March 8th, 2014, 8:21 am

Oliver is #3 on my Top 5 favorite eevees list. Eve is #5

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LOL This is how I am going to be introducing eevees now. Also, I might update again tomorrow. MIGHT. Anyways, Let's all watch the top spin! It's the only way we won't die from boredom.
If you gave me a background eevee character, you won't see them until comic #23 or so (Cause that is how many comics that have been made).
Oh yeah! I almost forgot! This is the type of background you get when my tablet is not working
Pinkeevee222, March 8th, 2014, 8:33 am Reply
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Hi @Blizzard: is Oliver male or female and if male why is he looking at another males butt creepy
@Coltonvap: he is gay I belive
@Blizzard: I love umbreon kisses just kidding
@Blizzard: how the heck is oliver a dude i read this whole comic 3 times
Wow xD
I will never be the same again~
Well that sure was a thing.

Edit: Is Umbreon spinning that top because he's not sure he's awake? xD
Oliver is staring into umbreons black void.

background eevee character hugh? how much detail ya want? i got a legit shiny umbreon named umbras (Calm)(Male)
@Ziliath: Only eevees, no shinys or eeveelutions. Information on the "news" (home) page
@Luigi_96: Nope! He and glaceon are just really bored.
If Oliver is a male, and Umbreon is a male, then..........
@Guest: yep. Oliver is gay. (If that's what you're wondering.)
@pinkeeveefan, @guest soOo0oo... is there a problem with that?
*Dramatically gasps*
Do you support gay rights???
If not... You'll be sorry.
*Tilts head and grins a grim grin*
@Cubone: I hate gay rights.
@Wonder poke: you... Will... Be... Sorry...
Let my PSych0paThy diStr0y your life!!!
@Cubone: eeeeeek! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! So do not kill me! I'm too pretty to die!
@Wonder poke & @Cubone: I have a feeling that you are the same person. But, whatever.
@Pinkeevee222: The same? As in, like twins! Because we are twins. So is that what you mean?
@Cubone: I meant exactly what I said.
@Pinkeevee222: ok then! Have a nice day!
@Wonder poke: These these text balloons are getting pretty close to the edge, also, did you plan these comments out?
@LavaBidoof: I don't know if it is planed or not, but it is very disturbing to me, and it has taken up comment space. Mew
@Pinkeevee222... I hear you. Mew
@Wonder poke: really:s
@Fairytale2.8: yeah.
GAY omg Oliver your nasty looking at Umbreon-KUN or Dusk butt
Oh... well... @Master of aora: You are really not going to like the next "Dusk sensei" comic... sorry in advance... lol.
... @Pinkeevee222: yep i read all of this and yep it was creepy as heck. why do you have to make oliver gay.
If you need background eevees I have 1 for you name wee-hen
Has a blue tail tip and eyes
@warriorcats1000: Okay then, I'll put her in the list
I have two eevees if you still need background eevees

Curt- hair on his head is the same colour as his collar ruff - nature Modest, likes to run, house Ice and Male

Breezie - purple eyes - Nature sassy, a little quick tempered, house Green and female
@PokeManiac_girl: okay then!
@Pinkeevee222: is it not too late to submit a eevee?
*reads alt text*

There's a serious problem when a single comic character is liked more than one of the main characters... Oh well.
@Retro Pikachu: actually, It's more like, 4 comic characters
@wort: I think that same thing
Does Oliver know that Dusk and Blizz are guys?

Or is he just.. Weird?
@Guest: That will be explained in comic 39
Oh, so Cupid is having too much fun. That explains a LOT! thx!
I have a bff like oliver
why is oliver always crushing on males
@Guest: No idea!
@Pinkeevee222: I blame cupid
Lilac: So if Oliver is a male then is hey um.. gay? ( just asking don't ask me why i don't know O,O )
Dj Rainbow So smexy
:3 Pinkeevee222 I like Dusk so much i drawd him perfectly i hope you can make me a member one day i draw realy good even tho im only 9 years old :3
I I just WUT!?!?!?
HOMOS HOMOS EVERYWHERE I KNEW someone in here was gonna be gay!
I have a background eevee
Name: Rex
Nature: (timid)
Facts: really likes to play 3DS
House:green paw
Well,I know Eve likes Dusk,but does Oliver like Eve?
Oliver is Eve BFF but he doesn't love Eve because he's gay
I think Oliver is gay
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : oh he's gay but touch eve you better say your prayers O_o
Dem boys got big buns
oliver you pervert!!! -smacks him in face-
@Eeveeplz: Moon: agreed.
Orca: Oliver you pervert! *whacks oliver with tail*
Kinkajou: Pervert indeed.
Blaze: *didn't show up*
*Shoves them under table* Shaddup.
I'm so shiny But Oliver looks like a girl named Oliver pinkeevee222 what is happening😘😗 😎
*sneaks into umbreon's room*

sooooo smexy.
by reading this comment you are wasting your life read the comic instead seriously guys!
@Pinkeevee222: so, is umbreon a girl?
Oliver and Dusk Oliver is a pervert and I saw on google images that Dusk the umbreon was a boy because Eve was a girl and one of the comics said Umbreon Kun do you love me that what eve said in a comic
Waaaait Oliver is from Greenpaw? I thought there were only girls there...?
@Evcheto: All of the girls go into the green paw house, but, there are still boys in it as well.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh ok. Thank you for the answer!
What the heck What the heck Author and I mean you don't have a minor character… You know special character
why umbreon do you have to have a cute body EVEN from the backside
Oliver @Pinkeevee222: So is Umbreon a girl or is oliver gay (idc if he his I am just wondering?)
I make comics Ok so I make comics and I was holding you'd usd 1 of the charichters from it his name is foster he is a slvyon and he has fan girls -flabebeas natcher full of him self house blue
Hi Hi I'm new to this I love your comics
like I'm love your site.You are fabulus!
For leafeon Oliver is #3 on my Top 5 favorite eevees list. Eve is #5
why does oliver think dusk butt is sexy XD
@Pinkeevee222: I am espeon but oh my gosh leafeon a girl and Glaceon a boy. But in my world leafeon’s a boy and Glaceon’s and vapoureon is a girl

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