Houses explained


June 28th, 2014, 9:16 am

Dean: We had to color code everything because I believe that people are stupid.
Wiz: People aren't stupid, they draw manga!
Dean: My point exactly.

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Your regularly scheduled comic will resume next week No, Dean is not their father (Even though he looks old, he's actually younger than most of them). Also. Fred. I didn't know he was quirky until I named him. Oh what fun we will have with him.
I was about to put background eevees in this, but I didn't have enough male eevees from Lightfire and Icedrop.
Oh yeah because this is not really a comic, the regular comic will be uploaded tomorrow.
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Pinkeevee222, June 28th, 2014, 9:16 am Reply
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Well this sure does explain things.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @Luigi_96: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this makes no sense
Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuun Which house are Sora, Night, and Sky in?
@Tiberius:Well night is probably in green paw
Plz add my character from this link plz....
could you put it into which ever clan has vay in it or drop it into the jiggly puff tribe or what ever just plz add it
@princessprt: Um...(-_-) Did you read the rules? Also. No more girl eevees.
@Tiberius: Sora is not in the PC and Night is in *Censored*
how about my character`s dad? @Pinkeevee222: plz if you can put him into light fire. sorry for making this so long. atleast let him train jolteon into having a electric attack.
@princessprt: No shinies. Sorry.
@Pinkeevee222 *sparklez* hey! Cuz! WHAZAUP!!! ;D *trainer* hey guess i got youca topic for a comic eh? Lolz. *ali* ooooo i wanna be in icedrop! *tristan* no. You're a gil. So you're in greenpaw. I'm however *tristan puffs out his chest fur* i'm in icedrop. And *he whispers to ali* you're kinda stuck with the weirdos... sorry sis. *tristan looks at blizz* now lets go kick some legandary arceus butt. *sparklez* RAINBOWS!
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* yay! I'm on the list! *trainer* sorry and plz excuse tristan. He is an in-game lv 99 eevee i have. He just... nvm. I'll take him outta the box. *tristan* what- No. No. NOOOOO! (Due to that, tristan will not be slaying arceuses. He will be out training.) ((No eevees were harmed outside of the box))
In person I'd be in icedrop. I asked my friend, who I have more trust than anyone else in and he said I'd be in that
@meatballsahoy92: I don't know which brother hood I'd be in but definitely not green paw. All the girls hate Eve for basically no reason.
Hmmmm..... Sylveon?
ok @Pinkeevee222: I`m gonna stop now I`ve run out of ideas
I, confused now, aren't all of the females in the green paw house? The males can't mate with eachother to have babies..... So the green paw males can't have descendants then?
@Guest: Well, that is why Eve is in such high demand (and also why all the girls hate her). She is the only girl eevee that is not in Greenpaw (Plus, the Greenpaw boys don't even care about mating.
Hey Who is that slyveon wearing a hat and book -gasp- is that sky
@Link the Leafeon: No comment.
It's sky isn't it
Hey! That's Wiz in the ice drop explanation! Dusks apprentice!
hey Hey when are you going to show us sky please tell me!!!!
reaction to the first panel no. just let it die
I vote for everyone
@chimy19: WHERE
@Eeveemaster523: Panel 5!!!
I understand everything in the hole world now... :)Lol
um heres one last eeve @Pinkeevee222: heres the link 5z.jpg

He is not shiny and also he is not a female
Sorry for the copying and pasting. but um use him if ya want
Vote I VOTE DUSK WHOOOOOOOOO cuz me and Dusk is both stupid WHOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stupid I vote levin,devin,kevin,vay,dawn,eve,troll and flame
Can I make a eeveelution and put in s house?
Do the Eevees get to chose what house their in? Also, why does green paw have all the females beside 1, is it mandatory?
@littleabsol : The eevees do get to choose what house they are in. Green paw has all the females because of Psycology. Dawn was the first female born, and she chose the Green Paw house, so, because of this, the other (Young, and very impressionable) females go to the house the other females (aka, Dawn) are.

This isn't mandatory, which is the reason why one female is not in the Green paw house. (Dusk is heavily involved in this, he knows what he is doing)
@Pinkeevee222: ok that makes sense, if i was eeveelutoin i would light fire
Nicole-Jolteon and Brendan-Umbreon would definitely be a Greenpaw XDD
I'm an Icedrop espeon, and, just for the record, Dawn is my favorite.
@EvanatheEspeon: ? ? ? ?
I'm confused. It said the two oldest eeveelutions were leaders and icedrop leaders are the youngest. So are the oldest or the youngest
@Guest: The oldest eeveelutions are the leaders, but, the 2 youngest eeveelution leaders are the leaders of Ice drop.
Lightfire is called Lightfire because Bolt (light) and Flame (fire) lead it.
Icedrop is called Icedrop because Blizz (ice) and Vay (drop) lead it.
Idk Greenpaw tho
awww @Pinkeevee222: why is sylveon so scared??shes my fave!
I like Sora and Dawn
@Pikachu: ? ? ?
there all cute and sora,dawn,vay,kevin and Umbreon-kun
I like dawn
@Guest: Awww, I like you too, guest?
Dean and fred...dose anyone here read harry potter?
@Flareon madniss: I AM harry potty
Where? Where is night???
Hey look it's Miku
MY VOTE I vote for Dusk!!!!!!
yeah @Legendary elemental gold umbreon: DUSK AND DAWN(but mostly dawn!):p
@Pinkeevee222: mayby i should be in light fire...
Hey look at the bottom right corner in the final panal it's miku
wait... if all the female eevees are in green paw, and eevees from different houses cant mate, how do the other houses mate!?
(edit): i read one other comment and now i get it.
OH, SIR! how dare you call us monkeys?! for one, are you capable of creating a machine capable of turning matter into information, then giving said information life & a area to live?! are you capable of destroying worlds with a click of a button & surviving the vacuum of space?! DO YOU HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS?!?!
Green paw goes for the win I only chose green paw because it said “Creative” that all
Wait so can the other brotherhoods have females other them greenpaw?
i can faintly see an umbreon below dusk on the right bottom corner
I'm no Monkey ;-;
did anyone else notice? i think i saw night in this comic
I voted for Blizz.
Character idea Estee- a shiney Eevee
Very smart
Happy in Lightfire
Doesn’t fit in with the other girls
Has a crush on Vay

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