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Glaceon takes his job seriously, unlike Umbreon.

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Bolt can't talk to girls
Hey, who wants me to make a digital book thingy of a bunch of the comics? It can be, book #!, Then, after that, book #@!
Pinkeevee222, December 20th, 2014, 9:14 am Reply
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Oh right, a bunch of you will complain about Bolt's pockets. Let me say this again, They ARE wearing pants!
@Pinkeevee222: Everyone is saying Bolt has a crush on Eve. Does he really?
@Pinkeevee222: Ok, I thought so. He probably is kinda old for her anyways.
@Pinkeevee222: F. U. R. From the tumblr?
Bolt is so Mich like me. Unless I'm online or they approach me, I can't talk to girls. ^^;
@Pinkeevee222 Wait. Bolt has a crush on Eve? Is it that or he's too shy? *hugs bolt* it's okay bolt, it's okay.
Bolt x Eve that's adorable. It has been stated that bolt is low level, implying that he just evolved. He's so cute and shy, it's okay buddy you'll get there *hugs Bolt*
He can't Talk to girls. pay attention!
Literally me around every person I don't know.
Lowls @Luigi_96: lol me too.
atleast he tryed right
so many triangle love! kinda fun but.... poor jolty... :3
well well, I'll wait for the next unexpected moment from ya! ^^
keep up your great work :D
Oh. So THATS who has a crush on eve! :D
Bolt's hairstyle is so cool!
Omg I totally ship them! :D

(Let the fanart... BEGIN!!! :D)
Wait... Look closely at the dolls... OLIVER! >:( WHY DID YOU RIP OFF THE DOLLS' EARS AGAIN!!! D:
@pinkeeveefan: Actually, that's just me being lazy.
@Pinkeevee222: tip;

(Maybe add this) put "crush:" on the character info charts! :D
Blizz's job is playing a slot machine?
@Tiberius: No, I don't think he knows what a slot machine is.
Now, I'll do say something a Fairy Tail fan will commonly say.

-clears throat and starts voicing Happy-

She's in looooove~
@Rebel_The_Dorumon: correction: he's in looooooove~
(XD) (because I think Bolt has a crush on her, but she loves Dusk)
@anonomouse: bolt x eve is never gonna happen eve only LOVES dusk
Yay! Tommorow is winter solstice! :D
I'm gonna get all the early presents! :3
wait is glaceons controling the day-night cicle in the pc? warning: trolls ahead XD
solstice :,D Omg!!! So. Many. PRESENTS!!! :'D (squeal)
First I got a bulbasaur doll when I asked for an eevee doll... But then eevee and umbeon, espeon, and vaporeon popped out of the bag! XD good prank mom!
Omg OMG! *squeal* I GOT A VAPOREON DOLL! *squeal*
@chimy19: same here! Is it a little top-heavy, very soft, and from 2013? Also, is the webbed ears and crest membrane yellow? Plus, mine is from "Pokémon center" with a pic of a pokeball on the tag. (We might have the same one so... Yay! :3) (I named mine Dewey XD)
(I also have an umbreon I named Night, a espeon I named Espilla, and an eevee I named Aeon. :D)
@pinkeeveefan: :D my grandparents in japan went to the pokemon center osaka and got me it! I named it Pour and my sister got a HUGE eevee named Evyln! Lol!
the story of Dewey... [and all my other plushes] @chimy19: the way i got my vaporeon (Dewey) was via mail because my mom ordered an eevee... but instead of an eevee at the doorstep, it was a bulbasaur. in apology, the pokemon center sent me 4 eeveelutions to go with it! :D (i am cuddling with them right now!) (it was a solstice gift so... yeah. my mom does not like pokemon. -_-)
@pinkeeveefan: LUCKY .U.
Story of Pour: I went to the mall with my friends, and there was a mini 'pokemon store' and I bought a vaporeon doll :)
lol XD @chimy19: XD lol that face though! XD
@chimy19: Oh you have a Pokemon store where you're at? Luckieee! The closest I got to that is Spencer's, and they have some weird stuff in there...
@Babe the Vaporeon: Lol, I used to live in Osaka, Japan, where there's a Pokemon Center at the next train station!
@chimy19: I hope I can visit Japan someday.... It seems awesome....
.3. wow jolteons pockets and i read ur post that they r wearing pockets but still lol and plz bring back the jigglypuffs that barf out rainows plllzzzzzzzzzzz im begging u T-T
XD No eared plushies!
I don't understand much of eevee lives but it'll be okay... *pat pat* ...I think.
-_- @Spice!: I'll explain... Its kind of like an early Christmas, as in you get presents... But its not about baby Jesus, instead its a celebration of the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

(I tried -_-)
Happy holidays to everybody
FIGHT!!!!! >:3 @Spice!: oh yeah! Maybe... (Comic 69(lol))
@Spice!: (your mom meets my mom and they hi-five) (I walk in)
Me: mom I'm hun-...
Our moms: ... O_O'
Me: seriously? -_-
My mom: (slowly sneaks out of the room while looking me in the eye, then runs away) (lol)
Me: ...? Oh by the way, you can leave now...
Your mom: ... (Fails at copying my mom but instead of running out the door, she jumps out the window (I'm on the first floor)
@Spice!: Dusk vs. Oliver for Oliver's comic book. Duh! XD
So. Bliz changes the PC Wallpaper/PC Weather with... What kinda looks like a slot machine.

Thumbs up.
@Tomato: Dat logic tho
@chimy19: I just noticed something.
Does Blizz use different machines to change the weather?
Since the... Whatever he has in the header only displays night and day.
Dusk: I can explain
Dusk: I was researching how the characters acted, to help Oliver, cause he was really, really mean before. It didn't help.
@chimy19: you forgot me
@Spice!: I told my mom. She might let me! :D (cries tears of joy)
I want a doll...:,(
Hey! @Pinkeevee222 Let the Love triangle begin XD (Bolt x Eve x Dusk)
Bolt is so much like my best (male) friend. Other than me and his older sister (also my BFF) he stares stupidly at all the other girls he sees. He's pathetic af.
Bolt is just like me I can't talk to girls
sylveon x lefeon lol but there sooooooooooo cute!
Eve's Crush Why does Eve even bother with Umbreon-Kun? She should go for Wiz or Oliver
I FIGURED IT OUT!!! THERE UNDER FUR IS THERE PANTS! NYEH HEHE HEH!*silvia laughs like papyrus from undertale then runs off*

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