June 23rd, 2014, 11:01 am

No more girl background eevees are going to be accepted.
Also, no more eevees in the greenpaw house, too many.
Umbreon will cry if more come.

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IT HAS A NAME!! Also, apparently, it's a 'she'... or IS IT!!! Mwah ha ha!!!
I can't draw these two -_-
Next comic (hopefully) will explain houses (or brotherhoods).
Also, the eevee from the last meanwhile also has a name too!
Sora and Night. Pffft and you guys thought it was Sky, HA!
Pinkeevee222, June 23rd, 2014, 10:52 am Reply
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*Drops this here and runs*
Pinkeevee222, June 26th, 2014, 1:31 am Reply

i like how you drew that tirtouga
@Pinkeevee222: Welp, I was off big time, on BOTH parts of my double guess. But I'm still counting that alt text as somewhat of being correct.
@Battlemage_69: Or were you??? DUN DUN DUUUNNN!!!
@Pinkeevee222: is there another e
Background eevee contest? And does it include guest, shiny and Shadow?

well was he? DUN DUN DUN DE*I get slaped by BK random*
@T-H-E GUY: maybe~
that's MY name :p
Nooo I thought the darker eevee was dusk and sora was sky
I'm on to you. I will find out what does tiny little text say. Mwahaha
@Eeve: Nooo! The little text reveals so much plot!!!
@warriorcats1000: Dusk is to stupid to know how to write.
@Pinkeevee222: Split personality, perhaps? And who said he was actually stupid?
@Eeve: some of it says
???? And ...!
I'm working on decoding the rest
(But if id do decode it I won't tell anyone
It probably does have a lot of plot in there)
( i figured out what the tiny text says)
Alright I guess I'll be a good little Eevee and wait. *had already tried and failed. Miserably*
58008? Really? Because torturing her wasn't enough, why not give her a degrading name ._.
Any one else notice she has the same necklace as dawn.
So, just to clarify things:

Sora is the Sylveon

Night is......?

Sky is Umbreon's brother, and nothing else is known
@Tiberius: for anyone who reads the comments, night is apparently a strange experiment that (SPOILERS!!!) DUSK created. Ikr? Who thought he was smart enough to do that? Also dusk is apparently way darker than he seems.
D'aww that last panel. :3
THE SMALL PRINT I decoded some of the text:


Panel 8
Night: Come on!I (cannot decode)
Sora: (cannot decode)????

Panel 9
Night: (cannot decode)...Look I...Mom....
Sora: ????

Panel 10
Night: All of these are letters... (cannot decipher)
Book: A (picture of apple) B (brown exclamation mark)

***Potential Spoilers Over***

If anyone has anything to contribute, go ahead.
@Tiberius: It's a bat
@Tiberius: pannel nine is something like look, i learned some
Moar wordz @cybokat1865: I deciphered that on panel 9 it says: "sky, look I learned how to read and write!"
I got some! I will be editing @Tiberius: All of these things are letters, so now you (unknown) to and
@Tiberius: Panel 8 I think Sora says somewhat???
@Tiberius: You got everything correct! Except the mom part... and the exclamation point.
@Pinkeevee222: So, Sora is the "Meanwhile" Sylveon, Night has a close relationship to Sora, and Sky has yet to be seen
@Tiberius: Correct! But, I drew Sky in one of the ask-Dusk answers~
@Pinkeevee222: You don't mean those illegible sketches, do you?
@Tiberius: Nope! I drew Sky in an answer!
@Pinkeevee222: Nobody can hide the truth from me! I bet Sky is a Leafeon!

PS: Sora is the name of a bird found in American marshes
@Tiberius: IF you've seen the ask blog you'll know Sky is an Espeon.
@Tiberius: Eh? A leafeon you say? I think you got the wrong character.
@Pinkeevee222: ...Well then, I guess I'll just have to look harder...BELIEVE IT
@Tiberius: Or, you can take the easy way out and stop looking for it~
@Pinkeevee222: I'm not gonna run away and I never go back on my word, that is my nindō! My ninja way!
@Tiberius: okay Naurto we get it...
BTW Um, do you have any connection to Jolt "The Awesome Jolteon"? I seen it on your "Ask Dusk" page.
@Tiberius: Ah, yes. That is my cousins ask blog that I made him. Then he forgot about it.
So, I am on my own with that. -_-
So, Jolt the Jolteon and Bolt the Jolteon? This will be confusing...
OMEGA ALPHA Hey, all you Pokéfans out there! Have you seen the new intel on Primordial Groudon and Kyogre?

Primordial forms will be like "Mega Evolution", except for Kyogre and Groudon

Groudon will become Ground/Fire and have increased attack

Kyogre will stay Water, but have increased Special Attack
@Tiberius: No, no, Jolt is another character from another series. It's Volt and Bolt the jolteon. Yes. It will be confusing. Unless you leave that ask blog alone and just stay with the main one. Which I recommend.
Am i the only one that thinks sora looks like zora? And btw. Ali ate some cool blue fungi and evolved into a xernas! Woo hoo! *ali* uhhhh, i dont like this... it's making me..... *blehhhhhhhh* *sparklez* ali threw up. Cool! See tristan! Xernases do have mouths! *tristan* ali are you ok?! *ali* *randomly uses mystical field* *tristan* AHHHHHH THE LIGHT! *trainer* :3
that other trainer *trainer* hello fellow trainers. I have finnaly caught the scene where 2 male eevees fight for a female eevees. Just... VICE VERSA! *ali looks at sparklez* hi.... *tristan* uhhhh im gonna go... *ali* i'm not even a eevee anymore.... *tristan randomly evolves into a flareon* o.o *sparklez* ooo shiny rock! *she touches it and evolves into a sylveon* *trainer* so dont try to breed eevees too much or one MAY evolve into a legandary. *crowd* ..... *ali* i'm gonna die a hero. *tristan and sparklez* TAKE US WITH YOUUUUUUUUUUU *ali laughs* HAHAHAHAHAHHA NO SPARKLEZ. c'mon tristan *sparklez* TAKE ME WITH YOUUUUUUU
*Dusk* eh?
*Blizz* ... what just happened here?
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* oh hi dusk! How 'bout a piggy back ride? *tristan glares at blizz menacely* *tristan* hehehe...
*Dusk* I get to ride a... what ever you are! cool!
*Blizz glares back at Tristan* *Blizz* Ho ho ho!
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* xernas!!! *runs around with a rainbow following* *tristan* merry christmas? *sparklez* YAY!
*Dusk* a what-e-us???
*Blizz* and a happy new year!
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* A awesome-e-us! *tristan* hey blizz, you're actually cool. I declare you a bro to me. *sparklez* RAINBOWS! *ali* *runs around happily* hey dusk do ya want me to pick up sky? Or should i leave em' alone? *tristan* hehe now ya wanna go kick some legandary butt?
*Dusk* ......Eh?
*Blizz* YES!
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* just go with it.
*tristan* how bout arceus? *sparklez* SPACESHIP!
*Dusk* Oh, Okay!
*Blizz* Even with my super strength, I don't think we can beat Arceus.
*Dusk* Spaceship? Where!
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* wheeeeeee! *knocks on random door* hey sky! Dusk's here and wants to talk to you! *sky* *censored* *ali* oh ok! *tristan* who said we're gonna... hehehe. *he takes out a master ball with a bacon- bird insde* hehehehehe. *sparklez* innnn myyy mmmmiiiinnnndddddddd (lol) *trainer* omg i just realized. In japan, theres a area called カントー which means kanto. Lolz.
*Dusk* *hiding behind Blizz*
*Blizz* What's that? Breakfast?
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* so... we meet again, BACON BIRD! *tristan* AHHH NOOO DONT TAKE ME OUTTA THE PC! *Sparklez* BACON BIRDIE!
*Dusk* ...
*Blizz* All this talk about bacon is making me hungry
@Pinkeevee222 bacon bird... LETS THE RAINBOWS FRY YOU! *rainbows fry bacon bird* *tristan* and there's food.
*Blizz* *starts clapping* Ooohhhhh Aaaahhhh
*Dusk* Ooohhhhh Aaahhhhhh
lol oops @Pinkeevee222 frogot to log in... *ali* and that's how to beat BACON BIRD. now, enjoy food. *sparklez* IMA CANNOBALL! ARMRMRMRMR *ali* -_- *tristan* *gets zapped into the pc* *his fur is ruffled and he's freaking out* fur... ditto... oh my god... egg... baby eevee... AHHHHHHHHH! *baby eevee gets zapped in* uh... hello :) my name is fluff :)
*Blizz* *eating the bacon* meh?
*Dusk* Hiya Fluff!
@Pinkeevee222 *fluff* h... hello
*Blizz* *still eating bacon* mmmm bacon
*Dusk* Want some bacon?
I have a question @Pinkeevee222: Hey pinkeevee222, I LOVE your comics so I have a question. Where did you get the name Miyuki? Its a pretty name! ( I think I know Probably not xD)
@Pinkeevee222: oh yeah and this too ;)
@Pinkeevee222 *ali wanders off* *sparklez is eating bacon* *tristan is crying in the corner* *fluff* oh... thank you...

Sora means Sky, and Dusk is the period of time that comes before Night. So unless Sora and Dusk have evil twins, I refuse to believe this isn't Sky and Dusk.

You cannot hide anything from me young one! I will figure everything in your crazy twisted plot out!

(...I'm really putting too much energy into this. I just felt so insanely stupid for not noticing something as obvious as not seeing the correlation between the names Sora and Sky. //shot)
@XlvMckaydvlX: Hey, Um, I think Dusk does have a twin.
@XlvMckaydvlX: well acually in the alt. text it says sky is umbreon's twin
@Tiberius: NO. ((lol I figured out the text using a tool. u all are suckers!))
Sora look adorable
A for Apple, B for Baseball Bat?
sora = sky
dusk = night
6 eevees were at the lab but 8 names are listed
therefore 2 eevees have 2 names
yeah,muahaha! i was thinking the same thing!
I think "Sora's" name is actually spelt with a "Z", from what I can see from the comic. So... Basically, from my point of view, "Sora's" name is actually Zora.
@Pinkeevee222: *Screams* I spent three hours trying to DECODE THAT STUPID BLURB OF WORDS!!! *flips table abd stomps around* Hate hate hate...*calms down* Sorry. But it's so frustrating. When I make a comic I'll follow ya.
OML wait if anyone plays kingodm hearts then you would be fangirling over sora's name like me
I have to decipher the eevee talk. I'll get back to you when i figure it out.
@Pinkeevee222: i have a male BG eevee to submit 'Cause i know you won't take Carnelien now,so here he is;

Name: Smallpaw
Nature: Curious and Hopeful
House: Icedrop
Wears: Gold bell on a green ribbon
description: has light blue eyes, pale brown fur and tiny paws,hence his name.
Inside Info: Blizz is his father, no one knows who his mother is. loves to play with the other eevees.
How stupid are you her name is sky not sora.
Hey, is that named after the team named after the video game? x3
NOPE @Pinkeevee222: I did not think that Sora was going to be Sky! HAHAHAHAHAH!
...Help I am going insane trying to decipher the text D: I have spent an hour trying and have gotten little progress. Am Cri
GREAT COMIC! thumbs up thumbs up
Yaaaaaaaay I love sora!!!!
Question Is the name Team FossilFighters a reference to the game series Fossil Fighters? If so, that is cool.
LAST PANNEL All I got from boy eevee talking is "all of these are letters.
question id like to point out it says zora not sora
hmm @Pinkeevee222: its says zora so is that wut she is..
NOOooo the text is so small that when you are zoomed in to 500% it is still to small to read (btw 500 is max zoom in for me)
THE FUCKING TARTER So, she's female???????Wow....
Zoomed in on the text, pretty sure one of them is Night saying "Sky, look!" in the first bit of the sentence on panel 9.... could be wrong :P
wait sora used to be human
WHAT! I thought these were supposed to be stupid short eevee comics. Do these actually have some dark secret meaning to them?!:O

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