November 2nd, 2014, 7:20 am

I wonder who that paw in the header belongs to...

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Pinkeevee222, November 2nd, 2014, 7:20 am Reply
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Oh, also If anyone's going to gamestop, can you please maybe get me a Diance code????
*collapse on ground*
I need it! It's so pink! *starts crying*
Pinkeevee222, November 2nd, 2014, 7:41 am Reply

...................... welp
um.... That is so grose
@Sparx the pikachu: This is the first of many. Be prepared for Tundere Leafeon. That's the worse. Oh, and, the male lopunny. Now, that one was nasty.
@Luigi_96: XD Hahaha! *Looks at random Eevee* WHERE IS THE DIANCE CODE??? WHERE S IT??!?! eevee: I DONT KNOW *sobs* Finley (Me, not my actual; name just my Vaporeon name): EH, WASTE OF MY TIME! *uses Hydro Pump*
@Pinkeevee222: fine. (Hands pinkeevee222 300 pokedollars)
Pinkeevee: money shower! 😄
@Pinkeevee222: make Blizz post it on the internet, and eventually have flare find it posted on leafy and flare, lol! I love making either flame or dusk suffer! 😆
O-O OH GODS. OH. MY. GODS. (oh yeah, chainging chimy username to citrine the demigod)
I have a diancie if you want it. It's not the gamestop release but It's still diancie, I guess. ^^;
@Pinkeevee222: I have a diancie I got off wondertrade. I will never use it so your more than welcome to have it. Message me on tumblr or smack Jeeves so I know when to get on
It's summary is as follows: 3 Iv hp attack and speed
Evs 252 hp 252 attack 4 defense
Lax nature :/
Diamond storm
Rock Polish
@meatballsahoy92: Whoop!!!!
how about we talk about veevee?
Veevee:let's go!
@blueumbreon: Luna, just log in. We all know it's you.

Veevee: OK, we dropped off Mei's family at greenpaw, and now were at icepaw. Finally I can be friends with Eve! 😆
Bell: (knocks on door) huff...
Vay: ...(slams door on me and Veevee's face)
Bell: (shouts) we don't want pizza!!!
Veevee: I just want to hang with Eve! 😵
Vay: (opens door just a crack) fine. Come in everyone. You too, Stone. Stone?
Stone: (mumbles) So... Hot...😍 (faints)
Vay: 😑 (couldn't tell what Stone said) (drags stone in by the tail and shuts the door)

Veevee:we MUST FIND HER.
Bell: fine. By the way, if we're IN the PC, then how did YOU get here?
Blueumbreon: never mind that! We have to find Luna! (She ran off with eve when we walked into icepaw, but no one knew she had left)
Bell: OK! OK! I'll start looking! (Leaves icepaw and goes into the forest) (gets lost) not again! 😟 (slips down a hill and falls into a cave) (climbs out and notices black fur) YAY!!! I finally evolved! 😄 ('cuz remember, it brainwashes me every time this happened)
Bell: (fainted and lost deep in the forest)
Luna: (walks up to Bell) 😞 I thought she was still full health and could lead me to icepaw. 😵
ah veevee @pinkeeveefan: luna:well , I guess I should use moonlight.
bell:thank you!
veevee:doo doo doo doo doo doo dee.[sees bell & luna] ARE YOU DATING!?
veevee:oh ok! we are right beside icedrop! lets go![goes inside and didn't come out]
Well well well, it seems I have won the bet of "Who will find that magazine"! Now, where are my pokeollars?
@Tiberius: fine. (Hands Tiberius the money)
Tiberius: money shower!😄
@pinkeeveefan: In my case, more like like a money sprinkle
@Tiberius: #fancypants
Mei Mei: LOL!
Su: If you excuse me, I am going to play Portal 2 to get my mind off of this!
Mei Mei: Wait! Sis, I called to play the next chapter!
Su: It is MY game!
Mei Mei: Well, it is my controllers and Playstation 3 you are using to play Portal 2!
Cristal: Hey, does anyone have any spare food?
Yang: I am out.
Ying: Me too.
Bell: I think we are almost there.
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry, I can't get a Diance code.
Jacqueline: That is because you are saving up for Skyrim!
red:*runs up and pushes glaceon over takes the magazine and runs shooting off in the air*PIRATE NO ONE FALLOW ME! HA HA HA HAAAAA
I can just see Adam running up behind Blizz and yelling SINNER and throwing holy water at The glaceon
@Spice!: yeah seriously, she used to comment all the time, and now she just straight up dissapered! 😞
@Pinkeevee222: Mei: Put the money in the bag!!!! I guessed it was Glaceon who would find it!!!!!!
Dusk: OK! OK! Just don't shock me! 😭
Mei: lol. (Walks away feeling proud of herself for terrorizing Dusk)
Mei: (gets call from Cristal)...what?! Not
again! (Rushes out of greenpaw and starts looking in the forest)
Stone:umm..spice are you hone girl?
@Stone the umbreon: (stone, you might want to see an earlier comment)
Stone: (slowly wakes up) (sees Vay) oh... Hi Vay... 😍
Vay: please just get up. We have to find Luna, Eve, and Bell. They all got lost in the forest, and now we can't find them! 😟
Stone: Ok Vay, whatever you say... 😍
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: *runs up to Vay* Look my sister is trapped in the forest too, I can't find her anywhere in the forest!
Vay: you mean Cristal? Not her too! 😟
Mei: yep. I mean what I say. Why are people always getting lost? 😐
Vay: I don't know Mei. I really, really don't know. Hopes of becoming a leafeon?
(No one knows, but one day... Bell evolves into a leafeon. She still has the magic powers. By then, she has control of her powers.)
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: But still we need to get her and the others!
@pinkeeveefan: please stop acting like your me and you are not Vay of me
I AM BACKS! @Spice! @pinkeeveefan @Pinkeevee222 @meatballsahoy92 I AM BACKS AFTER A LONG JOURNEY- *Phos* Nope you were just writing on wattpad. *me* Stop it! I just wanna write! *phos* get back on smackjeeves. *me* okay.

So there you have it! I am back on-line, will be gone for the next 3 days though for a field trip. Sorry i haven't been on smackjeeves in so long! 😅

Oh yeah... 10 days until it's my birthday! Yays!
@chimy19: (10 days later...)
Bell: happy birthday, Ali! (gives Ali a big hug)
Ali: thanks...?
Bell: (still hugging Ali)
Ali: ... Why with the hair streamers?
Bell: what do you mean? (Breaks away) I'm not wearing any hair things... (Notices white arm fur and pink paws) wha...
Ali: ... Are you...? Sora?!?!? (Super confused)
-bloop- @Pinkeevee222 @meatballsahoy92 @Spice! @anyone else that was worried
My other account, sorry for making you all worry! I was also kinda depressed and reading how you all were worried about me helped a lot. Love ya guys!
@Pinkeevee222: oh diancie code. i am going to get one of those. i thought you meant the diancie itself (thank you hacker who gave it to me via wt). i am going to gamestop in a couple days so I'll give pm you a code then. sorry for the confusion
@meatballsahoy92: Thanks!
hungry... so very hungry... Cristal: How do we run out of food so quickly?!
Magikarp: karp. *no idea.* (magikarp are her only friend when she's lost in the forest alone (because of lending the revive and all that good stuff))
Stone:that's why I don't eat meat
Haru:you ate a lot on meat and we started 30 min ago but since you have a lot of fat it would .......make you be more hungry!
@pinkeeveefan: Cristal: Did you hear that?
Magikarp: karp Karp *er, yeah*
Cristal: It sounded like GLaDOS from Portal 2, *screams*
Magikarp: *swims to find Vay and the others*
Magikarp: Karp Magikarp! * You got to help, Cristal has been kidnapped!*
Mei: Oh no, do you know were she is?
Magikarp: Karp karp *Yeah, near the sewer*
Mei: Okay, guys we need to find the sewer in the forest and maybe we will find the others.
Bell: (still fainted) (person in a cloak drags her into the sewer)
???: 😢 (whispers because he thinks Bell is sleeping, not fainted) why did I take this job.
Mei: we have to find them! Cristal could be brainwashed, or tortured! (Starts freaking out super hard) (hypervenalates)
Vay: ...umm...???
@pinkeeveefan: Jacqueline: * walks to Mei*
Mei: Jacqueline! Thank goodness you are here! Cristal has been kidnapped!
Jacqueline: Sister, everything will okay.
Vay: Is something wrong with Jacqueline?
Mei: Oh, you see err... um...
Jacqueline: Me suffer serious damages to brain after kidnapped times.
Vay: I don't think I understood that
Mei: She said that she suffered serious brain damage after she was once kidnapped.
Vay: You might need to translate Jacqueline's talking, okay Mei.
Mei: Got it!
@Glacia: why is Vay even here?
@Stone the umbreon: ask Pinkeeveefan, I do not know myself!
information time- @Glacia: he came over after he heard that Cristal had been kidnapped.(also, no one knows what is happening to Bell, or where she is. They all think she went to light fire because Dusk is stupid)
Cristal: *tied up to a tree gagged* mrrth mmrtth
???: How can you not have been passed out?!?!
Cristal: *manages to rip of the gag* Let me go!
???: Ha! No way you silly girl! I guess you still don't know who I am, right? *Takes off cloak*
Cristal: *whispers* Dia...
Bell: (STILL fainted in corner)
Dia: now I can get some real power! 😀
Mei: but... Too much power can make you go insane! (Notices knife in Dia's hand) Please don't kill me!
Dia: no, silly, I dont need you. I need HER.
Mei: wait... What!?!?!?!?
Dia: mwahahahahahah!!!
Bell: (finally wakes up) (is in dark room and turns into umbreon) cool! (Uses night shade on Dia) lol. Mei, you can go now. Please take me with you when you le- (faints again because of the power timer)
Mei: (runs away and drags Bell with her)
Dia: I can't see!!! 😟
@pinkeeveefan: Mei: *runs off*
Dia: *recovers from Bell's night shade* *Makes giant wall that no one can get through*
Cristal: Mei! You forgot me!
Mei: Cristal! *runs into Dia's wall* Oww
Dia: *makes wall see through* Welp, you can now see your sister's death, I need her changing powers so I can hack into the security system of your brother's work place and kill everyone! Mwahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cristal: *gulps*
Dia: *puts knife on Cristal's neck* But, there is another way...
Mei: What is it?
Dia: All of your family members and you except Cristal die, or Cristal dies.
Cristal: Don't do it! I will be okay.
Dia: So, I guess Cristal will die. *aims knife to Cristal's heart*
Mei: No!
Cristal: *makes force field*
Dia: What?!?!?
Cristal: I guess you never knew that I was an Aricenic.
Dia: No, Aricenics have been gone since the 1400s!
Mei: Don't give up Cristal!
Cristal: *solar blast Dia* *Wall collapses*
Mei: *runs up to Cristal* Cristal!
Cristal: *is weak*
Mei: Please, we can't loose you!
Cristal: My power is gone, Aricenics can't live when there power is gone.
Mei: Cristal, no!
@Glacia: *stone uses confuse ray on dia*
Haru:Mia go get Cristal
(Sorry I forgot to say what pokemon haru was she is a nine tails)
@Stone the umbreon:

*toffee randomly bursts in from nowhere and eats her saltines*
Mei: (drags Cristal over to Haru) (is so angry about Cristal's death that she kills Dia and dosent even care) (sobs) why???
Bell: (is hurt super bad and still fainted)
Mei: (goes and cries in the corner) (sobs) Cristal... OMG... Why did you have to die??? (Cries super hard)
Luna: (walks by) what the hell happened here??? You know what? I don't even want to know. (Runs away)
@pinkeeveefan: *Mei Mei, Su, Bruce, Olivander, and Jacqueline come running into the forest*
Bruce: Cristal... *Starts crying*
Su: Cristal, no.
Mei Mei: *Gives Bell revive so she can see what happened*
Olivander: We lost 3 siblings, 2 together, 1 tied against a tree.
Jacqueline: *cries* Cristal
@pinkeeveefan (please stop using ali for she has tempoairly left the comments section with Fink.) @Spice! @pinkeeveefan @Pinkeevee222 @meatballsahoy92 If you would like to talk to her, go here: http://www.wattpad.com/73500471-what-happens-to-demigods-book-1-chapter-1-begini
Bell: I can't comment. I don't have wattpad. :'( I wish I could talk to her right no- (falls into still open portal) ahh!!!
Blizz to!really you naughty boy
:) @Pinkeevee222: I have give away Diance!
Dunno but blizz,he's dead -_-
@Raptorrex: he is gonna be melted by flareon isn't he... ._.

also,blizz you are a pervert.
What is pokeplay anyway?
@Guest: Play Poke is basically the Play boy magazine of the Pokemon world.
Stone: ...
@Guest: I love cake!
I wonder if Night got bored and caused all of this PlayPokè madness.
is the umbreon a girl and the espeon a boy or viseversa
Poor Glaceon, finding Flame's mag
if flame knows,he won't spare blizz
@Pinkeevee222: You are so covering something. Are you hiding her boobs?
You are totally hiding her boobs.
Is He touching her boobs?
I would be/say the same thing as blizz

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