Who did it?


January 10th, 2015, 7:01 am

It's not like Oliver is Eve's only eevee
friend, a lot of the boys from all 3 houses
like her (not like, like, kay?). Oh, but the
thing is, they usually run when Oliver comes.
(Not for the reason you're thinking about).

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Wiz draws better than me TT_TT He even has Copic markers, lucky.
Nobody steals Glaceon's cookies. NOBODY.
Oh right, before I forget, This is the last week for background eevees, after this week, I'm closing submissions. Please read the rules before submitting!
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12HSWRS3CPrv8agJqIYQ7blfwwsCmeRODirq54oGFdSk/edit #gid=2
Here's the full list of background eevees, if you submitted one, and it is not here, please resubmit it! Oh, and if your eevee hasn't appeared in a comic yet, and is on the list, please tell me! Me being a scatterbrain really doesn't help. Ha ha... *sob*
Pinkeevee222, January 10th, 2015, 6:52 am Reply
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Oh right! I totally forgot!
Deviantart- http://pinkeevee222.deviantart.com/
Wait, wait, waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiittttt. I really need to edit that valentines day comic.
Pinkeevee222, January 11th, 2015, 11:50 am Reply

I'm satisfied mine appeared and is on the list.
That face doh Pink eevee That face I cant even oh oh my gosh Please XD that face
So what is the context behind drawing Vay really well? Is there some sort of hidden joke I'm not getting, or is this some sort of subliminal message saying "I can actually draw and shade super well but it's just too much effort to do so in a comic format."

Edit: I'm retarded. That's not even Vay, that's just a cardboard cut out of him. I'm still impressed by your shading skills.
@XlvMckaydvlX: Thanks!
don't say anything bout it bolt you unlucky guy... doooon't saaaayyy anythiiing...
Zed: Zed has arrived at the scene! SHAZAM!
(When Spice! Checks the new comic... hmm...)
what just happened
Hmm... Dusk is not present. I bet it was explained why, but I'm just to dumb to remember XD
@Spice!: Its a cardboard cut-out.
*munches on a cookie while reading this comic*
wonder who did it
look my eevee is in the comic.
@meatballsahoy92: Mine too! High five!
that vay cut out be so detailed tho
@Lol: maybe Nego drew it? ;3;
@pinkeeveefan: oh wait there's a signature on it... Wiz drew it! Good job! :) (high fives Wiz out of nowhere)
@Spice!: Oh! Sorry then! ^^;
Hey, how do u submit an eevee?
@RioBlitzle: You have to have a smackjeeves account to submit an eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: That's ok. I understand why ^w^ at leat I can read your comic, thats all that matters.
@Spice!: Oh :D lol I didn't know.

Blame it on Blizz... He probably ate two of them stuck together... Lol I'm so sorry I couldn't help you Bolt T-T (I will take care of you ;3; me and daisy will teach you how to become a ninja XD)
I wonder what Daisy was thinking... (Flashback into Daisy's brain)

Daisy: (thoughts) maybe they know I'm a ninja... O-o'
Daisy: (whew) (thoughts) Blizz's cookie jar ran out. Lol.
@Spice!: I LOVE IT!!! So kawaii! >w<
@Spice!: I get a fanclub website?!!? It's.... so beautiful! (TTATT) Thank you!!!
*mutters* Now, I have to think of good ways to shamelessly advertise...
My head hurts T-T I hate this. (Starts crying) oww... (It hurts to cry T-T WHEN WILL THIS TORTURE END?!?!)
@pinkeeveefan: Ono why
@Spice!: going to slee... (Early) (passed out)
Nova: (poke) SHES ASLEEP!!! PARTY!!!!! >:3 (starts dancing)
Bell: ...?!? (Lol)
@pinkeeveefan: concussion? I had one of those. IT SUCKED. I feel ya.
@Spice!: (this is Nova) no concussion just... Her head hurt. She stared at screens all day and she... Passed out. O_o
@Spice!: (also Nova) she took some pain/fever medicine to make it stop hurting so much but... The medicine had benedrill in it (a sleep drug) o-o
@pinkeeveefan: Omg when it said 'benedrill' i thought it said 'beedrill' lol
@Spice!: You can use some of my pictures from deviantart, if you want.

And, I'm not advertising here, I need to advertise in places where new people can read the comic, so, I can get more fans, so the next secret can come out.
@Spice!: I have no idea how to do that, so, unless someone makes a fan club there, I can't really advertise anything on it TT_TT *so sad*
@Spice!: (its me! =D) shes fine now. Btw, Benedrill is something they use in medecine to make you drowsy. My sister took the pain medicine... And passed out (asleep) on the couch. (Lol I took her tablet XD)
@Spice!: (I'm back!) Wait what…? (Lol I wrestled Nova for my tablet earlier, haven't gotten off since)
@Spice!: That would be great, but, you've already made a fanclub website, and Deviantart groups are really hard to manage, I don't want you to feel overworked, especially because of school and stuff.
@Spice!: sorry autocorrect is annoying -_-
Question Where are the rules for the submissions and is it acceptable that my eeveelution can be in under the name of Death? if not I could always try adding Fire which is my other eevee oc.
@DeathUmbreon: Well, Because of the annoying new bad word censor thingy that they added in 6 gen, I don't think it is acceptable, but, I can still accept him.
The rules are on the home page, just scroll all the way down to the last news post. Please use official characteristics & natures
Lol Dawn is totally preggos. -w-
@blazingdragon123: Not closed yet! You still have a few days! First, go to the front page and read the rules, then, PM me with all the information (including a drawing of your eevee)
I see. So Death is an acceptable name in gen 6! Good for me but I want a full insight on my OC so I'll get him on route 10 soon in pokemon X so I can fill the other info...
@Spice!: Awwww. *Hugs* I feel the same way as you when I have to present stuff. Crowds make me real nervous.
@Spice!: maybe you have stage fright. I just get nervous when it's my turn or have the teacher read it and not say who's it is. :P sorry you're having a bad day. OnO
@Spice!: yeah... Thats DEFINITELY stage fright. Go to the pharmacy and buy some fear medication for the next time you perform. (The medicine dosent need perscription.)
I love that comic!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Spice!: oh god i know the feeling you know what i do? I pretend everybody is both blind and deaf. Trust me it works
@Spice!: Awww! I hope you feel better :(
Vay is really detailed. I have noticed this. That is all.
P.S: I like Almond pie
@Everyone with a Youtube account: ALL SUB TO SCRUFFYEEVEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Mari's youtube channel] :D [i just found this a couple minuetes ago]
Hoorah! @pinkeeveefan: I'll get on youtube as soon as possible and suscribe.
hi guys I hope its not to late but may I make background eevee she's a bashful nature and some what of a clown her tail has pink on the tip of it and her hair goes over her eye and her eyes are blue and her fur is light and wears a pink heart necklace she's female.big fan! Of yours!oh! and her name is Eva
@bri'spokemon: Sorry, 4 problems, one, I dont accept background eevees from comments. 2, you have to read the rules. 3, Guests can't submit background eevees. This is to prevent the same guest making a lot of background eevees, but, with different names. Please get a deviant art, Smackjeeves, or tumblr account, and message me, then, your eevee will be accepted. Oh right, 4, I'm not accepting any more girl eevees, girl eevees are kind of rare, and a lot of peps already submitted a lot of them, so, I need to get more boys before I accept girls again... Sorry!
okay @Pinkeevee222:sorry I posted late.and I can't do any of that,1 I'm 11 years old.2 don't have enough money.3 i don't have advance tools.4 I do not have computer.sorry! Oh and if there's another way plz tell me but it has to be easy way like you friend me and I have 3 male background eevees in mind!oh! And I will try to email you and describe the eevees the best I can!thankyou for telling me this I would never have known thanks a million!oh and I read the rules plz check email I don't know how to not be a guest plz tell me!
@bri'spokemon: Okay, to not be a guest, go to the bottom of the page and click "Smack Jeeves" This will take you to the host site, where you can sign up, after that, you won't be a guest anymore.
And to solve your drawing problem, you don't need a computer, just a pencil, paper, and something to take a picture with.
Oh! also! 2 background eevees max, per account!
thanks millions @Pinkeevee222: thank you so much!!
@Pinkeevee222: in think it worked! but very frustrating cause I. Really didn't understand. Thanks a million once again!:3 oh and you should see my eevee's and your password in email! :3 on my old guest account which was bri'spokemon thanks!:3
@bri'sshinEevee: Okay! Oh, and, you're welcome!
@Pinkeevee222: glachon like like she's gonne kill who did it
@tanis: blizz is a guy. TuT
i agree but 1 thing @tanis:I agree with you but one thing...blizz is a male.
(Referring to the love tumblr post) wait a sec... BLIZZ HAS A CRUSH ON VAY?!?!?!
Anyway So how are you all?
^w^ @DeathUmbreon: good!
@Spice!: I did. There is a pink arrow pointing from Blizz to Vay, and a gray one from Vay to Blizz. Pink is crush and gray is... ???
Guys! Hey guys! (Mari, your channel is awesome)
I don't think anyone knew, but I have a youtube channel! (Woo!) User is: The Pokemon Capturess and I do random videos! Check it out guys!
@chimy19: okay!:3
Hey it looks like a lot pixelmon I'll go watch some!:3
his eye's will steal your spirit I think this comic is hilarious because in virtual doll world sylveon is like don't look into his dangerous eye's and Troll is like ?? XD
loving it! I love my eevee's so much.l'm making them my image!you are a excellent drawer! :D thanks once again!! :D
@bri'sshinEevee: You're welcome!!!
@Pinkeevee222: please remember the eevee i submitted called Carnelian.
@EvanatheEspeon: I'll probably not remember. Cause, your eevee name is long and I'm a scatterbrain. (I can't even pronounce it, I just know that the first part of her name suspiciously sounds like corn.)
@Pinkeevee222: LOL pink eevee.
also i checked the list and Carnelian was not on it. she hasn't appeared in the comics either.
@EvanatheEspeon: That is because she was automatically not accepted, for many reasons. The main one being that Guests can't make background eevees. You may ask why, but, you are a prime example on why guests can't have any, which is one Guest can create unlimited background eevees if they just change their username for each BG eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: whoops. sorry about that. i'm a derp.
@Pinkeevee222: The "Vay" here is cardboard. where is the real Vay?
sylveon x lefeon wow the dolls r so cute
@pinkeevee222 You are right the fridge is stupid
those two those two last pannels gave me da creaps *silvia hides under blanket scaredly "hey whats...wrong?"shadow(my umbreon Oc that is a boy friend to silvia)asks "look at those two last pannels"silvia points at the two last pannels thn shadow hides under the blanket then...(A FEW MINUTES LATER)everyones now under the blanket because of the two last pannels because of the troll and the wimp

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