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May 24th, 2014, 8:01 am

Did anyone notice that Vay was glowing in the 2nd panel of comic number 24? No? Okay.

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The jigglypuff ARE terrifying. Don't let their looks deceive you. Also, that's Split, Vaporeon's 'apprentice'.
I'm going to upload another comic tomorrow, cause the one after that is just... so... full of awe.
Pinkeevee222, May 24th, 2014, 7:48 am Reply
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Love the way you did the eyes in the 2nd pannel
such a funny page!
wait he has pants?
Well if those attacks were a fairy type move, oh wait this is fourth gen... Poor dusk his face his face makes him so innocent
Spit not like me does he? Called me a twit lol
Can't wait to see the one tomorrow or next week if you decide to hold off its release date, should be awesome
@meatballsahoy92: fairy type + dark type =
Well then.

i thought vaporeon was calmer xD
Guys thy don't wear pants they wear F.U.R dusk talked about it on his blog
:P Hey so the next one is the next arc right? :I
@chimy19: ha ha ha No.
Oh. Wut does it mean :P im so slow
@chimy19: It means the comic after the next one is one of the best so far!
Oh! That makes sense. Lol sorry. By the way, big supporter of ur comics!
Umbreon......you don't wear pants......do you?
Pants?! Since when do Umbreon where pants?!
but you don't wear pants
@ookami_mangetsu: WHAT YOU SAID!
@Pinkeevee222: he doesn't wear pants! XD
@Guest: I should really explain that....
Right now I'm like Vay hitting my face and I'm like (sigh) really
Whopee Dupe I also kinda ship Eve and Vay
Umbreon's reaction is like mine when my mom forces me to go shopping for clothes...
I actually did see Vay glowing, but I thought it was like he was super mad.
i am sonic and i will kill sky and eat my mom
@sonic: cool
sonic you are so werid
LOL Poor terrified dusk. and dusk,...you don't WEAR any pants.
Notice Yes I did notice he was glowing. But, why?
flames le evil If Umbreon actually has pants, imma be evil and steal em.
lol @Pinkeevee222: what scardy cat umbreon-kun
Why WAS he glowing?
@Pinkeevee222: where ARE his pants?
@Mythicalvictini: On his legs?
He doesn't even HAVE pants
where the f*** is my dark jem i need to kill those mother f***ers
ummmmmmmmm i have to say that is looks like vay is liking his baw
yeah it dose
hugs Dusk until he feels better.
Actually, at first, I thought the reason Dusk was so afraid of Jigglypuffs is because he is a dark type, and jigglypuffs are (as of gen 6) fairy type. I didn't read the grade of the last comic at first.
What is a Flareon
pinkeevee222 i did see that vay was glowing i just never asked why
When you just notice.. Umbreon has no pants :P
Umbreon... You don't wear pants... NONE of you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
umbreon doesn't even wear pants XD
Rainbows?... What are they, leprechauns?!
special chracter @Pinkeevee222: can u add a character that i request called umbron who will eventually evolve into a rogue umbreon emial me at thedancingminion@gmail.com the response please
Wait dusk isn't wearing pants... Or is he like flame on "secrete 1" or he not wich is..er....I don't wanna say it o_o
umbreon..for the billionth time jiggilypuff are weird
I don't even have pants

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