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October 17th, 2014, 8:50 pm

Harmony: You know that stupid 'Sky' Dusk is hopelessly in love with? Welp. He's dead. and I technically killed him. *evil laughter*

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. Let's have a (totally last minute) 3 day update!
(I just really want to get this part over and done with )
Pinkeevee222, October 17th, 2014, 8:50 pm Reply
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Uh oh! Umbreon, be careful! This is dangerous ground you are now treading on!
@thunderhooves: read the alt text
@crazyunbreondudegirl: I used my comp. for tha comment, but seriously do wat I said
alt text @crazyunbreondudegirl: ... :|
@crazyunbreondudegirl: how do you find the alt text?
@TrainerBlueTube: ... "Him"... Lemme get this straight... Dusk is a guy, and is "hopelessly in love with Sky", who is also a guy?
You are officially standing on razor-thin ice there, buddy.
OMG I REMEMBER THIS ON THE TUMBLR LEAKS FROM LIKE MARCH also this comic makes me feel a bit sad. it reminds me of this one girl who really liked me and she said that to me one day but i rejected her because the feelings were not mutual...
@meatballsahoy92: Well I guess it just happens, that's life. I remember some guy liked me and I ended up rejecting him because the feelings weren't mutual either.
@Lady Darkrina: same thing with me but it was a girl that was just my friend but I regected her because she acts weird
Her name is Delaney
@Umbreon fan: my name is Delaney I live in earlville
@Eevee: me to I will not tell you my real name
@Umbreon fan: your name is CJ
@Eevee : Delaney I did not know you were here
My name is not CJ
@Umbreon fan: I like cheese
@Eevee: srsly
What? @Guest: WHAT!!??
mrghnnnnnNERHHHGHHSHHDHHSHH*flicking between masseffect diolog chooser choosing between give 3ds and tease cute eevee about it*
@Spice! Nope. I believe that is night.
Every thing stops
What's he gonna tell sky now? And, does he like eve?
@pinkeeveefan: no
@pinkeeveefan: no
Pinkevee if you want a n3ds you could wish for it on Christmas that's what I did to get my 3ds I really like playing pokemon y (not x) I have been looking for eevees everywhere (still can't find them)
PINKEEVEE222!!!!!!! Bizz,bolt,dusk,vay,eve,daisy and dawn are they all like a famliy?!?!?!?
PINKEEVEE222!!!!!!! Bizz,bolt,dusk,vay,eve,daisy and dawn are they all like a famliy?!?!?!?
@Mean bean : Technically, Yes, but, the mechanics of family don't really apply to them, because, they're game pokemon, and in game, it's like if you breed a female with almost perfect IV's, and then make her breed with her father so there egg can have perfect IV's. That is why the eevees made the "house" system, eevee in the same house are considered family, while eevee in different houses aren't.
@Pinkeevee222: WE ARE IN A GAME!? [faints]
reads alt. text ...O...M...A...
Duu duuhhh duuuhhhnnn
I've always wondered that too...
nachos I bet eve want to have sex with dusk and have babys with him ( laughs)
@slyeon is cool: no they should not I think dusk or is that night (confused) should say no
the begining of me this was on my birth day im new im far behind
the face
Umbreon I must tell you to be careful
Umbreon: N-O. ... why???
Umbreon be really careful
EVE! What a question! Dusk,be careful what you say!
i read the Alt text (glares at Harmony)
@EvanatheEspeon: *Glares back* Harmony Used Leer!
@Harmony: That does nothing to me. TM 15!!!
@EvanatheEspeon and @Harmony: Oi, you 2, can you ever chill out? And Harmony, Leave my sister alone.
Dramatic Fashback! (Back when they were eevees) Moon: *sees moonstone* Ooo! Shiny!
Bull: HEY! That moonstone is MINE!
Moon: No it's not! I found it!
Everest: Yeah! It's hers!
Bull: grr... You wanna know what little eevee? *shoves Moon down* You'll always be nothin' but a stupid, fluff butted-
Moon:*Kicks Bull away with hind paws*
Bull: *Feels face with paws* Oh, you never know when to quit do you? *Unsheaths claws* you know what? I'm an Umreon, and you're nothin' but a stupid eevee! *scratches Moon* go home fluff face.*walks off*
Everest: Oh my stars Moon! are you okay?
Moon: *Holds up moon stone* Yeah. *stands up*
Everest: Wow! you got the stone! That Bull don't know what he's talkin' about!
Moon: Well, he was right about one thing. I never know when to quit.
@Everyone: No role playing in the comment section.
Why @Pinkeevee222: why is there no role playing?
@Cubone: Role playing clutters the comment section, and is not needed at all.
Thanks @Pinkeevee222: thanks for telling me!
shut up an KISS ALREADY lip wrestle
uh whose sky? Will we ever know?
Umbreon.Exe has stopped working
@Pinkeevee222: poor eve
To bad @Pinkeevee222 mom got me a 3ds it cost $160 with a charizard on the outside AND it came with a free Pokémon game.Sucker.
@Swanfire888 : ok you mean
@PinkEevee: I want one to I have a switch but it’s not enough! IT’S NEVER ENOUGH!

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