May 17th, 2014, 10:20 am

hmmm.... oh! Flareon has a whole room full of porn hidden somewhere in the house (Why a house is in the pc in the first place will be explained later)!

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Meanwhile, when Eve has been captured by the evil jigglypuffs, Glaceon is playing around.

These are the only 2 background eevees I got from the in-game eevee list.Their names are Teal and Ryuu. All background eevees will appear eventually, so be very patient. Anyways, if I get 90 fans, I'll upload 9 random comic sketches and 9 random panels from the Stupid Short eevee comic binder, on tumblr. So, stay tuned!
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Awesome! Btw do eevees appear more than once or just once?
@Blizzard: Opps? OPPS?! *And then everything changed when the fire bation attacked*
glaceon looks different o_O
I believe in the last panel it should be threw instead of trew
@Ryjora: yup! Two thing!
#1. Blizz and that other eevee are being bullies.
#2.BTW. Love your avatar!
ha ha ha me thinks you didnt throw it hard egnugh
nay poor eevee whos name i don't know
@Lottos35: It's the angle. Glaceon isn't usually seen from behind.
OMG GLACEON IS ACTUALLY IN A COMIC! (Yes i was the anon who liked glaceon)
Ironic after the whole guest eevee spam incident this is the next comic (because wasn't teal a custom eevee)
@Ryjora: Oh yeah, I was typing it too fast, I knew it looked wrong.

@Blizzard: more than once

@meatballsahoy92: Teal is a background eevee, an IN-GAME background eevee.
Hey cool eevees :P
Man,Flareon needs a life
@#403: He has 2
@#403: (joking voice) dont hate on flarey!!!
@meatballsahoy92: is Flareon in this page? If so I can't find him anywhere
Blizzard - Alt Text!

PinkEevee222 - So....Is he part cat?
@#403: aren't all eeveelutions part cat?
@Pinkeevee222: Espeon looks (more like is) like a cat , but I'm pretty sure that all the others are a fox-cat-something hybrid . So I guess?
Oh yay there are 90 fans so we get the sketches now!
Not to be rude, but I have a hard time understanding the writing on your sketches...
The written comics My handwriting isn't much better so don't feel bad
@Tiberus: Why do you think I posted the sketches? Nobody can read my chicken scratch handwriting! HA HA HA HA HA! No spoilers for anyone! HA HA HA HA HA!
@Pinkeevee222: well i can read it just fine *lol face*
@Lottos35: Your face is a lol face.SUPER LOL FACE
@Lottos35: Shoot
.. Wait eevee can't learn beatup
@chimy19: Okay, but first you have to give me a proper nature and characteristic for her
list of Natures:
list of Characteristics:
thanks!! Okay so sparklez Has a naive nature, and somewhat a clown. The rest is the same though :)
@chimy19: Okay! expect to see your eevee in the next arc!
@Pinkeevee222: if you want to sent a eevee that's really in-game, does it need to be in an gen 4 or is x and y acceptable?
thanks!! @Pinkeevee222 thanks so much!!!
@Lottos35: x and Y is acceptable
@Pinkeevee222: how can eve get be evil anyway
Poor gabite
@Pinkeevee222: didn't u get my eevee? I've added some details to her since the last comic.

Name: Carnelian

wears: a firestone bracelet on front left paw,amber earing with saphire teardrop.

Natural weapons: wickedly sharp retractable claws, powerful tail.

inside info: has a battle scar along her back leg and is very secretive. dislikes umbreons for some reason and hates people.
wheres my dark madder jem i need it!
@Pinkeevee222: :) i love ur comics

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