Bean burritos


June 7th, 2014, 8:00 am

Bolt can transform into a magical girl (LOL)

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... I like burritos. Also, secret 3 is going to be uploaded tomorrow.
If you have any questions about the first 5 panels, please leave the question after the beep.............
(as in wait until tomorrow)
Pinkeevee222, June 7th, 2014, 8:00 am Reply
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So funey
YEAH GLACEON GO DO IY!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I don't think I want to know.
@Luigi_96: Too late for that~
Ummmm @Pinkeevee222: what is going on in the first 5 panels?
The eevee in the blanket is from dusk's ask blog
@warriorcats1000: yes, yes it is.
glaceon the true warior
i'm shocked but at the same time confused actually
@Pinkeevee222: is that seriously bolt? o_O
@wort: More like, "If you don't do this, I'll cut you up"
@Lottos35: Maybe~~
@Pinkeevee222: the eevee is negro
@Guest: One, Nego, like NEGOtiation. and Secondly, I wasn't talking about him.
So, Vay and Bolt were doing "something" under a blanket, when Bolt turned into a child?
... So... bay has human genetics? Cool. Ali wants to hang out with the eeveelutions more! Can ya put Ali in? Her pic is on the umbreon with apple juice blog. The pinkeevee! ~Chimy19
spelling correction Vay*
meow @Pinkeevee222 hello :3 when o you post new comics? Also, isnt nego from your comic? Also, are you gonna use sparklez? She loves burritos. Even more, she loves wafflez. Wafflez vs. Burritos anyone?
Eh my phone sucks. I meant isnt nego from dusk's blog? And when are you going to post something new? Your box us getting full...
@chimy19: Yes, Vay does have human DNA.

Almost all of the background eevee girls are going to appear in the next arc.

Why is everybody interested in Nego now when I revealed him a long time ago?

Yes, my inbox has over 200 asks in it, but I'm waaayyy behind in making the comic, so I'm focusing on that first.

Also. Burritos vs. Tacos
touche @Pinkeevee222 Ok ok. I admit. Tacos vs burritos sounds awesome. i hope vay doesnt burn any asks. Yay about all the female backround eevees. Im in japan right now, and i got a giant, i mean GIANT stuffed eevee. Lol. Dusk would probably throw lv.1 dawn away and squeeze it. Nice comic, hope your inbox doesnt explode, (btw i think i went back in time and gave pinkeevee a everstone lol) and nice comic again!
I love bean burritos but if it's spicy I can't because my tongue is over sensative ( I don't know how to spell sensative
why was vay under a carpet how did he get there and how did nego get there and why was he there
and where did dusk get that scar or browse and why
this is random why would that story why woud vay use that as a reson to get blizz to eat 10 spicy bean buitos sorry my computer misss letters I press sometimes
@Guest: You do realize that;
1. You are taking the comic too seriously
2. I'm not going to answer every single one of your questions. I advise you to use context clues (or whatever they are called) when you are confused about something.
@Pinkeevee222: can bolt really turn into a girl !?
well it is random
@Guest: why do you think it's called "STUPID" Short Eevee comic?
*Puts on sunglasses*
Challenge accepted.
OMG OMFG THE EYEZZZZZZZZZ(the Eevee in the first five panels) IT BURNS
who is bolt? the eevee is nego?
i don't know what's happening for the first 5 panels ._.
... @EEEEVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Neither do I...
*puts on sunglasses* oh yeah.
i love burritos.
Bolt would be the best Magical Girl XD
I mean, what? I don't know,mabye Nego licked Vay and Cay was like:
*spellinh correction* I meant Vay Yep totes Vay. Btw Vay is my fave gen 1 eevee evolution.
Hi I'm LunaTheEevee. Yes, I am little, and I am a huge fan of you PinkEevee. I love your comics and I check everyday to see what you did. Its beautiful.
*peeks in window of pinkeevee's room*"so is it ready yet my darling?" She said creepily.
Lol @Pinkeevee222: Lel this is hilariously weird.
@Pinkeevee222: what were the first 5 panels about?
YOLO to save eve
@Pinkeevee222 I forgive yah. [About the 5 panels thing]

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