HEY! Flareon's actually...


January 3rd, 2015, 1:25 pm

Dawn's also going to get replaced in the future,
then, leave the eevee box to stay with her BF,
thus, making Dusk go into a deep depression!
(is this true, or am I joking, hmmm)
(Don't mention this in the comments plz) 

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I have a butt load ((awwwww, Mari said a bad word)) (shut up Luca)of homework I need to do in 2 days! and, I think I could have done something different for the last panel, what do you think should have happened? Also, I basically got sucked back into DA and tumblr and wasn't on the main site since I submitted a comment last, which was on the 30th, oh, right, and apparently, some kind of club started? Hmmm... oh yeah, http://pinkeevee222.deviantart.com/art/Vay-Reaction-Meme-503072695
Pinkeevee222, January 3rd, 2015, 1:18 pm Reply
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Wow first one
ya! @Mean bean: your quick to be on computer phone or tablet congrates!
I ment first comment yay that was my dream!
oh oh, am I the first one to notice the message at the bottom of the page?
@andreya225: no
@andreya225: Nope
Make a comic about the next part of the jigglypuffs! do it!!!!!
Clash of emotions....

Eh..... Is he talkin' too himself and kicking a tree?
@Rebel_The_Dorumon: do you know digimon
@Mean bean: Sort of, I'm into Gen6(Xros Wars) though.

Pkmn is my main thing.
You're right. Ham is good.
@Spice!: thanks
@Spice!: can I me in one?!??
JUST found this comic update XD lolz. Oh BTW, Tina automatically gets place of author/artist. :)
Bolt stop being depressed. Geez.
Zed: No worries Bolty~. Turmoil ends eventually, just be ready for it.
Ahh poor bolt. But character development with background information (kinda) yay!! Some possible history with bolt and flame?! Eh? Eh? //shot
// raises from the dead

@Spice! Ideas for positions

- secretary
- general
- lawyer
- ninja (me, *obnoxious waving of hands* I call dibbs)
- nanny
- janitor
- sandwich maker
@Angelic :
Burrito maker
Churro cook
The awesome brittish accent person (that's actually Japanese) that doesn't update their comic
so So jolty has some sorta evil spirit trapped inside him that I guess trolls him? Btw I'm not a old guy I'm just guest with no account lol
I don't have any ideas for jobs, sorry :|
@Pinkeevee222 Oh my gods. THE FEELS! THE FEELS R REAL! Poor jolt!

@Spice! Yays! I'm the only one running for president!

@Pinkeevee222 oh yeah. I almost forgot.
*ali* *in the coolest brittish acsent* Indeeded, there is an official fan club about your comics.
*Frost* Stop acting like an idiot! *slaps*
*Ali* ):<
We should have an MVC (most valued commenter) :)

Bell: (peeks in my room) whatcha doin'?
Lilia (me): umm... (Looks around nervously, then quickly grabs her sketchbook) drawing...
Bell: there's a new comic isn't there! >:(
Lilia: (starts sweating)
Bell: (tackles me)
Lilia: (waves hi, then poofs and runs away)
Bell: ...? (Thoughts) ... Where did she go?! O_o
@Spice!: hmmmmm the person who I don't knowwww
@Spice! *shrinks* I was joking about half of the positions because I diddnt know they actually did stuff. *grows back to normal* The janitor and the maid I guess could help with the comment section. The secretary could alert people of things.

I'm not that helpful am I :T
@Angelic: I've made my decision. I WILL contest you for place of ninja! >:3

(Ninja just kinda hangs out... Knows everyone's secrets... Makes all the sushi... And...- oh yeah! Loves to chill with Daisy XD... Right?)
@Spice!: That's great! The sandwich maker and random posisions are the 'reporters' or people who report fights in the comment section. (The random japanese person is made up. As in, me) I like the president/vice president idea. Secretary should be like, the person who cleans out 'meetings with the president' the president deals with any name-stealing.
@Spice!: reporters are great :D
@Spice!: Da Cops! Or, the security... I'll go now *rolls away*
You know what i love about this comic? The comments it's an odety if you don't get a reply here, i also love the art and comics but the comments are so warm en non-hatefull that they keep bringing me back here keep going your awsome
@Guest: Yay! Thank you!
@Pinkeevee222: Yay! We made your comment section warm and snuggly soft! :D

@Guest: Join the nice comment section club!

@Spice!: Da Cops now... nice :p

@Everyone: I might reply later in the day to comments, due to me being on the school soccer team and homework (Thanks 7th grade) so don't fret if I don't seem to reply fast! (I'm not gonna die or leave anytime soon!) ((I think))
@chimy19: i'm the one living in europe(belgium) and in my first year of high school so don't be suprised if i make typo's we get english in the second year of high school. And yes i'd love to join the nice comment section club :)
@Pinkeevee222: girl or boy
@Top pic: which character?
@Pinkeevee222: I mean are you a girl or a boy
@Top pic: I'm a girl
@Spice!: nice :D I approve! *thumbs up*
@Spice!: May I please run for reporter?
@Spice!: secretary can I be the secretary?
Ha Hi guys I'm just an anon and can come in with a new name so I'm just gonna tell you guys a secret-I like Vay, actually, that's not accurate so here's something more accurate; I LOVE him. That's right, I have a sky high crush on him. If you think that's bad or wrong, then you can hate all you want. I don't care. So bye!
@Vapor Vapor: Welcome to the nice comment zone! Your comment won't be hated, don't worry!
Vay is one of my favorite characters too :)
@Vapor Vapor: I think there's nothing wroE with that!
Haru-that's because you love him too not love but like you would die if he cried!
@Spice!: why does 'Cops' remind me of Cops and robbers?
>:[ u change Dak's eye color! >:<
@pinkeeveefan: Who's Dak?
Pink eevee? Could you possibly in the next comic put a jigglypuff spying on them behind a bush just to remind us like a small easter I think it would be funny but dont let the jiglypuff attack x3 just a little thought.
@Flutter fly: The next comic is inside, so, I can't really do that. Sorry.
@Spice!: ooooh, that Dak
@Spice!: Hey spice! Thanks for the positions listing! This is gonna be such a great club! I'll draw the club cast and post it on tumblr after we do the vote!
Can I maybe join the club? I know I'm just a guest, but... please?
@RioBlitzle: sure you can! I joined! Feel free to sign up for a rank if you'd like! ^w^
OK! How about a reporter?
@Spice!: why i'am I a reporter I wanted to be the person who go's to the meetings
@Spice!: that many ranks is fine ^u^ also, I don't think any more peeps are applying anymore... So we can finish soon! :D
@Spice!: Yup!

Also got a new Email for any problems in the comments and for the club!

Email: CGF.series@gmail.com

What should club's mascot be? ;3; like, a Pokemon? Or a IRL animal. :D
Duh @pinkeeveefan: an eevee! With a bandana or whatever :)
@Spice!: nicer mind I will still be the reporter
the troll was right! you'll never get any friend, jolteon >:P
you'll never get one if you won't try lol. it's not a miracle world ya know? :3
Can I plz not take up the role of reporter anymore? I've looked into it more, and... my ipod is missing and my email is down and i wouldnt be very good at the job anyway :\
Pink eevee Do potatos fly?
@FlutterFly: yes if you put hem in the microwave and everything explodes, no any other time (except when you toss it in the air. ;) )

@Pinkeevee222: wait... Noooo... (Alt)
super kick! SUPER DEVIL KICK!! LolXD
@bri'sshinEevee: Don't mess with the troll(must be hard for wimpXD)
sorry for asking @Spice!: if it's not to much may I join the club as well?
arnt all the charictars friends with one another right
bolt I want to be your friend do you wan t to be mine
Poor Bolt... *Neon Randomly gets a sword and starts chasing the Troll *
Neon: >:3 MAHAHAHA
o-o @Pinkeevee222: Ham tasty much?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Cornhub ( &#865;° &#860;&#662; &#865;°)
Sorry @Pinkeevee222: I'm sorry Dusk
poor vay im so sorry for vaporeon if you go on youtube and look up the song battle scares eevee then you will see why im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo sorry for vay its becuse in the song his thing around his neck gets riped off.literily
@Pinkeevee222: Your Right Ham Is Good XD Derp
Troll used Super devil Kick
It's super effective
Wimp fainted

Lol, :3

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