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August 16th, 2014, 9:13 am

I was going through some notes and it seems like flareon doesn't hate every one of his 'sisters/cousins' apparently, the only one he can stand is Daisy.

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You know what? I have no idea if 'Sora' is a boy or a girl *slow laughing turns into sobbing*

also... Who's that pokemon!
Pinkeevee222, August 16th, 2014, 9:23 am Reply
Advertisement, November 19th, 2018, 4:24 am Reply

It's Missigno, drawn toward Sora due to its emmpathy with Sora not knowing his/her gender.
No @XlvMckaydvlX: No, If im correct its actually a lesfeon watching Sora (same goes to all the other ppl who guessed other pokemon besides and eevee or and eevee)
@OLO.....: Leafeon
Iiiiiiit's... @Pure umbreon: LEAFEON! *Leafeon cry*
Lol big spoiler sorry
@XlvMckaydvlX: what is your profile picture when you look at it from far away it looks like a legendary Pokémon but when you look closely at it I screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjjjjhhhhhhhhhhhhhjhjjhhjjhhhhhhjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjhhhhhhhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh
Sora is so CUTE MY GOSH!
Im guessing not an eevee perhaps a zorua...
No idea whats going on... Oh yeah! I will be uploading the comics starting from tomorrow!
... Thinking Honedge. Is it Honedge?
What is this? I see a bit of red like a scard in the 7th pannel.... Could it be sky? Who knows?
Ummmm..... It's a pokemon that I don't know what it is?
if that thing is a sigilyph... i think it is. i really hate sigilyph. i think its design is stupid, and the first time playing through white it took out my whole team (that one trainer in the abandoned desert). then there was that other sigilyph that left my galvantula in my white nuzlocke with 1 hp. and then in white 2 nuzlocke, a sigilyph had ice beam (really needed that coverage) and killed my flygon, who was a key corner of my team. okay sorry done with my rant now lol.
I'm thinking it's a Doublade. Or a shiny Honedge. >.<
it could be night orrrrrr sigilyph witch i compleatly agree on with @meatballsahoy92:
but if it was night ... what would he have to gain!
A fennikin's ear?
Pinkeevee, in Panel 7, bottom righthand corner, there is some pink... is that part of the monster, or the tree?

Also, is the white border around the silhouette so we can see it, or is the creature white in coloration?
@Tiberius: That would be part of the pokemon~
@Pinkeevee222 that 8th pannel... adorable... >~< and do you mind if i make a comic based off of the search for the bells? Not uploading anything untill i get permission :)
@Pinkeevee222 and what if the mystery person/pokemon is the 3 eevees... btw they are called the "tom eevees" because (besides sparklez) they are all very ranger- like.
@chimy19: you can make the comic, I don't mind. also, They are in Sinnoh, Sora is in kalos, so it couldn't be them!
@Pinkeevee222 yays! Thanks! And im laughing so hard right now. To think they could go to kalos! (XD i made a bunch of eevees in kalos too and named them after the eeveelutions and eevees in this comic)
Is it a Medicham?
It's flareon, isn't it.... Eheheheh probably not
@Guest (guest) : That would be funny though
@HoennGirl: Actually, Sora is a unisex name~
@Pinkeevee222: but sora is too cute to be a boy! She/he is adorable!
@HoennGirl: Well, there's a male Sora in Kingdom Hearts, and in Naruto, so....
Mind blown @Tiberius: but in digimon sora is a girl name and izzy is a boy :)
@Kittylover256: Nope. I Love Pokemon! *derp*

@HoennGirl: I would answer that question, buuttt it might reveal some of the almost non-existent plot
congrats on no. SSEC comics 50!!! just realized. im breeding some pokemon in y. will give something good as a present/reward/thank you gift
@HoennGirl sorry it might take a while... school just started and darnell cookman isnt that easy... i also have who's gonna help me draw thing and stuff :p. I will try to upload by thursday. Thanks for waiting!
Whose that Pokémon @Pinkeevee222
It's jigglypuff!!!!
@chimy19: dont even remind me. school starts this monday for me. ughhh its going to be fun but awful. i see all my friends and teachers i like again, but then i see the other people who im not so eager to meet
@meatballsahoy92 ikr! I am working on it right now :)
@HoennGirl: Really? But, on the last meanwhile, they called Sora a girl~
@Pinkeevee222: Only one way to find out! Check it for ni-*shot with a minigun so may times that the gun runs out of ammo*
@Pinkeevee222: Ah, but Sora said "She?" in a rather confused way... amnesia? I think not; (s)he remembered the lab pretty well...

So, Sora may just be a really feminine guy...
@HoennGirl: yeah but due to california having "nice" weather (or my school district just being stupid i tend to believe this one more) we start school late and all the sat and ap testing stuff is right the week before second semester finals, when most other schools are out. and i always happen to get really sick then. like last year when i got acute bronchitis. that was awful. i still have trouble running again because my lungs, months later, still are not back at a 100 percent. i mustve been sick for at least a month.
@HoennGirl: nice new avatar.
@HoennGirl: hope you are okay then and get better soon (im not joking totally sincere about this). it is no fun to be sick. or hurt. or upset.
@HoennGirl: im pulling an all nighter tonight to finish some ap bio summer hw questions (by that i mean till probably midnight). i tend to overwrite answers and overanalyze questions so it takes me so much longer to answer simple questions. i was taking a break so i decided to go surf teh interwebs
@HoennGirl @meatballsahoy92 ok so im almost done with it right now, eevensgirl (or i think thats her user name) is helping me draw the first few pages. Hoenngirl, i hope you feel better, and i know that feel. Im stuck because of a broken leg :p (i just broke it yesterday lol) anyways, i will be uploading and just a note, i am NOT a professional artist. It will be a switch between paint and colered pencil drawings. Sorry if u see a shadow :) it's probably me. Hope u guys will like the comic :) and also. I am NOT making anything up, this is legitly what happens during the adventure for the bells. ;) hope you guys will like it!
You guys are so nice~ =w=
@HoennGirl: But, in the last meanwhile, Sora was an eevee
@Pinkeevee222 wait a sec... oh yeah! Wut happenrd...?
@HoennGirl thanks! Im drawing with colored pencil now to see how it works.
@chimy19: congragulations on starting your first comic. it takes a lot of courage
I know Sora's Secret! Based on my five minutes of lazy research, I have come up with a solid case that totally shows Sora's gender!

======Theory Below===============
1: In "Meanwhile #3", the rescue team refers to Sora as a "she". However, Sora was confused by this statement, implying that they were incorrect.
2: There is a male character named "Sora" in the manga series, Naruto, which Pinkeevee222 has made references to before.
3: Statistically, Sora would most likely be male, since there is a 7:1 male:female ratio
4: If one were to look at the "Characters" section, all the female characters have long eyelashes. The females' eyelashes make their eyes look like upside-down "Q"'s, while the males' resemble a plain "O". Sora lacks these luxurious lashes, so it is safe to assume Sora is male


So anyways, if you believe me or not, whatever
however, in most romantic language such as spanish an a at the end of a name or word nearly always dictate that it is feminine. (a rare example is water. i know it in italian and spanish it is l'acqua and el agua instead of la acqua and la agua. probably one of the few italian words i remember from when i was 4.)
@meatballsahoy92 thanks! I feel really happy that i can juggle soccer, school and my comic! Btw my comic is like a side story to pinkeevee's (i have gotten permission from pinkeevee) so i will also be acsepting any backround eevees. Same rule applies as pinkeevee's. Thanks guys for supporting me!
Link to comic:
Im gonna draw the next comic at school :)
@HoennGirl @meatballsahoy92 @tiberius i feel like a troll right now cuz i know EVERYTHING XD no i'm not telling you all what i know, for that will ruin the "angry" funnyness XD anyways just send me a message on smackjeeves or ask on tumblr, or write immy comic's comments section. Thanks guys!
@Tiberius: Well, It's not really a secret plus, I don't know Sora's true gender. It is very confusing. That is why he/she doesn't have the upside down Q eyes.
@Tiberius: or maybe she Is surprised that she is sill a girl
@HoennGirl: you can just go to settings (the gear) scroll down a bit, and there should be the title Ask. click on the slider next to let people ask questions. it will then ask for ask page title, and whether or not you will let people ask anonymously
@HoennGirl: can you put a link in? Also the next comic is comming out today! (Also notebook paper but colored now) thanks guys! ~silva
@HoennGirl: The theme's name is Redux.
mightyena friend safari? does anyone here have one. i really want to use mightyena, its one of my all time favorites, but i dont have it with moxie. and also having perfect ivs of 31 in speed and attack would be nice
@meatballsahoy92: i do. What's your friend code? I'll add you and then we'll be able to trade~

I also love mightyena...

Anyone have a shiny fennikin for trade? I'll trade a latios for it :) (i have been unmercifully been breeding a japanese and american fennikin, produced 6,529 eggs, and have not gotten a shiny... :'( )
i feel ya with masuda i masuda method 1500 eggs for shiny eevee in the past week alone. i gave up. yesterday, i was redoing progress for the ruby nuzlocke on my yt channel and a found a zigzagoon that is shiny (redoing progress because i forgot to record gameplay and saved). today i was checking out some friend safaris and i found a 3 iv shiny lapras with calm nature.
anyways my fc is 2380 3046 6861. my friend safari is flying with doduo, hoothoot and tropius (who needs a mega) we still need to be on at the same time so i can find its hidden ability (moxie)
@HoennGirl: ok sure i just added you
@HoennGirl: also i do a lot of nu and ou battles in case you do competitive
@HoennGirl: sparta actually found me (joke)
Maybe Blazakin(did I spell that right?)
hey its wolfie @Pinkeevee222: flip a coin
@wolfie: Okay! *flips coin* now what?
its wolfie again @Pinkeevee222: heads girl ,tails boy or if you wanna it to be hilarious just put sora as a boy and have a comic where everyines making fun of how girly he is
@wolfie: Hmmmmmm... The coin split in two and landed on both heads and tails... how odd...
@Pinkeevee222: Soo...Sora is genderless?
@Marlows59: Nope! Sora is actually a *BEEEEEEEEEP* Wait, no I meant that *Beep* is a *Beeeeeeep*... this isn't working...
@Pinkeevee222: Oh wait... I don't think I want to know anymore XD
Sora... why are you crying? (gasp) maybe its another sylveon! yay!
Not quite as intimidating as that other Sylveon.
Sora looks adorable
I think sora should be a girl
It's Ditto!
It's a Leafeon! Notices the leaveses?
It's an Archeops!!!!
I mean it's an Archen.
IT'S DAISYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! *does a Sokka-high-on-cactus-juice impersonation*
I know @Pinkeevee222: it daisy yaaaaay
I DID IT!!! (sort of) Remember the last meanwhile when i said i said i would decipher what Sora and Night were saying? well i managed to read the first two words Night said! he said to Sora: "Come On!" that's all i could get though. sorry. *_*
Also it's daisy no arguing with it.
@Pinkeevee222: I LOVE YOUR COMICS!!!! So mysterious. So FLIPPEN AWESOME!!!!
pokemon are werd.
sylveon to eevee MAKE HER A GIRL!omg im loveing this
@Pinkeevee222: Sora is a Sylveon
@Eeveelutionslover: No. Sora is an eevee.
sora I thing sora should be a girl. also, all the eevee evolutions have no gender difference. lol
ribbons @Glaceon fan: oh i see the ribbons are blue. maybe boy? dunno, your dessision.
@Pinkeevee222: it is leafeon
Sora is a girl.
AWNSERS COME FROM ME @Pinkeevee222: Sora is sky
@Pinkeevee222: GIRL U DINGUS
Ooo @Pinkeevee222: I think it should be a girl
Its... Leafeon

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