November 8th, 2014, 8:15 am

~Favorite colors!~
Eve- Hot Pink
Blizz- Green
Dusk- Blue
Vay- Black
Dawn- Purple
Flame- Light Blue
Bolt- Red
Daisy- Green

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Background eevees are Christian (Arceus, I love that background eevee), Leo, Shiko, and 2 of my eevees Cost and Drik. (I kinda wished I put in Swift Run and Nichel, oh well)

Now, before you explode, let me clarify something. THAT IS DUSK, NOT YOU KNOW WHO!
Okay. I clarified it. Now, I'm gonna play World of Warcraft. *runs away*
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first comment ITS SHIKO.MY EEVEE. (makes skittles rain)SKITTLES PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
veevee:(sees skittles)skittles! OMA! (drags everyone to skittles)hey look a fight!
me:(luna transforms me into an umbreon)veevee , stop.anyway thats how i am in the PC.
shiko:hey veevee!
veevee:hi shiko!
@Pinkeevee222:ill play AQW.
Why is he even reading it? Oh geez, now he knows the weird model stuff in life XD. I wonder what will happen in the next comic. XD
Anyways, awesome comic! Im hatching snivy eggs in pokemon X. I dunno why I said that, just a random comment right there.
blaze will melt glaceon down and the true battle will come when he fights umbreon ... or just conspire together and blaze still get the mag and run off
My Dream has come true... @blueumbreon:
Would Dusk stop this even in a normal situation?
Idk @Luigi_96: for some reason I like u. Do not judge me for saying this
Nichel: I bet my money on flame
D: @Lottos35: glaseion is melting D':
Why is the playpoke magazine just a MagicEye?
blah blah blah. anyway,WHO WANTS SKITTLES!?
(nobody ansers)i thought skittles were popular here!
@blueumbreon: What If I told you...

Skittles are just defective M&M's?
@Tiberius: haha. THERE NOT.(makes evil face)
Tiberius: (Runs away)
Blue Umbreon: Ha ha, coward!
(Completely unaware of the asteroid about to crash where he/she are standing)
@Tiberius: Luna:hey! There will be a meteor that will hit right here!
Me:oh!(runs away)
Oh wow
@Pinkeevee222 *ali and the others came back* hey we found the- *drops bells and stares in horror* WHAT THE YVETAL?!
why is dusk leader of greenpaw again? lol
@meatballsahoy92: idk maybe because he is stupid.
@blueumbreon: actually its most likely because dawn is constantly gone and almost all house leaders are male. and evolved pokemon
@meatballsahoy92: Because he is obviously a master of stealth and guile:

He pitted his two rivals against each other and stole the target during the chaos...he is truly a mastermind
@Tiberius: actually you may not be that far off from the truth. Dusk is definitely hiding some things about himself. As is Blizz.
@meatballsahoy92: I'm pretty sure Blizz is Sky...
What does leafeon react to the past 3 comics?
@Glitchezgamez: Most likely she'll hide and watch them from a distance.
THAT explains why the cove didn't show...
@Spice!: you do know you have to put spoiler alert next to the espeon part right?
@Spice!: oh yeah, you see, that was a "what if" kind of scenario. As in, it doesn't apply to the comic because certain events took place.
Hmm... maybe I should have put it there.... oh well!
Flame: (walks into room) oh, hi Sparta!
Sparta: hi... (Eyes that look like hearts) (tiny squeal) he noticed me! :3 (faints)
Flame: umm... I'll... Just leave you to your business... (Runs away)
Sparta: (having fangirl-ish dreams about Flame)
Bruce: This exactly like when I lost my Collector's edition of Portal 2 songs and Ollie found it.
Olivander: Shut up Bruce! Also do not call me Ollie!
Alicia: Hopefully you guys stopped fighting because, Mei for some reason isn't leaving her room, and Cristal is missing. (Alicia didn't see Cristal OMG Dead)
Olivander: You tell her!
Bruce: No, Ollie you tell her!
Olivander: Why me?!
Bruce: Because you are younger!
Olivander: What does that have to do with anything?!
Alicia: You know what, I am going to ask Mei Mei.
Bruce: Yeah you do that, while I am going to the forest with Clarece.
Olivander: Who's Clarece?
Bruce: Oh, just a friend, we known each other since we were hatched.
Olivander: Okay...
@Spice!: Hehehehe... So Blizz IS Sky....

And you changed your character's eye color, didn't you? I'm pretty sure it used to be green...
@Pinkeevee222: I am wondering when the next meanwhile is. Please tell me!
@Glacia: Saturday or any other day
@Glacia: Well, it WAS going to be today, but at the last minute, I decided to put a conclusion to this chapter, so expect it soon (like, next week or the week after next)
@Spice!: Sorry! I have to delete that comment because of major spoilers!
@Pinkeevee222: aww! Its on your tumblr though!

@Spice!: (Sky is not an eevee, she is an e____n.)
@pinkeeveefan: Sky is an eevee... /vaporeon/espeon/umbreon/jolteon/sylveon/flareon/leafeon/glaceon
@Pinkeevee222: soooo... Does she have an evolution ray??? I saw one of the comic strips with night and sky on you ask blog... And sky was an espeon! :l (super confused)

Nova: (spins in) whe..eee...eee
Bell: (sighs) she used confuse ray on you again, didn't she. -_-
Nova: (still spinning in circles) yay... Spinnnn...
Bell: (sigh) I'll go talk to her. -_- (walks away)
@pinkeeveefan: Okay, to clarify things, That is not Night (in a sense) that is "Night". You get it?
@Pinkeevee222: ...??? No... Oh... The clone thingy??? :3

Bell: (goes up to Nova's school) (calls out) SILLA!!! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!!!
Silla: OK. (Runs out of school) yes, Bell?
Bell: please, stop using confuse ray on Nova, OK? Thank you. Now, run along! I bet you still have class! (Sighs and then walks home)
Silla: (watches Bell for a little bit, then goes back to class)
@pinkeeveefan: Clone thingy? Nope. I have no idea what you're talking about.
@Pinkeevee222: never mind -_-
@anyone who wants to help out: can I please get links to pinkeevee's other tumblr ask blogs??? Please???

(Also, created new character for the role-play.)
Name: Nova
Age: 5 poke-years
Evolution: shiny eevee
Characteristics: kind, shy, artist, super cute, loves to sleep. (He pretty much falls asleep if he's been still for five minutes or so)
Gender: male
Looks: has constallation-like speckles around the eyes and all over the ruff and tail, silvery-green eyes, wears a gold bell.
Secret: he is Bell's little brother
@Spice!: Items on the blog are more harder to find the more I post, that's why almost none of you know about me drawing and posting Sora there before his/her final design was realeased
@Spice!: lol. That thought though! XD

Nova: (walks in) hey Bell. What'cha lookin' at?
Bell: (covers tablet) nothing! (She was looking at a picture of pepper on the internet, where he looked super seductive/smexy)
Nova: come on! Let me see! Is it a new comic?!?! :3
Bell: (sigh) no, Nova. Now go and play with your friends.
Nova: OK :3
@Spice! @pinkeeveefan *ali walks in* whoa! What's going on?
Bell: nothing. ._.
Ali: then what's that? (Points to a picture on Bell's tablet of pepper)
Bell: just looking at pics of my friends. Do you want to, too? 'Cus im ok with that.
Ali: *OK! :3

@pinkeeveefan: *sighs* You know. Some people wouldn't want to RP with you if you use their characters. It's even here:

Oh, right!
Ask-blog 1 -
Art-blog -
Don't ask questions on the other ask blog. I really don't want it to get flooded (Then again, I already said I'll only answer questions that are plot related, so...
Ask-blog 2 -
@Pinkeevee222: thanks! I like to read them, even though the only thing I have on the whole internet is a google drive/e-mail address hosted by district 65. (D:)
Alicia: *walking to see Mei Mei*
*Lightning flashes*
???: *appears out of nowhere* Rickshaw come on!
Rickshaw: Jona please wait up!
Jon av arc: It is Jon av arc!
Rickshaw: Okay!
Alicia: I think that coffee had something wrong with it. I cannot be seeing my dead ancestor (Jon av arc) with my nemesis (Rickshaw)
eve and daisy should've walked in at this moment. that would've been funny (is it wrong that I am saying that I would enjoy daisy and eve's view of their love interests being shattered?)
Alicia: *follows Jona (aka Jon av arc)*
Jona: Okay no one is around so... *opens up family photo album* the photo is somewhere, ah there it is!
Rickshaw: Are you sure this is a picture of Ray and Betilly?
Jona: There names are not Ray and Betilly! *pulls out old picture of two shinxs* These are... someone is here! *runs around trying to find Alicia*
Alicia: *gulps*
@Spice!: *ali* umm ... i think i'm gonna go back to the greek dimention... FINK! PORTAL! *fink* Got'cha.
everybody! you have been arguing about soras gender, but sora is CLEARLY genderless. (Shot)
@blueumbreon: Ching Po: *crawls in corner and curls up* Sora can't be genderless!
Mei: Great now Ching Po is insane!
@Glacia: either sora is genderless or both genders. We might not know.
Sara the pink eevee: I just want to see everyone happy.
When is the next comic?
@pinkeeveefan: Saturday!
I got 2 words to describe this page

Great friends XD
@EEVEE627: lol. (BTW, love your avatar :3)
@pinkeeveefan: Thanks, made it myself :D
Can any of u read my comic? Luna is kinda sad right now.
@blueumbreon: on it! :3 lol.
Bell: (Starts derping around) (Nova walks in)
Bell: derpdeederp... What!?!?
Nova: (creeps out of room)
Bell: lol. (Goes back to derping)
@pinkeeveefan: is it funny??? I hope it is!;)
@blueumbreon: yes! Why would it not be??? Lol.

Nova: (runs all over the place and knocks down some stuff) wooooo!!!!! I got 3rd place!!!
Bell: we all know you won a talent compe- (notices knocked over bookcase) o_o
Nova: ... Oops!!! (Runs away)
Bell: you come back here right now or I'm going to make you pick this up all by yourself!!! (Angrily runs after Nova)
Nova: I don't want to!!! (Whines) nooooo!!! D:
Bell: and Luna... I'm so sorry for your sorrows. (Runs up and hugs Luna)
Luna: yay... I like hugs... :3
Jona: *find Alicia* You heard us did you? You did of course. *hold sword up to Alicia's neck* and you will be like the other two.
Rickshaw: Three.
Jona: Okay three. Any last words?
Alicia: What the flipping heck are you talking about, Cristal isn't dead. Also if you kill me then you can't kill anyone else.
Jona: Wha?
Alicia: Hello! I am a Great Sage. If a Great Sage dies then the person who killed him/her dies.
Jona: Shoot *puts away sword*
Jacqueline: *trying to get Mei out of her room*
Bruce: Okay I'm going to see Clarece.
Olivander: *grumbles*
@Glacia and @pinkeeveefan:
Stone *sigh*
Haru:sorry guys
Stone:we are going to the great l pokemon adalane
Haru:and she lives nere
Bruce: So, you know your brother is dead.
Clarece: Oh, yeah Dia, I hated him.
Bruce: Hey, didja hear something?
Clarece: Er, yeah.
Bruce: Clarece you better come here.
Clarece: *sees Jona, Alicia, and Rickshaw* Rickshaw! *runs up to Rickshaw*
Rickshaw: Hey sis.
Mei: *On Skype with Luxury stepdad*
Olivander: Sis, you need to wrap up the Skype!
Mei: Okay, *finishes up with Skype* *goes into room* Man, it has been almost a year since I seen my stepdad. I just can't believe my first dad has died two years ago, also it has been three years since Ray and Betilly (there names are not Ray and Betilly) died.
@Spice! *ali* would you like to come along sparta?
*fink* yeah, it's cool there! I'm a arcanine right now, but really, i'm a human, well i mean demigod.
@Spice!: *ali* *they jump thru the portal* *Ali* I'm Citrine Goldenflower, daughter of posiedon, and Fink is Phosphorus Tamer, son of Athena! We're Greek of course! I mean, welre friends with Jason and Hazel but... yup, We're Greek. (XD story plot revealed!)

@chimy19: Mei: *sees portal*
Olivander: Sis, you shouldn't.
Mei: *jumps into portal*
Olivander: Shoot.
@Glacia: *Citrine* Well, we can go to camp and find out who Mei is in this universe...
*Phos* Hey, I'm gonna go find your brother.
*Citrine* don't tell them about Percy!
*Phos* too late.
*Citrine* dang the gods.
@chimy19: Mei: Hello, I am Nyx the goddess of night.
Olivander: Okay I am here for unknown reasons. Cool, I am Hepheastus.
CAN WE!? @chimy19: CAN WE COME TOO!? Aqua is like some kind of legendary (legendary is the Pokemon name for god). SO CAN WE COME TOO!? (Begs)
*Citrine* PFFT Fineeee
*Percy* Citrine be nice.
*Citrine* But they claim to be Nyx and Hephateus!
*Percy* .... still. Be nice.
*Citrine* should I go get Annabeth?
*Percy* NOOOOO
@blueumbreon: *Citrine* okay
@chimy19: Luna! U liar! Actually aqua isn't. AND LUNA IS THE ONE WHO SAID IT!!! Not me! Luna:okay,I lied. But Sparta can come because she is psychic,right? Well I'm psychic too! See!?*transforms in to many different Pokemon*
You might think I'm a zoroark or a ditto but I'm not!
Me:its true! I went back to the daycare, and saw her as an eevee before she instantly evolved!
Long story.
Luna:can I please come too!?I'm SO SORRY for lying like that. I AM psychic after all.
Blaze: NO.
Blaze:fine. But only if chimy is OK with it.
Wait... Flare's a GIRL!?!?
@Meoweow: ERROR There is nobody named Flare in the PC. ERROR END.
@Meoweow: *flame
@meoweow: no... He is a boy. He just asked for a hug from a girl in the first panel. That's all. :3
Stone:are we almost to greenpaw the pokemon of greenpaw is adalane and sooooo yeah
@pinkeeveefan: Ooooohhhhh... Thanks, that confused me XD
I wish it was Saturday already!!! :( (in my area, it's 6:33pm)
@Pinkeevee222: make it so they end up mating
@tanis: Wait... what?
@Spice!: do you know pinkeevee in real life?
*sobs* why can't I be important!?!?!?!?
Christian's so cute XD
Not Dusk to... Right now we need Vay!! Someone!! Go get Vay!!
*gets Vay*Vay:huh, need me? Meh, too lazy
*is offended*
SUPERUBREON X 3DS just for a sexy article so funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so umbreon is hating stuff hahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahahahahahhahahahahahhah he is cool guy. tell my if she is cool.
Anybody notice Dusk looks different?
Favorite colors? Wat.
I love these comics!
NOOOOO! D': w-why?!?! Glaceion is melting D: why?!?!
Dusk is my fav eevee but he's a perv to 0_0
@Raptorrex: dusk, you have let me down.... *grabs closet keys and locks self in closet and sobs*
It seems like glaceon will end up as a puddle by the time this fight is over. (Ps, I forgive you Flareon (read the header LOL).
(Hugs header flareon) I like doritos
flame is gonna kill him.
This is better than the arena fights back home.
@EvanatheEspeon: Toatally.
if Flame is melting Blitz does that mean that Blitz is made of ice or that if he melts he turns into a Vayporeon?
@.The_Sof.: He is just sweating profusely.
@Pinkeevee222: do u play Pokémon XY?
@Guest: I do.
@Pinkeevee222: World of Warcraft? Cool Thing :D
I hate you you're making umbreon so bucking awesome
You know who meening night or sky not lord
WHYYYYYYYY 1: GLACEON U BEAT DAT BOI'S *SS YEEEEEAAAAAH FIGHT btw who wun can I have some cake what am I doing with my l1fe
Next time make flarion cuter
i'm a girl i'll happily give flareon a hug
@Pinkeevee222: DERP!

@Pinkeevee222: So it's Flame's mag but Flame still doesn't know where it is?
@Pinkeevee222: I feel so bad for bliss
*hugs the eevee on the top*

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