September 20th, 2014, 8:01 am

The eevee in the header is the father of every eevee starting with Dawn. He is also the same age as Blizz and Vay, Just a bit younger

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PPPPPFFFFT Vay is such a Grump.
Pinkeevee222, September 20th, 2014, 8:01 am Reply
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Story of my life right there... >.>
@Luigi_96: one direction reference there
@Spice1: O-O ...uh... I was about to make it Spice22 but then I realized it said spice TUTU. (However the lol you spell it)
@Pinkeevee222: *shakes head* ah... young love.
poor poor vay he doesn't deserve that GET IN THERE MATE AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!
Lol. Me and vay have something common, maybe we're related? XD hee hee, just kidding
Don't worry Vay. It happens to everyone at some point in there life. You will eventually get the girl.
@xantoina: Vay will get either Izzy or Doki, wherever Doki is... Also Blizz gets Daisy lol.
@-Spice-: don't worry i believe ya ^v^
This I find sad.
@-Spice-: Pokemon can have kids as young as when they just hatch! As I said above, Lem basically is the father of almost all the eevees in the box, and he is younger than Vay.
@Pinkeevee222: well not if they are a baby pokemon ie riolu
@Pinkeevee222: I got a dog sleeping on the ground and after 3 hours it never wake up it stade on the groud forever then I think my dog was dead ;(
@Pinkeevee222: That reminds me of my shiny hunt for Kangaskhan...oh dear, X and Y, why must it hatch WITH IT'S BABY?
Aww I really feel for Vay here :c
@Pinkeevee222: why why does he lke daisy ;( and why can't you add my charter the umbreon can't at lest add it in one comic or can it be a love triangle PLEASE!!!!! ;( name of umbreon stone
@Top pic: you do know that
1 no fan eeveelutions/shinymon allowed
and 2 all fan eevees are flat characters not majorly if not not at all involved in the plot right?
@meatballsahoy92: um ok :(
@Top pic: No can do! For one thing, you don't have an account. also, even though I'm redoing the plot, I already have a love triangle. Vay likes Daisy due to reasons I don't know yet.
@Pinkeevee222: sorry for this my cousin always does this she acts like she's me and say wired stuff
@Pinkeevee222: hehehe thanks for not making my charter instead my user name is stone the umbreon and sorry for all those things I said about stone and her liking Vay I guess it is because I like Vay as a charter also I am top pic cousin!
@-Spice-: saying my friend code to everyone wasnt necessary but lol
vays cuteness towards the end almost made me feel bad. however if daisy doesnt like him, he really shouldnt try to divert her attention from the one she does like/love or attempt to change himself to make her love you. things would never work if he did that for anyone.
@-Spice-: sorry realized it was the tumblr blog lol. im fighting ghost. not telling in what order though (would give away birthday!)
@-Spice-: LOL just realized my bday can be figured out. all possible combinations for fighting ghost result in my birthday having NOT OCCURRED this year. (i will say it when it happens finally turning 16 :D)
Yays! Everyone actually sees meh blog :D ima dragon/fairy. Wth
@chimy19: its going to happen. just give it a generation
@meatballsahoy92: *sigh* pokemon... make a drageon..
@chimy19: thatll happen as soon as there is a dark type gym
@meatballsahoy92: agreed
@-Spice-: thanks for supporting ali! (Ask me anything. PLEASE.)
ooh vay.. it's okay
just wondering am i the only one who does not like vay? nothing against those who like him.
@meatballsahoy92: I used to hate Vay, but I then read bond of brothers, and that made me hate Dawn instead of Vay because of how she treats him.
@Enderstar: Please don't let Bond of brothers change how you view the characters. It is not canon, and the author of it hates Dawn.
@-Spice-: uh i already did... just type in chimny19 eevee and peache s on google then it's the first link :p
@chimy19: I think it would be easier to ask questions if you changed your theme.
@Pinkeevee222: ok! I'll do that today!
@Pinkeevee222: your stupid #1 have you even seen pokemon umbron is NOT STUPID!#2 I don't care what you say but vaporeon is not that mean!#3 there is no such thing as a pink eevee!#4 Vay CAN'T LIKE DAISY she is a grass type and Vay is a water type duh stupid!!!
@Mean bean: CONGRATULATIONS! You are taking this comic too seriously! Have a cookie! Wait... no... it's my cookie *starts eating cookie*

Eh eh heeemmmm. *mocking voice* you are soooo stupid #1 Dusk is stupid! (Umbreon is actually my favorite eeveelution) #2 Vay is not mean, just emo #3 There is NO SUCH THING as a Mean bean! #4 Vay can like WHOEVER HE WANTS! (And besides he liked her since she was an eevee) DUH! *finishes cookie and laughs*
@Pinkeevee222: oh please you don't even have cookie BAKA!
@Spice!: Hmmmmm... what type of cookies? Also. *whispers suspiciously* If you +fav the comic with all of your accounts, we get closer to the next secret*
What if.. @Pinkeevee222: What if were all cookies...
/ \
/ \
/____\ Iluminati confirmed
@Spice!: lol that picture is my keyboard (on my phone) backround!
@Spice!: Ehhh? how?
@Spice!: hmm.... brownies
@Spice!: i'll do that! Thanks! ... after my mom stops yelling...
@Spice!: wait i dont get it i thought our friend codes were registered? are they not?
As everyone already said but I'll say it once more, poor Vay...

But now I feel bad aboot my profile pic cause of what just happened...
but then again, I'm a (somewhat) manly man, soooo yeeaaa ._.
@Spice!: oh ok thats cool. i get it now. im california (PST) so thats one hour in front of hawaii i bleieve. and the last part made me lol because you are right, there are lots of weird people on the internet i do not want to tell where i live or my full name
@Spice!: baka too you,you not even in this talk SO MIND YOUR OWN BEES WAX!and my name is mean bean I not blind stop acting like a kid!what ever you say you can't hurt my feelings,and yes I know that oshawotts like that "pokemon" and it is because that "pokemon" is pretty AND I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY!!!! See now your the baka! You know what you and pinkevee are BAKA'S!!!and no one can hurt me feeling not even a teacher or you two!!! Oh and i'am a girl baka!!!and yes I am Mexican
@Mean bean: guys dont feed the troll. and if you really want to get technical, all eeveelutions can breed with one another. in general pokemon breeding doesnt make sense because nidoran female can breed with nidoking but a nidorina/queen cant breed at all. also, just because a character belongs to a species doesnt mean technically that they must follow the general characteristics of the species, so an umbreon can be dumb or "baka". and finally its persona again vaporeon can and may be portrayed in anyway the author chooses
but finally i have a question for you
why did you come here to complain and waste your time on a comic you do not care for.
and mean bean, if you pick on me, or my friends, whether they be over the interwebs or IRL I will stick up for them. and it appears my friends would also do the same or their friends
@meatballsahoy92: zip it I don't care
@meatballsahoy92: what he said, and I just wanted to say I totally agree.
@Pinkeevee222: what is Vay poting at???
@Top pic: Actually, he's pointing at the house
@Pinkeevee222: oh it looked like a school
@Top pic: Pokemon are poor architects.
@Spice!: please stop being mean to mean bean her name is mean bean but that does not mean she is mean because she has a hard time doing things beacuse she HAD a very mean mother and so she ran away and got adpoted to a more nicer mother her name used to be mean bean but it is not her name anymore but when she was a kid her mom died so she was adopted her user name is mean bean to remind her that all of those hard times have past and she will live good, but she was bulled every year she wanted to fight back but she knew it was wrong she did it anyway and that's how she became mean bean. Once I fell when I was little she helped me and now we are really good friends so please believe me! :)
@Rice ball are good: not going to say whether i believe the validity of the statement or not but hurting others or being mean due to your own personal past or current hardships is never a good excuse. I'm disowned by my father, and have anxiety issues, but i never take it out on anyone. doing that only shows childish behavior and an inability to grasp reality. and i have even fluorished. I have lots of good friends who catch me when i am falling, teachers who i can look up to, and all As atop of it. I also grew from it as a person. and while im not even 16 yet, and my future as an adult has not been determined yet, i have never let my family problems and past issues get in my way of being a good person. okay sorry for rambling on everyone who actually read down to here.
@meatballsahoy92: oh so you don't believe me I did not trip if that's what you thinking of I FELL off a fence on to the hard ground after that i went to the nurse @mean bean helped me it is ok if you don't believe me :( ;(
@Rice ball are good: well i didnt say whether or not i did. i said i wasnt going to say because i dont have any information. but why did you guys bring it to this comic's comments? unneeded. pointless. nothing will get accomplished in real life.
@meatballsahoy92: don't talk like that talk to that to my friend and also this is non of you bees wax too
@-spice-: it no one cares and why do you even care it's not like you have met me or pinkevee in real life and it not like your my mom and I don't need a chill pill you do you don't even know how old I am :p
@Spice!: dont respond and this will all boil over, no comics will be made to the comics, he accomplishes nothing. and hes obvious a troll just look at his name and hes also a guest
@meatballsahoy92:I AM A GIRL!!!BAKA
@meatballsahoy92: I am not trying to make a fit but I think your not that smart you may think that but you keep on saying " you will not accoplish nothing "not making a fit but I think that's kind of dumb saying that to @mean bean and @rice ball are good not trying to make a fit
@Top pic : no im saying they will accomplish nothing by complaining and starting fights online (like here) or by complaining about the comic, they will change nothing. sorry if you or they misinterpreted it as saying they are not capable of accomplishing anything in real life, because everyone of us has the potential to. my bad. and sorry saying he by mistake is a big problem with me.
now im going to stop commenting on this because this is getting very off topic, random with people who arent even brave enough to use a real account
@meatballsahoy92: yeah good thing were not fighting
@Spice!: no need to be ashamed of your age.
@Spice!: well i knew from your tightness not to reveal your name your age was also fake. i guessed older actually. i dont know why
@Spice!: do you even know how old I'm am
@Spice!: I am 6 years old
@Spice!: I don't think I'm famous, I think I just made a very interesting comic name. Also, Next secret is Daisy.
@Spice!: 200! (I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon)
@Pinkeevee222: well 200 people probably read this comic but probably half of them are too scared to make an account and favorite it
@meatballsahoy92: True, so very true
@Spice!: you are in shame you were bulling a six year old
@Spice!: all those mean things you said like baka you were really saying it to a six year old you should be shamed and remember I said you don't even know old I am you said "It doesn't matter" know it does matter just look back at all of the mean things you have done i'am a not the mean bean you are don't you get it?
Oh dear Vay you're blushing ~ how cute
@Spice!: don't worry I believe you and I am really 8 I say sorry too
aw Vay's lonely~
I feel for da brother from another mothah! @Pinkeevee222: I wonder...... Does anybody like Vay? He can"t be that unapproachable. Or can he?
@Spice!: lloyd is a character from the tv series lego ninjago, masters of spinjitzu. Also, he loves candy.
HEY I'M GRUMP! AND NOT SO GRUMP! AND I'M NOT A GAME GRUMP! This is a shout out to game grumps Egoraptor and Danny.
Hey, I forgot to log in, sorry. By the way, please stop fighting over my content.
@Guest I'm not cute. I'm manly.

@ookami_mangetsu I'm not lonely. That's impossible while being sourrounded by eevees and eeveelutions.
Reality sometimes sucks or is sometimes good but for Vay it sucks...:( :)
I think they are an extremely cute couple lol
Trrollllll Oh he's such a grump
Oh yeah a GIANT grump
And he looks like a grump
And he SMELLS like a GRUMP!!

I like penguins🐧
2 fast 4 u
advice for Vay: Honestly I wouldn't go after a leafeon. like most espeons, i prefer umbreons. [sees Dusk] Speaking of umbreons...[runs off]
*sneaks into vay's room* boo.

Vay: GAH!

Me: HA HA! Your face! *starts singing*


... why can I picture this scene with these characters from New Danganronpa V3?

Shuichi as Vay
Kaede as Daisy
Rantarou as Blizz
Vay has a crush!!!
Dude In the name of all rap, He got 99 problems but a ***** ain't one
Vay loves daisy????
grump you say...! @Pinkeevee222:
Vay: Hey I'm Grump!
Vay: I'm also not so grump!

im not sorry
daisy:i need to go now and never see you again. Vay:waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
@Pinkeevee222: WHY DO YOU MAKE VAY SUFFER!!!(p.s. vay is my favorite)

Dark Side (my evil umbreon OC) laughs
Oh hes such a Grump!Oh yeah i giant grump!And he looks like a grump!and he smels like a grump!"Dark Side sings in a evil voice."Stop!!!!!"Silvia (my sylveon oc) slaps Dark Side in the face and he slaps me back and then we get into a slap fight
ok...i mean Dark Side and silvia get in fights alot...its just how i programed to

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