December 25th, 2014, 8:23 am

Poodove is such an important character that he needs to be shaded in.

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Merry Christmas! Here is an early update!
I think I should have put "dump instead of "Dunk" ... oh well!
Pinkeevee222, December 25th, 2014, 8:23 am Reply
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That's a good way to use your Christmas...
I guess.

I have to ask. Does Blizz have the power to create natural disasters? Like Hurricanes or Tornadoes? He already has super stregnth. x.x
@Tomato: In the third panel look at Bolts eyes omg he looks like a doll himself
Blizz is awesome known fact!
Lol XD (I'm posting this from my grandmas house) im sorry bolt... (Starts cracking up) you got pooped on! Wait... BLIZZ CONTROLLS THE ENVIRONMENT!?!??!?!?!
... i feel sad now truly i do im so sorry poor jolteon poor poor guy*moment of silece*
XD This is possibly the BEST WAY to celebrate Christmas.

And this is why I don't bond with Bird Pokemon easily (Mostly because I'm a different anime but oh well).
@Pinkeevee222 @Spice! @Babe the Vaporeon @Blue-Hood-Zed @Luigi_96 @Blizzard @T-H-E GUY @Rebel_The_Dorumon @All the anons

(Re-posting this from yesterday)
@chimy19: Yay! Merry Christmas!
@Pinkeevee222: Yay!
>:( @chimy19: -_- I'm not an anon! (Silently starts crying) oh yeah! Just made best flying eevee evar! XD
@pinkeeveefan: sorry 'oh great anon'
@chimy19: -_- (so pissed off)
@chimy19: ^u^ yay! I'm actually on there now!
It's such a kawaii dunk though
poor guy's got all the bad luck
ikr?! Lol: kawaii poo to the rescue!!! XD its too funny!!! Cant- take it- (starts laughing so hard she falls off the couch)
@Spice!: (lol I totally got trolled)
Its Saturday! Where da comic?
@Spice!: o.o ono
I'm in no way trying to be rude, but I just want to ask... why do all the guests/anons never make actual accounts? It doesn't take much work at all really.
@Blizzard: my mom won't let me. -_- WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME THIS WAY!??!?!?!! T-T
@pinkeeveefan: If you would please jump in the emergency intelligence incinerator, you shall receive conciliatory cake
@GLaDOS: but I'm the smartest person in my class at school (no lie)... I DONT WANNA DIE!!! °^°
@GLaDOS: GLaDOS, I think you need a core transfer and be put in a potato again. Oh, and you can't kill me with neurotoxin because I disabled it so, don't try and kill pinkeeveefan!
@Glacia: thank you... (Has scratches all over her) (looks up at you and cries a little tear) :)
@Blizzard: Mum won't let me. I'd LOVE to have a Smackjeeves or DA account. Maybe when my drawing skils have improved...
Hey, Pinkeevee222, do you still use MS Paint to draw this comic? I'm just wondering.
@RioBlitzle: I only fully used MS paint on the first comic. All the others use paint tool sai. I use MS paint only for the headers now.
@Pinkeevee222: where do i get it?
@RioBlitzle: You're not me.
@Blizzard the reason why I don't have an account is because outside of commenting I would have no use for it. I do draw but I don't do comics (yet) I personally don't see the point of having a webcomic hosting account without a webcomic. But then again, having other people respond as "me" can get annoying. I hope tht that answers your question. I don't know if that's the case for all the anons though but it might be a guess. (If anybody has an account just for commenting I'm sorry if I possibly offended you •^•)
@Spice!: nope
I just noticed that there's a face on that little turd. Also, I feel ya'Blizz (I think that's the Jolteon name), I too have been one of the unlucky ones to suffer the selection of being crapped on from one of the sky's many creatures
@EEVEE627: (edit) the jolteon is bolt. Blizz is the glaceon in the header
@pinkeeveefan: man, i could never tell the difference or learn the names, but then again, I didn't put enough effort into learning their names. Next time I'll wear socks :)
@EEVEE627: go to "characters" at the top of the comic and it will have all you need to know about all of them! ^•^
For some reason i keep thinking the title is drunk instead of dump
Why is there a kawaii poo? I've officially seen everything. Goodbye world. (Jumps off cliff)
@RioBlitzle: you pay for the license online or at least that's the only way I know how to get it :/
Last day of 2014...
@Pinkeevee222: tch tch tch... Pinkeevee hasn't drawn a comic this year! (In Japan, it's already 2015)

@Spice!: That's very uh... "Spice" of you to do.
@Spice!: as in, like, it's what you would do :p
@Spice!: maybe pinkeevee222 was drunk when she made this comic... (<-highly unlikely) or maybe BOLT was drunk when this happened! O_o
Almost... There... So... Tired... (11:00, aiming to stay up 'till 12:00)
@Pinkeevee222: Y U NO POST COMIC THIS YEAR?!?!?!lol I'm sorry, I had to do that. For @Spice!
@Spice! *hands you sound proof headphones and a cookie*
@Spice!: ono did you find your cat? I hope you did... (Cries a little bit) I'm so sorry kity...
@Spice!: *throws up* yea its normal
@Spice!: same here... last night, I was so scared, (hugging my 2 baby hamsters), and tried to calm down while watching X-Men, and being happy when Ice-man beat Fire-kid. (Bobby or aka. Iceman is meh favorite)
@Spice! You could save the cookie and then curl up with a blanket and watch a movie with the headphones ;v; that's always nice, unless it's not, then just listen to your favorite music with the volume to high until it's over. Then go do something fun, that's very important!!
@Angelic: WHAT!? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! *takes off headphones* ok, can you say that again?

Wow. I didnt know he could get so emotional. O_o

Wow... O-O
@ (whoever that anon was) hahahahah!!!

@Spice! I hope that's it's better now :3
I never thought poop could be that cute.... My mind is blown..... Just look at it face!!! Just how can poop be that adorable??
@Spice! Hah!! Us anons are an enigma XD
@Angelic: Hehe. Join the unofficial ssec comment section fan club.

@Whoever that anon was: Hey! the totally not me thing is my thing!

@Spice!: All vote me to be the official leader of the comment club and spice the vice principal?
Lol auto correct. I meant vice president, not principal!
@Spice!: someone can be official grammar reich. I don't need a position. Its OK. :)
@Spice!: its really OK... (Blushes) I don't need a thing that makes me "famous", I just want to hang out with you guys. Like IRL friends do. (We are all friends IRL too... Kinda :P (lol))
Poor jolts...
I...Guess Bolt got poop for Christmas..
Merry chritmas Bolt!!! *Gives Bolt a Tm for an electric type move* I also got you this, *Gives bolt 2 rare candies*
@Pinkeevee222: yoooo right now i think im the only one who saw blizz is awsome lol

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