December 6th, 2014, 1:01 pm

After the first 6 eevees went missing, a few months after 5 of them came back, another eevee went missing. When he came back, he was with an eevee egg.

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Why Karma? Well. Because of this http://stupidshorteeveecomic.smackjeeves.com/comics/1897393/10-5/ and comic #64
Also The Trainer and Dawn are now in Unova! Unova Pokemon have been unlocked!
Alternate ending:
Panel 8-
Roger: AHHHHHHHHHH *Runs away*
Dusk: *yawns* Wow, that was a good nap
Panel 9-
Dusk: *Eyes and rings glowing* Eh? What's wrong with him?
Pinkeevee222, December 6th, 2014, 12:19 pm Reply
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Oh right, the ask box in Dusk's ask blog is open again! Please put only one question at a time, or else, I might not answer all of them (Like last time)
Pinkeevee222, December 11th, 2014, 2:38 pm Reply

lol the bg was a fake wall? or is that just the pc :o
:l @Lol: zoom in the first selection/page/box thingy and zoom in to the bottom right corner. Looks like leven keven and deven has been there.
That last panel makes him look like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon~<3
@GrovyleGoodbye128: I know!! It's so adorable, I love Toothless.
I'd be scared if I was Roger.
I agree, Umbreon. :P Also, srsly Roger?
This is such a awesome comic I know that for a fact
wait what
Ahh! His teeth are yellow! XD (wait... I can still comment! NOVA WILL COME BACK!!! :D (as promised))
@pinkeeveefan: NO! I mean.... yay......
@Pinkeevee222: ? (But really, unless you turn off comments, Nova will still be there... Even if right now he is lost in the middle of the forest!)
@pinkeeveefan: That's not the problem TT_TT
@Pinkeevee222: t-then what is the problem? (Bites her lip) (I am Nova's trainer, so I can't speak/understand eevee (except for you...?)) XD (now I remember the problem) (not much I can do about that... Nova just gets the feels sometimes. XD)
@pinkeeveefan: Still, not the problem
@Pinkeevee222: what is it?! The problem! WAT?!?!?
@pinkeeveefan: I believe the problem is you.
some one just needs to walk by and say im not going to help you cause you wount learn anything if i do
first panel look closely in the bottom right corner and you will see in red a graffiti eevee with LKD underneath (Levin Kevin Devin)
@meatballsahoy92: Actually, it says B0-ZZ LRD, which is actually a secret KGB research initiative. LRD stands for "Lethal Research Department", and B0-ZZ is an infamous project started by USSR chief scientist Androv Chovenski. The project was to create artificial biological life that would be suited for espionage and black-ops missions. The result was a creature code-named IEVO: Intelligent and Evolution-Variant Organism. The creature was obedient, yet was able to independently solve complex problems individually and cooperatively. In other words, the creature was able to preform human-like thoughts, including unique personalities and emotions. The creature also had a varying instantaneous evolution mechanism, allowing it to quickly adapt to almost any situation. Basically, EV (The abbreviated name for the creature) was the ultimate spy. However, Chovenski created too much individualism and independence in his creatures; within week, they revolted, ultimately destroying the lab and escaped into the wild. Some of the EV's befriended humans, while others assaulted them, and even more went into hiding. This comic takes place in the abandoned city of Pochep (PC), and the graffiti on the wall is a warning to any humans that may pass by that the hostile Eevees (as they were misnamed by foreginers) inhabit the ruins of a once thriving human settlement.
@Tiberius: ... I... Just don't know how to respond to this... (Slowly backs away, then runs out the door) (I think it says LKD,(Levin, Kevin, and Devin) but you are entitled to your own crazy theories.)
@pinkeeveefan: soooo argreee
@Tiberius: nice theorie!
@Tiberius: I thought it stood for BioLizard, from Sonic Adventure 2
@pinkeeveefan: ...well that's breaking rp rules, controlling other people's characters...

Red:*runs in and pushes you over*don't brake the rules!
He's stuck in an Ariados' web, isn't he?
@Koren: yep. I guess glaceon got aridos to do her thing... REVENGE! XD
meh yay! Unova! But what about Hoenn? BTW, anyone wanna trade on ORAS? i'm bored :p
@-TOTALLY NOT CHIMY19-: why have you decided to stop logging in? -_-'
@pinkeeveefan: since i became lazy!
@-TOTALLY NOT CHIMY19- : and since I became a clone of honey boo boo's mom. XD
@-TOTALLY NOT CHIMY19-: Hey! That's my totaly lazy username! *takes lazy username* Ha HAH!
@chimy19: and I smell like poo. (I am stupid :P)
@-TOTALLY NOT CHIMY19-: *facepalm* (btw guis, it's actualy not me i'm talking with, someone stole meh i dont wanna log in user)
@chimy19: XD lol so childish! Is it a kid?
@Pochep Emergecy Response: o_o oh S***! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, TRAINERS! NOVA! BELL COME WITH MEEEEEE!!!
Nova: but mom-
Lilia: shut up and RUN!
Nova and Bell: -_- no.
Lilia: ... Fine then. I'll stay... (Runs as fast as she can) TAXI!!!
Nova: I'll miss mommy... :(
Bell: it'll be OK. She'll come back for us... Someday... (Walks with Nova back into the forest)
(Don't worry, this comment is just something that could happen. Lilia (trainer/me) will still roleplay.)
Hey I'm new and enjoy reading you short comics your good at what you do and hope you don't stop
@Starkiller: Thanks for liking them!
Nova: oh hi pinkeevee222... (Blushes) (whispers to himself; yes!)
Pinkeevee222: ...?
Pinkeevee222: -_- That's not my name. That's my username. They are different. goodbye. *walks away*
@Pinkeevee222: *holds on Tina's ankles* NOOOO! DON'T GO AWAY! ;~;
Pinkeevee: That's the artist
Tina: My cover has been blown! *uses human powers to fly away*
@Pinkeevee222: o_o' (so weirder out) (sorry, I didn't know what your name was XD)
Keep up the good work! &#128077;
That was supposed to be a thumbs up emoji...
XD He's a good prankster for a dark-type. He doesn't scare me though....

Fairy-types get on my nerves....
(Random sylveon walks by) (waves hello to you and smiles)
@pinkeeveefan: Ono

-stares at silently then runs out of the room- Arceus, help meh! DX
Sylveon: FRIEND!!! :D (chases after you, then pulls you back to her and hugs you with her ribbons) (smiles at you and holds you out with her ribbons) so... If were going to be friends... We have to know something ad out each other. What type are you?

I'm a Digimon, but I'm in the dragon family group.... -cheesy grin then tries to scram-
Sylveon: yay! (Hugs even tighter) I love dragons! (Smiles like a maniac)
@Tiberius: haha, jk! XD It is OK, u can have rules for certain characters. (Like Nova and Bell's powers.)
@Spice!: EVERYONE POST ALL THE THUMBS UP EMOJI! XD &#128077; &#128077;
@Tiberius: noooooo... (Insert troll face here)
Roger: Hey, a dark spooky ominous hole in the sky! Maybe she's in there.
Me: ...s--seriousy?
Yes it was worth it
did dusk prank him
Um background doe?
Whattttttt ho is dat?
Where does the hole go to, is that they get out of the p.c without permission?
@Littleabsol : Nooo ooonnnneee kkkknnnnoooowwwssssss~~~~ ohhhhhh spoooooky
@Pinkeevee222: Lol
Daisy has a TWIN?! I do too!!!!!
I hate karma Who the heck is karma or what the heck is karma
dusk? dusk why did you scare him???your onna get into trouble again *silvia slaps her forhead*

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