance... lol.
... @Pinkeevee222: yep i read all of this and yep it was creepy as heck. why do you have to make oliver gay.
@master of aora: Well Master of Aora Dusk can kiss dat booty goodbye
ok @Pinkeevee222: Is the "dusk sensei" comic made yet? if so, i would love to see it.
If you need background eevees I have 1 for you name wee-hen
Has a blue tail tip and eyes
@warriorcats1000: Okay then, I'll put her in the list
I have two eevees if you still need background eevees

Curt- hair on his head is the same colour as his collar ruff - nature Modest, likes to run, house Ice and Male

Breezie - purple eyes - Nature sassy, a little quick tempered, house Green and female
@PokeManiac_girl: okay then!
@Pinkeevee222: is it not too late to submit a eevee?
*reads alt text*

There's a serious problem when a single comic character is liked more than one of the main characters... Oh well.
@Retro Pikachu: actually, It's more like, 4 comic characters
@wort: I think that same thing
Does Oliver know that Dusk and Blizz are guys?

Or is he just.. Weird?
@Guest: That will be explained in comic 39
Whay @Pinkeevee222: in comic 39, I don't think it ever explained if dusk or blizz are both guys.
Oh, so Cupid is having too much fun. That explains a LOT! thx!
I have a bff like oliver
why is oliver always crushing on males
@Guest: No idea!
@Pinkeevee222: I blame cupid
Lilac: So if Oliver is a male then is hey um.. gay? ( just asking don't ask me why i don't know O,O )
Dj Rainbow So smexy
@Dj Rainbow: lol
:3 Pinkeevee222 I like Dusk so much i drawd him perfectly i hope you can make me a member one day i draw realy good even tho im only 9 years old :3
I I just WUT!?!?!?
HOMOS HOMOS EVERYWHERE I KNEW someone in here was gonna be gay!
I have a background eevee
Name: Rex
Nature: (timid)
Facts: really likes to play 3DS
House:green paw
Well,I know Eve likes Dusk,but does Oliver like Eve?
Oliver is Eve BFF but he doesn't love Eve because he's gay
I think Oliver is gay
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : oh he's gay but touch eve you better say your prayers O_o
Dem boys got big buns
oliver you pervert!!! -smacks him in face-
@Eeveeplz: Moon: agreed.
Orca: Oliver you pervert! *whacks oliver with tail*
Kinkajou: Pervert indeed.
Blaze: *didn't show up*
*Shoves them under table* Shaddup.
I'm so shiny But Oliver looks like a girl named Oliver pinkeevee222 what is happening😘😗 😎
*sneaks into umbreon's room*

sooooo smexy.
by reading this comment you are wasting your life read the comic instead seriously guys!
@Pinkeevee222: so, is umbreon a girl?
Oliver and Dusk Oliver is a pervert and I saw on google images that Dusk the umbreon was a boy because Eve was a girl and one of the comics said Umbreon Kun do you love me that what eve said in a comic
Waaaait Oliver is from Greenpaw? I thought there were only girls there...?
@Evcheto: All of the girls go into the green paw house, but, there are still boys in it as well.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh ok. Thank you for the answer!
What the heck What the heck Author and I mean you don't have a minor character… You know special character
why umbreon do you have to have a cute body EVEN from the backside
Oliver @Pinkeevee222: So is Umbreon a girl or is oliver gay (idc if he his I am just wondering?)
I make comics Ok so I make comics and I was holding you'd usd 1 of the charichters from it his name is foster he is a slvyon and he has fan girls -flabebeas natcher full of him self house blue
Hi Hi I'm new to this I love your comics
like I'm love your site.You are fabulus!
For leafeon Oliver is #3 on my Top 5 favorite eevees list. Eve is #5
why does oliver think dusk butt is sexy XD
@Pinkeevee222: I am espeon but oh my gosh leafeon a girl and Glaceon a boy. But in my world leafeon’s a boy and Glaceon’s and vapoureon is a girl
u stupd Did anyone else notice he was looking at Glaceon?
Wait Oliver's gay? That's ok lol for ((idk how long)) years I thought Oliver was a female cause I was to stupid and I couldn't see it said male
When the top stops... umbreon SCREAMS
“Oliver what are you doing?” Eve asked spotting him form the bushes. “Tch girl you’re gonna blow my cover!” Oliver whispered. Eve glanced over confused. He was stalking her dusk.
Wow there are kids here this is way to smexy for kids jeez
Idk if Oliver is gay or not @Pinkeevee222: you know how to plot a story. Also your comics are great.
Dats a pretty cute comic
Omg You mean sexy
Isn’t this a kids comic
@Pinkeevee222:was that a Beyblade?!
I was looking at these older comics, and this is why I want to voice Oliver in the comic dub.
@HttpLotorius: lol
@Pinkeevee222: Dose Oliver like Umbreon?

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