Lies are still really really bad


January 17th, 2015, 10:05 am

Kevin is older than Levin, but, Levin is still the leader of LKD. The boss of LKD is one of the oldest eevees in the pc.

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*perverted laugh* `
Thanks to everyone who submitted a background eevee! Submissions are now closed! now, I'm going to keep on watching reverse harem anime
Pinkeevee222, January 17th, 2015, 10:01 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:45 pm Reply
OH RIGHT! Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Stupid Short Eevee Comic site! Thank you for all your support the last year! In February, I might go on a hiatus (stupid SATs + AP art) I'll try to prevent it the best I can!
Pinkeevee222, January 17th, 2015, 5:57 pm Reply

Umbreon looks really weird
@I like peanut butter: Possibly because he's a cardboard cutout.
lshidmtamsfo laughing so hard i dropped my taco and my sombrero fell off
Unbreon looks silly...hmm something is fishy...I think everyone's disappearing because there are those cardboard cut's like that movie I watch were people are disappearing like at random times during the movie...I forgot what it's called... Fealing bad for Daisy right now I think she's so confused and like ...
sorry @Pinkeevee222: I don't mean to bother you right now but... When I checked the background eevees list I didn't see my characters soul or moonlight...i 'm just sending a reminder in case you forgot...
@bri'sshinEevee: Don't worry, I'm just being lazy. l'll put them on the list soon.
@Spice!: It does! don't worry, I got him
Okay... Just making sure...:3
help? My mom want let me do two things at once... She said I could do softball or the band at the middle school.any suggestions?
@bri'sshinEevee: i think you should do sports! I play middle school soccer :D
@chimy19: Thanks that really helps!:)
... i have nothing really to say thats just funny
...well. I was right in my comment last page. Umbreon was absent. Well, sort of... XD
Dusk wow that's soooooooo funny!!!
@Pinkeevee222: comic #71 it's #79
@Mean bean: The secrets & Meanwhiles are not part of the main comic. I'm trying to find a way to make them "bonuses", but, all my efforts have been futile.
Where did the vay cardboard thing go?
Yang: *snoring on bed*
???: *pokes Yang* Hey buddy, remember me?
Yang: *wakes up* Of course I do, you keep tring to possess me. *mumbles* Stupid dark me.
Dark Yang: Sheesh, last time you hit me with a frying pan!
Yang: Well, it isn't my fault no one but me can see you!
Dark Yang: Bro, you are a the most dumbest person ever.
???: *Hits Dark Yang with a frying pan* That'll teach you to treat my brother that
Yang: Cristal? I thought you were dead!
Cristal: I'm a ghost, duh! Now, I don't have to much time to stay here but, go to the forest and find me there, bring Mei and the others too! *Disappears*
Yang: *blinks* Okay,
Dark Yang: Do not listen to her! She is a lying brute!
Yang: *kicks Dark Yang in the stomach* Shuddap.
Note: Yang and ghosts can only see Dark Yang
Nova: (was looking through the window, wanting to play with Yang) (whispers to self) ...?? Is he having a stroke...? Probably just a nightmare. (Walks onto Yang's porch and waits there, swinging his legs)
@pinkeeveefan: Yang: *hanging upside down from window* Well this sucks.
Dark Yang: I will let go of you if you go and try to find Cristal!
Yang: *thundershocks Dark Yang*
Dark Yang: Aaaah! *lets go of Yang*
Yang: *Falls into lake*
???: Seriously Yang! *mumbles* Why did I get him as a brother?
Yang: Oh, hey Cookie!
Cookie: *sighs*
Yang: Just get Mei and the others we are going to the forest.
Cookie: Okay,
Nova: (gets up) where is he?! (Walks around the house) oh hey Cookie! ^w^ can you help me find Yang?
Cookie: (silently points to lake, and walks away)
Nova: (peeps around the bush) ...? :D SWIMMING PARTY!!! X3 (jumps in)
@pinkeeveefan: Yang: Hey Nova.
Cookie: Okay I got everyone who wanted to go to the forest.
Mei: What in Diagla's name are you thinking about going to the forest! There are ghosts, killers, and other stuff! I'm only coming so you don't get killed!
Yang: Yeah, about that...
Mei: Don't you know that most pokemon who go into the forest never come back! You are lucky that I survived the forest when Cristal died!
Yang: Mei, listen!
Mei: Everything has changed since Cristal died! Our family is in more danger!
Yang: Mei! We are going to the forest because Cristal told me to!
Mei: She. Is. Dead.
Yang: Her ghost told me to!
Bruce: Let's just go.
Ying: Yang come on we are going!
Yang: Fine.
Nova: (derp) whee! ^3^ (cartwheels into the forest)
Bell: (pops out of bush, grabs Nova, and pops back in) (pops out again) sorry for Nova's annoyance. Bye! (poofs)
@Glacia: guys can you stop this and make your own web for you to talk?!??!
@Stone the umbreon: I'm 9 so I can't T-T I don't even have the vaguest idea how anyways -n-
@pinkeeveefan: i'am 15
@pinkeeveefan: hey it's good to know someone around my age does this P.S. I'm 11
Oh dear. It seems I don't know how to respond
All umbereon needs is a tie and the world will explode ftom fabness. Keep in mind the jigglypuffs are watching.
Lol Eve drew the Dusk cutout for sure look how handsome (XD) she made him! Wiz would probably not be so sure... (Lol so random and you probably already knew this)
lol i now understand what the blue and red spots are in Bolts character pic. :3
Hey guys! This is gonna be my new Icon (I'm gonna change it later to Percy and Ali the vaporeon ((drawn by yours truely))) but meh icon for now is going to be Ali the Vaporeon. So yeah. Why did I need to post this lol
@I like peanut butter: It's next to Bolt
@Pinkeevee222: Oh. -_- how do you make a smackjeeves account?
@I like peanut butter: I explained how in the last comic. Follow those vague instructions and BOOM! Smackjeeves account! (When you get one, don't forget to +Fav, were soo close to Daisy's secret.)
Jiggleh puffs will be back....
I sent in my Eevees about time I got them in X to get the info but I sent the pm yto you PinkEevee. Hope you accept it and I hope I wasn't late. D: .
Results: Vay used Cardboard Dummy
Dusk used Cardboard Dummy
IT FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!
Dusk-sama must have started training....... It looks like he's still on the thin side, seems like the wind just pushed him over.
-pokes other Eeveelutions- Are they all cardboard? -pokes Vaporeon repetitively-
Somethings tell me that someone did both cardboard dummies.
Stone-another umbreon!!!
@Pinkeevee222: I know i'am late but can you make stoned as a charater she is a umbreon with a bandana that has a moon on it please I did not know you were doing that and also remember I always wanted her to be in a comic but you said no and it broke my heart ;(
@Stone the umbreon: same rules as always... (Sigh) (I'm so sorry for you)

No evaluations. They are batground EEVEEs.
@pinkeeveefan: you know was not talking to u!
Pinkeevee She totally ate it look at her face!
@EEVEELOVER: Actually, She's happy that she traded places with flareon
? @Pinkeevee222: I don't get it why did she want
To trade places with flareon???
To:pinkeevee222 You really need to make more comics with
Daisy, she's pretty left out and I like her too.
@EEVEELOVER!!!: I know TT_TT Its just that, I cant think of anything funny with her in it.
Can you creat a character for me? @Pinkeevee222: um I can't get um an account... So would you mind if I gave you a backround Eevee on comments?please please please please!
B NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dang it the submissions are closed.
sorry for my stupidity Does anybody know how to make a comic on smackjeeves...
@bri'sshinEevee: you can use the 'help' section, or click on 'my web comics', then click the 'new web comic' button, or something simlar to that.

^v^ i'm glad you're thinking of making a new webcomic!
Btw, if anyone wants to be co-author of 'Eevees with Portal guns', please PM me, or send me an Email at
~Chimy19, President (lol i feel so powerful if i write president)

Edit: You guys might want to Email me, I reply to them faster.
Thank you so much!
Pinkeevee222 What kind of paint tool do you use to make your comics because I can't really make my website it's kinda frustrating...
@bri'sshinEevee: Paint tool SAI (which costs money). So, I recommend Gimp or (both free).
Thanks!oh and before I forget plz tell me how to get it and how to use it.
@bri'sshinEevee: Well, I have no idea how to use gimp (I might give it a try soon, though) and is like Ms Paint, but only with a few more tools (and extentions). You can get them by going on their website (search it up on google).
@Pinkeevee222: thank you so much this really helps!oh!and every time I try to open gimp or paint net says it can't open file...little frustraiting my computer is messed up so it's not there a way on the camelio(tablet) if there's a way plz tell me...oh! And before I forget can I draw a comic then take a picture and send it to my profile and it will show up as a comic on my website?
@bri'sshinEevee: Well, I don't know how to fix your opening problem, but, to save files, you just press save and choose .PNG, cause .JPEG & .GIF aren't good for comics. If your file size is above the limit, upload your comic to a secondary site and use the url of it to upload it. (I just realized you might have no clue what I'm saying TTATT)
@Spice!: all hail!
All Hail Arceus @Spice!:i love Lord Arceus he's my 23 favorite out of...718!
Adressing a problem that I think Spice! took good care of Hey guys! It's the Ssec club president, Chimy19 here and I want to adress a small problem.
A lot of people like to RP (Role-Play) in the comments section, and it's totally fine to me, but I see we need to set up some rules, so everyone can RP and be happy :D

1. Don't RP as anyone else's character. It's just frustrating, and no one likes thieves! (Especially Blizz.)
2. Please don't RP as one of the SSEC characters. They are Pinkeevee's OC, and if you would like to RP as them, ask first :D
3. No cursing. (I think we're all good with that)
4. Don't hate on anyone please. We're all friends here :)
5. Later on, I will set up a Google+ community called SSEC RP. Look for it, and leave your character's description.
6. If you would like to make an OC to RP with, It would be awesome if you all could PM me or "Hangouts" message me. Just so we can keep track. (Honestly, I get lost in the RP too, so I wouldn't be surprised if anyone else was)
7. And as always, Have fun!
sorry for asking @chimy19: umm...not to frustrate you but what about the background eevee's that you submitted does that count like the eevee's you gave to pinkeevee222(Tina)?oh!and am I in the club?because I asked people if I chould be in there clubs and never saw a response... And how do I join?
@bri'sshinEevee: Yup! just it would be awesome if you could send me a little profile for them :p
I do forget things easily sooo
(plus that spread sheet is complicated!)
@chimy19: I sent you email you can see my eevee there
@chimy19: How do I join?
@DeathUmbreon: here's the URL! just send me a request and you're in~
@chimy19: There. I'm FireUmbreon Mage in there so joined.
@chimy19: Added my character
FANART!! Hey! I have an idea I'll make fanart for you pinkeevee222 through gmail and maybe you to chimy19 I just need your gmail thing and I'll send into you
@chimy19: okay thanks now I'm getting started drawing...
@Spice!: Lawl
Join the community!
To:pinkeevee222 Hey pink Eevee I have a few Ideas how to fit sky the Eevee into your comics.
(If you don't have any already.)
@EEVEELOVER!!!: Okay, what are they?
Roll play @Spice!: hey spice if you look up "Hapi monster" on the App Store and go to world chat there's a bunch of nice people that do Rp
And they call me by chilla in case you want to join cause it's hard tell them you know me or ask "can I join the rp?
@Spice!: but they make me feel left our ;(
@Stone the umbreon: you know you can always slip your character into an rp! For isnstance, your character (stone or haru) sees us in the forest and joins us! See? We try as a community in pinkeevee222s comments section to feel as accepted and comfortable as possible. So feel free to join in on any rp! ^w^
@pinkeeveefan: oh ok let's do that can we start at when we got food
@Spice!: *mutters something about portable* ANYWAYS! Just search up Paint tool SAI and go to their website. The price is about 50ish dollars, and, you can pay for it with PayPal.
Um... Should I say it here? Cause you know...
A bunch of people are here?
@EEVEELOVER!!!: Don't worry, don't worry, It's either that, or, you can email it to me.(
@Pinkeevee222: well maybe dusk could have some sort of amnesia witch was the same time
He knew sky (or maybe he's just so stupid he totally forgot)
And can only mention sky in his dreams. So then some one hears him talking in his sleep
So on...
derp My favorite word is derp
@bri'sshinEevee: Derp?
dude! :D @bri'sshinEevee: lol mine too! X3
derp @pinkeeveefan: derp yep... The best word in the hole word... Second favorite word is quipu... Quipu means a special kind of yarn... Back when the Inca used it for a caculater. I like it because it sounds like poo... I know you probably think it sounds weird but it's hilarious. Derp... How to announce quipu. (Kwee poo)
you're so random... you already know! X3 @bri'sshinEevee: lol you're so like me! (Just gonna say this, I probably use derp just a little less than "the" in my everyday life.)
Lol @pinkeeveefan: I use derp a lot in my everyday life.derp... But sometimes I say chicken nuggets...derp... Ya... You could say I'm random.derp...because when I saw something what ya'll call scary... I be like what's up slenderman...derp but if you look back in a couple comics back were dusk was like freaking out over rainbows...and stuff i felt his pain...derp...actually... I don't mind rainbows because that's were god shows he would never flood the world again...derp... Ya... I guest you could say I'm random...herp derp...X3
@Spice!: >:( can u stay out of people's bees wax and shut up I wad talking to her and not you pinkeevee fan or spice I just wanted to say that u guy crushed my dreams all of you ;(
I hate you all!
@Stone the umbreon: hey now, please don't fight.
Pinkeeveefan was just letting you know that submissions were closed. I'm very sorry that you couldn't get your BC eevee submitted.
Spice! Is the vice president, and a moderator. She was doing her job, and if you post things, then you are letting the public know about whatever you write. She was merely trying to help you, and was not getting into your bee's wax. If you didn't want anyone commenting, then why would you post it? Think logically.

Spice! Was right though, Pinkeevee did close off submittions, and any female backround eevees. She's never let anyone submit any other pokemon than an eevee (Even me!) As a backround eevee, so you did break three rules.

I'm sorry you couldn't submit your backround eevee in time, but that's no excuse to be mean to anyone. That is Cyberbullying, and no one likes bullies. Please don't bully anyone, especially if they are a Mod.
Thanks, and have a wonderful Thursday!
@chimy19: clam down I was doing a play my teacher said I have to do it on here jeez sorry
i'm not trying to be mean @Stone the umbreon: calm down that is mean to say to them! Instead of your heart broken you broke there's! You are highly rude! Everyone here is my friend and if you are mean to my friend's then I'll stick up for them! You broke many rules! Sometimes YOU need to make a account! You just need to be patient! Until submisions open again! So just read more comics and the comments until she say's submissions are open again!And when people try to help you! You should be like thank you for telling me that's what you should have told them instead of being mean so just suck it up and yell at me all you want but I don't care so apologize to them! And I don't care how OLD you are because I get to train in the moutains with my dad! And he said I can beat anyone 3 years older than me and I'm 11 so just apologize and everyone's happy! The end! So calm down mister know it all!
@bri'sshinEevee: really just really you are the one yelling at me but that's your problem and stop that I told people on the last comic that I was doing a play and my teacher said I had to do it here but then someone deleted it and yeah so don't yell at me i'am being the bad charater so yeah you making that mistake that's your problem too
@Stone the umbreon: hmm... Are you sure I'm kinda like fluttershy in real life but I still stick up for my friends and stuff.derp...but like glaceon and umbreon mix to... Anyway being a bad character is you know...bad... Why would you want to be like that?... (Sigh's) hmm... I guess I don't understand people sometimes... And sorry for getting a little fussy... You know that's just me... Well... I only get fussy when people start being mean to my friends... (Now I'm going to listen to Breakaway. by Kelly Clarkson) (mutters)(sometimes I want to break away) (sighs)Derp...
@bri'sshinEevee: You're 11? Wow! I'm only 2 years older than you! I still promote you to a teen though ;)

@Spice!: I'm as confused as you.

@Stone The Umbreon: Um.... okay? I guess... just... eh.... yeah...


@anyone random: I had to stay up 'till 2 o'clock yesterday to finish a science project my teacher (I call her a fury after a greek monster) assigned the day BEFORE. I swear she's trying to find demigods that were able to stay up and do them, to find the Athena/Hephateus kids...
She won't find me though. I'm a child of Poseidon, and he has nothing to do with school. ;)
@chimy19: And I'm twelve! Can I be promoted to teen as well?
@RioBlitzle: of course :)
@chimy19: Yaaaay!!!
ha! that umbreon will be in great danger! XD
and I'd like to hear some screams next one X3
random Bell: (sleeping)
Nova: (shh) (covers her face with the blanket and screams real loud)
Bell: (wakes up, screams, and hits head on bedframe and passes out)
Nova: ... Bell? (Cries?)
Bell: (gets up) oww.. WTFUDGE WAS THAT FOR?!?!?!?!?
Nova: o_o' (poofs)
Bell: (ragefaces)
@Spice!: what?????
Ugg my sister was on here?!!?!?
secret info! (this is nova) (Letting you know, Bell is evolved into a leafeon but... (Secrets powers!) Also, (secret!) Nova is Bell's little brother)
Lilia: (crying really hard in the corner) I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... (Sobs really hard)
Bell: (runs out of the house ragefacing) (wait a sec...) ...? O_o (thinks) I'm not a leafeon anymore...
Nova: (peeks out of the bush) ... Oh no...
Bell: (passes out) (she had involuntarily changed into antheon... You know. Powers?)
@Spice!: sure :p
@Spice!: really that's so awesome!!!:D
@Spice!: I won't be your friend anyway those are fake tears(because i'am doing a play and I the mean person sorry if I hurt your feelers can u help me with me play)
@Spice!: My Bday is August 27. Hey does that were just a couple weeks aparts! That's so awesome!!
Nova: I don't know how it happens... Maybe its like how a sylveon evolves with happyness... But its temporary and it only happens in certain conditions. :P I'll go get the revives TuT
(Bell's memory of the transformation is just destroyed by her brain, so she can't remember what just happened. (She won't be mad when she wakes up))
@Spice!: pinkeevee fan left me out again she never rp with me!
@Stone the umbreon: as I said last time, find a way to slip in your characters! Like how I did on glacia's rp! Or find some other way, like they were looking from afar and no one noticed! Feel free to jump into any rp any time you want! ^w^
so happy! @Spice!: OMG everything is clear now...derp...(Lol) I'm so happy!!
glaceon you have got to be kdding me haha dusk does not look that manly he looks like a umbreon not the worlds strongest man haha
background eevee A Blue Eevee that has a fox tail for some reason
Umbreon and Vay are cardboard cut-outs
@Guest: I noticed. also, soda is good.
Wait are those red and blue glows visible to all the other eevees or just for reader view
keeps duck cut out a puts it in my room
Sad because I didn't find these comics before years later and I want to submit a background eevee ;w;
- Cries manly tears even though Imma girl -
Me: How did you g--
*Poster falls*
Me: ;-;

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