Friendship hug!


September 13th, 2014, 4:10 am

Hugs are hard to draw

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Apparently, Flame and Daisy are like, best friends, and Daisy is mostly the only 'eevee' girl in the pc he tolerates.
Vay has skittles up places he didn't know existed.
Pinkeevee222, September 13th, 2014, 4:05 am Reply
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don't worry Vay, Sempi will notice you soon
@Guest: Sempi-"Senopi" ;)
@VayIsCool: yasssssssssssssssssss VAY IS TOTALLY COOL
@Guest: Happened to me once.. BUT I DID WIN HIS LOVE, SO HA! *Instead of 2 boys and a girl it was 2 girls and a boy, and I was the Vay until now LOL*
@FinTheVaporeon: Btw I was talkin bout da next comic
Taste the rainbow!
daisy i would watch out. I dont trust flame!
Poor vay... well time for a speech about candy rights!
THIS IS LONG :P Four score and 7years ago.. i opened a package of brand new skittlez. My friend and i were happily opening the package untill we noticed that there were no blue skittles. The blue skittle population had been wiped out! My friend ate the endangered green skittle population. I was sad for the skittles, they should have rights! That night, i was playing pokemon, beating everyone with my umbreon. Then i noticed something. I was at that time also eating skittles, when i found NO green skittles! My friend had wiped out the species! Then i thought that candy should have rights. They need to be able to defend theirselves. We kill mothers, fathers, children as well. What if a giant ate us? Would it not be the same as us eating skittles? CANDY SHOULD HAVE RIGHTS!
@chimy19: I watch out for green too. By that I mean my nemesis BroccoLeon. He is green AND bad news. :(
@chimy19: XD
red:poor vay he drinks damnation ...
oh leaver her johny leave her oh leave her johny leave her for the voage is long and the wind don't blow and its time for us to leaver her 3X
The skittles.... Hehehe
didnt wanna log in @Blizzard: im serious.
wasnt their a skittles commercial where a person had the skittles disease?
@meatballsahoy92: Ya dey had skittlepox
@umbreonisbestevolution50: o3o another quest! Quest #2: finding veevee.
@everyone in the world i told you all the identity of night :p night is evil. Abusing dusk and all (not).
@chimy19: well some people (like me) dont really want spoilers...
@chimy19: PFFFT Night is not evil. LOL Where did you get that from.
@Pinkeevee222: then why is he being mean?
@chimy19: He's not being mean, he's just very annoyed.
@Pinkeevee222: oh.
POKEMON SHOWDOWN LIVE I'm doing some NU on pokemon showdown if you'd like to challenge me im in the showdown chat labelled "Italian", click on "off. meatballsahoy" and challenge/ask for a battle
@HoennGirl: *lloyd* o-o (wut)
@HoennGirl: :p well i'm from the lego dimention sooo...
@HoennGirl: lol im still waiting for you to say "this... is... SPARTAAAAAAAA"
@umbreonisbestevolution50: YES! YES! LOL! I"M LAUGHING SO HARD XDDDDDDDD *ali* XD
Awwww At least he has his child to comfort him, even thought he doesn't know what happen. XD
@HoennGirl: *Scratches antenna* What have I gotten myself into now?
@Alex-Stinger: something insane. Something VERRY INSANE.
@chimy19: Quite understandible, considering Foxy is constantly chasing m- speak of the devil! Ahhhhhh!
@Alex-Stinger: *ali* o.o
@chimy19: Don't just stand there while I get my thorax handed to me, HELP!
@Alex-Stinger: throax? *bites the thingymajizer*
@chimy19: *almost gets hooked as foxy is unfazed* The insectoid term for butt! And you'll need more than a bite to take down that creepy animatronic! I would sting him, but my flight or fight sent me into flight mode!
@Alex-Stinger: *ali* uhh okay then. *uses hyper beam*
@chimy19: ((If you want to rp some more, you can try this: ))
@Alex-Stinger: k! I'll do that after i have time!
OH MY GOD :D my dream college sent me two emails, and a letter. many other respectable colleges have too, even an ivy league. AND IM NOT EVEN 16 LOL! but this means one thing. I got to keep working harder in school so i may be less active
*friendship hugs self, forever alone*
@meatballsahoy92: *friendship hugs meatballsahoy92* you're not alone.
@Pinkeevee222: ok tmi
@tanis: I have no idea what you're talking about (-u-)
@HoennGirl: yeah but i hate the ivy league system so much, no way im joining one lol
@HoennGirl: *frost* um... how can sparta be un-shiny...?
@HoennGirl: oh! Isnt arceus that pokemon my trainer caught?
@HoennGirl: You know, there is already an eevee named Peter in the PC. Actually, he's also in Lightfire
@Spice1: Okay, oh, and the eevee's nickname is Pete, it's what I put in the master eevee list hmn... I should change that to both of his names...

Also, are you sure you want them in different houses? The girl eevees with 'twins' are less likely to pick on Eve.
@Spice1: Welp, that's what the girl eevees in the box do. Most just avoid her though.

Can you draw them?
@Spice1: lol
@umbreonisbestevolution50: Bell: yep. I'm a magic eevee so... At least I'm a Pokemon. 😄
It's okay Vay it's all okay...;)
why is vay so sad
i a litte woried
im sorry for you vay
does nego really think vay is his dad and did vay adopt him I mean hes acting like he is remember that comic where he gives him a collar that one he acts like hes daddy In that one
Oh Aresus RUN RUN

Watch out Daisy! That man is secretly a pervert! Oh, wait, you are secretly a psychopath, so carry on.
Awwww poor poor vay,vaporeon. I feel bad for him
What kind of places..?
@Guest: Yeah, what kind of places? you figure that out, and I'll go taste the rainbow.
Yay Daisy and Flame! Poor Vay!
He he, Vay, is like, my fav.
i read the alt text
u did good on the hug!
Someday Ssssoooommmmeeedddaaaayyy. Ssssooommmmmddaaayyy weeee will be together agaiiiinnnn
licks vapor's face
poor vay he just love daisy
vaporeon is heartbroken
"Vay has skittles up places he didn't know existed." Thats just amazing.
Leafeon and Flareon make a cute couple.
... I ship Vay and Daisy so much...

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