October 19th, 2014, 7:20 am

Soo sad. Vay never had his frill thingy to begin with *sniff*

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hmmm... I wonder why that happened...

Background eevee is Biscuit. he would have appeared earlier, buuuutt, I had no idea how to draw his goggles, I mean, there's a lot of goggles! Swim goggles, scuba diving goggles, pilot goggles, adventuring goggles, steampunk goggle... It made my head hurt (TT_TT)
Pinkeevee222, October 19th, 2014, 7:17 am Reply
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@Pinkeevee222 poor eve... don't worry! I got'cha covered!
Aww! Did Eve finally accept that Dusk doesn't like her?

Magic eevee: hey pinkeevee222? Did you check out my comments on the last one?
I am almost done with character information!
Nice to meet you I really love your short comics I just recently read them, I couldn't help to read them all, I can't wait for the next up-to-date comic!
@Pinkeevee222 I love Umbreon-kun, Or Dusk.
@Jolteon: Thanks!
Okay this is...
Bell: If you need more names for evolutions,just ask me. I can come up with some. 😉
*stone sighs*
Stone : good thing that did not happen to me
*Stone starts to blush*
Stone: its not like I like someone!
its okay eve, theres bound to be someone else for you. I feel so bad for eve she's so innocent
@Pinkeevee222:I never really specified what kind they were, sorry
But you drew them just fine, sorry to confuse you ^^;
@meta-eggplant: It's okay! I just like complaining!
@Pinkeevee222: Bell: Can I please post a batground eevee? Plus, why does Dusk look happy in the last panel? But seriously, I really need to post it.

Looks: markings exactly like Izzy only where on her it is dark brown, it is black on him. He has blue eyes and a green collar with a silver bell on it.
Nature:capable of taking hits, kind, and funny.
House: Light fire
Gender: male
@Pinkeevee222: What tools do you use to make your comics pinkeevee? Please awnser me.
@pinkeeveefan: Paint tool SAI, Paint. net and MS paint
@Pinkeevee222: thanks so much for responding, because I want to make awesome pictures like you do 😁
@Pinkeevee222: please anwnser all comments. thanks1 :3
They are sooooooo getting together.... I just feel it...
@Pinkeevee222 What about Flame's magazine? Is he still looking for it? Imagine if anybody else found it... I cant imagine especially if Dawn or Eve found that. 1,000 fans for
Umbreon-kuns secret? I wonder how I become a fan i'm going to wonder around the site until i find a solution! I'm so confused by the time there and here.
@Guest: I still bet 200 pokeollars that Blizz finds it
@Tiberius: I'll bet that either Dawn or Dusk will find it because it has bolth of their species on the cover. They'll probably get mad at each other about it. Plus, I have 300 pokedollars, so I don't care if I lose.
(I was the @Guest I forgot to put my username in) @Tiberius I think Blizz would put it on the internet, or may even torchure Flame and make him his slave. XD also, @Tiberius Your on!
@Jolteon: *You're
@Grammer Reich: you know for your own comments there's an edit button, right? Jolteon can change his stuff if he wants to, but he doesn't have to.
Lol! So much derp in last panel! XD
Im gonna tell my friends in class about your comics pinkeevee. That OK?
Aww poor eve :c
Told ALL my friends about your comics. Even my teacher! XD
yays i has account um guys something happened...
its about a friend...
is that me at the top!?
[gasp] VEEVEE. I FORGOT. SHE IS IN ICEDROP LOOKING FOR EVE. too bad she will never find her.
I hate eve so I like seeing her cry (eves a crybaby eves a crybaby)
@Guest: Bell: if you hate eve you must die to my claws! 😬
@pinkeeveefan: hahaha so does that mean you are a eevee me and my overpowered pokemon can beat you oh wait you maybe don't even have a pokemon game hahaha
@Guest: baka
@Guest: Bell: shut the heck up. Don't judge me. (BTW I'm MAGIC dummy! 😡(read my comments on the last comic.))
@pinkeeveefan: *sigh* your such a kid
@Guest: well, sorry if I can't help being 9 years old! 😬
@Pinkeevee222 I bet 500 pokedollars that a backround eevee will find it!
When's the next comic?
@Spice!: ahem. two accounts? what do you mean? i am luna. umbreonisbestevolution50 is someone else.[this is umbreonisbestevolution50 i told you we might get mixed up!]
too bad she cant.lets hope WE find her.
@lunatheumbreon: Bell: don't worry. She came over to my house to hang out today. (My house is in the forest, next to the lake near greenpaw.)
@pinkeeveefan: pinkeeveefan see u soon
@evveeee: hai maryellen. :3
@Spice!: she's not umbreonbestevelution. so late
@Lol: do you even know what baka means?!?!??
Nice comics you have there....

If only they updated more often lol
@Spice!: O_O ummm... okay but you do know california is one of the biggest states and the most populated one.
@pinkeeveefan oh can i play too? :D
@chimy19: OK! 😄
@pinkeeveefan: whatcha playing if you are playing something to do with talking to each other like EXAMPLE:stone:hi I don't like anyone. So if you are playing like that can i play?(*stone blushing*)stone:I DONT LIKE SOMEONE!!!!
@Stone the umbreon: no, its more of a play date kind of thing. 😊
cool! I love your comic <3
@Piku Protealer: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: geez, you don't need to thank. you deserve it ya know?
keep on your great work. ^3^
@Piku Protealer: me,toooooo !
so cool! wish I could draw evees. want more evee.
veevee:so what will we do here?
[now,bell will ansewer]
pinkeeveefan, please ansewer.
@lunatheumbreon: Bell: just hang out, play video games, read, eat, all sorts of stuff. You can pick what we should do first. 😊
Hey, if there are any comments made by evveeee, she's my friend Maryellen. so yeah. 😐
Yay! It's Friday! No school for me today! 😆 (and yes, I usualy have school on Friday.)
@pinkeeveefan: veevee:how about we find eve and be friends with her?

luna:[sees eve with dusk] GET OFF OF HIM!!
pepper:[holds lunas tail] luna, calm down.
luna:[looks at pepper] pwease?
pepper:[eyes shaped like hearts] ok go ahead....[faints] so cute.....
@lunatheumbreon: Bell: OK. But if we do, we'll make friends with either Blizz, or Dawn on the way, OK? Thanks! 😉 (doesn't notice any of the text below the first line (BTW pepper is sooooo hot! 😍 (I in love with him! 😘)))
@Pinkeevee222: *wishpers*pinkeevee I think stone likes Vay stone:face ALL red
@Stone the umbreon: Bell: (whispers to stone) its OK. I'll admit I have a very tiny crush on Blizz. I know you like him*, but your secret is safe with me. 😯

since you have been useing japinise words and proverbs should you not have said baka or something?
@pinkeeveefan pepper:[sees bell]
veevee:LETS GO! [sees blizz] hey do you want a burrito?[holds out burrito]
Blizz:burrito... 😲 yes please...
Bell:(sees pepper and immediately runs away blushing SUPER hard)
@pinkeeveefan: pepper:aww dont be like that! [rushes over to bell] TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!

luna:well,never mind. ill go back home.
veevee:come on lets go find eve! [rushes to find eve]
What I'd tell ya she's now crying...(sigh)
@bri'sshinEevee: Tissue?
The one in the header... Could it be...?
It might possibly be Sky, my friends...
*Puts on thinking cap*
@ILikeWaffles: He says "I'm not even in this series"
I'm probably about as oblivious as Umbreon...
LOL Dusk screwed up pretty bad.
I like french toast. I also love stupid short eevee comics far more than i love normal pokemon.
@Pinkeevee222: Alternate ending:
Last panel: Dusk: why did that happen? Biscuit: Dude, it is not my problem.
Orca: *turns into a puddle*
Moon: What? How does she DO that?
Kinkajou: Meh. Heck if I know.
Blaze: *holds 3ds away from water* Not happening puddle.
Thou art spelleth series wrong in thyn title
@cybokat1865: I don't see the problem.
Is it bad that i ship eve and dusK
Is it bad that i ship eve and dusK
This is funny. What. Just. Happened. Lololol!
dusk did the know that> but he love hes game. i just did not know that....

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