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Hey look, more eevees! Pre-Lab time!

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Yes, the sylveon is actually an eevee.
And don't worry, something good is going to happen in the next meanwhile.
Pinkeevee222, April 21st, 2014, 10:05 am Reply
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I'm guessing *It* knows transform?
@#403: nope! But good guess!
@Pinkeevee222: I think she has a specil power that NOBODY KNOWS????!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: the sylveon has some sort of odd power, which is designed for the sylveon's D.N.A to transform, kinda like a Mew's or a Ditto's transformation cells would behave. But, this is a sylveon for crying out loud! So she must have some sort of odd power or it is the case of humans doing their 'smart experiments' on this poor sylveon. Back to the D.N.A and biological stuff and thingamajijies!
If the sylveon had her odd powers from her parents. This means her parents must of been some sort of Pokemon that can transform.
But if the sylveon's powers doesn't come from her parents or family tree. The humans must of injected some sort of Mew or Ditto transforming cells into the sylveon so it can transform. But, the humans didn't do a good mood at taking care of the sylveon be
'cause she ran away. But the real question is...
@Cubone. Why did you put "why??" In the next other comment??? Mew
@Pure umbreon: because I wanted a cliff hanger.
Oooooh, thanks @Cubone. Mew mew!
@Pure umbreon: I have a question. Why do you say "Mew" at the end of EVERYTHING? And your name says "Umbreon" and you are a Mew. How does that work?
@Cubone... I am a Mew that had gone through a lot of Pokemon breeding issues. And Mew says mew. Mew
(And that was two questions)
@Cubone: She's in a lab
@diamonwarrior: I know that.
THE LAB @Cubone: Why the heck is there even a lab in the PC, or is it outside
@diamonwarrior: very confusing.
@Cubone: I know, right, maybe that will be revealed in on of the later comics
@diamonwarrior: yeah.
@Cubone: If the comics had a written version and animated version, the series would have been so awesome
@diamonwarrior: I have a question. What does your avatar represent?
@Cubone: Springtrap, from Five Nights at Freddys, with shades
@diamonwarrior: so you play five nights at freddys?
@Cubone: used to
@diamonwarrior: what do you mean by "used to"?
@Cubone: I used to play, but not anymore
@diamonwarrior: has the game scared you?
@Cubone: When I was younger
@diamonwarrior: I have understood your feelings. I played the last of us. Now I never sleep.
@diamonwarrior: The Sora meanwhile do not take place in the PC.
@Zappy the Raichu: Does sora have a trainer?
@diamonwarrior: yes, their trainer is Tina, who is the trainer of all the eevees in the PC.
@Zappy the Raichu: But why is she in the lab ?
@diamonwarrior: Because Harmony sent her there along with Dusk, Flame, Blot, Blizz, and Vay, And Harmony sent them there cause Dusk wanted to be with Sora and not her. And Flame, Blot, Blizz, and Vay got sent there when Vay tried to get his bothers to help him save Dusk and Sora.
@Zappy the Raichu: Dusk didn't like Sora, he liked Sky, which is a different character that has yet to physically appear in the comic.
@ShoopDaWalrus: He liked Sky and Sora.
@Cubone: I think the eevee is forcing its elf to evolve into the sylveon. Maybe it just cant take it cuz of the affefction
@iiOreoMini: you are a Sylveon. You should know. Right?
@Cubone: yep
@Cubone: I was reading back through the comments and came across this. I LOVE this theory!
she's going to be with her friends and family?
Maybe ....Just Maybe.....It was experimented on....and this was the outcome?
Who are those eevees in the 5th pannel
@warriorcats1000: Oliver, Bolt, Flame, Dusk and Night.
well if i had to guess, we know that Eevee's DNA react to radiation, and we know that an Eevee can be in the sate of an unstable evolution, example, an Eevee in the pokemon manga was able to evolve at will to any of the original 3 Eeveelutions, it stands to reason this eevee was exposed to excess amounts of fairy radiation but was unstable and simply reverted. why can that be? well we know mega stones are likely a result of fairy radiation (energy) and we know mega pokemon revert back after battle as if they are unstable, the key ingredient is fairy energy, it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination that the same reason mega pokemon "de-evolve" the same could hapen to an unstable slyveon, you could say that slyveon is eevees mega form, but stable, yes i know eevee is not fully evolved, but it would be the exception to the rule because of how unique eevee is.

am i over thinking this...? im so tired...i should sleep :P
@Ziliath: I like your scientific guess! It's super dooper awesome!
@warriorcats1000: Possibly the Main Cast ?

I guessing the one with the black collar is Dusk .
@#403: nope. The one with the black collar is night.
@pinkeeveefan: how did she turn like that
Aww. :<

Also the helmet stopped being bent up.
That poor eevee whut will happen to her
Oooo R my characters ginna come? Btw this is creamykittens
who ... did that to her who ever is responsible for the exsparaments on our unknown crew member
(eevee) thay will be sorry.
seriousness aside i don't know how but
Pinkeevee222 has a nasty habit of makeing
her eevees and all her pokemon look frigen cute wah!
@T-H-E GUY: Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew!
@creamykittens246: Yup! In the next meanwhile! I'm going to upload it early on DeviantART, or give you a link to it on Google drive once I finish drawing it!
My guess it will be like the tom hack super eevee edition and is a rare eevee who's genetics are even more unstable then usuall allowing it to temporary evolve/adapt to any situation that helmet was just used to make it become sylveon
............ *gasp* it's sky!!!!!! The other eevee is dusk!!!!!!


But what happened to the valentines comic did you delete it because dusk said a bad word or you wanted vayxdaisy not blizzxdaisy
@meatballsahoy92: ur actually right congrats
And their hair
The main eevee has dusks hair
The background (left to right) Vays hair flares hair jolts hair blizz...I think
@meatballsahoy92:the eevees in panel 5 are Bolt, flame, Oliver, Dusk and Sky. Right?
@meatballsahoy92: I didn't delete it, and I have plans for that love triangle. I just put the comic in deviantArt exclusive ssec stuff
what about that thing on her head? is that making her evolve/devolve?
@andreya225: No, The helmet is something the humans put on it's head so they can monitor it's brain waves as it preformed several tasks for them. It can still evolve/ devolve without the helmet.
@Pinkeevee222: Wow...That's kind of dark
@#403: That is why the meanwhile series isn't in the main story~
i love the jokes and the characters +fav
For some reason I picture this guy with Scout's voice
@Alex-Stinger: who is in your avatar??
Pls reply!
Poor Sylveon(Sora) or which now just turned into a eevee
Just like my *OP* OC, who can transform to and from Eevee and its Eeveelutions.
I probably was the one who imprisoned her... *is an evil mastermind(not really)*
@Derp: have any flareons lying around your lab? if you have one named Burn, then that one's mine and you are in sooooooo much trouble.
... I feel sorry for that eevee/sylveon.
The eevees in panel 5 are Dusk Bolt Flame Blizz and Vay
dusk is night
Hmm.... Judging by Vay's appearance in the 5th panel, he seemed to be more social before "that" ...(I hope I didn't spoil anything...)
@Guest: experiment went wrong!
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: It's okay! most people love major hints! *gives internet hug*
sylveon to eevee omg i feel so sad now
Hey The dark eevee is dusk My conspiracy is true sora is actually male and dusk is gay
@ColtonVap: Sora is not Male, and Dusk is not gay. your conspiracy theory has been debunked, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: Get Wrecked coltonvap
What ever @diamonwarrior: You doofus I've never seen you before can I smash you face in a door don't worry it won't change your face that much so I dint sweet it much$$! #swag get reked punk plus I read the fanfiction so that's why I have that theory # look it up #snoop doog
@Pinkeevee222: wait according to the other story i read night and sky changed their names to dusk and sora theyre twins and they changed their names so if someone (prob harmony) sent someone to look for them it would be harder to find them
Anyone got any complaints? Anyone else want the vapreon roast p.s diamond warrior I am employing vay to bite your head off just like dusky mother should have dusks p.s also what kind is that # that meant I didn't sweat it that much stupid auto correct
I know I know! She went back in time?!!
That eevee in the collar is dusk!!!
Mid-Comic Theory @Pinkeevee222: Hi, I'm the Pokemon Trainer Red. What, you ask why I'm talking? I'm from the comics.
Anyway, I've seen Sylveon's condition before. My Espeon used to be an Eevee that could switch between different evolutions when in the presence of a stone. So mid-battle, my Vaporeon could become a Flareon, or the other way around.

( ~ Pokemon fan pulling a canon char impersonation)
im just assuming that sky/sora (sylveon) is still an eevee but decided to change into a sylveon for whatever reason. sky/sora is a changer, meaning she can change into (i guess) what he wants
i seriously have an issue with reading too much
do ya mind if i...100th or something?
Waaaaaa happen with sylveon
It Re evolved
@Pinkeevee222: thats a sad story sqwidward (plus one invisable donut if you 10/10 get this refrence)
Right here just proves that sora is sky

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