November 15th, 2014, 6:10 am

Bot gets really low self esteem when he goes outside the PC.

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Lazy background is lazy
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Okay, I think Flame and Blizz should calm down
Lol wut @Glacia: y dose bliss have foam in her/his mouth?
Lol wut @Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomicslover: I meant blizz
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: Mabey because she has rabies when she gets mad?
@Skytigers456: ...BLIZZ IS A DUDE.

Good job Dusk! i hope i dont end up like you
Nova: XD I'm laughing so hard i almost peed!!! XD (IRL)
Bell: well then, you're going to have to clean it up! -_-
Nova: wait... Wat? :3 (derp)
And Blizz is a... Zombie!?!? Wait... ._. It makes sense... Flame was telling him to not give in to the zombie virus!!! :3 (lol random things that make no sense comment)
Happy (late) birthday to meeee, now I'm 13!
@chimy19: no,your 14.
Nova: yayyyyy!!!!- wait... Why are we celebrating???
Bell: (is wearing a party hat and is at chimy19s party with Nova... Even though Nova should probably be home right now. It's 9:30pm.) (Facepaws)
Nova: (turns to face chimy19) can I have more punch??? :3
Bell: sorry chimy, if he's being annoying. He had way too much punch, and he drank from the chocolate fountain, so he's on a huge sugar hig- hey!!! Nova! Stop that
Nova: (abruptly stops drinking straight from the chocolate fountain and gets chocolate all over his face and ruff) what?! It's so tasty!!! :3
Bell: Nova! Now I have to clean you up! Sorry chimy19, gotta go clean up this wild 5-year old in the bathroom (glares at Nova)
Be right back. (Drags Nova by the tail into the bathroom)
Chimy19: OK...
Luna: yay!!! Happy 13th!!! (Toots party whistle)
@pinkeeveefan @blueumbreon: Thanks! (I went to universal and I got some wizard robes, and a wand! I'm a wizard!) I must have messed my account up. Now i'm 13
@pinkeeveefan: there's really no such thing as a sugar rush lol
@Says truth: it says sugar high. And its real. I've had one. I think we all have as kids.
Eve:who's bell?
Veevee:oh you'll see. Bells probably hanging out with pepper. Let's hope she doesn't get pepper mad.
Pepper:Hey!Whatcha doin....
*stares in horror*
*uses blast burn and hyper beam combined*
Bell: AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luna:(sees bell and grabs bell)HURRY!before he gets even more mad!*grabs aqua* aqua! Use hydro pump!Now! Aqua:OK! *uses hydro pump*
Bell: at least the fire is all gone.
Luna:*grabs flamewing * flame wing! Use whirlwind!
Fw:OK! *uses whirlwind*
Bell: yay! The flames are gone,the water is off, and I'm clean! Yay!
Veevee: yeah they are probably having a good time.
Bell: what!? I was just looking at pinkeevee222s comics! D:
Nova: wait... SHE HAS A NEW COMIC!?!? WOOOOOOOO!!!! :D
@pinkeeveefan: this happened before you were reading. Luna wiped your memory from it.
So ya.
Bell: what do you mean... My head hurts... :(
Nova: I saw it, but then pepper knocked me out. Now its hard to think or remember anything before that... My head hurts too...
Luna: lol. (Is slowly brainwashing them so they never remember even the CONSEPT of this conversation)
insert title here @pinkeeveefan: Luna:just don't think about this
And go to sleep.
Bell and nova:(asleep)
Luna:OK! All done! Wake up!
Bell and nova: (awake)
Luna:veevee is in ice drop right now. We hafta catch up.

red:*crashes through a wall and dose not move*
Nova: hey, can I come too??? :3
Luna: (sighs) fine.
Nova: yay! :3
Bell: (whispers to Luna) five year olds can be so ignorant and annoying sometimes. (Sighs and looks over at Nova)
Luna: yep.
Nova: sooo... What'cha talk'in 'bout??? :3
Bell: (ignores Nova's question) (talks to Luna more) -its why you gotta protect them.
Nova: hello!? I'm still here!!!
Red: (crashes through the wall) oww... My head...
Bell: meep!!! (Slowly backs away from Red, who is facedown on the floor)
Nova: (is a scardy-cat and runs away crying)
Bell: (yells) Nova!!! You come back here!!! You'll get lost!!! :(
@pinkeeveefan: Mei Mei: Everything okay? I heard something.
Bell: yeah... A trainer just crashed through the wall so...
Nova: (creeps back to Bell and hides behind her) (looks up at her with big, cute, scared eyes)
Bell: (looks down at Nova and feels bad for him) (gives nova a hug)
Nova: th-thanks. (Still scared anyways by red)
Red: ahh... My... Head... (Faints again)
Nova: (screams like a little girl and runs all the way to greenpaw)
@pinkeeveefan: Mei Mei: *sighs* Maybe we should get this trainer out of here. Also, I should make this trainer passed out for a long time. *thundershocks Red*
Red: Gaaah!
Mei Mei: Oops, wrong move. Oh, never mind he is paralyzed.
Nova: (silently pads back)
Bell: (ignores Nova) yeah... We should probably get him home... (Puts red on her back) ahh!!! Why are you so heavy!?!?!?
Red: help... Ow... Idk...
Luna: ...??? I'm just gonna leave... (Runs away)
@pinkeeveefan: Mei Mei: *helps Bell with carrying Red* Whoa, you are right!
A little while later...
Mei Mei: Gaaah! My back!
@blueumbreon: sonic:KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAA me:crazy
If that was in mint condition before, it's gonna be ruined now.
but isnt run away only available as an ability to umbreon when he was an eevee
@meatballsahoy92: no. He probably still has it, or he just ran. Its not an ability is what I'm saying. -_-
@pinkeeveefan: rhetorical question intended with 5 tons of sarcasm
@meatballsahoy92: oh. K.
Scardy cat!!!!
@Mean bean: *scaredy is not even a word. frightful is equivalent in meaning and a word
I thought Dusk was gonna do something evil or weird after the third panel
I wish it was valentines day already. Then I would finally be 10!!! :3 (IRL comment)
Insert Benny hill theme here
That face thou' on the last panel You know poop just got real when you float in mid-air, foaming thorugh the mouth, looking in opposite directons °•°
Man, almost in a week I will be on Thanksgiving break with my 7 cousins (who are brothers and sister)... I can't live doing this! *jumps out of window*
I thought the third panel was epic XD
@GrovyleGoodbye128: yep. Also, I'm 9, and I totally get what you're talking about. Pron.

\cencored adult/
/pornic photos \
Character person guy yeh Name: Jet
Characteristic:Quick tempered
Crush: ehhhh you choose
Other:He almost always wears shades but when they are off his right I is silver and his left eye seems ablaze.
@TucKiD: Read the rules~
Jona: *sees Clarece* Okay someone else is around here.
Bruce: *runs into a tree*
Alicia: Really Bruce, really?
umbreon should reveal his final form
@Spice!: its a reference to dragon ball z. going super saeyan. eyes turning yellow (or hair as in DBZ)
I'm so stupid Dusk's eyes changed. I'm so slow XD (btw this IS Chimy, i didn't feel like logging in)
Oh yeah, I read the tumblr. He looks like dusk...

Edit: I meant night. :P
@-TOTALLY NOT CHIMY19-: Actually, that is Dusk
@Spice!: Eyes like what? I don't see anything unusual
@Spice!: read the assc-dusk tumblr blog. You'll see what she means.
@Pinkeevee222: but seriously though... His (Dusk's) eyes used to be red... And now they're golden!?!
@Spice!: Oh right, thaaaattt. There are only 2 explanations for that! Wait, You notice when I change his eye color, but when I changed a bunch of their fur colors, nobody noticed! No fair!
reads alt. text... wait.. >_> what... who is BOT?! a new leafeon and/or batground eevee!? :3
@pinkeeveefan: Seems like I forgot 'something' hm.... oh well!
I wish it (a.k.a: the comic) would update right now... (Its 7:38, Friday night -_-)
@pinkeeveefan: *sweats nervously*
@Pinkeevee222: I'm sorry. I didnt mean to stress you. Plus, I probably won't be home until 1:00pm. I have taikwondo (its a mixture of kung fu, karate, and tai chi.) classes at 9:30am every Saturday so... Yeah. :P (IRL)
Oh boy What if flareon was switched with Vay?
What does Daisy do now?
@Glitchezgamez: Protect Glaceon, then fail
@Spice!: Those are not digital, and, this was originally suppose to be one comic, I just extended it and added extras.
Hi. About to get lunch... (starts drooling) umm... never mind what I said... (floats out of room after the smell) (I'm using a tablet at barnes and noble to post this XD)
Everyone including Blizz and Dusk need to take a chill pill!
The Foam My favorite part is Glaceon with foam
Lol wut @Pinkeevee222: why dose glaseion have foam in her/his mouth?
@Pinkeevee222: y dose bliss have foam in her /his mouth?
Blizz has rabeis
Does Dusk even like that stuff?
... if dusk isn't dead when this is over, i'll be surprised.
...........Who's "Bot"
Did anyone noticed that dusk's eyes turned yellow? (like nights) um... I SAID NOTHING! But.. really his yellow eyes seems like Nights or I'm I just getting Night's eye color wrong?
RUN dadadadadada dadadadadada
@Pinkeevee222: Hey there pink eevee!i set mah password into DAISY IS SOO CUTE
On no! They activated his hyperdrive!
what the heck? Blizz...

@Pinkeevee222: there's no CENCER

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