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March 10th, 2014, 7:52 pm

opps, my paw... er... hand slipped

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Yay! 50 fans! Some of you may have guessed, but Flareon is the biggest perv in the PC. Why? Because, when I was redoing character personalities, he was the first. I mean, why not? He was to... nice... And guess what? No one except Leven, Kevin, and Devin knows.
If I get 75 fans, I'll do a comic about Jolteon
Pinkeevee222, March 10th, 2014, 8:10 pm Reply
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The second panel confuses me greatly. Skin pockets?
Hi I'm Alma the shiny eevee and i like pokemon shiny pokemon minecraft and jurassci park ✨😊💛🎉✌🏻️ @Luigi_96: um hi I'm new here
@Luigi_96: in this comic pokemon were pants that look like skin
@Luigi_96: Ah, right, that will be explained, soon
how did kevin get that magazine if he's not even old enough to buy it? Maybe a system...?
Wow Flareon...
@meta-eggplant: ah yes, they have their ways
Uh... all I see is the alt text... plz help?
Nothing can explain how much I'm dying of laughter XD

edit: Why would they need money?
@SilverJettSix: in order to buy porn aduuuuh :p
@Mujaffa: Actually in this world its corn
I suspected flareon to have a secret he was toooo nice
Pants! @Luigi_96: Maybe...He is wearing ....Pants! (that are reddish orange ! )
@#403: (Looks at Tumblr ) Wait....I WAS RIGHT? THEY ACTUALLY WEAR PANTS? Wait....Who is the "Certain Female Eevee"
Who is sky? I'm a fan!!!!
@Kirby09: Sky? Oh, yeah, Sky is (Words censored by Umbreon). does that answer your question? Oh right! there is a hidden picture in one of the previous comics that's about Sky and (Words censored by Umbreon)!
@SilverJettSix: It s not money. It is purely a bunch of green paper rectangles
.... ME GUSTA>:)
@wort: exactly
Why does flareon have skin pockets in the second panel?
Flareon looks evil or to intense
flame is cute
Dj Rainbow Who made this I love u!!!!!!!!!!ps I a girl
I can't see the other half :( I can't see the rest of the comic. It gets cut off at Flareon's waist... ;-; plz help.
@Pinkeevee222:what about Oliver?
you forgot oliver @Pinkeevee222:what about oliver
@guest: Oliver gets his magazines from Dawn, who buys them herself.
WTF really flame
this is wrong This is crazy I thought Kevin was bad he going to paint the sky
??? I don't get it....-_- oh well. I'll just use hyper beam for no reason

HYPER BEAM! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I love Tm 15.
Also, i love playpoke. i likes dem tundre leafeonz.
DJ:I blame the missingo.
Komojiro: Yes, mom and dad named me after a yo kai. don't ask.
Tetris: Wat...
Celest: Why am I here?
Mom: Kids, go to bed. And Komojiro, it's waaaay past your bedtime. you have school in the morning.
All: Yes, mom.
some one get me my heat sword
im goignt insane
=) @Pinkeevee222:np
What the heck Flame?!
Why am I doing this 42nd comment!!! 42 is the awnser to life!!!
blatant forced hitchhiker's guide reference @Fuyjghyjftfjythytf : Now you have figured out the meaning of life, the universe and everything, you can go to Milliways.
Flame.....what if your future gf finds those play poke books in your room 0-0
Why does flareon have a houndoon porn magazine

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