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Did you know?
There is a master eevee list with all of the background eevees that are confirmed?

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ahhhh I'm so behind! Stupid finals! Um, ALL tumblr asks are going to be answered after I finish a few more comics.
Pinkeevee222, June 14th, 2014, 7:44 am Reply
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Burrito mouth
Soooo... Blizz is operation meat shield right now
oh my gosh hes on a leash XD adorable!
I'm not exactly sure what Dusk did, but a leash is probably not suitable punishment.
@Luigi_96: I think the leash is supposed to stop Dusk from running away from the 'killer jigglypufs'. I think, but hey! I have no idea if that's the case.
@Luigi_96: Rejected
HAHAHA Vay is a Troll
@wort: Vay is not a troll or a demon or whatever they are called! Dusk is stubern and Vay and Blizz need his help!
daw glaceon is the best always there for ya wen you sorta need em
Does nobody notice the human right there?
@Tiberius: I saw it. ......? What? How did the human get there?
@Tiberius: whered the random human come from?
l.o.l Lol 'can i come too?' Uh, NO. lol. And does vay like eve or something? He's urging everyone to save her... unknown conection... and wait.. ARE THEY OUT OF THE PC?!
From what has been revealed vay likes daisy. Eve likes dusk but he doesn't the same feelings for her. Vay is Saving her because thy are friends. And no they are still in the PC just in a different box that's not filled with jigglypuff (yes it's jigglypuff not jigglypuffs the proper spelling of pokemon and any pokemon species is just pokemon or their species name ie I have ten yanma)
Very funny Umbreon, very funny
Also how many more fans till another Secret?
.-. @meatballsahoy92 .-. Random burst out loud. Wasnt rlly a question but thanks. And also. Butts.
@meatballsahoy92: Actually, I didn't really say this at all, but Eve is actually Glaceon and Vay's sister
I think I should have said that earlier...
also, they are not in the PC in this particular comic.... I think I should have said that too... I should really explain houses more.
Also, I know it is suppose to be jigglypuff, It is a character that is saying it. some say pokemon names with an 's, others don't
@Xenokore: When I get 300 fans you get the next secret. It's either Dawn or Daisy.
anis @Pinkeevee222: can you mack a carikter like mine thankes
WHY OH, WHY @Pinkeevee222 why would you close the ask box?! Ah well. Anyway, my profile pic is frost, a eevee of mine. You can use her as a backround eevee. She's kinda like ali and sparklez. :D and also. Hi. Btw, frost wants to say sorry to dusk and gives him 100000000 tanks of apple juice with everything naurto related. Thanks!

@chimy19: I don't think anyone know this, but you can have up to 6 background eevees, 2 for each account. I can put her in if you give me her nature and characteristic Also, I closed it because I have a lot of asks in there.

@tanis: Yes! I can! If you have an account here, on deviantART or on tumblr. Otherwise, sorry.
oh yay! @Pinkeevee222 Oh ok!
Name: frost
Gender: girl
How she looks: look on tumblr account pic
Other stuff: sister to ali, cousin to sparklez. Loves to eat fish. :3 nom. Sometimes kinda derpy. she likes to hang with daisy. Also with flare. (While with kevin, if you know what i mean). Sometimes she has an attitude too but usually hangs with blizz or dusk.
Nature: naive
Characterstics: likes to run
Anyone notice the sign saying "LKD" was here?
@Pinkeevee222: yes I have wone
YOU REALLY GET IT!! THANK YOU Yaaaaas!! Thank you for understanding the fact that 12.5 procreant of eevee are female and the fact that shiny eevee are extremely rare. I've only seen about two other people meet this feat of reality!! Thank you so much for that!! Also your art is great :3
@Forever-anonymous: YES! Finally somebody who knows! Even though I put that on the background eevee rules, I still got more girls than boys! Oh, and thanks!

@tanis: Then you should send me character info on the account you do have.

Patrick, no! That's not an action figure! That's the real Squidward! I shrunk him by accident.

@Pinkeevee222: I hvent fond out how to send yet
@tanis: On smackjeeves, deviantART, or tumblr?
@Pinkeevee222: tumblr
@tanis: Then send me Fan Mail with your eevees info (and READ THE RULES! I'm going to be more strict with background eevees from now on).
@Pinkeevee222: wow I fond send but theres an ad over lt
why is there a random leg?????
Stone: I just wanna go home...
Moon: I can help with that.
Stone: I-
Moon: please? Let me help.
Stone: okay.
Moon: thank you.
The face Blizz makes in panel two is the face I make when I am eating pizza and I have no clue with what the flippin' heck is going on. But I like pizza and making that face!
2nd pannle is funny
Aww! Vay looks so kawaii in panel 6 XD
@Pinkeevee222: WAIT WHAT
This atmosphere blew my mind. Magical... so minimal.
galceon has a derp face
Panel to blizzs face is Kawaii!!!!!
"Hahahahahah- No."
Sin Count: 1
(I do not in anyway intend to insult your comic. Just a heads up.)
When Glaceon is like ......... nom nom she's so cute. :3

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