80 pizza hut pan pizzas


March 29th, 2014, 11:01 am

This is the only comic that was saved from being deleted.

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Yes, that is their trainer.

Now, may I direct you to the back button, where last weeks comic is finally uploaded.

Oh, and ignore how badly I draw humans.

Lastly. Those are the first 2 background eevees to appear in the comic, Christian and Chill.
Pinkeevee222, March 29th, 2014, 10:19 am Reply
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400 doesn't seem like that much... or maybe I'm just not remembering pricing from the games very well.
@Luigi_96: 400 Poke = 2 Fresh Waters So that is some VERY CHEAP PIZZA I WANT SOME! :D
Ohhh , the one with the blue scarf looks like the one i submitted to you, was that a coincidence...? it kinda confused me for a sec....
@Pinkeevee222: They look perfect~! X3

Chill's expressions are perfect and Christian is hilarious.
It is really complicated. -_-
The short answer is, it's not the kind of money you get by defeating trainers, it's money regular, non-Pokemon trainers use to do daily stuff. The money you get by defeating trainers is a "P" with only one strike.
Plus, why would you wanna waste money to buy food your not even going to eat?
I'm so shiny 😎 @Pinkeevee222: no pinkeevee 😒 😝
Oh @shinyeevee123: oh I'm shiny as well
Hi @####: oh vay
@Pinkeevee222: two things.
#1. How did the trainer get inside the P.C?
#2. How did the trainer get sharp fangs?
@Pure umbreon: 1. The trainer is NOT in the PC.
2. Cartoons often have exaggerated facial features when showing different emotions.
@Pinkeevee222: Vay will do anything foe Dawn cuz she has TM-15?
Oh @Pinkeevee222: cunpoopr
@Ziliath: total coincidence. Teal is going to show up either in this chapter, or in the beginning of the next one
(Depends on how a pokemon their size can eat.)
Pizza @wort: I pizza
@Luigi_96: I've always assumed that Poké is equivalent to yen, so the pizza would be ~4 USD.
At least pinkeevee222 draws better humans than I do... And always depend on vay for money
is that a explorer badge I see?
Wait, isn't this in the PC? If so, why is there a human in there?
Or is it a Pokemon... >:3
I honestly think Vay is more screwed than me when I hand up -219% of homework. And that's usually most of the time.
if I remember my japaneeze currency 400 pokedollars equals 4 dollars in American money witch means that pizza is really cheap!
Wait. This comic is about pizza and there's an ad on this page about Pizza Hut. Coincidence? I think not.
Hmmmm Exploration team badge -.-
They’re trainer looks like may.(hey may vary ‘kay?
I meant vay when I said vary
There a mistake Umbreon is serious not stupid and all that he's doing right now
Why was I think of this comic when I was shopping at Walmart?
he ordered 80 pizzas... and yet the next comics only show 1 (not even atleast 2-3). lmao
Thats pretty much dawn
Hey... isnt that dawn/hikari?
I was thinking, if you've got Pokemon to help you cook, costs of making the food wouldn't be that high...

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