... taste the rainbow


September 6th, 2014, 11:00 am

Nego can't speak pokemon, he can only speak human! Plus, he can't understand it either, but they can understand him.

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IT'S RAINING SKITTLES!!!!! *Dances in rain*
Oh yeah! Thanks meatballsahoy92 for the shiny mightyena!!

Edit: Oh right! the background eevee is Luna! There was this arc with all the girl background eevees in them, but, it got scrapped due to stuff happening.
Pinkeevee222, September 6th, 2014, 11:00 am Reply
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Nichel: Okay, put your paw sign on the folder right here, here, aaand here
I found out I have an allergy to skittles.
*Softly crying*
@Cubone: you have an allergy to skittles!
@LavaBidoof: it is a pure horror movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(caps lock is not working)
@Cubone: allergic to skittles...
what is in them that you'd be allergic to?
@JonnyKool57: Corn Syrup.
@JonnyKool57: peanuts in the peanut skittles wait *face palms* thoes are M n ms I was talking about not skittles while saying that smiles angrily at him self looking happy
You'd think raining skittles would cheer anyone up.
Something that always bothered me was how the "rainbow" never had a blue skittle...I know they have special packs with varying flavors and colors, but... it always bothered me that blue was never in the original rainbow
@Tiberius: OMG BLUE ISN'T IN SKITTLES?!?!?!?!?! *calls laywer* SUE SKITTLEZ!!!!!!!
YAY LUNA! My character! Thats exactly her personality!
so now who is vay going to get angry at for this, dusk, L K and D, or will he not care at all.
;3 *lloyd runs over to where vay is and starts dancing in the rain allong side pinkeevee*
*gets shiny poochyena off wt next day* well this is a little weird lol
@HoennGirl: on what?
@meatballsahoy92: look at the second comment. (doesn't anyone read them???)
I just realized Vay. Vay is THE blue skittle that the rainbow is missing. Vay is...the blue skittle
@Tiberius: XD
oh sweet baby Jesus vay is going to murder them
and me to ... for the use of the word *shuters*yolo
That's Umbreon, isn't it?
Is Vay gonna get buried in skittles like I did? If so, he's gonna kill someone
I vote a guy (because i have a male sylveon) but i want him to be like a 7 year old, kind and gentle guy.

*lloyd* oh no please dont hurt me vay... I DIDNT MEAN IT!
7? Sora is more like... 18ish
Oh yeah! I vote I don't know!
@Pinkeevee222: I vote female.
It makes sense because then we can have the cute shipping between the old Eevee with the bell and Sora.
Sora also sounds more male SorA not SorO.
The appearance is also more female like, the only difference being that there's no eyelash marking.
Also I vote that Sora is a female. (I hope)
@HoennGirl: B-b-boy!
@HoennGirl: I vote girl! >.<
*lloyd* okay so now since im in your world, who wants to rip the vortex in space-time?!
@HoennGirl: I would say Sora would be a cute girl name, but at the same time if you go think about KH character is a boy...So I would go trans! Or is that not allowed? (votes girl)
@ hoennGirl girl she just screams girl to me (and i called my snivy back in the day sora XD)
I vote girl!
Anyone have questions 4 Dusk? He's really sad right now
@HoennGirl: I use Paint tool sai (which cost money, but is way easier (and cheaper) than photoshop) and I do text and speech bubbles on Paint.net ( 100% free and wayyy better than photoshop). I use a wacom tablet, which costs about $75ish to over $2000 dollars, depending on which model you get. With the tablet, you can sketch and do everything on the computer, it is wayyy more easier than using a mouse or a laptop pad. And for the title header thing, I use good ol' MS.paint
@HoennGirl: yays! Thanks! Delphox is a speed attacker for me :p
@HoennGirl it's fine~ it might just be that day. It's fine though thanks!
@HoennGirl: Sparta Is just a vaporon that is purple yup that's it and Sparta is fake and so is peter so you don't have to talk for them and pinkevee222 sould vote if sora isa girl or a boy because is is her charter and her comics sorry if I hurt your feelings :-( ;-( sorry :(
@HoennGirl: no baka
@HoennGirl: we all know that pinkevee has to say if sora is a boy or girl now you are going crazy not her ( you could not even realize it anyway so there i said it : p ) but it is a good topic to say if sora is a girl or a boy! =) =) =)
@HoennGirl: also I vote boy
@Pinkeevee222: are you going to make more chaters because i think it would be cool if vay liked someone and you might say no but can you add a girl to like vay a shiny umbreon who acts like vay please add her In at lease one comic ( or more ) but pease add her if you want oh and please make her like vay too (or it could be a love triangle) oh ya can you make them know each other sines they were eevees sorry if it's too long =( =(
@Top pic: Actually, Vay does like someone~ and also, No shinies!
@Pinkeevee222: please it is my dream to make a chater but if you don't want that's fine but thanks for reaply
@Pinkeevee222: but can it be a love triangle please say yes :) ;(
@Pinkeevee222: please can it be a love triangle :) ;(
@Top pic: Love triangle? Right now, it's more like a love web -3-
@Pinkeevee222 sorry about lloyd. I sent him back to the dimention he came from. Anyways, *ali runs over to flareon* i found the first bell flareon! *frost* awwwww i wanted to be the one who finds it first!
@chimy19: But, none of the bells are in Night's lab.
@Pinkeevee222: *ali* oh. Wait thats a leaf ball. NEVER MIND!
@chimy19: *flareon* wait. give me that. please?
@Pinkeevee222: *ali* uh sure.
@chimy19: *Flareon* *takes leaf ball and runs off*
@Pinkeevee222: *ali* O-O UHHHHH... *sparklez* bye flareon!
@HoennGirl: jez you crazy
didnt wanna log in @HoennGirl: it took forever. Hint: use paint
@HoennGirl: girl. A pink guy makes no sense, don'cha think?
@silverumbreon : pink was originally a male's color and blue was female, it was because pink is a bright, vibrant color, while blue is more calm and relaxing. The colors were changed for marketing purposes.
Wut @silverumbreon : um what do ya mean
@HoennGirl: maybeeee
OMA! I UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE PLOT NOW O0O OMG OMG OMG IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING! OH MY GOD! :3 on tumblr, look up chimny19 and i'll send you the plot ):3 no promises that it's right tho
@chimy19: Oh! Oh! I wanna know the plot!!! (cause, I'm totally lost right now)
@Pinkeevee222: (lol)
@chimy19: (Not kidding~)
@Pinkeevee222: oh wow :p i'll send a private message
Pinkeevee, I feel for you when I see people trying to take over your comic by integrating their characters into it. When I tried writing stories and told my friends they tried to control some of the characters I based on them. I am going to have to try a story where they aren't in it.
@Guest: Actually, I wanted the sylveon in the comic -u- and yeah, that gets pretty annoying. I mean, I need designs for eevees and people just give me the information, so I still have to make the designs -_-. I don't know why your friends want their characters in your stories though. If they really wanted it, they'll just make their own stories. I think you should make a story where they aren't in it!
(Remember my babe character ? Yeah I am sorry for not reading the rules correctly and doing that. I feel really guilty about it, but you probably so don't remember, I just wanted to say sorry, and I hope people stop trying to integrate themselves into YOU @Pinkeevee222: ok hold on, did you make this voting thing, or did a fan? If it was you cool, if it was a fan that is slightly annoying, even if they were trying to help you. It's your comic, so you should decide. Truthfully, if something like this happened to me, I would pick what I liked best and every one else would have to deal. I might even pick the least popular vote just yo make people mad, but hey I'm not a people person, I am an eevee person.
@Babe the Vaporeon: Oh yeah, you know, I was thinking about her, like, just a few hours ago! And, the voting thing didn't actually influence Sora's gender. In fact, If you ask him/her, s/he might even tell you (even though s/he might be wrong). It's just that, I don't know if to call him/her a boy or a girl because it's that complicated.
I don't really mind if they vote on his/her gender mostly because it will not influence the story at all, it's mostly, just for fun, I believe.
@Pinkeevee222: how old are you
@Top pic: It's on my profile
@Pinkeevee222: ok, that's good! I was just worried cause I know how people can get.... Or well Internet people, because I like reading comments way to much! If I read something that's supposed to be a joke, and then the comments, I think 'what, it was a joke guys.

I am so glad that you won't let them influence you then! Truthfully, I go to this comic to calms me down, after a tough day at church or school. It makes me feel happy when I read this comic, because the style is so cute and the comic is so funny. It helps me escape out of the crazy world we live in, just like animal crossing does.
@Babe the vaporeon: thanks!
@HoennGirl: baka means idiot baka
@HoennGirl: sorry about that real deal is my cosin she does not like pokemon
@HoennGirl: I am so sorry then. It's just that I know that people will try to do these type of things, to try to get an edge, or to make themselves happy, to get what they want, ya know? I know there are people that stopped watching Foctor Qho just because Capaldi is an older guy and not some hot young stud. I didn't mean to offend you in any way.
@HoennGirl: phew, ok that's good! I was just worried, ya know? I am not that great with people, in my opinion at least. I know I can get annoying. DX
Poor Vay... But still TASTE THE RAINBOW VAY!! Lol
kill them. . . kill them all
Death by Skittles.
RIP- Vay.
I would totally do that to my enemies. Now... If only I had money... TmT

GIVE ME THE SKITTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
taste the rainbow skittles
FEEL THE RAINBOW EAT THE RAINBOW.just like the those pokemons that said AL HAIL TO RAINBOW POOP. and they just sing rainbow songs. lol

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