September 27th, 2014, 8:08 am

I was going to upload another one, buuuuttt... I felt like uploading this one

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YAY! The official 50th comic! *dances stupidly*
Slowly, but steadily, Glaceon is getting more character.
Pinkeevee222, September 27th, 2014, 8:08 am Reply
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*clicks invisible "like" button"
Stop stealing my babe! What if Blizz knew about Vay trying to get together with Daisy, and this was his way of saying "back off!"
@Tiberius: dont count on it lol, blizz is a little simple minded
@Tiberius: then he would the same thing all the other eeveelution in eeveelution squad

ps read eeveeluution squad glaceon is girl and likes a jolteon but also hits him alot
so if face book is just a book what about twiter*chatot flys by*and tumbler?*a random eevee rolles by*... and kicker oh go-*SOCK*-flying away-
lol @T-H-E GUY: None of you get it its funny get it face and book = facebook
@Santa Lucario: yeah vay got hit in the FACE with a BOOK
@T-H-E GUY: instabam
Each and evry single one of these comics make me so happy, thank you very very much for making and posting these. They always make me smile.
@Guest: Your welcome! I'm just glad that my comics are making people smile!
@Pinkeevee222 you have every single right to know that when i feel down i grab my tablet and read these silly comics to make my day. (I have to show this to my cousin she's gone die from laufing *i have no idea if i make any typing mistakes cause my english comes from video games* now i have to go to sleep before my dad finds out i'm stil using my tablet at this time of night (it's 22:52)
@Spice!: thanks for saying i feel stupid from time to time thinking that i wrote things half wrong (pokemon ranger shadows of Alimia is not the best teacher when it comes to english)
Sometimes I wonder what is going through that glaceons mind when he's doing stuff like that, what exactly goes on in there
why glaceon is my fav. glaceon is love, glaceon is life...that was such a bad reference
@Pinkeevee222: i got in trouble for having a facebook too... lolwut
@Pinkeevee222: oh yeah! Ali now evolved into a leafeon so i'll be changing the pic!
@it's chimy19 : awwww. If Ali is a leafeon, she can't be in the comic anymore *sob*
@Pinkeevee222: dont worry! Some events happen (aka unevolution gun) and she goes back to being an eevee! Just for now though, she zapped into a leafeon! (But seriously. It's like 5 comics.)
@chimy19: Your icon is soooooo cute!!!
@Pinkeevee222: thanks ^v^ it fits ali's personality i think
@umbreonisbestevolution50: (A bunch of greenpaw girls start to chase after her)
@umbreonisbestevolution50: *ali* COME BAAAAAACKKKKKK VEEVEE LETS BE FRIENDS!!!!!!!
@umbreonisbestevolution50: Here! Have a freeze ray! It shall help in the capture of veevee!
@umbreonisbestevolution50: wait but dont most of the other eevees (discluding eeveelutions) hate her, the rare and only exception being oliver
@meatballsahoy92: yeah but eve is my fwend!
lazy luna:THATS IT!
[freezes all the greenpaw eevees exept for ali] veevee:[makes it to ice drop]
@umbreonisbestevolution50: Yeah! Kawaii desu!
Awwwww! *ali* not as adorable as me! *frost slaps ali* *ali* okay thats kawaii :)
@Spice!: *gasp* *ali* I GOT IT'S! I GOT IT GOT IT GOT IT!
Facebooked? Vay your not the only one who does not get it boy.
again lazy veevee:takes device off of foot]
luna:bye.[goes back home]
but, i installed it in your blood. i said i put it on your foot because thats where i put the needle in that had the devise so actually it could be anywhere in your body and also ali is holding the remote so HA. ALI PUSH THE BUTTON NOWWWWWW!

(what will happeen next????? (again))
@Spice!: *pushes the button*
@Pinkeevee222: does more character mean less of being referred to as blizz its been like ages since he was last called that lol
@meatballsahoy92: Nope! It's just means I'm finally giving him personality *stab* I should have done that sooner TTuTT
@Spice!: yeah! That'll be awesome!
@umbreonisbestevolution50: You know, I would do that, buuuuut I need a proper ref for her before I can draw her
@umbreonisbestevolution50: but she already teleported... but ran away! sparta called a gardevoir army of 75 ordered them to "CATCH THE VEEVEE"

(how did sparta know the gardevoir? secret!!)
@umbreonisbestevolution50: just so ya know, pinkeevee doesnt acsept any shiny-mon. Frost is just a very, VERY, light-furred eevee.
@umbreonisbestevolution50: Psychic? I don't think any eevee can be psychic unless an espeon was their mother.
@umbreonisbestevolution50: Not in-game pokemon. Arceus can't even breed with anything.
@umbreonisbestevolution50: But. all eevees, in-game and background are born to Harmony, the female eevee breed slave. plus, why would their trainer be hatching eevees when she could watch the eclipse?
*-* Walks up to Vay* FACEBOOKED So Please tast da rain bow*,*
@Ella I Am: LOL
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha(laughing so hard fell off the couch and started to gag.)XD
I don't under stand that is sooooo random
It's called the Internet Vay
??? Facebook or face-book
lol @Blueespeon189: lol
I like the grump and facebook
@Pinkeevee222: dusk and i hit it off yesterday and started dating. i figured i would let u know. *_*
@EvanatheEspeon: Well, I guess that's another Dusk, cause the Dusk in this comic series is single.
@Pinkeevee222: wrong. And I got facebooked about a week ago.
Shirt Stupid Eevee Comics Dawn is my fav eevee ^-^
Final Panel Why does it look like Blizz gotta go fast :d maybe I'm crazy
face palms
CORRECTION #56 actually. sorry correction took over. celebrate 6 comics ago
sigh's hapily my old joke is now catching along lol
I’m not supposed to use Facebook
This is even funnier knowing the fact that facebook has the most unfunny memes.
my mom goes to facebook on her phone LOL!
i think blizz stay with dusk too long so they are both crazy
@Pinkeevee222: XD TOO FUNNY btw i loev ur picture did u make it urself?
pfft that joke was funny...but pinkeevee222 can you leave him alone for i while?i love you Vay...bye!
leave him alone...please 'LEAVE VAY ALONE!!!!!!STOP MAKING HIM SUFFER!!!HES A GOOD EEVEE INSIDE!!!SO JUST STOP...here...have a poem i made for you...Vay:thank you...*vay hugs me and smiles* me:why does everyone hate you (besides eve and daisy)but you care about everyone else...your a cop so youre your just trying to help everyone!Vay :audino...heheh Me:PUNZZZZZZZZZ *we start dancing*

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