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It's not like vaporeon and jolteon are the only eevees with 'odd' traits, you don't know what Flame can do, don't you? (It doesn't have anything to do with playPoke)

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I believe Sinnoh is next to Almia, why? I have no idea. /but apparently, it's because of real-life locations.
also, don't give Jolteon water.
Pinkeevee222, August 9th, 2014, 9:11 am Reply
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lol Glaceon
I love how Umbreon likes the sinnoh better
It seems like Daisy has a crush on a certain someone...
Aww, Umbreon is so cute!
*Ali and the others* where are those bells...
Sky is my sister's glaceon's name...
Did you see Dusk's "Math?"

ABG, Pi = yummy, 1 divided by pie, and 1 + 1 = infinity.

Math isn't every bodies thing (I know), but 1+1=infinity, even I know that is wrong! And Pi=3.14159265358979323846264338327950… and more specifically: 4/1-4/3+4/5-4/7+4/9-4/11+4/13…(This is a very very slow and annoying formula. If you want a faster formula, Look up the Chudnovsky Equation) I mean, come on (everyone should know that!)! (Dusk is not great at any subject except manga (all offense to Dusk!).)
Glaceon had manliness?
@Luigi_96: she's a boy
@Luigi_96: whoops I said SHES a boy
I meant HES a boy
DASY! walk thru that border RIGHT NOW!
What manliness?
@wort: NO! He means that now he is cute and cuddly, that is all
@Pinkeevee222 *ali* so... did you find it flareon? You know the bells
@Pinkeevee222: Hey pinkeevee, I'm thinking up a backround eevee!
So anyways, you said that I could see Night in 'Houses Explained' comic thing. I'm guessing that you mean the silhouette (And yes, I spend that long of a time looking for that Night) to the right, then down next to Dusk in the forth panel.

Also, your safari is ground type, with Phanpy, Marowak, and Palpitoad~

Oh yeah! Realized peeps can ask Dusk stuff again! (Yay!)
@chimy19: *flareon* No... not yet...

@umbreonisbestevolution50: Okay, you just need to give me his house, nature, and characteristic

@HoennGirl: Okay! (please draw it! No one draws them! *sob* I have to think of everything! *sobbing*)
yay almia my first pokemon spin off game. i loved the ranger series and the art style.
@meatballsahoy92: I loved it too, that is how I came up with this strip, but, I don't love it as much as the PMD series~

@HoennGirl: awwww, okay!
@Pinkeevee222: i played pmd blue and pmd time and sky (those two had very deep meanings to me in life) but i did not play mystery dungeon gates to infinity it seemed to easy to me, being able to use orbs in boss battles, and i was saving up for x and y. but overall the pmd time and sky are in my top 20 favorite games of all time
@HoennGirl: i can tell you like to say "meh" lol.
you know, i think their voices go high pitched when they pass though.
@sconic123: did we not all read it like that lol
@HoennGirl welcome to the club! ((I do meanwhiles of the search for the bells on my new comic, ninjago and eevees. Not advertising and my drawing on the computer is terible so dont expect any good drawings in the comic.)) :3 anyways i will hope you like the comments section comedies!
@Retro Pikachu: Yep, he's an idiot.
@HoennGirl yeah ill try that! Thanks! Btw i use paint to draw the comics for now... Your scheduled posting of colored comics will resume every other day. (I will be posting computer drawn images on day 1 then draw with my actual hand on day 2.
@HoennGirl XD paint has it's days... Anyways look out for the comic and if anyone wants to help me, please do! Send me a message on smackjeeves and stuff
personally i just go on photoshop and mess with the features on their because my school provides it for free. and i cant come home until like 5:45 anyways
Those two seem to go head first to any unknown world without thinking about the danger that might be ahead.
I would expect that Dusk would learn from his encounter with the jigglypuffs from the last world or "Box" I should say.
@Pinkeevee222 *the eevees look for the bells and accidentally cross the border to the lego world turning half human* *ali* um... why can we walk on 2 feet...? *frost* *gasp* we're humans! *sparklez* i can finally do this! *pokes frost* *frost* *not amused*
Just a chat with Blizzy and Merko, and no, Blizzy in not Blizz. *Merko* Fire....
*Blizzy* no, merko!
*Merko* *crosses the border to the Monny reagon*
*Blizzy* No, Merko!
*Merko* *is walking on 2 feet* What happened?
@sara (guest) send me an ask on my tumblr if you want to do a rpg with me :)
@chimy19: Sorry, I do not have a tumbler, but do you need a tumbler to ask?
The chat (countinued. See first title for people, now haveing Maweekie the Slyveon.) *maweekie* Hi Blizzy! Hi Merko!
*blizzy* Hi Maweekie!
*Merko* *uncrosses the border* Wait... Maweekie, why are you here?
*maweekie* I don't know.
@Sara: nope! Just leave the details on my comic! I'm gonna not talk much bout my comic on pinkeevee's comment section just so it wont take up sace ;)
@chimy19: K.
@chimy19: Link the tumbler plz.
@chimy19: Okay, forget. ;)
Happy sparkle world!!
It went to where it didn't come from (that means you Blizz)
wait, almia isn't a region...
@jellybeanier: I think it is, seribii classifies it as a region.
Dusk is too cute in the Sinnoh region
Almia is from Pokemon ranger shadows of almia
I have a theory that flame can turn invisible
@.The_Sof.: I agree!
WOOOT! I love almia from pokemon rangers shadows of almia! :)
This was just a (hilarious) excuse for you to draw the chibis, wasn't it?
I like that the title picture is related to comic #51, very clever.
@LogicalJoe: Hmmm... actually, making them chibi was a last minute decision. They were originally suppose to be like, super duper detailed...... I changed it because I was lazy.

Oh, and that thing about Bolt and the lake will come back later.
@Pinkeevee222: So originally, they were suppose to be more realistic looking then in the comics? That might have been interesting… Again, sorry for judging.
awww @Pinkeevee222: THERE SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
STOP WITH DUSK AWESOME-NESS I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE (faints wakes five miles away from where this post was posted)
regions i only remember the regions being kanto, johto, sinnoh, hoenn, unova, kalos and alola, so is almia a made-up region?

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