October 12th, 2014, 11:26 am

Don't worry, you'll see Sora in the next one!

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I know, not Sora related, buuuut, you see, *suspicious rambling*
Also, I can't draw humans *sobs in dark corner*
Pinkeevee222, October 12th, 2014, 11:44 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:46 pm Reply

@Pinkeevee222: i can draw pictures of real things like humans, but not cartoon like things like pokemon
@meatballsahoy92: I can only draw humans when I look at them, but, they usually turn out ugly.
@Pinkeevee222:thier not ugly and aww the little eevee human is sooooo cute!!
@Guest: I'm 99% sure that's negotiation.
@meatballsahoy92: IS DAT VAY :0


Vay is a

hooooooly crap. I somehow didn't see that coming.
@Luigi_96: Considering that Vay has human DNA...
@Tiberius: Dun dun dunnnnnnnn
@Skytigers456: Da ba da ba daBAAAAAAM (padum)
Okay? @Evcheto: I don't understand???
what @Skytigers: I just added more ba da duuum because I thought it was funny lol. Sorry if this confused you.
Well @Tiberius: Its shown that he can speak human and his "child" can turn into a human as well.
Okay this is crazy it has nothing to do with sora
@Mean bean: sora will show in the next comic
@Pinkeevee222: Pinkeevee what is the plot of this comic
@Top pic: what do you mean it is a meanwhile there kind of is no plot
@Top pic: Well, as the name implies, the plot is really stupid... I think... really, I guess the only serious thing in here is the 'Meanwhile' plot, and a few random things I might put in here and there.
Va Vay is he human and I saw negro in the background if that human is Vay I will never look at him the same way *stone looking sad*
@Stone the umbereon: ........*no comment*
@Stone the umbereon: But... Vay isn't a human. He is a pokemon. Plus Nego, without the r... I should really change his name.
@Pinkeevee222: you not Pinkeevee!
@Mean bean: i'am just it does not want me to log on
@Mean bean: I have no idea what is going on here (-_-)
@Spice!: are we friends?yes I know we have not met in real life but are we kind of friends?
Well if it helps people from the above comments, I'm not very good at drawing either Humans or Pokemon but what truly counts is the effort you put in to do so and with practice comes perfection ^^ Which is the reason why I always do my very best to draw my characters c:

Great work as always by the way~
@Lady Darkrina: my friend at school is teaching me how to draw manga/cartoons whenever we have freetime in history
@meatballsahoy92: Aww well that's really nice to hear Meatballs ^_^ I'm glad to see that your friend is helping you out.

Usually when I'm stuck at the stuff, I look up tutorials on Dragoart, youtube (sometimes)or I look up on a site called easy drawing tutorials
What? Wait a second..... Vay does have human genes..... Did he turn human for a moment?
@Babe the Vaporeon: have you ever read the pokedex? nothing in pokemon ever makes sense. for all we know pokemon may not even have their genetic code stored in DNA it could be RNA like certain viruses or some other nucleic acid not yet discovered. (okay got too biotech in that comment of trying to prove how there is no science in pokemon)
for some reason nego in the final panel looks like a super saen. maybe its just the tail
@meatballsahoy92: Remember, it was implied that something happened to Vay where it made him to be more human in nature. Pokemon seem similar to animals, so I would assume their DNA is in the nucleus, but I do recall eevees having a special type of DNA that allows them to survive in almost any type of environment. My theory is if such DNA with similar abilities could be modified to wheret he said pokemon goes through changes, and not the normal evolution changes.

(Sorry if I sounded like a smart***, I just like theorizing things like this and to prove a point, it does not help that sometimes I check the dusk blog so I get what's up with the eevee and the eeveelutions)
they arent real they arent bound to our laws because they are pokemon. (and in general the use of DNA has become blurred to more than its worth just a double helix of nucleotides). people fail to realize that even in real life. the people who won nobel prize for discovering enzyme RNAs were laughed out of all studies. but they are right and ribozymes are real.
@meatballsahoy92: Hey, I am still getting used to biology, bug I have learned about RNA, I am having a little bit of trouble understanding it, but I am coming along. Yeah, I believe that people were laughed at for saying for RNA is real. Just like the people that said that life coming from dead things isn't real(I forgot the scientific name, was it spontaneous combustion? It is something along those lines)

Yes, I do know they don't abide to our world's laws, these are super powered animals for goodness sakes! There are yellow mice that shoot electricity out of their cheeks, I am pretty sure I have never seen a mouse like that before. I do remember eevee being similar to a fox in appearances, and it is said to have an irregular gene structure, and aren't genes dealt with in the nucleus! And RNA deals with coding, decoding, Regulation, and the copying of genes while DNA Encodes the genetic information, yes RNA codes the genes and an eevees RNA would certainly different then a humans for them to have that genetic structure, perhaps Vay's RNA has been modified in a way where it influenced his DNA to encode a genetic structure different then a normal eevee's. This means his is still close enough to evolve, and as an eevee was close enough to live in almost any type of environment, but it is similar enough to a human's for him to look similar to us and for him to change into one of us temporarily perhaps?
@meatballsahoy92: You do have a point about the RNA though, for all we know Mew could have been an animal genetically modified to create other types of super powered animals, we may never know, and I kinda hope to leave it at that, I don't always like seeing headcannons get destroyed so fast, and it would just change pokemont ol much in my opinion.
@Babe the Vaporeon: Sorry for the geek Internet battle, I felt it necessary because love pokemon, and biology interests me, I am not the best at it though.
@Babe the Vaporeon: and i was accepted to do a uc berkely biotech course over the summer. ive been blessed with awesome teachers in biology my whole life. and the material comes to me. if you need help with biology feel free to ask. im doing ap bio and right now (2 weeks from end of quarter) i have a 101.34 in the class (that teacher makes me work my ass off though)
and 2nd your overanalyzing pokemon. let that sink in. you think pinkeevee, or the creators meant for science to be applied. its like the zelda timeline. neither should exist. pokemon science or a timeline in zelda
@meatballsahoy92: Yeah, sorry, I tend yo over analyze a lot of things.
@Pinkeevee222 the human looks like someone i like... lol
wait.... What? Well, that explains the human speech and the transforming Nego, now excuse me while my head explodes
@Angelic: omg I not paying for your new brain cells
@Spice!: oh okay
Is it bad I already knew this was coming?
Deductions confirmed.
Does anyone have pic collage? My user name is kittylover256 with a umbereon pic
@babe the vaporeon alrighty then!!
@Angelic: I am so sorry, that wasn't me, they took my original name and stuff,and since I didn't have an account they could, so I guess it is my fault, so I just created a new account so it won't happen again. I will apologize on their behalf and my own.
@Babe the Vaporeon: it is ok
... nego's face in the backround tho
ah... i'm baaaaack!!!!
Looks like their heist...

Just got jacked

I think we found the reason Vay doesn't have that frill or whatever it's called on his neck
WHAT IN SAM HELL!!! HOLY SH** vay is human he he is a a th thing and just woooooooooow
I am so sorry if anyone misuse my name on this site, I just created an account, it might take awhile, i I apologize if I might seem rude, it wasn't me talking about the brain cells, it was me ranting. And I also apologize for my ranting and overanaylisis, (I misspelled so many words, so sorry) that is just part of my crazy personality.
And there we go! I now have a legitimate account that I won't forget! Yeah! I feel so accomplished!
@Spice!: i'm cool! When can you trade, eastern time?
veevee is an eevee who will not be in a house permanently buutttt
she will be in icedrop looking for eve. fun fact:her bow can become a basket.
she wears a bow on her right ear.
must I tell more. [I wants my picture now.] me:LUNA! im back!
luna:OH CRAP. [runs]
@luna da umbreon: stop pinkevee can't add your eevee beacuse you have no pic of her
@luna da umbreon: No can do! Read the rules!
i like how none of the comments are asking who LKD's boss is who probably will play a major role in the plot. instead they are about anything but.
Well so much for their "BIGGEST HEIST"
It's because we know who it is... IT"S A PERSIAN!
new top of the page looks nice good job on it
@Spice!: I think Vay has a flamethower and is going to burn the header.
@Glacia: And next for the header is going to be a burning header!
Just for the record. Luigi_96, I'm sure I'm not a giant, blank space.

(This isn't official. Vay and this comic is owned by Pinkeevee222. Please Don't sue me. I'm gonna make an offical account, but I will give all credit to Pinkeevee222.)
@umbreonisbestevolution50: *Watches curiously, then snaps out of it* I still have no idea how she looks like (=_=)
@Spice! Hehehehehehehehehehehe

@drageon (chimy19)

... -_- (team vay)
@umbreonisbestevolution50: NO SHE CANT MAKE LUNA!SO STOP and You are not holding a knife and you are taking this way too far it is just a comic get over it and no purple umbreon it has to be black yellow and red for the eyes I've all ready told you this get over it
@Mean bean ...true, but lets not get into another one of those arguements... (unless its necessary...'~')

@umbreonisbestevolution ...all you need to do is to draw a colored hand sketch and submit it as a comic, give the link, and once pinkeevee has accepted it, delete the sketch/comic/thing and submit her personality thing FOLLOWING the rules, for instance no icedrop eevees... and pinkeevee soon wil make her comic.
@Spice! (not logging on... again): yeah sorry(but it is still just a comic)
@Babe the Vaporeon it is fine! But the other Angelic wasn't me, this is confusing @A@ it's kind of ironic, I'll have to fix that and make an account, if I have time _ _"

Sorry about that
@Angelic: It's okay.
@Angelic: Ok! I understand, people like to be trouble makers..... Of course, I am one of them, but not to such of a level!
@Spice!: team Vay yay
@umbreonisbestevolution50: aye~ OH RIGHT! We already have a background eevee named Luna. Did you really read the rules ? (-_-) Plus, no eeveelutions.
Ah yes thank you for understanding! @Babe the Vaporeon
Gasp Mother of god.............................wut happened

*random friend walks in*
Hey she's handling this WAY better then how she handled some MLP fanfic
Bell: yep.that's bay in the last panel. Blue hair, sharp tooth, pokeball collar, stopping Levin,Kevin and Devin, who else could it be? Plus the whole human genes thing. * wonders am I right?*
@Pinkeevee222: its OK. I can't either.*goes and sobs in same corner as pinkeevee222* humans are just *sob* too hard.😩
I'm so confused???and why are Levin Kevin and devin taking the rare Candy's I WANT SOME!!!
Wait... 😱
I KNOW WHO THAT IS its vay!!!
Gizmo: How is Vay a human and how does he have human genes is he like a hybrid or something and same with Nego I mean who did Vay mate with to get Nego and-
Ambassador: Oh my GOD, Giz, won't you just SHADDUP!!!
awww nego is so cute
Holy......THIS IS BEYOND MY OWN BRAINPOWER TOOK ME ONE DANG CLICK TO FIND OUT VAY IS HUMAN , *passes out half dead on the floor* not even I can do that how the heck...and dawn likes him? -.- imagine if she found out x3
Is that bay as a human
I meant to type vay
... what the gurdurr is that VAY?!!!?
DUH! @EvanatheEspeon: of course it's Vay you Stunfisk.
@MoontheUmbreon: I'm a Derp
@Pinkeevee222: If there is no more plot for this, you will lose fans, I garentee
@Guest: Says a guest.
LE GASP! @Pinkeevee222: Dat guy is VAY!!!!!!! Just guessing, dont torture me if Im wrong.
@Pinkeevee222: he looks like a human.
@Pinkeevee222: I DONT CARE XD i caan't raw anything right XD
Vay can become human???
Vay is half hueman! I know it!
Who else is reminded of Marth?
Oh geez I have been reading these comics for at least a year now. How in the world did I never realize that the child looking at the Pikachu in the back was Nego?!?
Huh Oh does Vay know transform???¿¿¿
looks like vap in human form if I had to guess. :) took a second look to realize it though.
just so everyone knows *takes deep breathe*

vay has human dna, that is why he has no frill, he was not born with this it was given to him by the people at the lab when he was an eevee. that is why he and nego(who is his son) can transform into humans.


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