May 5th, 2014, 3:31 pm

# 2, hmm. Oh Right. Originally, Dawn was suppose to be a boy and in love with the 'emo' Dusk. Eve was stupid, Daisy was talkative, Vay, Bolt, and Flame where Crazy idiots and Blizz never changed, cause he's the main character. Derp.

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Surprise? Here you go~! Remember that this was made before fairy types where released! So. Yeah...
Also, I got really lazy with the backgrounds.
Pinkeevee222, May 5th, 2014, 3:29 pm Reply
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can i submit a eevee? i didnt know if you were doing that kind of thing or not... *did i already ask this i cant remember lol*
@andreya225: Okay, but it will not appear until the next arc or so...
thats fine :P

Name: Eevelyn
has redish neck fur and tail tip. eyes are a dark green. (you can look at my comic for a reference)
Can I also summit a shiny eevee?
That was quick !
Those were quite the personality changes, alt text.
@Luigi_96: got it
le sigh what if umbreon-kun actually guarded eve? we will never know
is this going to open the new series (be the plot the name of this group of comics is called the attack of the killer jigglypuffs)

my guess to their origin: breeding for perfect ivs
Top of page in blizz's dialogue there not their
@meatballsahoy92: yeah, I'll fix it
@Pinkeevee222: yay! Thank you
It's actually spelled "Stampede"
@Tiberus: she already knows that...-_-
I know you just said there would be no fairy types but I have to say this. That was my exact reaction to fairy types, being a mostly dragon and dark type trainer.
Can I please submit an eevee?

Name: Merlin
Character: tough, highly curious, caring.
Looks: markings like Izzy, only his are black instead of dark brown. He also has blue eyes, and a green collar with a golden bell on it.

Please add him someday...
@pinkeeveefan: Read the rules!!!
@Pinkeevee222: witch rules?! There are so many of them! 😞 I'm too young to have any sort of account, and I'm a super huge fan. I just hoped you would take my comment into consideration. 😭
@pinkeeveefan: Sorry. If I have guests getting background eevees, they might go under a different guest name and get more than other people. Also, I started getting website accounts when I was 6, sooo, I don't think you too young to get one.

The rules are on the front page.
hii @Pinkeevee222: hi thacks you soooo much you do an amazing jobs which the as and thes comekes got me Thor some dark dark times
thanck for the amazing work
@pinkeeveefan: I'm 11 and I made a account
Wow umbreon good job of NOT protecting eve...I love rainbows to jigglepuff calm down
is that a clone in the last panel
Dear author,
Sorry for all the capital letters, and vulgarities, I easily get pissed. Brb, lemme go and cry in a corner about my lack of accounts TmT
Y'know on a second note, if this is a comic 'bout gen 4, then why is that mysterious Eevee able to turn into a Sylveon? Explain THAT!

Also I get why Umbreon is so scared of Jigglypuff. Admittedly, so am I...😓
Jigglypuff at the bottom Is that jigglypuff a yogscast zoey reference? Because she loves both jigglypuff and rainbows
Jigglies. great.
Also jigglies are actually pretty terrifying. yeah hang on a sec,
(Jigglypuffs fainted)

Yeah, i should probably run before they wake up and kill me.
jiggly puf @Pinkeevee222: lol why there jiggly puff arround
I thought blizz said no fairy types right? Jigglypuff are fairy.
@Kittykat: ... are you serious????
Jiggly puffs have been in the game since gen 1, they just recently turned into fairy type. These jiggly puff are pure Normal type.
@Pinkeevee222: I really need to study my pokemon.
Moon: *Bored*
Orca: What to dooooooo!
Kinkajou: We could rope random eevees and evolutions in here with us.
Blaze: :-)

To be continued....(If I remember).........
@Pinkeevee222: I love the Comics
@Pinkeevee222: ur crazy in the first place because i like the way everyone was![btw daisy is super cite]
this is making no sense y is dusk scared of jigglypuffs if theyre not fairy type yet
Awwww... Cute! 1. The Jigglypuffs look cute! 2. Why are there Jigglypuffs? 3. Is it just me, or is it stupid that they are in a forest?
I for give u for the lazy backgrounds
@Pinkeevee222: you lied you said NO fairy types.

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