October 25th, 2014, 9:00 pm

If Vay is exposed to certain items, or heres a certain word... well... you'll just have to find out (LOL)

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It's the thought that counts... right?
Reason why comic is late: Host site being stupid
In my defence, the comic was up on BOTH my deviantart and Dusk's ask blog sooooo, I think I have good enough reasons *MWAH HA HA!*
Pinkeevee222, October 25th, 2014, 9:08 pm Reply
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@Pinkeevee222: Oh, it is okay!
w-w-wWHYYYY. MY TOP PERCENTAGE RATTATA!!!! D: (irl name is joey)
Joey: "Hey player can you help me find my Ratttata?"
No. That is not correct. Please try again.
BECAUSE THEY ARE WEEK WE ARE STRONG it is only the way it works he he he
@Pinkeevee222: ya I know the internet said"can not work on this surver"
@Pinkeevee222: soo did not say his feelings to eve

Stone:I don't like Vay!!!!
yah I read it on deviant art instead :P y server down....
Pinkeevee222:(stone like Vay stone likes Vay)

Haru(stones best friend):*sigh*
Nichel: "wow, luckily it wasn't one of my workers."
Bell: (whispers to chimy19) don't tell anyone, I have a serious crush on Pepper! 😍
@pinkeeveefan: I heard everything hehehe
@Glacia: Bell: then don't tell everyone! 😣
@pinkeeveefan: Fine
not again....? Oh dear, how many times has he done this? :'(
@Stanger7: I wonder if its other Pokemon he kills, or just rattata? Maybe he means by "not again" that he trys to show his love for Eve in dumb ways.
I really don't think this is the time Clef. She just had her heart broken by Dusk, and now you kill a Rattata?! Seriously Clef!?!?
Wait the comic takes place in the pc right? Does',t that mean that thear trainer will notiche her ratata is gone?
@Guest: Depends. She has a lot of Pokemon.
@Pinkeevee222: Mei: It depends, you see I live in a crowded PC box and when my two siblings died my trainer noticed.
Bruce: Don't talk about them in front of me!!!!! (Cries) Sis please stop! (Cries)
@Glacia: I know what you mean. Once there was either a fainted or dead Pikachu in my bed. My trainer (Lilia) immedietly noticed and rushed it into the poke center as fast as a Rattata using quick attack! (She's so awesome! 😆) it died anyways though. 😁 (the pikachu are only in the PC for breeding perfect IVs anyways. So I didn't care.)
@pinkeeveefan: Bruce: Thank you for understanding (sniff) I just get so emotional when people talk about my two siblings, that you know are...
Mei: Dead
Bruce: (cries)
Mei: Oh mah gosh! I am hoping that wasn't one of my roommates.
Jacqueline: Sis, we don't sleep with those vermits.
Mei: I was joking got it!
@Pinkeevee222: Wat? The host site wasn't working. I wasn't being lazy. Me being lazy is not uploading todays comic, that's what your suppose to be complaining about. Also. I am always logged on (-_-)
@Pinkeevee222: when is the next comic?
@Top pic: Hopefully tomorrow
@Top pic: Saturday.
@Meanbean: Maybe just maybe
Mei: Wait a minute fangs or claws do not make that mark on a neck.
Yang: Unlike someone we know...
Ying: It wasn't me!
Mei: I can't believe I have these two as brothers
@Glacia: it's clearly a scratch mark with blood on it.
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: Thanks
key word/item: water. Vay... why you gotta be so serious? (lol)
Clef how could you... That poor pokemon
@bri'sshinEevee: CLEF IS EVIL!!!! WE MUST HAVE REVENGE!!!
@Pinkeevee222 is that Adam in the header?
Poor rattatat
*covers face with paws* not again. Clef, i'm going to Tm 15 you now. TM 15!!!!
Stone: grrr...where am I?
Moon: in the PC silly. What's your name?
Stone: Oh! H-hi.
Blaze: Who's this Moon?
Moon: She hasn't had time to tell me her name.
Stone: my name is...Stone.
Blaze: cool. Hi Stone.
Stone: H-hi. So, Moon
Blaze: Blaze. My name is Blaze.
The first question: Isn't the killing of a Pokémon considered murder for other Pokémon?
(murmurs:*if it is not done in battle?*)
So, no. Not really.
But, Pokemon born in captivity look down upon it, I believe.
@Pinkeevee222: Ok... I still don't completely understand, but I see where that question was somewhat unnecessary… Um… the circle of life??? The Pokémon wasn't killed for food, but as a gift, It wasn't necessary for it to die… Um, How is a dead Pokémon going to 'win her love' anyways, because they act more like people than animals in the (quite comical) comics.
@LogicalJoe: That's what I want to think, but, I dunno. Ask the pokedex. The pokedex has several entries in it describing how Pokemon eat each other. (Including how umbreon uses poison to spray on their prey.)
They do act like humans, but, you know, that is just how they act. They usually think like Pokemon, and animals. (Though, I do use the patterns I see in Pokemon games to influince their desisions.)
@Pinkeevee222: That makes sense, I'm impressed that your comic has such a diversity in characters, I don't feel like I'm nearly as creative with my character's personalities. They're all just reflections on my personality.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm sorry for asking the follow up questions… This is your comic, and if you want to have it work in a "Circle of Life" way, it can. When I asked the question, I thought it would be ignored. After 24 hours, I decided to take it down. When I saw that you had already responded to it, I didn't want to delete it. Instead I posted what I couldn't decipher about the answer you gave. again, this is your comic, and if you want it to work in a "CoF" way, it can. I'm sorry for even asking the first question! Please forgive me.
@LogicalJoe: I don't really think it's that big of a deal. It was just a question. Pokemon eat each other, so, it's not considered as murder. They also will fight each other to the death, if necessary. Humans and Pokemon who were born in captivity would say it was murder, but, it isn't.
@Pinkeevee222: That answers a lot… My brethren and I were all born in captivity. (If you can believe it, some of the guards even say we're clones!) Thanks!
I just threw up at my house. POOR RATATTA
3 things 1. Is that Lem being defensive in the title?
2. Is that Oliver's smexy sense in the beginning with those hearts?
3. How has Clef killed more pokemon than Dawn...
Nvm thats adam, lol. Similar design to Lem...
Awesome Hai ppl
WHY that is terrible. i like all the comics you create but this is the worst! WHY????? *sobs*
@Glaceon fan: Sorry ^^;
@Glaceon fan: it’s not that bad
He dumb Really clef of course eve is never gonna like you in that way because you killed another Pokémon you should give her flowers at a special place to make her feel special and keep it a secret
Wow R.I.P Rattata...
...why did he kill a little pokemom
*Tiny lightbulb* CLEF LIKES EVE!!!!
RATATA is..... DED!
I’m pretty sure “here, have this dead animal” is more of a cat thing.

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