May 3rd, 2014, 9:37 am

Does anyone read this? I'm going to start putting important information here so people will be confused. First up. Sky is Umbreon's Twin. Nothing more, nothing less.

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hey you guys! I might upload another comic tomorrow. This is Wiz, he is Umbreon's 'apprentice'. Vaporeon also has one. You will see him later. The arrows show which way you should read. And also, I have to start focusing on Glaceon more. I was supose to put the last 2 background eevees in this comic, but. I really didn't want to draw a big tree. So, they will appear in the next arc.
Pinkeevee222, May 3rd, 2014, 9:44 am Reply
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Oh yeah! And happy free comic book day!
Pinkeevee222, May 3rd, 2014, 8:30 pm Reply

daym thats one hot sylveon XD
Hi! My name is Stella Sylve. And I'm your 'typical' junor high school student that happens to be a magical girl!
I read the alt text. :U
@Linkziken: whatsa alt text?
That's some nice-looking manga!
My Reaction to first slide : How long Have I been Gone?
ha ha ha ha oh wow yes that was to be exspected ahhhh ha
*reads alt text* ... what?
*reads andreya225s commment* WHAT?! ... *falls to the ground not responding to stimuli*
@T-H-E GUY: please tell me what the alt text is. I use a tablet, so I can't read it. 😭
@pinkeeveefan: The alt text say that sky is the umbreon's twin!!!!

Iv been reading this comic for months can't rember umberon's name :(
@Skytigers456: Dusk.
sry @Skytigers456 ok so sry 4 not knowing
*wears sunglasses*
dat skirt
Poor wiz umbreon isn't helping him too much. I remember this on dusks tumblr
What if eve caught him say that about the sylveon lol
Where's the alt text?
*Reads alt text* ohhhh, that makes so much more sence now. HALF OF THE DOUBLE CONSPIRANCY HAS BEEN SOLVED! Now to solve the other half.
I thought he didn't know what a slyveon was?
@#403: No, he has never seen a sylveon in real life before, he does knows what a sylveon is.
Is Wiz concerned about Umbreon's legs being dislocated and bent the wrong way?


He's a bad twin brother.
RAWR Stella's last name is vlwebfuiqfowefn
@Hi :3: XD XD XD XD XD
The character page needs to list all the other Eevees and stuff too, I have trouble keeping track of everyone :(
Wiz draws really good
I wish I had friends like Dawn, Wiz, and Umbreon-kun. And everyone else.
@Pinkeevee222: i acctualy do read the scroller messege thing
"The Sylveon is hot!"
I died of laughter at that part
Wait a second!!! If sky is dusk's twin, then why is dusk hopelessly in love with her? (Read Alt text).
@EvanatheEspeon: first of all, hes not. second, sky/sora is a boy
"The sylveon is hot!" I love it.

Oh, and by the way, I DO LOVE SANDAWICHESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O/////O Did I just see what I just saw?! Hint: panel 3
The first panel japanese text says something like "To Match" or "Match" or something.
I got a Nickname for Stella by Sylveon for videogames
WOW Why the Poop would umbreon-kun say that you know like,The Sylveon is hot and it was so funny
@ dusk ; agree(dragon/unicorn hybrid appears out of nowhere)
Don't hate me please!! Why is she blushing just because she is late for school??? (I'm not hating please don't hate me I just wanna know who does that?)
@I_luv_sylveon: prob out of exhaustion
@Pinkeevee222: u know what*puts on thug life* just kicked shadows balls shadow:welp me
Wut Lol
Why? Why is the beginning black and white
We read it we read the thing at the top ya
Hey pink Eevee how do u change your picture thing for the comments cause I'm kinda bored of seeing the silver Eevee with sunglasses not trying to be mean
"The sylveon is hot!"
*Nods head in agreement*
Unlike umbreon
Hai Mah god its sora ppl

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