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you know, I feel like I have cheated you good peoples out of a comic, sooooo, have this instead! --->
All of these are Facts! (I guess) *Rolls away*
Pinkeevee222, August 30th, 2014, 9:33 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:48 pm Reply
anonymous asked: Blizz: What is your opinion of Daisy? Be honest.

"It takes a real man to take a fart to the face, Daisy, my anon friend, is a REAL MAN!"
-Blizz, Glaceon
(I'm sorry, It is just so funny!)
Pinkeevee222, September 1st, 2014, 9:33 pm Reply

@Pinkeevee222: *read all that*
*wondering who Sky is*
Vay says bye stupids.
LOL Dusk isn't a Virgin?
@Tiberius: Yes, he doesn't have virgin mobile (what would he do with a cell phone anyways?)
Luigi_96: *wonders when all of you will meet Sky* Oh... wait
@Pinkeevee222: what language is Bolt Speaking?
@Anonymous: JAPANESE, IDIOT!!!
bolt y flare son muy tontos, y vay no les confia con su secreto.
dont have a devianart account... but i still read it. when i got to the dusk part im like "...where has this comic headed..."
@meatballsahoy92: It has headed into a random scenario generator
@HoennGirl: we all are referring to the devianart picture. sorry if you're lost
Does anyone here read Japanese?
@Tiberius: I do!!!!
@Tiberius: no
@Tiberius: i do~ *lloyd at the jolteon* こんにちはー みなさんは 今 どこですか? 僕は 今 ニンジャゴ の 世界に いまーす ((lol i bet no one got that. I'm half japanese so i knew that XD)
@chimy19: stop bragging chimy19 your not the only one who knows how to speak japanese baka
@Guest: stop being mean
@42-42: your a kid
@Guest: stop being mean.
@chimy19: is bolt saying hello?(plz realpy)
Your text:
こんにちはー みなさんは 今 どこですか? 僕は 今 ニンジャゴ の 世界に いまーす
Hello Where are you guys now? I am in the world of Ninjaga now
@chimy19: my friends all know japanese from taking it at my school. i never took japanese so they always joke with me by writing "(my name in english) (japanese characters that are probably teasing me about something)"
names in japanese ;) @meatballsahoy92: (i wont) oh yeah! Here are all the people i talked with in japanese! Me:チミー19 meatballsahoy92: ミートボールアホイ92 hoenngirl: ホエンガール pinkeevee222: ピンクイーブイ222 tiberius (guest): ティブィレス (ゲスト) warriorscats1000: ウオリアースキヤッツ1000.

Your welcome~ silva
@chimy19: But do you actually know what the text says?
@chimy19: I'm not the only one who knows Japanese! ;D;
Pinkeevee222: r u gonna make one on dawn and vay?
Haha that's cute. I'm so happy I can read Japanese. And I'm guessing vaporeon is saying 'goodbye idiots'
Or something along the line of idiot or stupid XD
@Linkziken: yay! We both can read japanese!

@tiberius (guest) it said hello :I
@chimy19: Dang... Another situation in which I wish I could read Japanese...
And I have no clue what each of them are saying. xD Apart from Flareon who's saying 'Hello' ^^
@Lady Darkrina: If I'm correct, Bolt and Flame are both saying "Good afternoon", while Vay is saying "Goodbye, idiots". :U
yes because if im right probably not but that appears to be duch what flame is saying

and it must be so nice to know Japanese i here it is a beautiful language and watch as i say this you two @Linkziken: and @chimy19: both consort to mock me and say mean things about me in Japanese ;^; right to my very digatle face ;^;
@T-H-E GUY: dont worry! I wont say anything mean! *lloyd snickers evily* *ali* really? Really lloyd. -_- *lloyd* sorry

red:thank ye mate thank ye *sees lloyd*
ill warn ya boy im a vary vary dangerous pirate
*un sheathes cutless* and lets not forget the dragon fall insidindt *smirk*/:J
@T-H-E GUY: *lloyd* sh-shut up!
@chimy19: who are you saying she up to?

red:thaaaats right ... wait what did you evan do with those skittles? |:?
@T-H-E GUY: *lloyd* >:D i will never tell you! MUAHAHAHAHAHA *cough cough* *he sniffs* sorry im a little sick. Anyways i transported them to the ninjago world! (Meh comic. Next one posting) (Lol im sick)

red:oh yea!*runs away and runs back in lego form*yea i didn't find them ... *kicks dirt*

yea i saw it and i thought it was a cool idea il fave it wen i get the chance looked like it would go far im actualy wrighting a story right now XD now i must go under radio silence out of fear pinky will come and mess us both up D:
@T-H-E GUY: *lloyd* *teleports to the ninjago world* (thanks! 10 favs and u unlock the next secret, fire!)

red:ah i understand see this is why a pirate is a pirate freedom and we hail to no one and we wave the black flag YA HAR HERE HERE! ... lol tried to breed hey lol what i asume you are to young for that

red:ho-how would she get a pikachu with a vapooreon?
@Linkziken: Oh I see ^_^ thanks for that C:
OHMYGOD Sora means Sky in Japanese! And it's already been shown that Sora and Dusk know each other so maybe, just maybe, that's who Sora is!!
@Angelic: Someone finally figured it out. Huh.
SHINY MIGHTYENA so i cant find for my life a mightyena with moxie and attack and speed perfect ivs in the freind safari. i literally said, before taking a break, id sooner find a shiny than one with the right ivs. sure enough i found a shiny mightyena. so who wants it? ill give it to first responder if pinkeevee222 (because she makes the comics, a gift for 50+ comics and 100 tumblr followers) doesnt want it. it has 2 perfect ivs in defense and speed with its hidden ability moxie. and i can nickname it for you if you'd like
Since pinkeevee said that blizz wasn't eve's father, or at least That's meant to say...
@Banana: b-b-but i already ship blizz with daisy..... (joke)

OMG MIGHTYANA IS BEST i love him or her most i had a shiny variant once and she was best
T-H-E Guy, Flareon is speaking French not 'Duch' XD
Translation Bolt: Good Afternoon.
Flame: Hello there.
Vay: Goodbye, morons.

For those of you who are left out.
@HoennGirl: thanks for the help and the offer, but somethings in life you just have to work for. nothing has ever been handed to me, which has sort of helped me grow, but im going to breed. but if i do want a legendary (impossible to get good ones lol) then i'll politely ask you and your sister, or one of my friends in my school who knows how to get pokemon into the game.
@meatballsahoy92: congratulations on your shiny mighteana!

I'm trying so hard to get a shiny fennkkin... i breed 6782 eggs and counting, yet still havn't got a shiny... ;-;

Meh first shiny was a shinx. ;^;
@HoennGirl: thanks! Friend code is 2981-7301-6642

And if she will trade it, i will offer a latias. Thanks! (Lol i've been trying for a hacked shiny reshiram or fennikin)
@chimy19: you did masuda method for the fennekin right? (two pokemon from different countries breed)
@meatballsahoy92: yup. I have a japanese game so i have a japanese fennikin and a english one.
@HoennGirl: leave the name as fennikin, female (if possible) and in a normal pokeball if possible. I dont care about the rest. Just if it has a high attack and speed stat, that'll be cool. Thanks a bunch! (Eggs hatched: 7,329. shinies hatched: 0)
@chimy19: im sure you already knew, but its by system origin not game origin.
@HoennGirl: thanks anyway! Oh do you want to battle now?
@meatballsahoy92: yup! Thanks!
@HoennGirl: ok! Gonna play around 9:20 in florida time
I don't know why its always a shock when i find one of my favorite smackjeeves artists are also on deviant art, I just never really associate them together.
What happened to that ' volt ' guy?
@Banana: Volt is not in the main comic
@HoennGirl: oh wow ':) on the weekends i'll try around noon.
THIS IS HOENNGIRL (because i don't feel like signing in) @chimy19: 4:00-6:00 will work, because thats 10:00-12:00 for me.
@HoennGirl: lol i understand that. Anyways cool!
PLZ! Plz make more comics plz they are so funny!
@HoennGirl: ikr! Wut is going on! *lloyd* oh no... i might have torn a hole in the space-time continum...
Hmmm... need to fix this...
@Pinkeevee222: Aaaaaand, fixed it.
Oh yeah *sobbing* why do I keep on losing fans! *sob*
yay now i can read posts
@HoennGirl: You know what? I have no idea
@HoennGirl: lol last night i was trying to comment with my ds
@Pinkeevee222: do you know japanese
@@Sakurastar: Nope! But I do know a few phrases.
Vaporeon said something like(Goodbye stupids)And flare said(hello) and jolts said(konichiwa that means hello or good evening) correct me if I spelled konichiwa wrong
@bri'sshinEevee: I think you spelled it correctly.... :/
"Goodbye, idiots."
@Charlotte057: XD Vapreon! Y! #DemIdiotsTho
Mon dieu Uhhhh...mon dieu
Lol look at vay,vaporeon he is the only one that says bye. 😆
Flare: Hhello
Bolt: Hello
Vay: goodbye stupids
Ha I used google translate for that
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!?!? @Pinkeevee222: what dose the 1st 1 say? I know the last 1 is "I'm outta here" and Bonjour is "H-Hello",, But I can't read the last 1. Is it also "Hello"?
@TinyEeveeFan6: what Vay actually said was this; Goodbye stupids. And what bolt says, I have no idea. derp.
@Pinkeevee222: *From the meme* do you even know what a virgin is?
@EvanatheEspeon: Of course! Virgin mobile is a phone company! Everybody knows that.
@Pinkeevee222: phew! I was afraid
That you were throwing words
Around. And yes, everyone does
know what a virgin mobile phone is.
WHAAAAAAT!?!?! HOW DID VAY BREACK THE BORDER!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Vay used water gun. Critical hit.
It has no effect on Bolt.
Critical hit on Flame.
Flame really likes his french girls doesnt he ;)
why i see no comic
spanish and french flareon is saying hello and vayporeon is saying goodbye stupid but i dont do japanese
my langowig
Vay... Gosh vay... must you be saltier than McDonald's fries?
Poor eve What is her secret ? I feel so sorry for her and just want to give her a hug
inglesh why are they speak spanish
VayRules (If gurl XD) Okay so why did Vay say "Bye stupids" in spanish? (I'm half spanish so HA LOSERS)
THey day,Hello,Hello,Bye Idiots
I can speak French!!!

Tis is I the frenchiest fri
Konichiwa means "good afternoon,(or for the less formal people, Hello.)"
also, it's divided into ko n ni chi wa.
Vay--等等! *pretends to press pressure point* 你已經死了! }:P
@Pinkeevee222: LOL

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