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November 22nd, 2014, 11:47 am

Then again, the reason why Bolt gets like that is because he can see ghosts...

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Don't get Daisy angry
Pinkeevee222, November 22nd, 2014, 11:22 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:47 pm Reply

Why are there a bunch of fried eggs laying in that field
@Luigi_96: lol, fried eggs
Lol wut @Luigi_96: did anyone step in dazys FRIDE EGGS?!!!????!? Lol
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: Lol
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: no I am guessing that there where stepping on the flowers
@Luigi_96: there flowers, dum dum.
@Pinkeevee222: I agree that they look like fried eggs. It's like you didn't make any attempt to make them look like flowers, making the joke much harder to understand. Why is daisy so upset with guys tip-toeing through a field of fried eggs? Because that's what it looks like is happening here. This page is confusing, not funny, so you shouldn't laugh at Luigi_96.
@Koren: Eh? Laughing at him? I'm not laughing at him, I'm laughing at the fried eggs part, cause I realized that it's true and besides, they obviously said flowers in panel 3. I could change the colors of them, but, that's too much work. I know I don't make any attempt to make them look like flowers, but, then again, flowers like those are in previous comics, just in different colors. The page might be confusing, buuuut, it's not really suppose to be funny.
@Koren: I would like to note that Pinkeevee222 has reasons for everything on this page. Maybe, instead of complaining, you should find the good parts of the comic and marvel at it's beauty instead of complaining like a BRAT.
@Guest: That was very harsh, but I agree. It's ironic this just was posted as I looked here.
@Jellybean:Lol, Fried eggs. By the way, I'm a girl and girls in general are ticking time bombs. So don't make them angry,unless you want to end up like glaceon and Flareon.
@Guest: Maybe you shouldn't start ranting at someone that the author already took a stab at. Maybe you also shouldn't dredge up an old argument that everybody forgot about THREE YEARS AGO. Maybe you should also not call someone else a brat when you're acting just as immature.

Seriously, this comment is so old I'd actually forgotten why I had a problem with it. After about five minutes I remembered that I wasn't complaining about anything in the comic, but rather that it seemed as though the author was laughing at one of their fans over a bit of confusion. I also was not aware that there was no joke on this page at the time, but considering this comic is, overall, a comedy, I feel that misunderstanding on my part could be understood and overlooked, not dug up three years later by someone who apparently thinks that the author them self commenting and settling the matter isn't enough to put the entire issue at rest.

All this said, I would like to note there was absolutely no reason to respond to my ancient comment like this, unless you actually wanted to start an argument over an old and irrelevant, but already settled issue, like a child who is so bored he has to make up an excuse to get someone else to play with him. I am sorry to say, I would not like to play this game of yours, particularly in one of my favorite pokemon comic's comments.

Good day to you, please don't dredge this old argument further.
type disadvantage daisy is weak against both of them. i feel a messed up daisy will be in the next page. loving dusk, he's awesome and so is oliver :3
@cccviper653: But Daisy is fighting a level 4 Glaceon probably lacking ice moves and a Flareon without Fire attacks and no blow torch
@cccviper653: Daisy is too powerful for puny fire and ice types.
a wild angry Daisy appeared!

Go Blizz,
Go Flame.
1 minute later: blizz and flame are fainted
my last thoughts before daisy destroys us is that i only regret one thing... and its that im dieing
Just like Sakura...
@Spice!: I shouldn't try to draw Daisies anymore. Oh well, I'll make up for it
@Pinkeevee222: what was the count down for?
@Pure umbreon: Pure umbreon I think Dusk knew that that would happen
Bell: (Is watching from a little way away) I feel so bad for you daisy... (Runs up and hugs her)
Daisy: (growl) -*...? Umm... Hi?
Bell: (looks up at daisy with puppy eyes) pwease don't hurt flame. I know you don't want to hurt blizz (mumbles so that only she can hear) because you like him and stuff...
Daisy: bu-but how do you know?
Bell: (still hugging daisy) let's just say a little birdy told me. Oh yeah! (Let's go of daisy) I have a gift for you!!! :3
Daisy: ? Really?
Bell: uh-huh! (Runs off) (comes back with something in her paws) here.
Daisy: (sees that it's a violet) thank you... (Walks off while helping the flower grow) (totally spacing out)
Bell: (whew!)
Flame and blizz: ...??? (Looks at each other and shrug, thinking they just got saved by bell) (run off in opposite directions)
Bell: thanks Luna!
Luna: no problem! Always glad to help out blizz. (High fives bell)

(If you couldn't tell, Luna did her brainwashing thing of hers...)
Stone:are we near greenpaw?
@pinkeeveefan: Y dat rolplay do.

(Haha lol sorry, Why must you role play? It's just weird.)
Lol. Daisy is gonna destroy her BFF and crush.
*citrine momentarily turns into ali* Daisy! Let me have some fun too!
@pinkeeveefan: I know they're flowers. It was a joke.
New rule. Don't touch the flowers, or you burn... Somehow
@Spice!: About the same level as Vay, 30 something
@Spice!: *pummles blizz* You- *punch* don't- *punch* hurt- *punch* the- *punch* flowers!!! *kick*
@Pinkeevee222: Just wondering, are you (pinkeevee222) related and/or best friends with any of the characters (the main ones) in the comic? Because I read your tumblr... And the latest picture for eevee day has you with them... Were you childhood friends or a lost sister of theirs? So much plot twist in this comment! XD lol.
(Please respond pinkeevee222. D:)
@pinkeeveefan: Actually, the eevee in the picture isn't me ha ha... I drew her in a header, but, no one seemed to TT_TT I'm more like someone who watches them from all the invisible cameras Flareon put inside of the pc boxes. That eevee in the picture knew them before certain events took place, and is heavily involved with Vay's character development, and maybe some others
@Pinkeevee222: OK. :3
Just wondering... Does anyone think blizz is a little chubby? (Look at him in the first panel for reference) not that I'm hating or anything.
@pinkeeveefan: Actually, he is, kinda... in a way... Why do you think his characteristic is "loves to eat"?
@Pinkeevee222: XD lol! (Y u no respond to my earlier comment? Too much plot giveaway? (Makes a really cute, but sad face)) poor blizz! Hopefully he doesn't read the comments! XD ehrmhergherd!
@pinkeeveefan: Nope, none, I just forgot to enter the comment in
Smash Reference GAME SET!
Me and dusk have the same mindset, childish and slightly idiotic. "What you want that? It's mine now!! (Later) why did I want this again?"

That kind of thing *U*
@Guest: lol I do that too!
I feel bad for that leafeon, poor lil' thing ;-; Soooo..... am I the only one here that has absolutely NO CLUE to what just happened here? Cause I looked at the title, I got no clue. I examined the page, but got only a hint, which was when that flareon (don't know the character's names yet, but I'll try, just not yet...) dropped a mini shovel or whatever they're called, all-an-all, that leafeon is pissed and is probably gonna drink water from both of their skulls when she (I think) is done with them... :)
@EEVEE627: since she is a leafeon, she got really pissed when they killed all the flowers.
Eevee = Eve
Flareon = Flame
Jolteon = Bolt
Vaporeon = Vay
Espeon = Dawn
Umbreon = Dusk
Glaceon = Blizz
Leafeon = Daisy
And then all the batground characters...
@pinkeeveefan: ooooohhh i get it now, it's just that the flowers look, umm, well... they look poorly drawn so I didn't notice that they destroyed almost every flower in Daisy's garden. Well I'd be pissed too if i saw my favorite thing in the world being destroyed by a couple of idiots
@pinkeeveefan @EEVEE627
i thought it was that flame dropped a shovel in the flowers by accident but what daisy saw was her bff and crush coming here to dig up the flowers when she wasnt there... or something...
Sparta: *morfs into flareon* i am a level 100 flareon. you should calm down. now.
Blegh... I don't like this... (Takes thermometer out of mouth to eat a cough drop) I might have strep... (Falls asleep because of medicine she took earlier (as in I might be home for a while... But not necessarily in the comments 'cus... Yeah. Unless you want to get sick too...) (Yes, Nova isn't sick, so you can still talk to him.)
Bell: (wakes up) oww... My tonsils... Wait... Where am-
???: (hits bell really hard in the side of the head and she faints) hmph...
Silla: lol. (Runs away because she doesn't know bell is sick, and thinks bell would get her in trouble)
Nova: birdy... (Faints (lol)) (Silla used confuse ray again...)

Haha... I lied to you! I'll actually be on the comments MORE than normal! (Because my parents love me...)
Oh no! Daisy is on fire! Someone, go get the water!!!
Nova: hey... Where'd everyone go?
Silla: I don't know... (Uses confuse ray) lol! (Runs all the way to greenpaw... And yes, Silla is a lot like dusk... (As in she got taught a lot of moves via tm) but her trainer dosent want her to evolve... Idk why I put this here, just wondering where all you guys went.)
Mei Mei: Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olivander: What in the world sis, it is like 5:30 in the morning!
Mei Mei: Sheesh! *walks into Jacqueline and Su's room* Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! *turns on light*
Jacqueline: *grumbles and hides under blanket*
Su: Turn the light off and get back to sleep! It is 5:32!
Nova: cranberry sauce... (Starts to drool a little bit) stuffing... Mmm... Turkey... (Starts drooling a LOT more)
Bell: (walks in) hey Nova! You ready for a thanksgiving feast? :D
Nova: YES PLEASE!!! >:3 (view starts getting blurry) wait... Wha... (Wakes up) aww man! D:< well at least I'll have it later... (Goes back to sleep)
Bell: (busts into Nova's room) get up. -_-
Nova: come on! 5 more minutes!
Bell: fine. No more, no less. (Sets a timer) oh by the way, I'm not sick anymore! :D
Nova: (rolls eyes) yay. (Falls back asleep)
So tired... (Lol) (SNORE AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE!!!) (Wakes up) wah-huh!?!? (Derpy me. :P) (BTW, when I post a comment, but don't put one of my character's names before the role-play comment, I am talking as Lilia, (Bell, Nova, and all of my characters' trainer) or myself (IRL)
I don't know why I even took this
I lov this comic! :) ur awesome pinkeevee222! All dusk. :)
@evveeee: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: do you like frid eggs
@tanis: ? I like the white part
@Pinkeevee222: me too. Plus, I will never eat the middle unless it is fried. HARD
@Pinkeevee222: if you waunt you can come over to my house and I'll make you sum
Green.... Hulk.... Anger..... DAISY SMASH

Dear god what it wrong with me
Me: COMIC?!?!? No??... OK then... (Watches a few videos via YouTube) (comes back 20 min later) IS THERE A NEW COMMENT/COMIC!?!?!?!?! no???... :( (this is the story of what I do at home all day (no lies!) XD) (srsly though, this is what I do) (On my tablet in bed)
Afterwards: Daisy: oh wait those are fried eggs sorry guys!
Okay now Daisy needs a chill pill...and really Dusk Really!!

i dont get it at all
At first, I thought the one who dropped the shovel was Flame. Then I remembered that Leafeons have brown paws...... *derp*

And also.... Holy Arceus on high! Daisy's gonna kill Blizz and Flame!
I dont get it-_-
blizz is so dead.
WAT BOLT CAN SEE GHOSTS!!! T TTRF BJHNFRD?rtvgerjhgRTDSETGYU %?B& RC$FTYgf67ttvc6d5rfgtfyvd 45dv5e6vb5vbfbfg ERROR .THE_SOF. HAS CRASHED
@.The_Sof.: Eeeeeehhhhhhh??? No commenting about the alt text in the comments section! It's like, an unspoken rule!
Hmm? @.The_Sof.: I think you just got an error
best umbreon ever
Nooooooooooooooooo you are wrong @triforce fandom: your wrong. Espeon is the best.
So... Daisy s willing to vent her anger on her BFF (Flame) and her crush (Blizz) just because she thought they were trampling her flowers.....
@Guest: 1: that is excactly what they were doing. 2: She loves plants (probably because she is part plant)
Oops messed up that comment.
daisy is lucky flame doesn't know any fire type moves and blizz doesn't know any ice type moves ( i think... ) or else they would win
Eevee I'm just in love with eevee
I was wrong? @Pinkeevee222: hey. I thought daisy was peaceful. But I was wrong?!? I thought she was nice 100% but she can get mad sometimes?!? Boy, I didn’t even know.
The leader broad for best eeveelutions: (not these comic characters just the eeveelutions stats)
1 svyleon
2 jolteon
3 espeon
4 umbereon
WOW Who knew daisy could get so angry???she looks like shes gonna punch there heads off!!!WOW!!!WOW!WOW!I SHOULD NOT MAKE HER MAD OR ELSE IM UP FOR A FIGHT...atleat im a really swift eevee
@Pinkeevee222: how do you even get her angrie

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