Where is it?


July 19th, 2014, 6:45 am

Do you want Daisy to be an international super spy? I cant really decide if I want her to do that or not~

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HAIL LORD HELIX! Flareon probably has the most human-like room. Why? He has connections in all houses, plus connections inside and outside the PC.

He also idolizes Dome... *Flips table angrily*
Pinkeevee222, July 19th, 2014, 6:38 am Reply
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urm calm down Flame (Flareon) OOOKKKAY! where is it Flame.
VayRules (If gurl XD) @master of aora: Hold on... What the F** IS HE LOOKING FOR
Backgrounds Yey :3 I just read both those posters in the background :3
@Lottos35: You will find out in the next comic, also, nope, he is not Sora.
0.o my gosh Flareon what kind of room is full of.....

Also Flareon has a laptop similar to mine. xD
Oh no! Flare must have lost Nagato's other Rinnegan!
Where is... oh wait.
HAHA HAHA he don goofed!
me everytime i can't find my 3ds
Oooh somebody lost his playpoke magazine!
well you have that one over there and there and there ... and there

if he wont be specific nyther will i

flareon hails the dome
hemph I be a flareon and I hail no one I wave the BLACK FLAG! YARRR*swings away on a tackticle rope*
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* hmm. maybe IF YOU CLEANED UP YOUR ROOM YOU"LL FIND UR 3DS. *tristan* i dont think thats what he lost... *sparklez* BOOKS! YAY! *opens one and mouth drops open in horror* ... YOU PERV! AHHHHHHHG!

@chimy19: not all Flareon are
@chimy19: In case you didn't know, "Secret 2" shows him buying "PlayPoké"...
@Tiberius (thats my eevee talking)
@chimy19: Um...okay?

*slams head thru wall*OI not all of us be like that is a sterio type my friend the rest of us
be pierates*pulls head out of wall*
Hes looking for his *stash*
@T-H-E GUY *ali* so... one perv and millions of pirates. Riiiiiiigggghhht. I didnt know pirates had beds for tails! *slerps on it :3*

wh-what are you getting at amongst what are you doing?

(my last reply comment as to not encure the wrath of ms pink ... and dawn)
@Pinkeevee222: Hey Pinkeevee222, is that Cupid at the title?

Also, I am waiting for dem wallpapers~
@HoennGirl: Nope, you see, cupid has a light blue halo
and the wallpapers will come soon
That unknown eevee has the sweetest face <3 I can't wait to learn about him/ her
@Cat: Don't we all
@Pinkeevee222: What does the unown say? Or however you say spell it...

HEY PINKEEVEE!! Do you still need to find out your friend safari type?
The unknown spell Democracy (and not Anarchy).

yup, I still don't know what my friend Safari type is.
@Pinkeevee222: kk, I'm gonna take down the comment now. You should to.

~and seriously, Tina the pizza delivery girl?
@HoennGirl: yup. I have no idea why I did that.
@Pinkeevee222: Your safari is ground type, with Phanpy, Maroak, and... I need to tell you that in order for the third pokemon to show up we have to be on the 3DS at the same time... I'm in hawaii... Where are you? ...I need it this info for time matchment~
Guys guys
Flareon is looking for Shadow's fifth Chaos emerald.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: No way! Flame is looking for Shisui's eye!
@Tiberius: nay the stick of truth!
@grovilegoodbye lol. Or is it sonic's......? (Lol ima huge sonic fan)
@HoennGirl: I'm in Maryland.
@Pinkeevee222: and I'm in Evanston, IL! :3
The flareon poster's unown letters spell out the word: democracy.
@super guy: Moon: Pffft. How can you even read that?
Runeon: I can. He's right.
Moon: Really?
Runeon: Yes.
Orca: Hey Moon! Nala's here!
Moon: Sweet! Bye Runeon!
Runeon: Uh, Bye? See what I'm dealin' with, super person?
Also, Runeon is a new eeveelution. Flying type. Female in this case. She knows fly. and can read all kinds of runes. I'll explain why she's called Runeon. You see, "rune" means lost writing, and "eon" is just the eevee sufix.
Were's what?
Idolizes Dome? I'm so done *turns monitor off**bangs the wall**leaves the room*
@Marlows59: ....
Considering that Flareon was the "False Prophet"...
@Pinkeevee222: I'm I the only one who thinks flareon is powerful and not some kind of minion of the dome fossil, I made a flareon character who is the most powerful and is the leader
Wait... @Littleabsol :
I am clearly missing something big here, but fossils are obviously dead and can't have minions and control people. Aaand I now get a lecture on fossil mythology or whatever. Aaand every one is mad at me. I'm just saying...
Me when I don't know where my phone is 😆
I just happen to be from the wings of fire fandom and figured i would pop over here for a bit. so who is sora? and what is a playpoke magazine?
hello!! @Moonflame the nightwing: HI!! i'm Evana, I'm an espeon and i will answer your q's.

1: Sora is a Sylveon/eevee that is in the meanwhile series.

2: playpoke magazine is a magazine that is very popular among eeveelutions.
@EvanatheEspeon: Oh I get it! thank you evana!
um Dusk (Umbreon)
eye coler:Red
body coler: black,yellow
eevee type:dark
eevee elolve:Umbreon
@Moonflame the nightwing: wings of fire
Is one of the top 3 book series in existence.
ALL HAIL TM 15!!!!
What's that code/thing there What is the thing near flare
Idk Tm15 is solar beam
@Kilala: Actually, if you look at the alt text in the comic "Tm 15" it says that Tm 15 is actually Hyperbeam.
The Unown spell democracy
Oh my god! Why Espeon and Umbreon is naked?!?!?!
TAKE the look the next page
VayRules (If gurl XD) I honestly really really want more Girls because im so confused on the genders
VayRules (If gurl XD And y does it say democracy on the poster in unknown language
unown translation Democracy

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