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March 10th, 2014, 7:52 pm

opps, my paw... er... hand slipped

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Yay! 50 fans! Some of you may have guessed, but Flareon is the biggest perv in the PC. Why? Because, when I was redoing character personalities, he was the first. I mean, why not? He was to... nice... And guess what? No one except Leven, Kevin, and Devin knows.
If I get 75 fans, I'll do a comic about Jolteon
Pinkeevee222, March 10th, 2014, 8:10 pm Reply
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The second panel confuses me greatly. Skin pockets?
Hi I'm Alma the shiny eevee and i like pokemon shiny pokemon minecraft and jurassci park ✨😊💛🎉✌🏻️ @Luigi_96: um hi I'm new here
@Luigi_96: in this comic pokemon were pants that look like skin
@Luigi_96: Ah, right, that will be explained, soon
how did kevin get that magazine if he's not even old enough to buy it? Maybe a system...?
Wow Flareon...
@meta-eggplant: ah yes, they have their ways
Uh... all I see is the alt text... plz help?
Nothing can explain how much I'm dying of laughter XD

edit: Why would they need money?
@SilverJettSix: in order to buy porn aduuuuh :p
@Mujaffa: Actually in this world its corn
I suspected flareon to have a secret he was toooo nice
Pants! @Luigi_96: Maybe...He is wearing ....Pants! (that are reddish orange ! )
@#403: (Looks at Tumblr ) Wait....I WAS RIGHT? THEY ACTUALLY WEAR PANTS? Wait....Who is the "Certain Female Eevee"
Who is sky? I'm a fan!!!!
@Kirby09: Sky? Oh, yeah, Sky is (Words censored by Umbreon). does that answer your question? Oh right! there is a hidden picture in one of the previous comics that's about Sky and (Words censored by Umbreon)!
@SilverJettSix: It s not money. It is purely a bunch of green paper rectangles
.... ME GUSTA>:)
@wort: exactly
Why does flareon have skin pockets in the second panel?
Flareon looks evil or to intense
flame is cute
Dj Rainbow Who made this I love u!!!!!!!!!!ps I a girl
I can't see the other half :( I can't see the rest of the comic. It gets cut off at Flareon's waist... ;-; plz help.
@Pinkeevee222:what about Oliver?
you forgot oliver @Pinkeevee222:what about oliver
@guest: Oliver gets his magazines from Dawn, who buys them herself.
WTF really flame
this is wrong This is crazy I thought Kevin was bad he going to paint the sky
??? I don't get it....-_- oh well. I'll just use hyper beam for no reason

HYPER BEAM! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I love Tm 15.
Also, i love playpoke. i likes dem tundre leafeonz.
DJ:I blame the missingo.
Komojiro: Yes, mom and dad named me after a yo kai. don't ask.
Tetris: Wat...
Celest: Why am I here?
Mom: Kids, go to bed. And Komojiro, it's waaaay past your bedtime. you have school in the morning.
All: Yes, mom.
some one get me my heat sword
im goignt insane
=) @Pinkeevee222:np
What the heck Flame?!
Why am I doing this 42nd comment!!! 42 is the awnser to life!!!

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