vay vay vay


April 12th, 2014, 11:35 am

He is mocking them

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Note that he is not speaking pokemon in the last panel. Also, only 4 fans until Secret #2 is uploaded.
Pinkeevee222, April 12th, 2014, 12:30 pm Reply
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well now i want to know how he knows english!!!!!!!
come on vay you have to tell us D:
@andreya225: what do oreos have to do with this lol
OOF @Guest: vapOREOn
Who is the eevee that yawned?
Ahahahaha that was awesome! xD
@warriorcats1000: her name is Tempest
lol at the oreo
...Seems legit
@T-H-E GUY: It means that he was injected with human genes which is also why he doesn't have frill around his neck. Also, when your on the internet nobody knows your a vapoureon.
You mean 'vaporeon'... pls there's no effect... It's there???
@Guest: oh my god
@T-H-E GUY: well. What I think I heard was that Vay, was used in an experiment. So the humans injected some human genetics into Vay's D.N.A. That's why he's has no THINGAMAJIG around his neck, and why he's Wales on his hind legs. But, new can talk human meaning the human genetics must of contained a wide vocabulary of words. The vocabulary extract must of been inside of the human genetics. So, he's can walk on his hind legs and talk human.

But, there's the other side. Could it have come from his family tree? I have no idea. So, do not ask me why he's can walk on his hind legs and talk human. And if you are going to ask me that question... Read the comment again.
*Runs away*
@warriorcats1000: That would be me.
XD this comic is so funny and random
He looks really human in the second panel. With da face and hair and all
@Guest: At least you get it
@Pinkeevee222: So..... Vay is a freaky human hybrid?
@Guest: nope.
A kid in a Vaporeon costume?
@Guest: nope
He learned from Meowth didn't he?
How many eevees does that trainer have?!
I love their trainers face in the last panel! lol...
"Are you a Boy or are you a Girl?"
Why Does The Vaporeon Look so human in the last panel?
@TheVeryRandomUmbreon: He's half-human
@Pinkeevee222: ok den
@Pinkeevee222: Umm How??
If Vay ever mocked me ooh he would get slaped so manytimes
Why does Vay have an aura on the second panel and no others?
@Wolfmist: Actually, he has an aura in 2 panels. It's just that one is more noticeable than the other.
Vay is hilarious, but if he mocks me, I'll Bolt Strike him until he is dust like the time I find on my Pokémon figurines I display on my bookshelf. (Is a Lvl 90+ Shadow Lugia who is a bitchy ass who hacked most of her thousands of moves)
You're not going to be that mean to Vay? Are you? @Derp please! don't hurt him!
Y is vay scary of daisy
I get it! he was sick of saying vaporeon over and over
Vay My guess is he is half human, which makes sense, since he doesn't have the neck thingy, so it makes him more human like.
Just a hunch He used to be a human, and he had to save the Pokemon world. Unfortunately, he was trapped in his Pokemon form.
I see the word 'Oreo' in vay's explanation
@MaskedUmbreon: U R Right. Vay does say Oreo.
Hey I went to re read the comic and I forgot to ask this question. How come in panels 2&3 Vay is glowing?
If you don't understand pokemon, here's a translation;
"I can speak human because i want to so shut up and go away and i don't want to be asked again."
@Guest: That's not what he says, but good effort.
@Pinkeevee222:Thank you! so can you tell me what he said? also, i'm EvanatheEspeon. was to lazy to put in my user name.
Vay probably learned to speak human the same way meowth did in the cartoon/anime...Studying.
Vay I love this comic
Vay If vay mock me I don't care if I'm alone with a messy or dirty house because I like vay he is so cute and cool I don't care if mom or dad or family members yells at me cause he is my favorite evolutions of eevees even sylveon
Vay Vay is my top favorite evolution sylveon is the second okay no complains if you like sylveon it's just that I don't like sylveon a lot
Comic I like every meanwhile comics but I like comics with VAY in it I like VAY a lot
Dont @Pinkeevee222: don't question my methods ps- can can you do comic and have leafeon fall in love with Vaporeon please
@Pinkeevee222: oreo lol
HUMANSPEAK! Tetris: Hm...can I do that? (Furiously starts studying the human language)
DJ: Tetris, what are you DOING?
Tetris: *What does it look like?*
DJ: Whoa! You speak human?
Tetris: Eh, sort of. *I'm learning it.* You wanna try?
DJ: Already can. *See? I'm honestly glad that I'm not the only eevee who's interested in it.*
Tetris: *Cool.*
Chu pika pika Pikachu chu Pikachu pika pika Pikachu
how is that explaining???
@iiOreoMini: I said I used electro ball on Vay
@Pikachu: im talkin about vay
hey if he was setting me on fire with hes anger he will see his life go bye him so fast
There house is quite empty, huh?
@Guest: That's a hotel room.
I find it funny if you look closely you can see one of the Eevee's laughing. (Or something else, hard to tell.)
Thing? Did anyone else notice the poster in the background that says "are you a boy or a girl?" I just noticed it.
AHH! @Pinkeevee222 He said oreo while mocking them lol
@Flora the Sylveon: Vaporeon says it every time he says his full name :o
pokesavage the trainer called the pizza dude a girl lol savage
@Pinkeevee222: this sucks[sonic fooling shadow]
@Pinkeevee222: sonic:vay vay vay va por reon bla bla bla va por eon me:wait what are u mocking me
preo oreo
Oreo Vay said oreo
Vay Oreo XD
@Pinkeevee222: where my frill y u no draw it
OMG @Pinkeevee222:
Why is the Vaporeon highlighted in blue (Glowing?) in panel 2 of this comic strip?

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