What pizza is in the box!


April 13th, 2014, 2:10 pm

I was suppose to upload this next week, but then I was like "No. I have to upload this now"
Also, This is an excuse to draw Oliver.

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Vaporeon only orders 2 kinds of pizza because he hates taking everyone's orders, so...


Who will get their favorite pizza? There will be 2 winners!
Pinkeevee222, April 13th, 2014, 2:06 pm Reply
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Not enough mushroom.
I vote @Luigi_96: Bakon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've had sausage on pizza before... And it was awful! T_T
(No idea why I'm crying right about now).
HEY @Cubone: we all have different taste and I for one love sausage on pizza
@Luigi_96: I agree.
Do we vote here? >~<
I vote Pepperoni and Cheese! The basics! :D
I Vote Pepperoni!!!!!
how much i love jolteon i vote for pepperoni
@Lottos35: yesssss i agree with u
Peperoni and chesse!!!!!!!!
sausage cuz yesh
I vote for pineapple and I vote for cheese
Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon with barbeque sauce!!!
Sausage and bacon. :u
Seafood, Vaporeon is a water based Eevee so makes sense it likes fish. That or Shrimp or pepperoni.
wahhhhhhhhh SASAGE!
I vote for a pineapple, pepperoni, cheese, sausage, green pepper, bacon pizza.
Pepperoni and/or Bacon! Or none of the above ;D
I vote for green green pepper and bacon
Sausage and Pineapple.
bacon and anchovy, cuz bacon's awesome for vay, and anchovy for everyone else
Cheese cheese cheese cheese

((^ ahahahaha, sorry))

Aaaand sausage
It has to be something not listed here, so I bet the pizzas will be with mushrooms and seafood/fish.
Is it a trap? Am I the only one who is preparing for a trap?
@#403: i vote hot dog XD
@Tiberus: no. It will be the tears of a black and blue Mew that cries out her/his own blood. That is me... Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew me-uw.
It will be....... Already eaten!
It seems everyone is voting 2 flavors, So I also vote Sausage!
pineapple and sausage hheh :3
The flavor is... smooth jazz! Nanananana nanana nanananananaaaaaaaaa naanaanaaanaaanaaananananaaaaaaaaaaaa
Cheese and pepperoni
Err... All of Them?
Flavor 1 : Cheese
Flavor 2 : Every Topping on one pizza?
I'm going for green pepper first because that flareon needs a serious confidence boost. And I love peppers.
My second will be sausage because I love sausage.
@Titan68221: Don't worry about Flareon, he's a grade A actor.
Cheese and Pepperoni. I know for sure, because I came from the future!!!
Pineapple and the other one is bacon. Bell: (Oliver in first panel is HAWT! 😍)
I go with eve because I like cheese pizza
Oliver.Please.Don't do dis
Chocolate ice cream and whipped cream!!!
Am I the only one who thinks Oliver looks like Vay when he was an Eevee? Yes? Oh well. Kitty out! *runs away into the snow*
BACONNN Engineer: Mmmmmmm , Bacon Bacon
Cheese and pepperoni. positive.
Bacon and sausage!
Tetris: I love pizza. who wants to play video games?
DJ: Me!
Komojiro: ME!
Celest: Me!!!
Tetris: Okay then! *sets up Xbox 360*
@family of eevees: YOU! NO RP IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!!
as umbreon joins jolt in the pizza topping I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE BACON (drools a puddle a drowns everyone but vaporeon)
@Pinkeevee222: I think it's eve and dawn
Cheese please
I feel bad @Pinkeevee222: So why is Flareon there?
i bet its cheese and pepperoni
Hello Did anyone notice the collar on dawn
Ya I’ve been wondering about that...
Anyway I vote green pepper (btw because I like flare flare
*Poker face*Why don’t they have mushroom? *sob*
Go cheese (CHEESE 4 LIFE and all that sappy stuff...(I’m not picky with food.(somtimes)))

Oma this hard I love cheese and pepperoni but dusks face is so cute ((sniff)) sorry dusk but I vote eve and dawn
On top where Oliver is up dere and he said ((just for the record I'm totally single)) well Oliver is kinda cute if ya know what I mean ((I'm a girl but I know Oliver is gay))
I like sausage and peperoni
Pizza Pepperoni
The heading of the comic, Dear oliver, I live you. Pls love me...YOU ARE SO CUTE!(turns into partial yandere) Senpai, LOve ME!!!
I pick pepperoni and cheese ( There my favorite lol )
Didn’t they order 80 pizzas
@Guest: speaking of haw many pizzas they ordered does that mean there are 40 cheez and 40 pep
Sorry, Waluigi time. Their your least favorite topping. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
@Pinkeevee222: Cheese and sausage because vapreon proboly likes them the most

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