March 9th, 2014, 1:11 pm

In my world, doors can be opened in 2 different ways.
They can be pushed inside the wall, or opened by pushing or pulling it.

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If I get 50 fans, I'll upload a special comic about Flareon, so stay tuned.
Pinkeevee222, March 9th, 2014, 12:59 pm Reply
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The 3rd pannel is funny :3
@warriorcats1000: yes. Yes it is.
*sees title*
*Immediately thinks of this:*
@Linkziken: I thought that to!!
Mother of Arceus
3rd panel is so cute owo
Maybe order the pizza yourself...?
@Luigi_96: They can't, you'll see why later
perhaps they cant because....
Vaporeon Hoards the only phone in their eevee village?
he speaks human?
he knows a guy who works at the pizza shop...?
he is the guy who works at the Pizza shop?

Was i anywhere on track :P?
@Ziliath: Maybe its because nobody speaks human!
puschelkopfi :3
Vay seems nice...
@Guest:how does vay seem nice he just slam the door in there faces!
@Guest: and he's a big FAT GRUMP

(But we still like him)
lol I LOVE VAPOREON it reminds me of a vaporeon character i made
Why... is Bolt even here? ;-)
Umbreon's eyes in panel 3 are drawn really cute!
Meme Ha! Funny XD
wow 😷 I think vay is a grump but why is Eve a icedrop Eve hasn't evolve yet
i got together with Dusk why? 'Cause he's a pervert who likes pizza. he's also a derp.
Slamming the door Serves them right They should have doors slamming on their faces because on a comic all eevees were acting mean to vay so serves them right
I found the Troll!
@Pinkeevee222: awkward
Laughed This particular scene was hilarious, I relate.
@Pinkeevee222: why is glaceon mad just for pizza?
favorite I like this one, but i really love the one where Dusk yells "I LIKE CHEEEEEEEEEESE!
Holy moly why in the world does leafeon go with flareon why not espeon with leafeon? By the way I’m espeon named Violet.
no pizza 4 u bich
patrick: @Pinkeevee222: stay till two why not make it now(derp)
When I here the title I think of every body do the flop pshhh

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