lies are bad


August 2nd, 2014, 7:17 am

"Night" is in the 'houses explained' comic, but you have to look hard to see him.

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As you can see, flareon isn't that a pervert. Ha absolutely loathes and ignores all the girl eevees in the pc, oh, also, lying is like a second nature to him, why? Well, if I explain it to you, that will go against the unknown plot.
Oh! also! I made a plot with girl background eevees in it, but scrapped it because of... something... do you guys still want to see it?
the background eevees are Sparkles, Frost, and Ali.
Pinkeevee222, August 2nd, 2014, 7:22 am Reply
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Well they're looking for non-existent bells then.
Actually @Luigi_96: Well, technically, they do exist, it’s just that one is missing and Dusk had the other one. Night is actually Dusk, so if the three girls managed to somehow get the two bells, then those would go to him, it’s just he tries to forget about the purple one and he used to wear the blue one which he then threw away. The past for him sucks. That’s all I can say.
@Luigi_96: or are they?
@Pinkeevee222: Bi bi doooooof! (Dun dun duuuuuuuuuu!)
:/ @Pinkeevee222: he looks like an eevee with that face
@Pinkeevee222: why does he hate all the girl eevees? Does that count the eeveelutions?
Inside Flame's head... all NiGHtMaREs with other thingamalinglalingamabobs. Outside Flame's head... all sunshine, lollypops and rainbows everywhere. what a beautiful day! Sunshine, lollypops rainbows everywhere! What a lovely morning! Sunshine bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and more bla...I think you know how annoying the song is...
*Puts the song to full volume and runs away*
:hides in dark corner:
Hmm wonder why hen hates Girl Eevees?
OMA!?! Flame!?! (Flareon) YOU NEED TO STOP LIEING!?!?!? But why you hate girl eevees i like em
Wait! Isn't Night that eevee that was with Sora?
(Take that!)
Hmmmmm... I wonder if Flame will find his Limited Edition Collectors Copy of the New Millennium PlayPoke Magazine Espeon x Umbreon January 2000 Johto New Years Special?(Lol, pinkeevee must have had a hard time making up that of a name, hehehe)

ahhhh flame the lies we tell to the ones we love or the silver toulng devils we our kind are he he ha ha haaaaa.why must evan all the sly and semi mischievous Pokemon also look frigen adorable
@Guest: Yup.
@Battlemage_69: Yup
@Pinkeevee222: Then that means that he just sent three eevees off on a what he assumes to be fake quest, when they may find an ACTUAL bell that belongs to an ACTUAL Night!
N-Night So We are going to meet Night?
Oh look he has a fanclub
Is the female with the blue eyes and ribbon shiny or just light-furred?
@Link The Leafeon: You already did!
@guest: She's just really light-furred
What!? Let me get this straight... FLAME IS NIGHT?!?
I think I know why he hates girl eevees/lutions. It's because he now has such a unrealistic view on what he thinks they should look like!!! Or he was hurt by one.
@Guest: Nope! He just hates the girl eevees he is related to.
@Pinkeevee222 *trainer* woohoo! Meh eevees are famous! *ali* yay! A quest! *frost* yay!*sparklez* WOO HOO!!! Lets go find some bells!
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* um... did he just say... never mind...
@Pinkeevee222 hey with the icons on dusk's blog, can you make ali with the same type of icon? I just tried it and the ones you sent me didnt work... anyways im using eve for right now ;3
Just a reminder, 100 says Blizz will find a PlayPoké Magazine
@Pinkeevee222: oh, ok! Maybeh he wants an eeveelationship that doesn't involve incest.
@Pinkeevee222 crazy coincidence. The title lies are bad and i just got in trouble for lying to meh mom and meh eevees are in the comic.... WHATS GOING ON?!
So, does flareon have a fan club or somethin?
@Guest: Nope
Hmmm.... Two bells?

Well, Sora has a pink one..., and Night has one similar to Dusk's...

Dusk is Night. Sora is someone. Sky is Blizz
@Tiberius: Where did Sky is Blizz come from? Dusk/Night was in LOVE with Sky, meaning that Sky needs to be female. Also, Blizz went to the same lab as Dusk; Sky didn’t. She and Volt were taken somewhere else and never seen again.
...@Tiberius: ...I think Sky is a girl...

Sky: no comment
Hey Hey I was wondering when are you making a New Meanwhile
@Link The Leafeon: right after the next comic
@Tiberius: There is no evidence to prove it!
Flame You should be ashamed!!
(Earlier page) Would this face ever lie?
(Now) Would this face ever NOT lie?
@Xenokore: LOL =p

Flare's going to regret this in the future because he's a big liar!
When are they going to find the bells!?!
Wait.. 2 bells, one is golden with a collar like purple and the other is silver with a collar dark blue?

Doesn't this description of the bells looks like the 2 eevees (Night and Sora) collars in the second and first meanwhile?
wait, am i missing something, isn't that the 2 bells that sora used to wear
Uhhhhh......... I still think flame is a pervert........ :< sorry
What's funny Pinkeevee, Is that I have a story with a wolf in it named Night.

:) LOL.
WAIT A SECOND Wait... is... Dusk... NIGHT?!?!?!?!?!
I am re-reading this and Flame says "Kind of like the one Dusk use to wear"
VayRules (If gurl XD) @Pinkeevee222: Can you tell us which ones are male and which ones are female please? (BTW I hate that Vay is a girl because i'm in love with Vaporeon and i've always imagined it as a girl but i'll pretend it's a girl)
I can't tell which pokemon are boys and which are girls. Sometimes, that only makes it funnier! :D
ok! so if you got a sister you would hate that sister...i hope not

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