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May 10th, 2014, 11:01 am

Oh! Devin has a crush on Eve, then again, a lot of boys do, but it's really odd because they are in the same house, so he tends to avoid her.

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The Jigglypuff are really weird. Their trainer's only reason for breeding them was because they are cute, so she never uses them, thus, they made their own tribe in Box 8, the same box she keeps her buneary.
Pinkeevee222, May 10th, 2014, 10:47 am Reply
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Sorry, but...
1. Guest can't get characters
2. only eevees, no eeveelutions (And I really did like that Babe character, *sob*) If you really want an eevee, the best place to send it to me is Dusk's tumblr (If your not an anon).
Also, to see if your eevee will appear in the comic (Eventually) go to the link on the front page to see a list of all eevee characters.
Pinkeevee222, May 14th, 2014, 3:35 am Reply

@Lottos35: For what she is being called
RAINBOW POOP!!! POOOP!!!!!!!!! That's gross to me
umm... rainbow poop ;D but what about Eve why Umbreon-Kun
WHAT! You mean I can't summit a really cool shadow eevee! Because I'm not a member?!?! T_T
*Crying in the deepest darkest part of my basement*
..... WAT!?!?!?
I'm not sure how to react to this.
....... ?s float above my head
Good thing for umbreon there is no fairy type yet
Wonder if Buneary is going to save the day
UUUuuuuhhhhhhhhh....uuuuhhhh.... ummmm.... yeah... that happenned
We're allowed to submit Eevees, right? If so, here's the info for mine.

Biscuit, Male, 9 years of age
Wears a pair of red goggles in hopes of evolving into a Flying-type Eeveelution. Fur is a little paler than regular Eevees.
@meta-eggplant: Got it! you will see your eevee in the next arc!
@Pinkeevee222: I also have an eevee to submit.
Name: Carnelian
nature: secretive
red eyes and a battle scar on her right back leg. darker fur than most eevees.
@Luigi_96: me too
Well.... If everyone else is submiting an Eevee, could you add mine?

Nature: Lonely
Has purple eyes with concentric circles. Piercings on ears. Wears a headband consisting of four parrallel lines
Yay May I post an eevee as well?

Vaporeon(named Babe)
A lighter blue then most and the fringe is more of a black
Wears a purple bow and has blue green eyes
(Has a crush on flareon and jolteon(the poor girl isn't she at a disadvantage? Hee, see what I did there?)
Haha that's weird *put ketchup on ketchup flavored chip*
@sconic123: that must be appetizing!
well since everyone is making submittion's on eevee's, i wil do too

Name: Nigel.
Age: 15
Eye color: Green,
Color: Tiny bit darker brown.
Gender: Male.
Pokemon: Eevee.
Wears: an fishers hat with green (horizontal) and white (vertical) with an tiny smiley that shows his emotions on his forehead.
Nature: relaxed, quick tempered.
Bio: Goes around the PC to make trades, he has a ratatta working for him to bring the stuff, can get angry when someone calls him stupid. Sometimes doesn't think things through.
You can have the Babe character if you would like, I would be honored, since I can't draw that well DX, I would trade you her, except I don't know if I can, I only have a DS lite.
@Yay: I really do love my vaporeon though, but if it means she can become a piece of artwork, you can have her, but again I don't know if I can trade, cause I don't know if they allow wireless trading on the DS anymore....
@Yay: I don't want to trade eevees, I just want background characters. (Also, nobody is actually reading the rules, I know that for a fact).
@Pinkeevee222: they have such vreat comics I wouldnt want to trade one for the whole entire world
@Pinkeevee222: they have such vreat comics I wouldnt want to trade one for the whole entire world
Name: Nightshade.
Pokemon: Eevee.
Fur colour: chocolate brown.
Eye colour: midnight blue.
Extra: Has an blue amulet with a blue full moon on it.
Nature: kind and caring.
Gender: Girl.
House: icedrop.
Age: Thirteen.
(Wants to evolve into a shiny Mew).
Sadly Nightshade can't evolve into a shiny Mew because she is not a mew. *Derp face*:3
meh eevee Hey can u make meh eevee?
Name: spaeklez
Gender: female
Age: 13
Pokemon: eevee
What she wears: she wears a small silver feather behind her ear
Color: normal with a silver tail tip
Nature: strange... likes to talk alot
How she acts: weird, stuff, likes pizzuh, random stuff, stuff stuff stuff, LOVES SPARKLEZ, food, tv, games, blah, burp burp burp, kinda like umbreon-kun ;3
READ THIS for eevee submission ...why wont anyone follow rules...
i am saying this on pinkeevees222s behalf
i mean they are not too hard to follow
the rules are
1 no eeveelutions.
2 no shinies.
3 no major story role. it is a BACKGROUND CHARACTER, a flat, static minor character
example for an appropriate eevee
name Bracken
description Orange-ish fur male eevee with blue eyes.
Nature quiet.
Capable of taking hits.
house fire/red
and thats it
and thats all
@meatballsahoy92: Exactly!
@Pinkeevee222: hi there what are u doing
@coolgirl: pink eveeee has the best comics everever😅😅😅
i wonder 1 how did this frenzy start
2 why are people spamming the box? im sure pinkeevee222 has lots more important things to do than make eevees
3 nullify the rules when pinkeevee222 was nice enough to give us the PRIVILEGE of having eevees
4 expect that their eevee will not only have a major role (which goes against the rules and the concept of a background character) but in a comic that is upcoming
lol sorry for that rant. but it was ridiculous what the fans did and as a fan myself (since the 4th comic, didnt make an account until a year later) it is embarassing
@meatballsahoy92: honestly I read the rules and I deleted my comments to make it easier for pink eevee and I feel really bad about contributing to all this commenting, I know how hard this must be so Please people READ THE RULES!
@Blizzard: lol dont worry i wasnt talking about you. im talking about randoms with random names and those who thought just cause they've been here long enough they can ask for anything. even my character was a little bit too in depth so im a little guilty too. i am disgusted with myself for that action and have also deleted all prior comments related to making an eevee
@meatballsahoy92: well at least you were considerate so I think everything will be fine. hopefully this commenting frenzy will end soon.
@meatballsahoy92: well i'm an new fan, i jut fav'd this comic at page 25
Iv got one

Name michel
Gender male
Caritics eaeley disdraked
coler dark gray
Kind normal eve
Waches eney thing that moves and is varey arey dume
Well i bet Eve is confused...
lol OMA why umbreon-KUN or Dusk you left eve behind
Hi guys
@Pinwkeaevee2222: hi there im new and I really like ur comics
@coolgirl: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: why did u say thanks if i didnt send u anything to thank about
@coolgirl: Cause you said you liked my comics
What yall dping
Hey there what sre u guys doinig let me guess ur on the tablet.
I cant belive that comic
i wonder how they post comics on this webpage if they dont show you how to do it i really wonder how they do that
I'm such fan of ur comics its like off the hook
rainbow poop eve shall not be treated like this those jiggly things are bad namers eww
Is this Nyan Eevee all over again?
AND my parents still won't let me get an account for anything reason is because I got a Fanfiction.net one behind their backs and I got grounded for one month. *shivers at memory of no TV, no phone, no laptop, no gadgets*
omg img laughing like crazy
Rambo poop...wtf???
Lol Teehee
We all say hail to queen rainbow poop! Queen rainbow poop! Rainbow poop! She's being worshipped by lots of jigglypufs! Lots of jigglypufs! Lots of jigglypufs! We respect the mighty rainbow poop! Mighty rainbow poop! Mighty rainbow poop! We will worship her in war! In war! In war! We will worship her till the end of tttthhhheeeeee... wwooooooooooooorrrrrrrllllddd!
Oh hail Queen Rainbow Poop!

Sounds so wrong! *Scrunches up face*
@Cubone: such a stupid song XD
@Cubone: it's based off the yellow submarine. Isn't it.
@EvanatheEspeon: ...?
*gives @Wonder poke the evil eye*
brave nights(dragon/unicorn hybrid) use flamethrower

Name: Matthew
Eye color: Brown
Fur Color: Light brown
Has brown glasses.
He's easily scared.
House: Lightfire
There ya go!
Lol She's like "EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH????????"
? Why do the Jigglypuffs call Eve “ Queen rainbow poop”?
I really like this comic

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