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I wonder how that happened

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I had to change the ending on this page, also, because I now strongly believe in what Dean said, I'll try to make comics more easier to understand, after this one *mutters something*
Anyways, Surprise! Firstly, that Leafeon is Daisy, how, you say? Well, remember when I was like "Do you think Daisy should be a spy" and nobody answered? Welp, this is the result. It was either this, or a pop star. I like Churros.
The next chapter is about Bolt!
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Le semi dramatic entrance? And what is she on the hunt for exactly...
- insert cheesy spy music here -
Sora please, she IS the night!
Night wow also i don't like night s/he looks stupid
eh-heh... @Mean bean: that... Is daisy. :P
@pinkeeveefan: I know that but still I don't like daisy
@Mean bean: Wha.. confused I thought that Dusk's Night
@Pinkeevee222: next chapter about bolt!!!!
*sits on bed, disappointedly sighing*
@Pinkeevee222: ummmm alt text comic 46? that explains who this mysterious figure is?
surprised that noone really has read all the alt texts. it explains, or hints at, or foreshadows a lot of events
@meatballsahoy92: I have an excuse. I use a nexus 7, (its a tablet) so it is impossible for me to read it. :( (sometimes, I go on to the computer, but my dad almost ALWAYS is there doing work. (Or I'm playing Minecraft...))
oh pinkeevee i like what you did, developing daisy before her secrets comic
@meatballsahoy92: yeah. For a while, Daisy was as scarce as a batground eevee! (Only evolved...) And was the shy one no-one knew, or cared (I did :() about. Then plot development... She's pretty darn awesome! :3
to; pinkeevee222 I get what sora said in the last panel now! :D (whispers to pinkeevee222) I think Daisy is Night's sister, or she hangs out with him a lot. Wait... Maybe Night's girlfriend!!! :D (am I right?)
(moved from alex-stinger) After reading certain theories (BlueNill's for example) it has come to my attention that Night is a clone of Dusk. And Sky is Dusk's twin sister/maybe mate idk, perhaps Sora is a clone of Sky?
@Blue-Hood-Zed: oh hi Alex! I wish you were on the comments here more... (I love to rp)

Nova: hey, what'cha lookin' at? :3
Bell: nothing, just texting a fri-
Nova: OMG!!! New comic!!! (Grabs my tablet and runs away)
Bell: hey! I was using that! :(
Nova: you will never get it back! :3 (he's 5 years old, shiny, secret: Bell's brother)
@pinkeeveefan: ^^; half of the reason I moved was to comment more. Sam: What in the name of Valve are you reading? Me: Shuddap.
@Blue-Hood-Zed: yay! :3 sometimes Nova and Bell get in fights so... Don't mind them too much. BTW, what pokemon do you have? Maybe they could hang out together sometime! :D
@pinkeeveefan: As of yet? Just a Zoroark that sneaks into my house every night, though I don't really think she counts as "mine".
@Blue-Hood-Zed: *oh. Here. I'll give you a starter I caught for my pokedex. I never used him, and he hates me, so he's all yours. (Pulls out my level 5 mudkip) there you go! :3*
Mudkip: (growls at me and then makes a cute face at you) daddy! :D
You: *aww! Thank you! (Hugs the mudkip) so cute!* :D
@pinkeeveefan: Now the only problem is what to name him.
@Blue-Hood-Zed: whatever you feel like. Plus, (since I see you aren't a trainer yet...) Here's a few pokeballs and a pokedex. Mudkip has a berry equipped, so you should be all set! :) oh yeah. watch out for tall grass! XD
You: ...? OK...
@pinkeeveefan: Sam: *choking me* Damnit Zed, you had one job! You had- *piece of hair gets chopped off* Mudkip: *holding a ninja sword. Me: I think I'll call you Sushi. Sushi: *nods* Sam: *let's go and walks off mumbling about hair prices*
@Blue-Hood-Zed: what's your e-mail address? I want to send someone a cute pic of my cat. :P
(Sorry, I'm super bored, and my cat is being adorible)
@pinkeeveefan: You can PM it to me.
@Blue-Hood-Zed: no. I don't have an account. Plus, I took it on the camera app on my tablet. (The app gives you the option of sending the photo to someone via e-mail)
@pinkeeveefan: Oh, right. Its on my account.
@Blue-Hood-Zed: uh.. I know I'm gonna sound stupid but... How do I pm you?
@pinkeeveefan: okay. Go to the photo app and go to your picture. There should be a "share" button. Once the email option is shown, type my email in "to" then copy paste the picture into the file. Send it, and that's it.
@Blue-Hood-Zed: I'm just gonna send it to whatever you have. Do you have google drive? (That's the only one that works for me...)
@pinkeeveefan: yes
@pinkeeveefan: alright then. The email is on my profile
@Blue-Hood-Zed: sorry about earlier. I was super bored so... Yeah.
Lilia: *oh, hi Sushi! :D isnt he cute?*
Sushi: (glares at me and walks away like "i'm too good for you")
You: *Sushi! Don't leave!*
Sushi: (looks back at you with happy eyes) daddy! You're ok! :D (runs back and jumps on you and hugs you so hard)
You: *OK! OK! Calm down Sushi!*
Lilia: *I think he likes you! :3*
@pinkeeveefan: Haha, I think "likes is an understatement.
Sam: I swear to STAR_ almighty if that Mudkip cuts my hair again, he's getting tranquilized.
Me: Good lick.
Sam: Excuse you?! You're talking to an expert hacker! I don't need luck!
Me: ^^; Riiight.
Zed: What the!? *begins changing into an eevee*
Narrator: Congratulations Zed! You're BG eevee was accepted! To compensate, you are now him! Have fun!
Zed: ...Damnit.
Sushi: Daddy?
Zed: Daddy's still here. -_-
Nova: (walks by) (sees zed) oh, yay! New friend! ;3;
Zed: well this is akward...
Sushi: daddy? Why can I understand you... Wait... Wtf you turned into an EEVEE!!!
Zed: (sigh) I know...
Zed: But I guess this is kinda cool.
Sushi: *sniffs Zed* This is plain weird.
Zed: I know. *looks at Nova* And you must be Nova
Nova: wait... You're a... Human?
Zed: (facepalm) its complicated. Trust me.
Sushi: (is still kinda weirded out by what just happened, and he crawls back in the pokebal)
Zed: (looks at Sushi) ? (Turns back to Nova) but you are Nova... Right?
Nova: mm-hm! Oh yeah... I have to go. Bell's probably looking for me... (Runs off)
Zed: goodbye?
Zed: In the not-so-famous words of the Scout, *runs to wall and starts head butting it* Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! *accidently breaks the wall* 0_o
Sushi: (muffled because he is in the pokeball) daddy? What are you doing? Please let me out... :(
Bell: (walks by) (yawns and as she stretches, touches the button on the pokeball) (Sushi comes out) meep! (Runs away)
Sushi: (calls after Bell) thanks? Daddy? Are yo-
Zed: no. (Has his head stuck in the hole in the wall)
Sushi: ? Oh. You're stuck. Let me help. (Punches out the wall above Zed's head)
Zed: thanks... (Rubs his hurting head) at least since I'm an eevee I won't have to pay for repairing the wall... (Gets a (bad) idea... :( ) DESTROY ALL THE FURNATURE!!! >:3
Sushi: ... I'm gonna leave you alone... You really seem to need some time to adjust to being an eevee... (Runs away like: this is SO weird...)
After that, ahem, spree. Zed heads home with Sushi, only to find a fake Zed in his bed.
Sushi: I'm so confused. If you're here, then who's that?
Zed: Hmm, Zed is not our Zed. Wait a- it's you! *bites the fake Zed's leg to reveal it is a Zoroark*
Zoroark: Ow! What the-
Nova: (is in the window) Dan, this is the best prank ever! XD
Dan (zoroark): I know, right!?
Nova: shh! I hear them coming! (Giggles and hides under the bed)
(All the stuff you just posted happens)
Sushi: daddy... Why is Nova here?
Zed: what do you mean Su- (sees him) what are you doing there?!?!
Nova: pranks... XD (laughs all the way to Bell's house (as in he runs there laughing))
Zed: Eh heh, sorry about biting you. I thought you were someone else. There's been a female Zoroark sneaking into my house every night.
Dan: -_- (sigh) apology accepted.
Zed: (whew!) Sorry...
Sushi: I'm hungry...
Bell: (climbs in the window) here Sushi! :) (hands Sushi a berry)
Sushi: thanks! :3
Zed: h-how did you all get in my room?! O_o
Zed: Scratch that. A better question is why the OTHER Zoroark hasn't shown up yet. According to my cameras, she gets in here around this time. I tried staking her out, but I keep falling asleep. Where-
Mel(the Zoroark): *walks in whistling* O-oh. Heh heh, I guess I'll-
Zed: No you don't! *tackles her*
Dan: hey! That's my bae! Don't touch her! >:(
Zed: O_O (backs off)
Sushi: I'm just going to leave you all to your buissness... (Climbs out the window) Nova! Wait for me! (Runs after Nova and Bell)
Bell: (looks back) ???! (Starts running away really fast)
Zed: Its not my fault! She sneaks into my house! You'd be annoyed too!
@Blue-Hood-Zed: make the longest string of letters you can! It messes up the frame... XD (delete them later) see what happens! :D
@anonomouse: LOL
@Blue-Hood-Zed: Wait, is Sam a Valve fan? (Company for the Half-Life and Portal games)
@Glacia: He's a real-life hacker. But his base for his hacking arsenal is counter strike. So the answer is yes.
@Blue-Hood-Zed: Whoop! Awesome! I hope Valve makes a Portal 3 since I need to see Aperture stuff again!
@Glacia: I have a reskin on my sandman (tf2) that gives my ball a little blue eye so it looks like weatley! And it makes the bat have the aperture logo then the word aperture on it!
@Blue-Hood-Zed: Awesome! Oh, did you hear in Portal 2 when Cave Johnson said '' My engineers will make a combustible lemon that will burn Life's house down!'' while Glados Potatos was like '' I think I'm starting to like this guy''
@Glacia: I'll be honest, I was too XP
@Nekotive: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: That Leafoen is a spy!
@TucKiD: if it wasn't obvious. -_- (BTW, her name is Daisy.)
@pinkeeveefan: it was a reference to a game that I was making its called Tram fortress 2
Lilia (Nova, Bell, and Silla's trainer): I love churros!!! So... Delicious... Sugary-and-cinnimony heaven... (Drools all over the floor, then Nova shoves a churro in her mouth) nomnom... Nomnomnom... (Walks off eating the churros)
Nova: lol. (Walks away)
OAO I must follow master daisy's footsteps! *wears a ninja disguise and fails at sneaking around* Ali: Best ninja ever! (Btw, Ali is a leafeon if anyone didn't know)
@Pinkeevee222: see what you did with the layout. looks nice
@meatballsahoy92: Thanks!
pinkeevee222... plz tell me... When is next comic? :( I am very bored. D: (is it this week or Saturday (like normal) ? If it is this week, what day?)
@pinkeeveefan: Stupid Short Eevee Comic updates every Saturday. If your bored, may I suggest looking at the other hundreds of comics on (a.k.a. The host site) There's even another one shot eevee comic (just, not quite like this one), "The Eevees", or, if you want a eevee comic with an awesome storyline, check out Shinka: The last eevee. Theres even a bunch of PMD comics and Nuzlockes there too.
@Pinkeevee222 yeah! Nice layout! Btw, here's a churro! *gives her a churro*
@chimy19: Yay! *eats churro* mmmmmmmm... churros....
Everyone go to ( ) to make awesome games! (Including... Flappy bird?) Plz go there. Plus my school showed it to me... So its safe. :P

@pinkeeveefan: Hey, at my school we are doing hour of code at my library! I already joined the hour of code.
@Glacia: its in my library class too! :D my classes are every Thursday, and we were doing it for 2 weeks! :D
this the best comic ever
oh hi coolgirl! [my irl friend shazadde]
@va: Anson I see that !1!1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey guys so what yall doing right now
@coolgirl: hah ya"lll
@Guest: hi
so thanks
u guys please dont text anything stupid
@Pinkeevee222: sorry, all my friends are on the computer talking to each other in your comments. :P
dont u dare
what?1111 306 kids rock
@evveeee: lol
@evveeee: lol
oh my gosh
hello hi eevvee
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u guys are cracra
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hello coolgirl
fuzzygirl in the house
Bruce: Hey, has anyone seen my Skyrim game?
Mei: Uh, er, no.
Bruce: You are, I see you playing it.
Mei: I just wanted to see that f****** horse glitch!
Mei Mei: Did Mei get all of the Mountain Dew and Doritos again!?
Bruce: Yep. No wonder she is swearing, she only swears when she had 40 cans of Mtn. Dew and 69 bags of Doritos.
Mei: Come on horse! Don't make me kick your a**, b****!
@Glacia: XD (gives Mei all the doritos and mountain dew bottles in the entire world) hey... Can I play with you?
Mei: F*** yeah! (So hyper right now!)
(-_-) I think I'm going to ban guest comments
@Pinkeevee222: :'( well then... Goodbye everyone. Forever... D': (starts sobbing really loud) I'm going to miss all of you. Especially Glacia. (Runs away crying, never to come back again) (now what do I do?)
@pinkeeveefan: *Finds pinkeeveefan* You could always get an account.
@Glacia: I know, but my only email address is hosted by my school, and the only paint program I have is ms paint. :(
@Pinkeevee222: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Please don't ban guest comments. I don't want to leave pinkeeveefan! I can't leave the others! If you do Mei Mei will start crying, even Jacqueline! Please don't do anything which includes banning guest comics! :'-( *sighs* If you do ban guest comics, I guess this is goodbye, goodbye pinkeeveefan, goodbye Pinkeeveee222. I can't go, I just can't! *runs away sobbing*
@Pinkeevee222: not all
Nova: n-no more commenting? B-b-but... (starts crying super loud and hard)
Bell: its ok Nova. You can still watch youtube-
Nova: (screams) I LOVED PINKEEVEE!!! >:( (runs away, never to be found (he might come back if pinkeevee222 keeps guest comments)) (stops for breath) why did you do this to me? (Cries just a little) I loved you... <\3 (Looks back, then keeps running)
(once he is lost in the woods...)
(pulls out a picture of Bell, him, and pinkeevee222) (makes a heart around pinkeevee222 and him with his paw) (cries)
Pinkeevee222 Please! Put sora in more comics! I like her!
My jaw hit the floor...
Wait so daisy is night... Flame knows....who else?

Churros? R U Spanish? 'Cause that's a spanish food
@IAmKiiri: Mmmmm churros. But, no. I am not Hispanic.
ಠ_ಠ @Pinkeevee222: &#3232;_&#3232; disapproval &#3232;_&#3232;
I ur fan Sora is cute even without the hat though I feel sorry for her
sylveon x lefeon omg sylveon x lefeon LOVEEEEEEE!
So Daisy occasionally stals Vay's hat and goes hunting lab experiments? Lulwut i didnt think she knew about the lab b4 re reading this...
insert nose bleed on sylveon
Is that daisy or is that possibly the
Illusive night?
why does sora alwas have some dort of hat???
Uh Is he a guy or a girl?!? So confusing!!!

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