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Dawn will get pregnant in the future!
*Shhh don't tell*

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ALL HAIL ARCEUS!!!!!!! Adam doesn't look so defiant in the first panel. It might just be me since defiant has so many definitions. @Pinkeevee222: Oh yeah, almost forgot. ALL HAIL ARCEUS! CREATOR OF POKEMON WORLDS!!!!!!!!!
ALL HAIL ARCEUS!!!!!!![and maybe mew] YAY! nice necklace. WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT VEEVEE HERE!
Funny, Adam as in Adam and Eve. Oh, lol, Eve is one of the characters on here to. Oh. My. Gosh. I have said to much already, haven't I?
@Babe the vaporeon (Forgot to log: OH MY GERSH U DEFENETLY SAID TO MUCH
I don't know why I found this as funny as I did but ohmygosh xD
Whose Arceus?
Adam: We'll you see (insert religious story here)
Lel I think I like this eevee!
The power of Hank compels you! Wait wa- *rolled over by a giant wheel with the words "family tradition" written in bold letters on it* (if you get this, I love you)
Zed: *points to this* Does ANYONE get this?
@Alex-Stinger: I CHOKED LMFAO!
In real life, I actually have a big crush on a boy named Adam. So yeah! 😍

Veevee: let's get going.
Luna: hi. Can I come too?
Bell: you stole him from me!!! (Starts screaming like a crazy person and trys to scratch Luna until she faints)
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: Hey can I join you?
Ying: Hey can me and Yang join to?
Mei: Don't mind Ying and Yang, there my brothers.
@pinkeeveefan: can I play
But if you are playing like
Stone:I like Vay (lalala)
If you are playing like that can I play?!?!

Haru:don't worry it is not like Vay can here you (pinkeevee you never reply)
@Stone the umbreon:@Glacia: sure you guys can come along! We're traveling to Greenpaw with Veevee. Wanna come? (Yes, ying and yang, too.)

Luna: come on, please can I come?
Bell: (growls at Luna and walks away (I am Bell))
Stone: let's go,haru
@Stone the umbreon:
Bell: yay! More friends to talk with on my way to greenpaw!
Veevee: come on, we've been waiting for a long time. Let's go make friends with Eve already!
Luna: come on you guys! Don't just leave me here!
Bell: fine. You and Pepper can come too. Just don't try anything tricky with Pepper. I'm watching you. 😑
Pepper: ???
Stone:so how far to greenpaw?
Haru:it might take a long time :)
Stone:*sigh*but it is still going to be fun!
@Stone the umbreon:
Bell: we're pretty far still, but we're taking the shortest route. I'll lead the way.
Veevee: (runs ahead of me)
Bell: hey! Come back here! You'll get lost out there! 😥
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: Yay! Oh, and Ying, Yang... you can come too.
Ying: Whoot!
Yang: Awesome!
Bell: what about Ching Po? Will he come with, too?
Ching Po: please? 😟
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: Fine, Ching Po can come.
Ching Po: Yes!
@Glacia: yay! Even MORE friends!
@pinkeeveefan: luna:STOLE WHO!?[teleports home]
@lunatheumbreon: Pepper! (I am in L💜VE with him)
(Luna walks in)
Bell: if you keep doing this to him, I'm going to literally kill you. (Holds a knife to Luna's throught)
Luna: meep!
@pinkeeveefan:luna: i didnt take him. he just ran here.[actually, luna is in love with dusk]
luna:[sees knife] oh , so you want to play THAT game!?[holds out knife]well TWO can play THAT game!
so he follows the path of the alphaists? (referring to pokemon glazed)
they're both kinda kawaii though
@lol: I agree. They are both super kawii dasu!
Trying to go to sleep. Dad's friend comes over to practice his guitar with my dad singing the lyrics. WHY?!?!?!
Why does Adam have to be so awesome and holy-looking in the first panel? Not that I'm saying I don't like it, I really love it. Plus, I totally understand the whole Adam and Eve idea.

@Pinkeevee222: votes for who Eve should go with\date?
oh gosh... well okay then :T *repents* ... what was i repenting for?
Mei: Hey that necklace looks like the.. one... Ching Po... wears... Ching Po!!!!!!
Ching Po: Sis, I bought it okay!
Mei: I am going to kill you!
Ching Po: *Runs off*
Peace man (say a hippi in the background)
Jacqueline: Dam! Now that I see that Adam's necklace looks like Ching Po's.
Ching Po: *Runs screaming like a girl*
Mei: * Chasing Ching Po* I am going to kill you!
Jacqueline: And that is one of my sisters and one of my brothers doing what they do everyday.
@Glacia: maybe Adam took it from Ching-po and not vice-versa.
@pinkeeveefan: Ching Po: Yeah he did! I put it down because it was irritating me, then he took it.
Mei: That necklace has been in our family for generations!
@Glacia: see Mei? You don't have to kill Ching Po. All you have to do is say sorry!
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: Err... Ching Po...
Ching Po: Yes sis.
Mei: You are so in trouble.
Ching Po: What?!?! It was an accident!
Mei: Fine I am going get the necklace back.
Ching Po: *sighs in relief*
Bell: (facepaws) seriously?
Mei: what? I apologized didn't I?
Bell: not really...
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: *shocks Bell*
Bell: *Is paralyzed*
Ching Po: Are you okay Bell?
Mei: Now I can retrieve the necklace!
Bell: how do you know thunderwave?!
Mei: mwahahahahaha!!! (Runs off)
Bell: what, are you going to just stand there Ching Po!? Help me!!! 😟
@pinkeeveefan: Ching Po: Err... This is weird but... me and Mei and our other family members are... er... um... er... Shinxes.
Mei: *still running* Ching Po! I told you not to give away our identities!
Ching Po: Meep!
Bell: that's totally awesome in my book! You can take off the suit now.
Mei: I will ******* kill you! 😵
Ching Po: (screams like a girl and runs all the way to light fire with Mei still chasing him)
Bell: and there my only shinx friends go. 😑
@pinkeeveefan: Yang: Bell did you forget that me and Ying are Shinxes.
Ying: Yeah, we are related to those two.
Bell: no, I didn't forget you guys were shinxes! (Hugs Ying and Yang at the same time) (gets paralyzed because of static) oops. Wrong choice. (Faints)
@pinkeeveefan: *Cristal comes to Bell*
Cristal: Need help to stop being paralyzed? Because I have loads of sprays for paralysis.
Bell: thanks Cristal. You're a great friend! Just like all your brothers and sisters!
@pinkeeveefan: Cristal: No problem *makes Bell not paralyzed anymore*
Also, I'm a magic eevee, but... I Have no control over it. Like for instance...

Bell: (walks into dark room\area) (walks out and is an umbreon) what???
Bell: (gets lost in forest) why!!! (Looks into pond reflection) OMA I'm a leafeon! 😄 (goes for a swim because I'm so happy my powers activated) (gets out and is a vaporeon) what???

And if I get too happy, sometimes I turn into sylveon. But I always turn back into an eevee after about five minutes. Plus, my brain memory wipes me so I can't remember I'm magi-... What was I talking about?
@pinkeeveefan: Cristal: You were talking about you being a magical eevee. Also I am kind of like that but, I change like when the Doctor (from Doctor Who) changes.
Bell: what do you mean I'm magic!? But, that's a pretty cool power Cristal!
Cristal: thanks! 😊
@pinkeeveefan: you not magic so stop bragging (you are a baka) ( if you even know what a baka is)
@Guest: Bell: how do YOU know if I'm magic or not!? 😠

(Its called roleplay, dumbass!) (And I know what a baka is, baka!)
@T-H-E GUY: calm down there... We all make big mistakes. But you can be forgived if you are truly sorry and actively turn over a new leaf and start again in a positive direction :)
MEW IS LORD Do not listen to these heretics for one moment! Mew is truly the almighty lord of all things Kanto, Johto,Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and everything else Pokémon! Praise lord Mew, and his last true prophet, Lord Helix! Praise them, and you shall be rewarded with items a-plenty!
@Tiberius: No, Mew just hides near a flipping truck, does that sounds lordish to you?
ALL HAIL ARECEUS! I just got on the webcomic again! (It was down for a while for me) anyways does anyone worship lugia? He's my dad! (I know legendaries can't breed, it's like athena popped out of zeus's head thing) anyways if you do, i have the story for youuuuuuuu :p

*drops this here and runs away laughing, then hits a pole*
@chimy19: Mei: Really, *Sighs*
Jacqueline: Wait a minute this does not work the link.
@Glacia: it did for me, try again :)
@chimy19: Jacqueline: Nope, probably because I am using a tablet.
@Glacia: hey! I'm using a tablet too! Its a nexus 7!
@pinkeeveefan: Jacqueline: Whoot!
@chimy19: no. but i really like lugia! HES AWESOME!!!
aqua:well, i can turn into one, sooo, [runs away]
@lunatheumbreon: Bell: please, just stay away from Pepper. You have WAY too much cute charm ability for him to handle.
(Plus, you will never take my love for him from me! 😫)
@lunatheumbreon: REALLY?! TAKE ME WITH YOUUUU
pepper:I.WANT.BELL!!!!!!!!!![runs toward bell and hugs bell]
veevee:eve isnt in greenpaw. she is in icedrop. anyway LETS GO!
Bell: (blushes SUPER hard and accepts the hug) (whispers) yay! He likes me! 😆
Luna: see?
Bell: you still did the cute charm to him that one time though. 😑
Pepper: ??? What are you guys talking about?
Bell: NOTHING! (Covers Luna's mouth)
Luna: mrffle! Mrrffmrrl!
@pinkeeveefan: luna:[gets whatever out of mouth] we are talking about cute charm which i DONT have. im just too pretty.
its just for dusk... OMG. I SAID IT. AAAHHH![runs]

pepper:ok lets go!
veevee:COME ON! LETS GO!
Bell: OK then. I'll just split from the group and go to greenpaw and tell Dusk-
Luna: (holds me back and uses night shade)
No you won't. Mwahahahaha! Lol.
Bell: meep! I can't see!
Luna: (reverses night shade after she runs all the way to icepaw, way ahead of the group) mwahahaha!
Veevee (and really everyone else in the group): come back Luna!
Bell: mmhhh... Ahh... That... Kinda... Hurt... (Faints)

Plus, love your new avatar! 😊
@pinkeeveefan: Luna:I thought I deleted my account.. I guess there was an error. Oh,well, I guess I can keep logging on!
@blazingdragon123: nope. I wouldn't mind having Dawn be pregnant! It would make a great comic and Dawn would get in the comics more! Yay! 😊
@pinkeeveefan: *scary face* Don't speak of it NEVER speak of it. This discussion never started.
Bell: meep! Heeeeeeeeelllllppppp! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me! 😵
Pinkeevee222: (chases me around the room with a chainsaw)
@pinkeeveefan: that's mean to pinkeevee I think
@Mean bean: which one? me or pinkeevee222?
@Pinkeevee222: Mei: If you hurt Bell you will have to hurt me. And by the way Bell I think Eve should go on a date with one of my brothers.
@Glacia: that would end up pretty silly if you ask me. Whatever you do pinkeevee222, please don't make pepper date anyone. (Execept for me!(Bell))
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: Yeah, you're right. My older brother is hooked up on one girl, and the others are not ready yet to be hooked up with a girl.
Bell: are YOU hooked up with a boy? You don't have to answer. I was just curious.
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: No, I am not in a relationship.
@Glacia: I'm not ready for a boy, but I have a serious crush.
Bell: so do I! (Whispers) pepper... 😍
It is not to late to repent! Hail Lord Mew!
guys guys no no no pffffffff please HALE THE DOME HE HE HE HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAA*flames rise behind red then distinguish*pfffff jk there are no gods they are all just pokemon like us ha ha ha haaaaaaa*flames rise again*k pinky i think you have a gas leek some whare
I bow down to NO ONE! (Basicly I don't believe in any god) mwaahahahahahah! 😈
@pinkeeveefan: That's okay :) Because our lord created you to be a nonbeliever! Everything has transpired has done so according to milord's exact plan!
@Lottos35: ikr?!
Bell: OK you guys. We're about half way there. Let's stop and have a snack. I get the breakfast wrap!
Pepper: could I get a pb&j sandwich?
Mei: I want the grape soda and the turkey sandwich!
Yang: I call the corn! Ying can have some of mine.
Stone: bacon sandwich please!
Haru: chicken sandwich!
Veevee: corn dog?
Luna: eggs please.
Haru: umm i don't like meat
Stone:yeah I don't like meat too
@Stone the umbreon: it was an example. You know what I mean.

Mei: come on! Hand me the grape soda already!
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: Please just give me my grape soda!
Yang: Sis is it me or is there one of are siblings in the air?
Mei: Wait what? Oh mah gosh! Yang you are right.
Cristal (Mei, Ying, and Yang's sister): *does sonic boom*
Mei: *collaspes* I am so numb.
Bell: here you go. (Hands Mei a grape soda)
Mei: finally! (Chugs whole thing) umm... Could I please get another?
Bell: you know my trainer and me have to pay for all this, right?!
Mei: OK! I'm sorry! I'll just go eat some of Yang's corn... OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!
Yang: hey! 😟
@pinkeeveefan: Yang: Sis! I only got a little bit!
Ying: Here have a bit of mine.
Yang: Thanks bro.
Cristal: Hey, do you have anything for me?
Ying: Sorry, we are out of corn.
Cristal: You won't give any corn to you're sister? Which is me.
@pinkeeveefan: Cristal: Hey! May I please come with you? Since a couple of my sisters are in Greenpaw and I don't get to see them them that often.
Bell: OK! 😄
Cristal: thanks! I really wanted to visit them.
Bell: no proble- (slips and falls into river) dam it! Now i'm all wet! 😟
Cristal: umm... You aren't just wet...
Bell: what, am I invisible or something!?
Cristal: yeah. Get out if the river real quick.
Bell: OK. (Gets out and looks at pond reflection) OMA. I'm a flipping vaporeon! 😄
@pinkeeveefan: Cristal: Yeah, and at least you have a frill unlike Vay.
Yang: I don't think that is helping Bell getting over her being Vaporeon.
Bell: omaomaomaoma!!! 😄
Yang: so cool!
Cristal: I wish I could change like that.😆
Bell: I know, right!? Its so aw- (randomly faints and turns back into an eevee)
Yang: aww! I wanted to see if she got water-type attacks too! 😟
@pinkeeveefan: Cristal: Throw her back into the water!
Yang: Okay! *throws Bell back into the river*
Bell: (still fainted)
Yang: is she dead? (Pokes me with a stick)
Cristal: no, just fainted. (Uses a revive)
Bell: ow...
Yang: do an attack! Quick! Before you turn back!
Bell: OK. (Uses water ring and heals more)
Yang: awesome! Now hit me! Hit me!
Bell: OK. (Uses aqua jet and blasts Yang into a tree) oops. Wrong move. (Uses water ring on Yang)
Yang: thanks for the heal! That. Was. AWESO- aww! She's an eevee again!
Cristal: let's not be so hard on her next time she changes. I bet it hurts.
Yang: hey, where's Bell?
Bell: (fainted and floating downstream)
Cristal: (sees me floating away) I'll get her. 😑
@pinkeeveefan: Cristal: *jumps in water*
Yang: Wait sis! You can't swim!
Cristal: What?! *grabs river bank*
Yang: *Pulls Cristal up to shore*
Cristal: Now how are we going to get Bell?
Yang: *Throws revive at Bell*
Bell: Aahh! *Climbs up to shore*
Yang: You okay Bell?
Bell: Yeah.
Cristal: *Faints*
Yang: Cristal! Oh no, I almost forgot that she became weak when she got into water!
Bell: 😶 lol. (Sits down and hands Yang a revive, then dangles feet in water and tricks a magikarp)
Yang: thanks for the revive.
Bell: no problem. (Walks off into the forest, looking for berries)
Yang: hey, don't just leave me here! I wanna pick berries, too! 😄
Yang and Bell: (chatting)
Cristal: (still recovering) wha...
Yang: (sees Bell evolve into a leafeon right in front of him) cool! Do a grass type attack on that magikarp!
Bell: OK. (Uses vine whip on magikarp) (time runs out and she faints)
Yang: 😑
Cristal: here little magikarp. Have some of my revive. (Gives magikarp a revive)
Magikarp: Karp Karp! 😄 *thank you!* (swims off)
Yang: (drags Bell by the tail to Cristal) 😑
Cristal: OK, fine.
@pinkeeveefan: Cristal:*Revives Bell* I need a break from using revives. *sighs*
Yang: You okay sis? You haven't been your normal self lately.
Cristal: I'm okay.
Yang: Well, I am going to be with Bell for a bit.
Bell: ...?
Yang: (derping and shoving berries in his face) what!? They're so yummy, I can't help it! OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!! 😆
Bell: (sigh)
Stone:I will just take water
Haru:you do know that we are running low on water?!?!?
@Stone the umbreon:
Bell: no we aren't!
Haru: oh. Oops!
@pinkeeveefan: Yang: So, Ying here is your piece of corn... Ying where are you?
Ying: Right here, can you please give me my corn now.
Yang: Sorry Ying *gives Ying corn*
Ying: Thanks, so... where is Ching Po?
Yang: Probably exploring, you know him.
Ying: Oh, remember Yang about you know.
Yang: Yeah I did remember.
@Glacia: Moon: Hey, Ying! I thinks I has found Ching Po.
Orca: Moon, shut up! We don't need complete strangers coming up to the door all the time, asking us to find random eevees.
Kinkajou: Hey, Ying and Yang! what do you 2 wanna evolve into?
Blaze: Grrr...he's right here! now take him! Finally. He won't let me sleep!
Bell: no idea spice. No idea.
@Pinkeevee222: when is next comic? I wish it was already here.
@pinkeeveefan: Saturday
@Mean bean: OK. Thanks mean bean! 😄

Veevee: is he coming with too? Because we have way too many people in our group than necessary, to travel to icepaw.
@pinkeeveefan: :) happy to help
@Spice!: you can PM me here if you want to. I have absolutely no idea what you're saying.
@Spice!: Private Message. First you need to click 'Messages' on your smackjeeves account menu, then click "compose message" on the sidebar thingy, then write what you want to tell me. (This is also the only way you can get background eevees on this site).
@Spice!: nice profile pic! :)
@Mean bean: thank. u going to get account?
Bell: totally know how you feel. Want an Oran berry? (Hands spice an Oran berry)
Spice: thanks... OMNOMNOMNOM!!! 😆
Bell: 😑
What software do you use to make these? Also, funny comic. :3
@Not Glum Fandom: Paint tool SAI and also, thanks
@Pinkeevee222: Cool. I have
@Pinkeevee222: what is the tag for Dusk's ask blog? Please let me know. (I don't have tumblr or deviatart. 😭)
@pinkeeveefan: You have to find it~
Go with Adam... Repent!

Dawn gets PREGNANT in the future? But she's only 13! O-O
Qustion Is adam a god or a messiah
Now we need an apple and an ekans
@Pinkeevee222: i read the Alt text again. make that comic soon. and if all of you commenters are wondering what i'm talking about, I WILL NOT TELL!!! read the Alt text and find out.
OKAY OKAY I REPENT!!!!! (Flings paws over head) please don't eat me!!!
Tetris: *chatting with DJ* so, i now know that i could evolve into anything at any time. eeveelution wise anyway. Kinda like that Sora character everymon is chattering about every 20 comics or so.
DJ: I know, right? I wish I could do that.
Tetris: DJ, we all can. Everymon in this family that is.
DJ: Cool. Can I try it?
Tetris: No, not really. It just kinda happens.
DJ: Aw, darn it! I really wanted to try-*trips and falls into the river*
Tetris: Uh oh. *sighs* I'm coming, sis!
DJ: *Evolving*
Tetris: Well! wat do ya know?
DJ: I-i'm a Vaporeon!
ALL HAIL ARCEUS!!!!! Smsmnssn!
wait... Adam is talking to Eve?! I smell a random ship! And a non canon one at that!

I looked through the comments and you aren't asking the correct question about the toppic witch is with who also you forgot to keep it a secret
Hey pinkeevee I noticed a flaw in panel 2 and 3 you forgot to draw the leaf on his head

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